Some economics of the West Virginia drinking water contamination episode

Environmental Economics

All regulations are not inefficient: The accidents kept coming, and so did the calls for a plan to improve West Virginia’s chemical safety regulations. Last week’s massive chemical spill into West Virginia’s Elk River was the region’s third major chemical accident in five years. Kessler, the president of the West Virginia Senate] said. “My

Coal Mining Costing West Virginia $97.5 Million

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Despite the PR campaigns by the coal lobby that imply that the state relies on coal income, an analysis by The West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy finds that actually coal cost the state of West Virginia more than it took in. The [.] [ Coal Mining Costing West Virginia $97.5 million coal coal mining costs West Virginia


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Photo essay: What’s growing in West Virginia’s urban ruins?

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When Danny Swan first broke ground on his West Virginia farm in June 2008, his rototiller hit a baby doll. And since 2008, roughly two dozen copycat gardens have popped up throughout this city in West Virginia’s northern panhandle. WHEELING, W.Va. Then some porcelain plates. Then a pair of pantyhose.

The News Just Keeps Getting Worse for West Virginia (and It Doesn't Stop There)

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Earlier this week, my West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin said the following about whether people should be drinking the water in Charleston and downstream: "It's your decision.I'm " And here's the damning detail: "(B)ecause these contaminants are released gradually and in some cases not tracked or regulated, they attract much less attention than a massive spill such as the recent one in West Virginia."

One Volunteer's Story of the West Virginia Elk River Chemical Spill

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Running alongside the Little Coal River in Boone County, West Virginia is the sleepy town of Van. Thankfully, a corps of community-minded citizens has risen to moment, delivering water to underserved areas throughout the region, calling in to let folks know when water has been delivered to local stores and acting as a rapid response team for folks in need in central and southern West Virginia. Boone County WV Resident Gives His Time to Provide Water to Those in Need.

Visiting West Virginia. ~ Alexa Mergen {Poem}

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I watched stars arch their backbends; one charmed me to doze. Adventure Literary Journal poetry rocks sky spirit

West Virginia Suffers Another Enviromental Catastrophe

Living In a Toxic World

Sad to see the beautiful state of West Virginia suffer yet another environmental disaster. Source: West Virginia Gazette.) This latest spill comes just one month after the devastation caused by a chemical spill in the Elk River. More than 100,000 gallons of coal slurry poured into an eastern Kanawha County stream Tuesday in what officials were calling a "significant spill" from a Patriot Coal processing facility.

10 Amazing Fall Foliage Photos

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1) View from the Conservancy’s Bear Rocks Preserve of fog in the Dolly Sods Wilderness in the Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia. 6) Sunrise over red spruce and red blueberry, in full Fall color, at the Conservancy’s Bear Rocks Preserve, West Virginia. 8) Fallen leaves in creek at Dolly Sods Wilderness area of West Virginia. Fall is a season for color lovers.

The Green Buzz: Monday, January 13

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Saving the radioactive cows, West Virginians soon to have clean water restored, and an attitude adjustment re: urban biodiversity in today’s green news. A West Virginia chemical spill , which left many residents without access to clean running water for five days, is thankfully nearing its end. ( Huffington Post ).

CHART: Which Kills More Birds, Cats or Turbines? | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

29, 2013 2:34 PM PST Tweet Malingering/Flickr; vaxomatic/Flickr Last month Fox News reported on the "grizzly deaths" of 500 songbirds in West Virginia. — James West. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones. Politics. Environment. Culture. Photo Essays. Blogs Political MoJo. Kevin Drum. Blue Marble. Tom Philpott. Mixed Media. Subscribe. Support.

Will EU Apply Carbon Tariffs Against US Rogue States?

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In five states 90% of the electricity comes from coal: Wyoming, North Dakota, West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana. Tags: Alternative Energy News and Events 90% coal carbon tariffs copenhagen final document due January 31 France Indiana Kentucky North Dakota West Virginia Wyoming In Colorado it is 70%. A relatively few highly coal-dependent states is the reason that the overall American carbon footprint per capita is so much higher than Europeans.

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Coal Chemical Spill Contaminates Water for 300,000 West Virginians

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On Thursday night, a chemical spill on the Elk River in West Virginia, just two miles above the Elk River water treatment plant near Charleston, contaminated drinking water for more than 300,000 residents in central and southern West Virginia. Our thoughts are with the more than 300,000 people in West Virginia affected by this toxic chemical spill, upstream from the largest drinking water source in West Virginia.

Nope, I can't think of a worse [economic] idea

Environmental Economics

Alan Krupnick: Can there possibly be a worse idea than to have the federal government give every ton of eastern coal burned a $15 subsidy—as was proposed by West Virginia Governor Jim Justice. To put this in perspective, the current price of coal from West Virginia ranges from $45 to $52 per ton, so this subsidy is very large relative to the price.

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Young girl shares gardening secrets after growing a massive cabbage

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A 9-year-old girl is showing off her green thumb and the massive eleven pound cabbage she grew in her mom's garden in West Virginia. Isabella Campos learned how to grow a small cabbage in school and wanted to try it at home. Her parents posted the photo on social media and it has been getting a lot of attention, many people asking, "what's her gardening secret?" " Read more here

Costa Rica: 5 great green reasons to go NOW

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Although smaller than West Virginia, this tiny Central American country is home to nearly five percent of all species on Earth, and over 25 percent of the Costa Rica has been permanently protected as national parks or nature [.] | The Americas’ Greenest | Costa Rica and eco-travel have long been synonymous. And for good reason.


Environmental Economics

Downhill from strip mining operations in West Virginia. From the inbox: In the spirit of Halloween, Huffington Post published an article called “ The 10 Scariest Real Places in America. Wondering about the number one scariest locale? Whether it’s the toxic coal slurry, the flooding, or the constant threat that forceful blasting will send a chunk of flyrock through your roof, living near a mountaintop removal site is indeed a scary thought

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"A Forgotten Legacy of George H. W. Bush"

Environmental Economics

Taking action meant tangling with Robert Byrd, the West Virginia Democrat who assumed leadership of the Senate majority after the election of 1986. West Virginia coal was especially packed with sulfur; new standards might put West Virginia miners out of work. David Frum in The Atlantic  re: Acid Rain and " the grand policy experiment ": The Reagan administration resisted any rapid response to the problem.

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Round-Up of WV Coal Chemical Spill News

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Mary Anne was on to discuss last week''s Freedom Industries coal chemical spill in West Virginia, which has left more than 300,000 people without water. From Ward''s article : (WV Governor) Tomblin administration officials continued on Monday to decline to provide detailed answers why they think 1 part per million of Crude MCHM is safe for West Virginians to drink. Even Erin Brockovich was in West Virginia for a meeting with affected residents Monday night.

Costa Rica: 5 great green reasons to go NOW

Green Traveler Guides

Although smaller than West Virginia, this tiny Central American country is home to nearly five percent of all species on Earth, and over 25 percent of the Costa Rica has been permanently protected as national parks or nature [.] | The Americas’ Greenest | Costa Rica and eco-travel have long been synonymous. And for good reason.

An example of why environmental valuation is needed

Environmental Economics

Luckily, the article actually gives an idea of the magnitude: In West Virginia’s Appalachian mountains, fish are vanishing. The people opposed to the coal industry are trying to pile on with more studies,” said Bill Raney, president of the West Virginia Coal Association. “It Mountaintop mining accounts for approximately 45 percent of the entire state’s coal production in West Virginia.”.

Enough is Enough: Coal Pollution Spills Reveal a Water Safety Crisis

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Hundreds of thousands of people have learned that the hard way over recent weeks, after a dangerous coal chemical spilled into the Elk River in West Virginia's capitol city, and then toxic coal ash from a retired Duke Energy power plant spilled into North Carolina's Dan River ( and now there's another coal slurry spill in WV ). "They dominate in West Virginia's life.

Prii* Problems

Environmental Economics

The states with the highest percentage of electricity coming from coal, according to the Department of Energy, are West Virginia, Wyoming, Ohio, North Dakota, and Illinois. 'Because electric vehicles, on average, generate greater environmental externalities than gasoline vehicles, the current federal policy has greater deadweight loss than the no-subsidy policy,' the [NBER authors] write. 'It's

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A Chicken Sh*t Ruling

Environmental Economics

Environmental Protection Agency has no legal right to force a West Virginia poultry grower to obtain water pollution permits for runoff from her Hardy County farm because it is routine stormwater discharge, a federal judge ruled Wednesday. The U.S.

7 State Parks for Fall Colors and Birding

10,000 Birds

North Bend State Park, West Virginia. Strong populations of birds reside in the hardwood forests and dense understories in this north-eastern location of West Virginia. Sky Meadows State Park, Virginia. Known as a warbler haven, 30+ species visit this bi-state park near the Kentucky and Virginia southern border. Leaves and birds in the Appalachian Mountains.

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Local Gas (and no I'm not talking about what happens when I eat local cucumbers)

Environmental Economics

This is the most recent of several cracker plants proposed by various companies in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Proximity matters: An energy company from Thailand said today that it is considering building an ethane cracker in Belmont County, a project that could lead to billions of dollars worth of investment. “We

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The Benefits of Trees. ~ Katie Dubow

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EAB has been spotted in Michigan, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Ontario, Quebec and most recently, Colorado.

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WV Directs FirstEnergy to Double Energy Efficiency by 2018

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Lincoln County, West Virginia, before mountaintop-removal mining. On October 7, the West Virginia Public Service Commission issued an order requiring FirstEnergy to, among other things, double its energy efficiency target to one percent annually by 2018.  As such, it may only recover from customers funds for part of the asset transfer if it can't sell enough of its new, surplus electricity to non-West Virginia customers.

Fall Migration in Costa Rica- Six Things I Have Learned

10,000 Birds

If they don’t feel like it, they can just keep going and fly over a place the size of West Virginia in a day.

Recovery from WV Coal Chemical Spill Continues - What Next?

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As a West Virginian, this has been a sad, frustrating, and infuriating time for me, though I do not live in the area affected by last week's coal chemical spill. Earlier this week we profiled one West Virginian who is part of that effort, Dustin White , to underscore that this crisis is a long way from over, and frankly highlight the continuing failure of the state to safeguard the health of its people.

Friday beer post

Environmental Economics

Senators voted 54 to 46 not to take up an amendment offered by Senator Joe Manchin III, Democrat of West Virginia, that also declared human-caused climate change to be real and devastating, and urged the government to support research on technologies that would capture carbon emissions from fossil fuels. Is it beer thirty yet?

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Standing Up for Clean Water When States Won't

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Such is the reality for thousands of people living in small Appalachian communities across West Virginia, Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky. "Mountaintop "Mountaintop removal makes aquatic life sick; it makes people sick; and it destroys vital communities," says Jim Sconyers, Sierra Club West Virginia chair. to protect West Virginia waterways from.

"A Curious Plan to Fight Climate Change"

Environmental Economics

Patriot sold not only the troubled Federal mine to Mr. Clarke, but also several other mines that were no longer in operation, including a sprawling surface mine carved from the top of a mountain in southern West Virginia. He is hoping that states, led by West Virginia, will allow utilities to pass through the costs of his credits to ratepayers.

Daily demand and supply: Shortage

Environmental Economics

But Mr. Otto said the region west of Washington, including parts of Virginia, West Virginia, southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Maryland, will form the “bull’s-eye” of the blizzard, with as much as 30 inches of snow expected there.

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Volunteer Profile: Getting Water to WV Residents - Fighting to Keep WV Water Clean

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Jen-Osha, her staff and a band of volunteers spend their time raising awareness about the dangers of mountaintop removal coal mining, promoting local arts and engaging in educational programs for youth in West Virginia. Uncommon in normal times, the impulse to reach out and help those in need, has turned into the driving passion for many in West Virginia. Taking water to places like Boone County, Pennsboro, West Union and Moorehead where she’ll be today.

Better Restoration Through ‘Shrooms?

Nature Conservancy - Science

It’s cold and damp this morning in West Virginia’s Kumbrabrow State Forest where Conservancy stewardship manager Mike Powell and his colleagues are prepping for a busy morning restoring red spruce seedlings. Our ‘shroom juice is actually a mixture of [six] mychorrizal fungal species normally found in the soil in this part of West Virginia. For More on Mychorriza in West Virginia. Mychorriza and Red Spruce in West Virginia.

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The indistinguishable Empidonax Flycatchers

10,000 Birds

My home state of Michoacán, Mexico is smaller than West Virginia. Warning: Any and all flycatchers shown in this post may be misidentified. Cut me some slack. These are the Empidonax flycatchers we are talking about here. Dear North American birders: You know them. You fear them. You have probably misidentified them. These are the dreaded Empidonax flycatchers, a genus as difficult as any we are likely to see on our continent.

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Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Poisons Appalachia's Waterways

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I remember the first time I saw a mountaintop-removal coal mining site - Kayford Mountain in southern West Virginia. Unfortunately, the four states that make up our Appalachian community - Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky refuse to take the threat to our water seriously. West Virginia and Kentucky are actually both considering state action to make it even easier to pollute our waterways with mining waste.

Stock versus Flow: Flow wins

Environmental Economics

The plants, both of which are in West Virginia near the Ohio line, will be regulated in nearby states that allow a utility to sell electricity directly to consumers. I'm on vacation this week.    At best my posts are going to be reposts (shocking, I know). At the behest of Ohio regulators in 2011, [American Electric Power] agreed to split its Ohio operations into two companies: one that delivers power and handles billing, and one that owns and operates power plants.

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"Diamondbacks Try To Squeeze More Money From Taxpayers"

Environmental Economics

When he delivered it, he apparently told team owner Ken Kendrick to go back to “[effing] West Virginia.”. And the voters will get to have their say ( again ): The Diamondbacks have been playing in their current ballpark since 1998. Their stadium cost $364 million to build, and Maricopa County picked up $238 million of the tab. Eighteen years later, it is need of some repairs, and the fight over who is going to pay for them has gotten ugly.

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Water Pollution from Fracking in Four US States.


The fossil fuel industry may say that fracking does not cause pollution in our water ways, that it is an urban myth, but hundreds of complaints have been made in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Texas, according to the Associated Press. The Pennsylvania complaints can include allegations of short-term diminished water flow, as well as pollution from stray gas or other substances. More than 100 cases of pollution were confirmed over the past five years.

Costa Rica Tops 700 Species on Global Big Day, October 19

10,000 Birds

It wasn’t the highest list for a country but given that Costa Rica is the same size as West Virginia and that a high percentage of possible species were found, it’s still impressive. Global Big Day (GBD). This biggest day of eBirding kicked off in earnest a few years ago. The idea was to see how many birds could be collectively identified by folks anywhere and everywhere. Go birding, eBird the results and see what happens!

"Economists do occasionally agree on something"

Environmental Economics

Louis and San Diego should have coughed up more money to keep the Rams and (potentially) Chargers from moving to Los Angeles, and if you read this site with any regularity, you can probably guess what they said: Brad Humphreys, sports  economist and professor at the University of West Virginia :  There is no evidence in any peer-reviewed scholarly journal that a professional football team will generate any tangible positive economic impact on a city.

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Oil Train Explosions: A Timeline in Pictures

Sightline Daily

Galena, Illinois: March 6, 2015 Mount Carbon, West Virginia: February 16, 2015. Kanawha River, West Virginia, Crude Oil Derailment by Paul Corbit Brown (Used with permission.) Lynchburg, Virginia: April 30, 2014 James River oil train derailment by Waterkeeper Alliance Inc. At 7:15 this morning, yet another crude oil train erupted into an inferno, this time near a small town in central North Dakota.