DIY watering can

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Transform a milk jug into a watering can This project will have you saving your milk container to create a kid- friendly watering can. Children love to water plants. This DIY watering can with a rose head could be the ideal solution.

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Water Feature Visitors

10,000 Birds

We have a small water feature off our back porch. It’s probably about 300 square feet in size, holding maybe 2000 gallons of water. In addition to nest boxes around the property and bird feeders in the yard, the water feature is our most efficient wildlife magnet.

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Diet Water

Green (Living) Review

Water, is water, is water. So how can you have “diet water”? Well, water does. Any potable, that is to say, drinkable, water. There is no such thing as “Diet Water”. green living green living tips water

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VOSS Water

Green (Living) Review

This is water, period, however much you wish to wrap it up in a designer bottle. The Voss water (or VOSS, if they had their way) is named after an unrelated Norwegian town and the water in the bottle is said to come from Iveland, in Southern Norway, and is supposed to be very special.

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Launch of "Water Is." Celebrates Our Connection With Water

The Alien Next Door

Abbas Jivaji offers smudging in water blessing On June 12th, Councillor Jim Tovey, Mississauga Nation knowledge keeper Nancy Rowe and others helped me celebrate the launch of my long-awaited book "Water Is." with a water blessing of Mimico Creek and various water-engaging activities.

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Water Rail at midday

10,000 Birds

As we crossed the bridge over the outflow from the lake in Mote Park, I glanced downstream and right in the middle of the flow on a mat of tangled debris, sat a Water Rail, Rallus aquaticus. As we watched, the rail skipped into the water and made its way to the edge.

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Saving water

Green (Living) Review

Saving water, during a drought and in general by Michael Smith (Veshengro) “Don't rush to flush if it's only a pee” was the water saving eco-advice given in a booklet produced by the office of the Mayor of London under Ken Livingstone and this is a good advice. Using less water in our homes (and elsewhere) is not only good environmental practice, it also makes financial sense, especially if you are on a water meter.

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Holy Water Reflections

Nature Conservancy - Science

A faith leader’s views on clean water and why his faith community partnered with The Nature Conservancy. Ideas Water

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Press Release We're in the middle of a heatwave and saving tap water is becoming increasingly important. With the Pure Raindrop water barrel, doing the right thing doesn't have to be dull. Watering cans Sustainability isn't just about saving water.

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Watermark: the Meaning of Water.

The Alien Next Door

Xiaolangdi Dam, China Water has been on my mind a lot lately. It changed the way I look at water; I recall being fascinated by the sheer magnitude and power of it. It changed the way I look at water. The mark that water has left on me has been great. We are water.

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Water and Weddings

Elephant Journal

Dear Reader, IT finally happened! Out of the blew of the wind I assaulted the coursest wrath of my whetherings and SHOPPED! Don’t get me wrong. I don’t cost that much.

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In the heat do not drink (ice) cold water

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Water, yes, lots of it, but (ice) cold no. We have all heard, and often assumed it to be an old-wives-tale and thus even discarded this warning, not to drink really cold water in hot weather conditions. Cold water is good, but only in sips.

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My Dad, the Water Witch

Green Prophet

Take my dad for example – a water witch from Newmarket, Canada. Known as a water witch or dowser, Dad has been able to sense and track underground water sources for as long as he (and I) can remember. But why would we need water witches? Nature water

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Why Filter Your Water?

Green Home Blog

Why Filter Your Water? What's in Your Water? Most of us are fortunate enough to have easy access to treated water, but is the water that comes from our taps really safe? water supplies. Common contaminants in tap water. How can I make sure my water is clean?

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Is Maple Water the new Coconut Water?

Elephant Journal

Waylon talks with Founder of Vertical Water, Valentina Cugnasca, about her mission to help save the trees, while providing a delicious and nutritious beverage. This beverage might be a new drink fad, but it also might provide an economic incentive to keep more trees standing.

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Acorn Woodpeckers Drinking Sugar Water?

10,000 Birds

You probably know that I live where we have many, many woodpeckers. One of the most abundant woodpeckers in Oak Run , where I live, is the Acorn Woodpecker ( Melanerpes formicivorus ).

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Water Pollution Facts, Causes, Effects & Solutions


With water and then sunlight, came life. Human bodies are 60 percent water. . We need water. Our planet needs water to maintain life. Of the water that covers 70 percent of our planet, only 2.5 What is water pollution? Facts about water pollution.

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Bottom Line on Bottled Water

Living Green & Saving Energy

Bottled water drinkers: I hope you are sitting down. Most consumers of bottled water think that their favorite aqueous refresher comes from a special place like a mountain spring or other natural source. easy green living tip how to go green saving water bottled water purified waterAfter all, the bottles have nice pictures of mountains and fast flowing streams. The names are very natural and pure-sounding, like Poland [.].

Diseases Caused by Water Pollution


We need to drink water. We also need clean water with which to wash viruses, bacteria and chemicals from our food and from our skin. And yet, around over 1 billion people do not have access to improved drinking water sources and around 2.4 Water-washed diseases.

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Keira Watering Can – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Keira watering can is of a very snazzy and funky design which is beautiful but also practical and useable. The second plus point is that the Kiera watering can looks great and works a treat.

Save Money Using Solar Hot Water Systems

Living Green & Saving Energy

solar energy solar panels benefits of solar panels solar water heating Everyone wants to make their money last longer and provide for more. Bills are going up. In fact, it seems that everything is going up except salaries.

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Solar Hot Water Heaters

Green Home Blog

Solar Hot Water Heaters. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make this change is with a solar water heater. Check out Apricus Solar Water Heaters , a Connecticut-based company that’s putting the sun’s energy to work for you. Why get a solar water heater? The EPA estimates that around 20% of all home energy use goes to heating water. Solar water heaters will also reduce your home energy bills.

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Nestlé is draining Pakistan to sell us bottled water

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Nestlé is draining developing countries to produce its bottled water, destroying countries’ natural resources before forcing its people to buy their own water back. Who in their right mind is going to buy a bottle of tap water at the rate of $1.50

Derby Poo Ponds and waste water wetland upgrade

10,000 Birds

The post Derby Poo Ponds and waste water wetland upgrade appeared first on 10,000 Birds. Last Sunday, February 3rd, we drove to Derby for the day from Broome. Derby is our closest town and is 220kms/137 miles away and you can get there in about two hours.

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Simple Chamomile and Rose Water Facial Toner Recipe

Hug a Tree with Me

The simple toner recipe below combines chamomile tea with pure rose water. Rose water is the derivative of rose petals and distilled water – it provides a gentle cleanse while balancing the skin’s PH. Simple Chamomile and Rose Water Facial Toner Recipe.

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3 Ways To Avoid Water Waste At Home

Living Green & Saving Energy

California has just imposed the most stringent restrictions on water use in its history, so a reminder about ways to conserve water is timely. More than 70 percent of planet Earth is water. But do you know that less than 1 percent of all the water on earth is fresh water that we can actually consume? easy green living tip saving water conserve water save water sustainable water use

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What is Your Water Footprint?

Green Home Blog

What is Your Water Footprint? A water footprint, the new kid on the block, is pretty much the same in terms of average monthly or yearly use. And you can’t reduce the regional impact of water by saving it in another place. Does running water improve the process?

World Tap Water Week

Green (Living) Review

The Green Thing invented this new tradition called World Tap Water Week because, as they said, it's high time the world celebrated humble, tasty tap for the everyday hero that it is. There is nothing special about mineral water or bottled water. Same as tap water.

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5 Arguments against bottled “mineral water”

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Tap water costs almost nothing and comes conveniently out of the tap (or faucet, as our American cousins call it). Still most people buy water in bottles. Bottled (mineral) water is not as clean as claimed Water is clean, fresh and healthy.

Transformable water bottle Dopper supports clean drinking water projects

Green (Living) Review

Dopper is a Cradle-to-Cradle water bottle company that is bringing clean water to Nepal. Yes, the bottle is plastic but it will still replace thousands of plastic water bottles that an individual would otherwise use. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) © Dopper Meet Dopper!

How to Filter Water at Home

Green Home Blog

How to Filter Water at Home. Thanks to modern water treatment methods, most of us can turn on the faucet, start a load of laundry, or jump in the shower without worrying about where our water comes from. Water Filter - Reverse Osmosis.

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Water pricing (sigh)

Environmental Economics

Eduardo Porter: Water is far too cheap across most American cities and towns. But what’s worse is the way the United States quenches the thirst of farmers, who account for 80 percent of the nation’s water consumption and for whom water costs virtually nothing.

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Sharing Water: How I Met the MacGyvers of Water Use

Nature Conservancy - Science

From the Field Agriculture Endangered Species Native Plants Ranching Research WaterConservationists at The Nature Conservancy and the U. Forest Service are improving spring boxes so that ranchers can easily “turn off the faucet” when they’re not using it.

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More on pricing water

Environmental Economics

Public appeals for reductions in energy and water use are ubiquitous. For political and jurisdictional reasons, it is often easier to mount a conservation campaign than raise energy or water prices in times of scarcity.

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Lilac Water. {Recipe}

Elephant Journal

Food Green Health & Wellness aroma therapy edible flowers garden homemade drink lilac waterIt gives a beautiful aroma to the room, looks cheerful and tastes dreamy.

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Walking for Water

Conservancy Talk

Sarah Davidson is the International Water Policy Advisor at The Nature Conservancy. But, more importantly, it was exciting to be surrounded by people who realize water is central to the daily lives of everyone on our planet. Do you know where your water comes from ?

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When water isn’t just water

Elephant Journal

Thanksgiving thanksgiving | ?THaNGks??iviNG THaNGks??iviNG iviNG | noun 1 the expression of gratitude, especially to God: he offered prayers in thanksgiving for his safe arrival | he described the service as a thanksgiving. As another thanksgiving season looms, she is feeling a bit ungrateful and, truth be told, unworthy. She is absorbed in the horrors of the news […].

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Nina Talks Writing and Water on "Liquid Lunch" That Channel TV

The Alien Next Door

I recently appeared on That Channel to discuss the writing process and my upcoming book on water called "Water Is.", books consciousness ecology environment interviews magic of water nina munteanu the meaning of water water in space Water Is.

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Green (Living) Review

The very real danger of global water shortages is once again an immediate concern on World Water Day. One billion people still lack access to safe drinking water and more than two billion people lack access to adequate sanitation despite some claims that the millennium development goals for water have been reached. The world’s population has now passed 7 billion people; this is 7 billion consumers of a finite yet vital and life giving resource - water.

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Snapple?? Lemonade Bottle to Reusable Water Bottle

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Those bottles (and there are also others), a valuable resource, are routinely tossed away by people without as much as a second thought, are the ideal candidates for upcycling into reusable water bottles.

Epiphany: Science, Faith and Clean Water

Nature Conservancy - Science

From the Field Water“As a conservationist, I have come to appreciate that faith leaders and people of faith are an important component of the environmental conservation movement.”.

2018 59

Be the Water. {Poem}

Elephant Journal

Arts & Culture Literary Journal Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Be the Water change healing life moonbeams poem poetry rain spirituality waterThe floor is dry as a bone, except for drops of salty tears, running over and through these lips.

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America's new found beverage love. Water

Green (Living) Review

In its place we find a favorite for much of history, namely plain old H2O, also known simply as water. This myth is, however, being perpetuated by the bottled water suppliers, including soda companies such as Coca Cola and Pepsi. And who are the greatest water bottlers?