Europe drowning in plastic waste

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Instead of actually reducing waste, especially, though not restricted to, plastic waste, and secondly building our own facilities for recycling the countries are, yet again, looking for places with lower environmental standards to where to dump the waste rather than doing the other.

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Packaging Waste

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The greatest scourge, as far as waste is concerned and the amount of it, is packaging waste and much of it, because of the way that it is made – the packaging, not the waste – is also not recyclable.

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Food waste

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but very little is actually being done to prevent food waste. People are being urged to waste less food – common sense really but then common sense is not all that common and somewhat of a misnomer – but much of the waste happens before it ever reaches the consumer.

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Electronic Waste Recycling: Importance and Facts

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With waste management being one of the prime steps of the recycling process, it is evident that each and every part of your waste is segregated and sent for recycling. The most hazardous waste material to reach a landfill is electronic waste (E-waste).

The wasteful toilet flush

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billion US-gallons of clean drinking water going down the drain, literally wasted. If you have a garden then you do not want to waste this fantastic source of nitrogen, phosphorus, etc.

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Waste Incineration: Advantages and Disadvantages


Quick Navigation for Pros and Cons of Waste Incineration. Municipal solid waste incineration process. High-temperature, mass-scale incineration produces ash, flue gases, and heat, and at the end of the burning cycle the total mass of solid waste left behind will be dramatically reduced.

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Rethinking waste

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Waste as resource not as recyclables by Michael Smith (Veshengro) We must begin, also at home and at work, to see “waste” not as something to be thrown away because there is no away and we must see “waste” as a resource for reuse and upcycling. So-called recycling, which best should be referred to as “downcycling”, does not cut it, to be very honest, and we must seriously rethink how we handle and what we do with the waste that we generate, and we generate far too much of it.

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7 Reasons Why Nuclear Waste Is Dangerous


But the dangerous side of the nuclear waste still casts a shadow over its widespread use. It is the troublesome disposal of the waste that remains an unsolved (perhaps even unsolvable) riddle. Quick Navigation for Reasons Why Nuclear Waste Is Dangerous. What is nuclear waste?

Zero Waste – is it possible?

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Zero Waste is a concept that is very much like the idea of sustainable consumption in that it is not feasible regardless of what some people preach. Only Nature knows no real waste as in Nature everything is recycled, truly recycled, in one way or the other.

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Cutting food waste

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The amount of food waste we generate each year is incredible. Pick up some food waste reduction tips and save a stack of money It's not only an environmental issue, but a humanitarian and financial one.

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Aldi unveils measures to slash plastics waste

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In place of carrier bags, the UK's fastest growing supermarket will offer customers bags for life as reusable 9p bags made from back-of-store plastic waste. In support of this aim, Aldi has signed up to a new cross-sector initiative from WRAP aimed at tackling plastic waste.

Key Facts on Food Waste You Should Know!


It is the perfectly good food we waste each day at different parts of our food system. And yet, today, about a third of all the food produced every year gets lost or is wasted. This food waste is the single largest component going into municipal landfills where it creates 3.3

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First Brazilian supermarket where customers can exchange recyclable waste for food open

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If the customer brings the waste already cleaned and crushed, facilitating its recycling, the bonus amount has an increase of 20%.

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Zero Waste

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Zero waste is a nice idea and concept but does it work as an individual action? A fair number of people around the developed world are attempting a zero waste lifestyle and claim that they are having great success. They have very little waste they produce, but for many that means waste that they can't get rid off in the various “recycling” streams. The idea of zero waste may be all the rage right now but realistic it is not really.

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Waste, in this case, food waste

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food waste green living by Michael Smith (Veshengro) This photo was sent to the Austrian broadcast station ORF heute konkret by a viewer and shows a dumpster outside of a branch of a well-known supermarket chain in Vienna after the shop had closed in late July 2014.

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The Fridge: Reducing Food Waste in the Community

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You’ve saved money, saved food from going to waste, and supported a neighborhood business, all in five minutes. The Fridge is the brain child of two young businessmen whose goal is to raise awareness of food waste in Israel. Food food activism food waste

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Stop Wasting Food!

Environmental News Network

According to the Food Waste Reduction Alliance 25 to 40% of food grown, processed, and transported in the United States will never be consumed. This waste is upsetting because 1 in 6 people in the United States suffer from hunger. Food waste is also terrible for the environment.

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Be creative and reduce waste

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There are many things that are considered waste and waste products by the majority and the powers-that-be that, in fact, can become the resources for making things we want and need ourselves, or as gifts for family and friends.

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Campaign against food waste

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A “Bread Happy Hour” against food waste? From September 25 to October 6 will the department for consumer protection of the Berlin Senate mobilize against food waste. food waste wasted food foodshare food

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Rethinking waste: Transforming problems into solutions

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There's an argument to be made that the only time something is actually waste is if we don't know how to put it to work, and that by making an effort to recognize so-called waste items as really being resources, we can improve our lives, our homes and communities, and perhaps our entire world.

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A Breakthrough for Chronic Wasting Disease?

Nature Conservancy - Science

A new paper finds for the first time a way to deactivate Chronic Wasting Disease, using a common household product. Wildlife Conservation Science Deer Disease & Parasites

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Waste Not, Want Not

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Waste not, want not is a saying I heard many times growing up and it's taking on even more importance now with our. environment under assault on so many fronts and many natural resources rapidly dwindling

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Zero waste myths: should we really be avoiding plastic?

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) First of all it also must be said that “zero waste” is a myth itself. There is no such thing as “zero waste”. True, paper bags can decompose, but it is not exactly zero waste to use so much energy producing something that is not designed to last.

Reducing meat waste

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By reducing meat waste in our own homes, it helps lessen our environmental impact and goes some way to acknowledging the sacrifice Meat is really a luxury and something we may forget is that an animal died to provide it.

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What About Zero Waste?


The most recent green bandwagon is “zero waste”. Zero waste is generally understood to mean moving towards generating nothing that gets disposed of in the general rubbish. What should we be thinking about when we talk “zero waste”?

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10 Ways to Upcycle your Plastic Waste

Hug a Tree with Me

10 Ways to Upcycle your Plastic Waste: 1. Plastic is one of the most used materials in the world, and it is also one of the most polluting. The material gained its popularity due largely to its versatility.

Don't Waste Unwanted Gifts

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The damage done, these unwanted gifts shouldn't go to waste An Australian charity estimates the value of last year's discarded/unwanted Christmas gifts was more than $750 million - that's a lot of money for such a small country and represents a big impact on the environment.

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Waste decomposition rates

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HTML clipboardHTML clipboardHow long do different types of waste such as paper, plastic and other materials take to break. down in the environment? That's a tricky question, but here's some decomposition figures to consider

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Reducing Waste

Green Home Blog

Reducing Waste. So for the third week of Earth Month, Greenhome wants to help you reduce waste by finding ways to throw away less. Industrial waste in the U.S. of all waste. started the Superfund program in 1980 to clean up areas contaminated with hazardous waste. produces over 35 million tons of hazardous waste a year. 5 Easy Ways to Reduce Waste Every Day.

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Chronic Wasting Disease: What You Need To Know

Nature Conservancy - Science

Chronic Wasting Disease is now found in 26 states. What does it mean for deer, and for you? Wildlife Deer Disease & Parasites Outdoor Rec

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Going Zero Waste

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Claire, Emmanuel, Matthias, Elsa and Jade generate eleven pounds of waste per head each year. As the Poiriers switched to local and organic produce, their community imposed a new tax designed to reduce household waste. This got us thinking about the waste we generate.”

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Food waste kerbside recycling

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Aside from the fact that food waste must be reduced any waste of food that does occur should, obviously, be recycled to bio-methane and compost. Food waste may not travel as far as that it is ONLY shipped to mainland Europe to be made into methane.

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Reducing Food Waste – The Truth About Sell-by Dates

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how to go green reduce waste reuse saving money Green living reduce food waste save money When Americans find food in the fridge or pantry after the sell-by date stamped on the packaging, most reflexively throw it away. With food-poisoning scares appearing in the national news at least once a month, many believe that playing around with food after the packaging date is simply asking for trouble. Whether it be bacteria [.].

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Lebanon’s drowning in its own waste!

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The waste crisis escalated last weekend when angry demonstrators tried to storm the parliament in Beirut. The Naameh dump site in the mountains southeast of Beirut (shown above) had been the endpoint for waste generated by half of Lebanon’s four million people.

How buying in bulk actually wastes food

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The takeaway: We waste a lot of extra food (and money) simply because we don’t shop often enough. As big of a problem as it is, food waste rarely makes the news. Simply put: We’re throwing away more in food waste than we are saving by buying in bulk. bulk buying food waste

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Waste has to stop

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) All waste has to stop and we are the only ones that can do this. We can stop waste and starve the trashcan. While it is true that we will never be able to eliminate all waste, and that aside from human waste; not even our ancestors of old managed to do that, much of it can be eliminated, especially food waste and packaging waste. So, let''s not waste them. Let''s reduce waste by all means possible.

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Israel Introduces E-Waste Management Bill

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The Israeli government continues to process a bill that will regulate, for the first time, management of the country’s electronic waste. Data from the Environmental Protection Ministry suggests that Israel produces 85,000 tones of electronic waste a year.

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Nature Conservancy - Science

Electronic waste generates a certain amount of schizophrenia among environmental scientists. But, when we hear of the conditions in which electronic waste is disassembled by impoverished peoples of the third world, it gives us pause. Kareiva: Marine Pollution and a World of Waste.

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Newly released EU charter takes aim at global food waste

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The European Charter against food waste was just presented at Milan Expo 2015, two weeks before the end of the six-month-long world’s fair. The project is raising awareness to chronic food waste said Rita Biconne, the project manager of Felcos Umbria, one of the plan’s promoters.

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What happens to your shredded office waste?

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Have you ever wondered what really does happen to those bags of shredded waste that gets taken out of your office on a daily basis? No longer do those bags of “confidential” waste that have gone through the shredder, nowadays contain only shredded paper.

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How to Reduce Waste in Your Business

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Waste is a serious problem in today’s world. The waste generated by your business may not only create problems for you, but also for the general populace. This is why government has started becoming stricter against businesses, as regards the waste they generate. It is therefore essential that your business finds a way to limit […]. green business practices green work habits how to go green for businesses

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Zero Waste Challenge: How to make changes in your daily life to reduce waste

Environmental News Network

It may not be the sexiest report of the year, but there were some interesting takeaways in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Municipal Solid Waste Fact Sheet, released in June 2015. According to the EPA, in 2013 our per capita municipal solid waste was down by a third of a pound to 4.4

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Don't waste your yard leaves

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This is wasting a great gardening resource. Never put leaves in a bag on the kerb, it is a waste of a great resource. So, don''t waste your yard waste and that also includes grass clippings. autumn leaves fall leaves gardening Lasagne Gardening leaf mold yard waste

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