Washington Breaks Ground on First Animal Overpass


This week will mark a first for Washington, as the state breaks ground in construction for their inaugural animal overpass. Interstate 90 in the Northwest cuts through the forests and Read More The post Washington Breaks Ground on First Animal Overpass appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Washington State Traffic Forecast Finally Recognizes Reality

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This is far and away the most responsible official traffic forecast I’ve seen from any government agency, ever: VMT forecast comparison by Washington OFM, Transportation Revenue Forecast Council It’s from a new transportation revenue forecast (pdf link, see p.

Denzel Washington Felt Healthy on Short-Lived Vegan Diet


Denzel Washington opens up about going vegan for a movie role and how he felt super healthy thanks to the plant-based diet. Read More The post Denzel Washington Felt Healthy on Short-Lived Vegan Diet appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats News Top News Vegan denzel washington

How Shell Manipulates Washington State Politics

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Shell’s schemes have the region in an uproar, so now is a good time to explore the oil company’s well documented record of playing in Washington’s politics. Yet the rest of the oil giant’s spending in Washington—and it’s a lot—is much harder to track.

Russell Simmons Graces New Vegan Ads on Washington DC Buses


Hip-hop mogul, Russell Simmons teams up with PETA for a new vegan ad campaign that will be seen on Washington, DC metro light rails. Read More The post Russell Simmons Graces New Vegan Ads on Washington DC Buses appeared first on Ecorazzi.

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Washington Senate Endorses Socialism for Coal

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First Wyoming , now Washington: the state Senate has endorsed an $85 million handout to the coal industry, in the form of a rail project whose sole identifiable beneficiary is the proposed and highly controversial Millennium Bulk Terminals coal export project in Longview, Washington.

Bird Deaths in Washington DC Lead to Calls for a Lights Out Program

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Asides / Bird Deaths in Washington D.C. Lead to Calls for a Lights Out Program Bird Deaths in Washington D.C. Lead to Calls for a Lights Out Program By Corey • March 16, 2011 • No comments yet Tweet Share City Wildife , an organization in Washington D.C. capital, has released a report on the deadliest buildings in Washington D.C.

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The Skinny on Washington’s New Stormwater Bible

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thisisbossi, flickr In addition to new municipal stormwater permits that will soon go into effect in Washington state (which we’ve written about here and here ), the state has also issued a new version of Western Washington’s stormwater management bible.

What does Vegan bodybuilder Torre Washington eat for mad gains?


The scrawny vegan is a stereotype Torre Washington is putting to rest. A photo posted by Torre Washington (@torre.washington) on Feb 29, 2016 at 5:12pm PST. NOURISH YOUR L.I.F.E!

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Denzel Washington Says ‘I’m a Vegetarian Now’ (Almost)


Actor Denzel Washington is giving away the secrets to his healthier new look. Read More The post Denzel Washington Says ‘I’m a Vegetarian Now’ (Almost) appeared first on Ecorazzi. The star told WENN "I''m a vegetarian now." Eats News Top News Vegetarian

Washington Board Upholds Stormwater Rules

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Image by Lisa Stiffler (Used with permission) The Pollution Control Hearings Board—the legal body presiding over state environmental regulations—has upheld the stormwater permits governing Western Washington cities and counties. Seattle rain garden during a downpour.

WATCH: Legendary Bigfoot Found in Spokane, Washington


But now it appears that the monkey-man-hairy-beast has moved to Spokane, Washington, where a couple hiking claim to have accidentally captured footage of the creature. A few sightings of Bigfoot have happened in the past year, including one in North Carolina.

Simon (does yoga in Washington Square) Park.

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It’s the best yoga video I’ve seen this month. “Chaos should be regarded as extremely good news.” ” ~ Chogyam Trungpa This video is profound, actually…the use of the speed to accentuate the fear of chaos, of fear itself, that yoga helps us relax with.

Event: Southwest Washington—the Oil Industry’s Sacrifice Zone?

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This April 1st, Eric de Place will join Vancouver, Washington leaders for a forum discussion on the threat of oil trains to southwest Washington communities. Click image for event flyer.

How To Fix the Washington Transportation Package

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Washington’s new governor, Jay Inslee, has “ pledged to reduce carbon emissions in the state’s transportation system.” flickr, GovInslee. He’s named a new transportation secretary, Oregonian Lynn Peterson, who appears to feel similarly.

Washington's Bill of (Coal-Free) Health — Sightline Daily.

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Skip to navigation Advanced Search Document Actions Sections Front Page Daily News Daily Score Blog The Daily Score Special Series The Dirt on Coal 26 In a Series Washingtons Bill of (Coal-Free) Health Posted by Jennifer Langston 02/02/2011 06:45 PM Under HB1825, Washington would stop producing coal-fired electricity. Under a bill introduced today , Washington State would stop burning dirty coal for electricity within its borders. Skip to content.

Prince Charles To Talk Sustainable Living And Meet With Obama During Washington Visit


The 62-year-old will land in Washington, D.C. Not to be outdone by newlyweds Prince William and Kate Middleton , the heir to the throne, Prince Charles , is taking a honeymoon of his own by making a trip to the other side of the pond.

Bob Barker and Jorja Fox in Washington Today to Launch Circus Animal Cruelty Bill


This won’t be the first time that Bob Barker and Jorja Fox have spoken up for animals. Bob Barker is a long-time animal advocate and just recently helped get three Toronto Zoo elephants retired to a sanctuary. Jorja Fox has worked with Animal Defenders International (ADI) before, joining their campaign to end animal cruelty in [.]. Animals Causes alicia silverstone bob barker corey feldman jorja fox ricky gervais sir paul mccartney twiggy

Why Washington State Should Adopt a BC-style Carbon Tax

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Editor’s Note: Washington’s Carbon Emissions Reduction Taskforce is on the job, weighing alternative carbon-pricing proposals. Some members of the panel have asked what our ideal policy would be for Washington State. Adapting the BC approach for Washington State.

Which Washington Legislators Take the Most Coal, Oil, and Gas Money?

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The 2015 Washington legislative session promises to be one of the more contentious in recent memory. Related Stories Understanding the North American Tar Sands Fifty Years of Oil Spills in Washington’s Waters Sightline on Kinder Morgan and Columbia River Energy Schemes.

Where Are My Cars: Another Decline in Washington

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Vehicle travel on Washington’s state roads fell again last year. Which makes me despair about the latest proposals for highway megaprojects in Washington’s major cities. It was a modest decline—just 0.8

How Tesoro Manipulates Washington State Politics

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The Texas oil company Tesoro has big plans for Washington. The fact is that Tesoro has a well-documented track record in Washington of meddling at the ballot box, funneling money to shadowy Republican groups, and financing anti-climate campaigns.

Washington D.C. is Sinking as Ice Sheets Melt


Washington now faces a more devastating future that could affect the District permanently. According to new research, Washington, Read More The post Washington D.C. While political turmoil has in the past threatened to shut down D.C.,

The Healing Power of Honoring our Tears.

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Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) crying emotions sadness tears washington irvingThe cathartic power of tears is enormous.

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Coal, Oil, and Gas Spent $3 Million on Washington Politics in 2014

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Washington state legislators have a lot on their plates. State legislators took home $439,350 while Washington’s federal delegation pulled down $365,848. We highlighted these two flavors of PAC above because they directly link companies and organizations to Washington politicians.

Denzel Washington Donates 2.25 Million To Fordham University’s Theatre Department


No one can accuse Denzel Washington of forgetting the people who helped him become who he is today. Arts/Culture Causes People denzel washington phylicia rashadThe actor has donated generously to the Boys and Girls Club of America, an organization he credits with keeping him on the straight and narrow during his youth. Now, he is providing a major gift to his [.].

Stress Advice from a Washington Cop.

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As a cop I never know what to expect from the next phone call or radio dispatch.

Kristin Davis Brings Anti-Poaching Doc to Washington


The flick focuses on the poaching and Read More The post Kristin Davis Brings Anti-Poaching Doc to Washington appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Birding Protection Island, Washington

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Before my trip to Washington the only species of puffin I had ever seen in the wild was the puffin of the Atlantic Ocean, the appropriately named Atlantic Puffin. Trips alcids Pacific Northwest Protection Island puffins WashingtonI love puffins.

Fifty Years of Oil Spills in Washington’s Waters

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Washington’s coastlines and waterways are at a threshold. Though Washington officials have been more diligent in their preparations than their counterparts elsewhere, there is good reason to believe we are not prepared.

The Real Work Begins Today: 4 Tips for Change.

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Equal Rights Health & Wellness Right Livelihood WAYLON: Today Only after the march change begins change the world equal rights self-care trump washington d.c. Now the marches are over. It is today that the real work will begin.

Gray Jay Perisoreus canadensis

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obscurus , which is found near the coast from Washington to northern California. All of these images were taken in Washington’s Olympic National Park in the vicinity of the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center. Birds corvids jays Olympic National Park Washington

2011 54

Solutions for Stormwater in Seattle

Conservancy Talk

I’m pleased to be sharing my byline today with Mike Stevens, who leads our Washington State Chapter. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to visit Seattle — a city that knows rain — and to see some of the innovative thinking around water management that has developed there.

The White House Garden gets support to endure from Burpee seed company

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is a seed company that was founded by Washington Atlee Burpee in 1876. Cities Lifestyle heirloom seeds Obama urban farm Washington

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How You Can Support Carbon Pricing in Washington

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But right now, Washington residents have a very unusual—and very real—opportunity to press for serious climate policy. In the last legislative session, Governor Jay Inslee’s first piece of successful legislation directed the state’s legislative leaders to come back to the table in 2014 with serious proposals to reduce Washington’s greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent. Opportunities like this don’t come along every day.

"Washington State Does Not Pass Nation’s First Carbon Tax"

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While Initiative 732 did not pass, voters in Washington State demonstrated that people around the country and the world are concerned about the threat of climate change and feel compelled to take action to protect our children, our grandchildren, and the world we love. Grassroots activism accomplished what many environmental leaders and media pundits said was impossible: we put a revenue-neutral carbon tax on the ballot,” said Yoram Bauman, founder and co-chair of Carbon Washington.

Just like Washington, they are missing an obvious one

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As you may have heard, the Washington Redskins ' name is under a bit of assault for its perceived racial insensitivity. Washington Jacklegs has already been claimed by Congress. Washington Gridlocks anyone

Sick Sea Stars and Starless Nights

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Marine coastal marine marine disease marine science Puget Sound Washington wildlife disease A sick ochre star surrounded by apparently healthy ones from Olympic National Park. Photo: Steve Fradkin. By Drew Harvell and Laura James.

"Carbon tax initiative goes to November ballot in Washington"

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An initiative that would create a carbon tax in Washington state is now headed to the November ballot. Initiative sponsor Carbon Washington says the tax encourages people and businesses to switch to cleaner energy by making fossil fuels more expensive. Some including the Washington State Labor Council have lined up in opposition. Would someone please starting planning their voting study?

The Washington Post has harsh words for Republican leaders who won’t criticize Trump


With a slew of state wins under his belt, Trump remains in the race, and the Editorial Board of a much larger publication, The Washington Post, has released their own piece of encouragement to slow the Trump Train down.