The Birds of Washington, DC

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There are a lot of birds in Washington, DC. Yes, there are lots of birds in Washington, DC – you just have to know where to look! The post The Birds of Washington, DC appeared first on 10,000 Birds. Trips Smithsonian WashingtonOh sure, you can go to Rock Creek Park or the Tidal Basin to seek out living avian species, or visitors can head to the Smithsonian museums for a dose of past and present bird lore from all over the world.

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Birding Protection Island, Washington

10,000 Birds

Before my trip to Washington the only species of puffin I had ever seen in the wild was the puffin of the Atlantic Ocean, the appropriately named Atlantic Puffin. Trips alcids Pacific Northwest Protection Island puffins WashingtonI love puffins.

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Just like Washington, they are missing an obvious one

Environmental Economics

As you may have heard, the Washington Redskins ' name is under a bit of assault for its perceived racial insensitivity. Washington Jacklegs has already been claimed by Congress. Washington Gridlocks anyone

Washington Breaks Ground on First Animal Overpass


This week will mark a first for Washington, as the state breaks ground in construction for their inaugural animal overpass. Interstate 90 in the Northwest cuts through the forests and Read More The post Washington Breaks Ground on First Animal Overpass appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Four Die in Washington Avalanches Sunday

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Sunday was a bitter-sweet day for Washington State backcountry snow enthusiasts. On the bright side, a foot and a half of freshly fallen powder coated many of the popular mountains near Seattle.

Washington, DC green: Restaurant Nora

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A very brief history of green wine Info News Views Our favs Useful resources Travel blogs we like Contact Washington, D.C. alter ego in Washington, emphasizing nonfussy, New American cuisine that changes daily based on the best available sourcing.

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Denzel Washington Felt Healthy on Short-Lived Vegan Diet


Denzel Washington opens up about going vegan for a movie role and how he felt super healthy thanks to the plant-based diet. Read More The post Denzel Washington Felt Healthy on Short-Lived Vegan Diet appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats News Top News Vegan denzel washington

"Washington State Does Not Pass Nation’s First Carbon Tax"

Environmental Economics

While Initiative 732 did not pass, voters in Washington State demonstrated that people around the country and the world are concerned about the threat of climate change and feel compelled to take action to protect our children, our grandchildren, and the world we love. Grassroots activism accomplished what many environmental leaders and media pundits said was impossible: we put a revenue-neutral carbon tax on the ballot,” said Yoram Bauman, founder and co-chair of Carbon Washington.

Event: Washington’s Fight Against Coal & Oil

Sightline Daily

Join us for a free community forum on the coal and oil industry’s plans to build new dirty energy transport facilities in Washington. Oil trains near a waterfront development site in Bellingham, WA. by Paul K. Anderson (Used with permission.)

Kristin Davis Brings Anti-Poaching Doc to Washington


The flick focuses on the poaching and Read More The post Kristin Davis Brings Anti-Poaching Doc to Washington appeared first on Ecorazzi.

The Washington Carbon Emissions Reduction Taskforce Report is Out

Sightline Daily

In April, Governor Inslee established a Carbon Emissions Reduction Taskforce (CERT) to provide recommendations about the design and implementation of carbon pricing in Washington. Minimize implementation costs and competitiveness impacts on Washington businesses.

Washington Senate Endorses Socialism for Coal

Sightline Daily

First Wyoming , now Washington: the state Senate has endorsed an $85 million handout to the coal industry, in the form of a rail project whose sole identifiable beneficiary is the proposed and highly controversial Millennium Bulk Terminals coal export project in Longview, Washington.

How Shell Manipulates Washington State Politics

Sightline Daily

Shell’s schemes have the region in an uproar, so now is a good time to explore the oil company’s well documented record of playing in Washington’s politics. Yet the rest of the oil giant’s spending in Washington—and it’s a lot—is much harder to track.

"Washington College Students Rally to Protect Cows From Global Warming"

Environmental Economics

That’s a good way to sum up the findings of my new research,” said University of Washington economist Rainbow Moonglow Rabinowitz. “A My favorite is 1% milk* with chocolate malt Ovaltine: A newly released report showing that higher temperatures cause cows to give less milk is uniting climate and animal rights activists to take immediate action to counteract the negative effects of bovine heat stress. Cows are happy in parts of Northern California and not in Florida.

How Tesoro Manipulates Washington State Politics

Sightline Daily

The Texas oil company Tesoro has big plans for Washington. The fact is that Tesoro has a well-documented track record in Washington of meddling at the ballot box, funneling money to shadowy Republican groups, and financing anti-climate campaigns.

Chinese Birds in Washington DC

10,000 Birds

If you are one of those nature lovers that appreciates that original Audubon plates do not represent the full extent of avian art, you may appreciate the new exhibit at the Freer Gallery of Art on the National Mall. Winged Spirits: Birds in Chinese Painting presents the finest of avian and flower art from the Ming and Qing dynasties from now through August. They say that at least 35 species can be identified, so bring your field guide! Asides art china

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Russell Simmons Graces New Vegan Ads on Washington DC Buses


Hip-hop mogul, Russell Simmons teams up with PETA for a new vegan ad campaign that will be seen on Washington, DC metro light rails. Read More The post Russell Simmons Graces New Vegan Ads on Washington DC Buses appeared first on Ecorazzi.

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Washington Voters, Meet Democracy Credits

Sightline Daily

In our last two articles in this series, we described the Washington Government Accountability Act’s tough new rules for reducing lobbyists and contractors’ influence in Olympia and for boosting transparency in elections, so that voters have easy access to the information they need about their candidates. How I-1464 would empower everyday citizens in state elections. |

Washington University Ends Cat Training, Bob Barker Wins


According to PETA, Washington University was the last program in the U.S. Read More The post Washington University Ends Cat Training, Bob Barker Wins appeared first on Ecorazzi. to practice pediatric intubation techniques on cats.

Washington State Traffic Forecast Finally Recognizes Reality

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This is far and away the most responsible official traffic forecast I’ve seen from any government agency, ever: VMT forecast comparison by Washington OFM, Transportation Revenue Forecast Council It’s from a new transportation revenue forecast (pdf link, see p.

The Washington Ballet Shows Us Their Hardest Moves In Slow Motion. {Video}

Elephant Journal

Arts & Culture Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Inspiring (Wow) dance moves video washington ballet Washington Post In the confines of our living room, we rule the dance floor. It matters not that Opal is a ballet-class dropout.

Washington: Car Crashes Decline Again

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But during last year’s debate over marijuana legalization in Washington, I heard quite a bit of concern that permissive marijuana laws would reverse the recent declines in crash fatalities.

Washington D.C. is Sinking as Ice Sheets Melt


Washington now faces a more devastating future that could affect the District permanently. According to new research, Washington, Read More The post Washington D.C. While political turmoil has in the past threatened to shut down D.C.,

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Washington Board Upholds Stormwater Rules

Sightline Daily

Image by Lisa Stiffler (Used with permission) The Pollution Control Hearings Board—the legal body presiding over state environmental regulations—has upheld the stormwater permits governing Western Washington cities and counties. Seattle rain garden during a downpour.

What does Vegan bodybuilder Torre Washington eat for mad gains?


The scrawny vegan is a stereotype Torre Washington is putting to rest. A photo posted by Torre Washington (@torre.washington) on Feb 29, 2016 at 5:12pm PST. NOURISH YOUR L.I.F.E!

Majority Rule Returns to Washington

Sightline Daily

The Washington Supreme Court has thrown out as unconstitutional the viciously antidemocratic, reflexively right-wing, school-and-public-services-impoverishing supermajority voting requirement that has tied Washington representatives’ hands, on and off, for the last two decades.

Event: Coastal Washington, the Oil Industry’s Sacrifice Zone

Sightline Daily

Washington State is on the front lines of oil transport by rail. The ten oil train explosions in the last two years and the numerous oil spills on Washington’s coast are reminders that there are devastating consequences when it comes to transporting oil.

Washington Candidates, Meet Democracy Credits

Sightline Daily

How I-1464 could help you run for office. | At a recent town hall-style meeting about money in politics, a speaker asked the audience how many of them thought they themselves could run for political office. Absolutely no one raised their hand. Then the speaker asked, what if a campaign funding system made it possible for you to raise money from regular people, even if you don’t have a rolodex of big check writers? Hands popped up. People-empowering campaign

Stress Advice from a Washington Cop.

Elephant Journal

As a cop I never know what to expect from the next phone call or radio dispatch.

Denzel Washington Says ‘I’m a Vegetarian Now’ (Almost)


Actor Denzel Washington is giving away the secrets to his healthier new look. Read More The post Denzel Washington Says ‘I’m a Vegetarian Now’ (Almost) appeared first on Ecorazzi. The star told WENN "I''m a vegetarian now." Eats News Top News Vegetarian

Washington State Has Forgotten Its Own BP Oil Spill

Sightline Daily

Ocean Service notified the Coast Guard, which in turn notified the Washington Department of Ecology. That morning, the first oil washed ashore near Ocean Shores, Washington. It was one of the worst oil spills ever to hit Washington waters. Washington State Department of Ecology.

Fifty Years of Oil Spills in Washington’s Waters

Sightline Daily

Washington’s coastlines and waterways are at a threshold. Though Washington officials have been more diligent in their preparations than their counterparts elsewhere, there is good reason to believe we are not prepared.

State of Washington Approves 75 MW Solar Park

Solar Power Ninja

Government / Industry Kittitas Teanaway Solar Reserve washington solar parkAccording to a recent press release, the Kittitas County Board of Adjustment has approved a permit for Teanaway Solar Reserve, 75-MW project capable of powering 45,000 homes. Located 90 miles east of Seattle, the Teanaway Solar Reserve will be among one of the largest photovoltaic solar facilities in the world.

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The Washington Post has a better op-ed on the value of a college education than the NY Times

Environmental Economics

In contrast to the stupidity in the NY Times over the weekend , The Washington Post has a thoughtful take on the value of a college education: So let’s acknowledge that college is not a commodity. It’s a challenging engagement in which both parties have to take an active and risk-taking role if its potential value is to be realized.

Kerry Washington’s Pregnancy Diet Includes Vegan Smoothies


Expectant mother Kerry Washington stays healthy by drinking green smoothies. Read More The post Kerry Washington’s Pregnancy Diet Includes Vegan Smoothies appeared first on Ecorazzi. Healthy Living Lifestyle News Top News Vegan kerry washington Her favorite is nutritionist Kimberly Snyder''s organic Glowing Green Smoothie.

Bird Deaths in Washington DC Lead to Calls for a Lights Out Program

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Asides / Bird Deaths in Washington D.C. Lead to Calls for a Lights Out Program Bird Deaths in Washington D.C. Lead to Calls for a Lights Out Program By Corey • March 16, 2011 • No comments yet Tweet Share City Wildife , an organization in Washington D.C. capital, has released a report on the deadliest buildings in Washington D.C.

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Why Washington State Should Adopt a BC-style Carbon Tax

Sightline Daily

Editor’s Note: Washington’s Carbon Emissions Reduction Taskforce is on the job, weighing alternative carbon-pricing proposals. Some members of the panel have asked what our ideal policy would be for Washington State. Adapting the BC approach for Washington State.

WATCH: Legendary Bigfoot Found in Spokane, Washington


But now it appears that the monkey-man-hairy-beast has moved to Spokane, Washington, where a couple hiking claim to have accidentally captured footage of the creature. A few sightings of Bigfoot have happened in the past year, including one in North Carolina.

Simon (does yoga in Washington Square) Park.

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It’s the best yoga video I’ve seen this month. “Chaos should be regarded as extremely good news.” ” ~ Chogyam Trungpa This video is profound, actually…the use of the speed to accentuate the fear of chaos, of fear itself, that yoga helps us relax with.

Event: Southwest Washington—the Oil Industry’s Sacrifice Zone?

Sightline Daily

This April 1st, Eric de Place will join Vancouver, Washington leaders for a forum discussion on the threat of oil trains to southwest Washington communities. Click image for event flyer.

How To Fix the Washington Transportation Package

Sightline Daily

Washington’s new governor, Jay Inslee, has “ pledged to reduce carbon emissions in the state’s transportation system.” flickr, GovInslee. He’s named a new transportation secretary, Oregonian Lynn Peterson, who appears to feel similarly.

A Believer in Vacant Lots Urban Farming’s Grande Dame: Karen Washington

Green (Living) Review

Karen Washington, a community activist who has been called “urban farming’s de facto godmother,” found her bliss when she moved to the Bronx nearly 30 years ago and began growing vegetables in her backyard. Washington, who has blond dreadlocks and a perennial smile. “I

Following the Money in Washington State Elections, Part 2

Sightline Daily

Winners raise 44% of campaign funds from 4% of Washington zip codes. In the previous article in this series, we showed that special interests dominate campaign funding in Washington State. Washingtonians know that big money plays a big role in politics, but they may not know exactly where the money comes from in state legislative races. In this article, we follow the geographic money trail and find that campaign money comes mostly from Olympia and Seattle.