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However, my guess also is that John, at the same time, is not a vegetarian (right or wrong, John?). Ingmar Schumacher: Today, at my favorite environmental economics blog (oh yes it is…), I saw a picture of a robin’s nest. My guess is that the proud photographer didn’t really put the picture there because it is his best wildlife shot ever (sorry, John…), but because he genuinely cares about those birds that are hatching in his garden.

Good, Better, Best: Vegetarian Protein


Becoming vegan is one of the most impactful things an … The post Good, Better, Best: Vegetarian Protein appeared first on Earth 911. Read the original here: Good, Better, Best: Vegetarian Protein.


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Types of vegetarians

Green Living Tips

Take the term "vegetarian" - it's a lifestyle gaining popularity as people become more aware of the environmental impact of meat; but it comes in many different flavors Ah labels - where would we be without them? Still, sometimes a short term can describe something that takes a while to explain.

National Vegetarian Week 2016

Green (Living) Review

National Vegetarian Week 16-22 May 2016 National Vegetarian Week 2016 runs from 16-24 May – now in its 24th year this celebration of all things veggie is a great time to talk about food, traditions and those special dishes. National Vegetarian Week (NVW) 2016 is the ideal seven days to share your meat-free recipes, promote veggie products, showcase menus and launch new ranges. Being a vegetarian is a choice that is kinder to animals, to people and to our living planet.

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10 Reasons Vegetarianism Can Help Save the Earth

Green Home Blog

10 Reasons Vegetarianism Can Help Save the Earth. Vegetarian living is continuing to gain momentum due to its many advantages both health wise and environmentally. Here 10 reasons why vegetarianism can save the planet as reported in 2010 in The Observer, a United Kingdom periodical. An entire vegetarian family of four can live off of about one acre of land of food sourced growth while a meat eating family needs approximately 20 times that.

Recipe: Vegetarian Tahchin, Iranian Rice With Eggplant and Portobellos

Green Prophet

Searching for a vegetarian alternative to traditional chicken-based tahchin, I was pleased to find this recipe by Yasmin Khan, author of The Saffron Tales. The combination of eggplant, mushrooms and saffron-infused rice in this vegetarian version of tahchin is simply delicious.

Cutting Carbon From Your Vegetarian Diet


Eating your vegetables is one of the best things you … The post Cutting Carbon From Your Vegetarian Diet appeared first on Earth 911. Original post: Cutting Carbon From Your Vegetarian Diet.

Eat Vegetarian

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Introduce a few vegetarian dishes to your culinary repertoire. You don’t have to be vegetarian vegetarianism isn’t a club; it’s a way of preparing food and reducing the meat industry products in your fridge, even in part, can make a substantial difference in terms of your ecological footprint.

I’m a Bad Vegetarian and That’s OK


As I sit with my burger — succulent, greasy beef … The post I’m a Bad Vegetarian and That’s OK appeared first on Earth 911. See the original post: I’m a Bad Vegetarian and That’s OK.

Vegetarianism and the Environment

Green Living Ideas

As a vegetarian who believes that living a vegetarian life is more of a moral or spiritual issue than anything else, it is something I don’t often bring up in discussion with others. However, I have seen so many stories and studies about its link to widespread environmental problems lately, I felt impelled to write about [.] [ Vegetarianism and the Environment from Green Living Ideas ].

Vegetarianism Can Save the Middle East

Green Prophet

This, for the vast majority of herbivores, is the number one cause behind our vegetarianism. Look at the numbers of people who have turned vegetarian in recent years and the statistics are optimistic. To say that vegetarianism is not having a direct impact on meat production whether factory farm or small farm is wrong. Maybe we vegetarians are not making as much of dent in meat-eating as we would hope, but we are making a difference.

Israeli Chef Yotam Ottolenghi Brings Sexy Vegetarian Cuisine to London

Green Prophet

Vegetarian option&# doesn’t have to be a dirty word when using one of Yotam Ottolenghi’s luscious Mediterranean vegetarian recipes. For a nation most culinarily associated with fish and chips or shepherd’s pie, a vegetarian food option may not be the most appealing to the English. Enter Yotam Ottolenghi, an Israeli-born non-vegetarian chef with a great appreciation for Mediterranean meatless wonders. The New Vegetarian (The Guardian).

Indian City Becomes First Vegetarian City in the World

Green (Living) Review

Worldcrunch reports a historic change in Palitana, an Indian city, which has become the first all-vegetarian city in the world. green living India vegetarianism Behind this revolutionary change are the Jain monks who went on a hunger strike to pressure the state of Gujarat to outlaw animal slaughter in their city. The hunger strike was successful and the Gujarat government imposed a ban on animal slaughter and outlawed the sale of meat and eggs.

Veganuary, weekday vegetarians, Meatless Mondays and now reducetarians.

Green (Living) Review

While this all-or-nothing mindset can be discouraging to the 95% of individuals who are not vegetarians or vegans, the #LessMeat Pledge empowers everyone to make healthier and more eco-friendly food choices in a manageable way under an inclusive identity - Reducetarian.” green living Meatless Monday veganism vegetarianism

Vegetarian Ramadan Recipes From the Middle East (PHOTOS)

Green Prophet

From Ma’amoul to Couscous, why not try a new vegetarian dish from the Middle East and North Africa region this Ramadan? Another great thing about these two succulent sweet pastries is that they are vegetarian and with enough sugar and calories to give you a post-fast energy boost. Indeed there is an amazing array of special Ramadan dishes from around the Muslim world that are suitable for vegetarians. Vegetarian food is the answer.

Virtuous Vegetarians

Eco Friendly Daily

We’re often told that eating less meat would have beneficial effects. Not only in the form of reducing cholesterol intake for individuals, but even planet-wide effects. And this is where many critics start to speak up: How does eating meat contribute to climate change? What are some exact numbers about this effect? Aren’t humans supposed to eat meat? What’s the big deal anyway? A new study could help answer some of those key questions.

Best US cities for vegans and vegetarians for World Vegetarian Day


Vegetarians and vegans frequently discuss the best cities to live in or visit, because it’s easier to enjoy a place when there are restaurants and activities that match your preferences. WalletHub’s new study , “Best Cities for Vegetarians and Vegans,” uses a variety of sources and statistics to rank the 100 biggest American cities for affordability, diversity, accessibility and quality, vegetarian lifestyle and overall rank.

Vegetarian Belts & Other Imitation Leather.

Green (Living) Review

If you want non-leather belts – as a vegan or vegetarian – why then not use canvas belts like the kind that are worn by the US military and other forces?Why With the end of cheap oil on the horizon those of the vegan and vegetarian groups better have a closer look at whether or not they want to continue to use such materials. cow-free, yes, but what about the environmental footprint?

Vegetarianism and Veganism and fake meat

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A great many vegetarians and vegans who were once omnivores, as humans are designed to be, seem to have never gotten over the fact that they have no meat in their diet and need to have fake meat in the form of this or that soya product. I do not wish to attack any vegetarians and vegans and, in fact, I digressed somewhat, and for that I apologize but not for saying what I did.

Vegetarians and Vegans are furious about new British £5 banknotes

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Vegetarians and Vegans are furious that new British banknotes contain traces of animal fat The introduction of polymer cash hasn't gone as smoothly as the Bank of England had hoped. This is unacceptable to millions of vegans, vegetarians, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and others in the UK. But many products from commercial brands like Colgate claim to be animal-free and suited for vegetarians.

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Vegetarians live 20% longer, according to massive study

Green (Living) Review

Let me put it out there right away: I was born and raised vegetarian. As someone who came to vegetarianism by default, I have spent most of my life keeping quiet about it. That said, I grew up with people repeatedly questioning the health of vegetarianism and asking me ridiculous questions like, "where do you get your protein?" As I stated in the headline, it found that vegetarians (and also "semi-vegetarians") live 20% longer than omnivores.

V Delicious 2013, the new vegetarian, vegan and meat reducer show (FREE Ticket Offer)

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) V Delicious is a brand new national vegetarian, vegan and meat reducer show, caters for all the aforementioned and those just curious too. Taking place on 7 - 9 June 2013 at London’s Olympia, V Delicious will be a spectacular day out, filled with culinary entertainment; a place to revel in your passion for vegetarian and vegan food, drink and living, or just to see what it is all about too, if you are not convinced as yet.

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Becoming an almost vegetarian – A personal story

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) There are more reasons than one for my decision to begin the transition to become a vegetarian; presently an almost vegetarian, and none have anything to do with not wanting to kill or eat anything that has been killed. The first reason for my steps in the direction of almost vegetarian is the fact that unless I know exactly where the meat comes from I do not trust anymore any claims as to what it is and how it was reared and killed.

Londoners vote for top vegetarian restaurant

Green (Living) Review

London, UK, July 9, 2012 : Today the Riverside Vegetaria in Kingston-Upon-Thames was awarded the accolade of best ethical vegetarian restaurant in London. This included celebrity chef and author of ‘Eat Your Veg’ Arthur Potts Dawson, Editor of The Vegetarian Magazine Jane Hughes, and George Clark of the Sustainable Restaurant Association[4]. Living as a vegetarian improves the life of an individual in both a physical and moral sense.”

Marrakech’s Organic Vegan/Vegetarian Earth Cafe a Delicious Alternative to Lamb Testicles

Green Prophet

Vegetarian cuisine doesn’t have to be boring – Moroccan flavor can spice it up. As someone with Moroccan roots I can testify that there are some out-of-the-ordinary Moroccan foods , such as pastilla filled with pigeon meat and lamb tongue, but the Moroccan kitchen is also filled with plenty of vegetable-based and vegetarian-friendly foods as well. Earth Cafe is open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and also offers vegetarian cooking classes. :: Earth Cafe.

14 Animal-Free Foods That Are Not Vegetarian

Green Prophet

Last night at dinner, two seasoned lacto-vegetarians exchanged an ingredient slap-down about seemingly animal-free foods that really aren’t. My friends talk endlessly about vegetarianism. As example, dairy derivatives whey and casein, included in commercial baked goods, may be acceptable to vegetarians but avoided by vegans. Salad Dressings in restaurants often start with bacon fat for added flavor, undermining the classic vegetarian go-to in restaurants.

Julia Child Gets Healthy: Fresh, French-Inspired Vegetarian Recipes

Eco Chic

I love French food, but as a vegetarian, I often feel that there’s not much I can eat from the cuisine. Check out Vegetarian and French: Oooh La La Goes Healthy! The post Julia Child Gets Healthy: Fresh, French-Inspired Vegetarian Recipes appeared first on Eco-Chick. HomeSoul Sponsored Post Food foodie french healthy julia child paris vegetarian

Some Supplements Not For Vegetarians

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Clearly, these are not supplements that will appeal to vegetarians, vegans, or those with dietary restrictions – shellfish allergies, religious prohibitions, and so on. Many people take daily supplements to complement their nutritional intake. Whether it’s a multivitamin, a specific compound like calcium, or a herbal ingredient such as evening primrose oil, there are many choices.

Who Needs Meat? 5 Filling Fall Vegetarian Recipes

Eco Chic

Classic comfort food for cold weather is almost always meat-based, and most people don’t exactly associate it with vegan and vegetarian cuisine, but these 5 fall vegetarian recipes are here to prove that meat-free dishes can be just as delicious. French onion soup is almost always off-limits to vegetarians, since it relies on beef for much of its flavor. 3 Satisfying, Delicious Fall Vegetarian Soup Recipes.

First Vegetarian School in Nation Visits Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Green (Living) Review

PS 244 in Queens, New York, recently made headlines around the world when it became the first public school in the country to serve exclusively vegetarian meals for both breakfast and lunch. PS 244 in Queens, NY recently made headlines around the world when it became the first public school in the country to serve exclusively vegetarian meals for both breakfast and lunch.

Vegetarian and vegan diets good for kids and adults, nutritionists say

Green (Living) Review

Vegetarian and vegan diets are appropriate for all stages of life, including during infancy, pregnancy, childhood, adolescence and old age, the authors write in a position statement from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. " For younger vegetarians and vegans in particular, it's important to plan meals that include enough iron, zinc, vitamin B-12, and for some, calcium and vitamin D, Sheth said.

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Scientists warn that food shortages could force world into vegetarianism

Green (Living) Review

Water scarcity's effect on food production means radical steps will be needed to feed a population expected to reach nine billion by 2050, warns Stockholm International Water Institute by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Leading water scientists have issued one of the sternest warnings yet about global food supplies, saying that the world's population may have to switch almost completely to a vegetarian diet over the next 40 years to avoid catastrophic shortages.

Taco Bell launches new menu for vegetarians


While in-the-know vegetarians have navigated Taco Bell’s menu for years, the fast food chain is moving plant-based food to the forefront with an official vegetarian section on its menu. Only two of the items in the vegetarian section are new: the Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme and a Black Bean Quesarito. But clearly, marking the items as vegetarian makes ordering a much easier experience for customers who eat a plant-based diet.

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Green (Living) Review

Top 4 Reasons to Eat Less Meat this National Vegetarian Week (May 21st-27th) Going permanently meat-free is not for everyone, but even occasional forays into the veggiesphere could cut costs, boost your health and make you a better cook, claims Cook Vegetarian magazine. Urging non-veggies from all walks of life to experience meals without meat during National Vegetarian Week (21st-27th May 2012), Cook Vegetarian offers more than 500 free recipes on

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Vegetarian in Sierra Leone

Eco-Vegan Girl

This may seem like an odd post, but it stems from a friend who wants to know how her friend can be vegetarian while living in Sierra Leone. Wikipedia ) Food "Traditional Sierra Leonean cuisine is often adjusted to fit lacto-ovo-vegetarian demands. Do you have any experience as vegetarian in Sierra Leone, or another part of Africa? travel vegetarian

How to Be a Healthy Vegetarian

Green Blog

The proteins found in animal meat and fat contain all the essential amino acids the body needs to grow, and are often more easily assimilated by the body than proteins found in a vegetarian diet. However, it is absolutely possible to obtain all the necessary nutritional elements the body needs from a vegetarian diet. The problem is that many people choose to become vegetarians without spending time studying how to be a healthy vegetarian.

Healthy, Easy, Vegetarian Appetizers for Holiday Parties and Gatherings

Eco Chic

Vegetarian Holiday Appetizers. The post Healthy, Easy, Vegetarian Appetizers for Holiday Parties and Gatherings appeared first on Eco-Chick. Health Is Beauty appetizers budget foodie healthy holiday snacks vegetarian Sometimes, we all get stuck in a rut. And when it comes to holiday appetizers, I had about three go-to recipes that I’ve recycled way too many times.

Going vegetarian would cut global food emissions 'by two thirds and save millions of lives'

Green (Living) Review

Going veggie would cut global food emissions by two thirds and save millions of lives – new study Eating more fruit and vegetables and cutting back on red and processed meat will make you healthier. That’s obvious enough. But as chickens and cows themselves eat food and burn off their own energy, meat is a also major driver of climate change. Going veggie can drastically reduce your carbon footprint. This is all at a personal level.

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Why Start a Vegan/Vegetarian Business?

Eco Friendly Daily

The world of vegetarian and vegan options is opening up and giving people an alternative, but if there were more options, maybe people would start to prefer this lifestyle. You could be a part of that growing percentage and help people view vegetarian and vegan options more positively. It’s beneficial to poll any vegetarians and vegans you know and research what they need or want to see the most.

Choose Vegetarian

The Green Changemakers

[link] Choose Vegetarian Publish at Scribd or explore others: Vegetarian Green FOR ANIMALS Life on the farm isn't what it used to be. Fortunately, each one of us has the power to help end this suffering by simply choosing to eat vegetarian. Choosing to go vegetarian is simply a matter of living according to the values so many of us hold dear, such as being fair and kind to others. The average vegetarian spares the lives of over 50 animals each year.

Video: Why Be Vegan/Vegetarian? You Tell Me!

Eco-Vegan Girl

Turn on your web cam, your flip cam, your iPhone, your camera phone, your camcorder, your 5D - whatever you have and record a 10-15 second video answering this question: Why are you vegan, vegetarian, or interested in adapting either lifestyle? video YouTube vegan vegetarianMy lastest video is a new experiment - I'm asking YOU as the viewer to make a video response to a question!

Tofurky Trots offer alternative Thanksgiving races for vegetarians


Sponsored by the maker of the preeminent faux turkey on the market, the Tofurky Trots, a vegetarian alternative race, lag way behind the Turkey Trots in popularity. Pasadena organized one in 2013, and this year, Los Angeles vegetarians will trot on November 23.

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How to Become Vegetarian: 5 Key Steps (& Famous Vegetarian Celebrities)

The Green Changemakers

Written by Zachary Shahan If you are thinking about going vegetarian, here is a list of things that should help you to actually do it,… and to stick to it once you’ve started. This is even more true for becoming vegetarian or vegan because dairy and meat (as well as sugar and chocolate) have certian qualities that make them addictive. 2) Know What You Need A lot of people will tell you that you need more protein, certain oils, or vitamins that you can’t get on a vegetarian diet.