It Isn’t the Vegetables….

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Have you ever noticed a peculiar smell when opening a can of vegetables or fruit? Then, on a lazy winter day, I had one of those “ah-hah” moments and realized it isn’t the vegetables, it’s the water used in canning them!

Summer Vegetables you can Grow on your Windowsill.

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I’m not saying growing food is altogether easy—but it can be, depending on what we choose to grow.

Mixing flowers and vegetables

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The majority of people, even gardeners, always think of flower gardens and vegetable gardens as two separate entities, but there is absolutely no reason to think that this is the way it has to be. It was a mix of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs.

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Now is the time to think about vegetable seeds

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Now is the time to think about which seeds to sow and plant in your vegetable garden for the year. The choices are great but there are some varieties of vegetables that are best for all year round cropping and also don't forget the humble edible weeds.

The Vegetable Garden Diary – Book Review

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Advice in the diary section is linked to each week of the season and takes you through the whole process, from clearing weeds without digging, feeding soil and sowing to harvests and storing vegetables.

Move over Kale, there’s a new Vegetable in Town! {Infographic}

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My grandfather's favorite vegetable is cauliflower, and it happens to be a superfood! Who knew? Food Health & Wellness cauliflower health health wellness healthy superfood vegan vegetarian

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WATCH: London Designer Grows Vegetable Leather


London-based designer creates biodegradable fabric from bacteria and many other ingredients for fashion. Read More. Fashion Lifestyle News Top News

Regrowing vegetables from kitchen scraps

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At least with some vegetables. That is how I end up with potatoes growing in many of the containers in which I grow other vegetables – I only garden in containers, at home, basically – where I never planted them. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Yes, it does work.

Grow Your Own Vegetables – Book Review

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Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Grow your own Vegetables by Joy Larkcom 2011 abridged edition of the 2002 Frances Lincoln Edition Frances Lincoln in association with Marshalls Seeds Paperback 360 pages ISBN: 978-0-7112-3264-8 Price: £ 9.99

Roasted Summer Vegetables with Fresh Rosemary. {Vegan, Gluten-Free Recipe}

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Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Food Health & Wellness Z ADMIN Food Featured Today Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today easy recipe healthy eating Healthy food summer cooking vegan vegetablesColorful, easy and healthy, this wonderful recipe will also fill your home with mouth watering fragrance as it cooks.

Vegetable gardens can be pretty as well as functional

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A sense of order, a welcoming gate and a well-defined path are among the elements that make this vegetable garden both pretty and functional. Even a local farm or farmers market can’t offer vegetables as fresh as those straight from the back yard.

Vegetative Architecture


We are an architectural firm specializing in the integration of vegetation and architecture. We work where vegetation can be instrumentalized to save energy, manage water resources, reduced impact on the landscape, and improve the environmental quality of the architecture.

Substituting edible weeds for other vegetables

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There are time when we are far too quick to see all that we have to sown as undesirable but many wild edibles, from which many of our domesticated vegetables spring after all, have much higher nutritional values that do the domesticated versions. But why do we want to go foraging when such plants can be grown at home, together with our other vegetables that we grown, in our plots?

Delicious Roasted Vegetable Recipes for Meat Free Monday.

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I'm scouring the elephant recipe archives to encourage readers to.

Mixing vegetables and flowers

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The majority of people always think of flower gardens and vegetable gardens as two separate entities, but there’s no reason to think that is the way it has to be so. Those gardens were a mix of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs. Instead you might like to think of a vegetable-flower garden as an artistic palette, strictly for appearances and enjoyment. You do however need to take into account the growing style of the vegetables and flowers.

What Would A Mars Vegetable Garden Include?


So far, 10 fruits and vegetables have met the requirements: lettuce, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, green onions, radishes, bell peppers, strawberries, fresh herbs and cabbages. If the U.S. sends a manned mission to Mars, more than just astronauts will be on board.

Katy Perry Grows Her Own Fruits And Vegetables


The 29 year-old, whose private life has Read More The post Katy Perry Grows Her Own Fruits And Vegetables appeared first on Ecorazzi.

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Woman faces jail for planting a vegetable garden

Green (Living) Review

Michigan woman faces 93 days in jail for planting a vegetable garden By Michael Smith (Veshengro) What precisely is wrong with this? Planting a vegetable garden in the front yard, that was it.

How to Create a new Vegetable Garden – Book Review

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Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) How to Create a new Vegetable Garden Producing a beautiful and fruitful garden from scratch by Charles Dowding Published by Green Books, 12th February 2015 Hardcover, 224 pages, 23.5

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American Adults Still Not Eating Enough Fruits and Vegetables


adults are still not consuming enough fruits and vegetables. Read More The post American Adults Still Not Eating Enough Fruits and Vegetables appeared first on Ecorazzi. Despite the urging scientific studies and the U.S.

Vegetable and Herb Stems: Food or Compost?

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Check out my latest piece on Organic Authority , entitled: "Vegetable and Herb Stems: To Eat or Not to Eat ", and learn about all great ways to eat them! Most recipes call for the heads, leaves or flowers of a plant, like broccoli, kale, and herbs such as parsley.

Root Vegetables: Yummy Inspiration for Meat-Free Monday. {Recipes}

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Animal Rights Conscious Consumerism Enlightened Society Food Green Health & Wellness beet salad beetroot juice fossil fuel consumption meat consumption Meat Free Mondays meat production non-vegetarian environmentalists roasted beet root vegetable recipes savory vegan veggie crumble

Grow your own small vegetable garden

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Even the smallest space can produce plenty of vegetables, and this has been shown by several “studies”, for lack of a better words, such as the square foot gardening idea of the RHS in Britain. Yes, tomatoes are fruit not vegetables. First of all, some vegetable do not need much in the way of depth of soil. Fold their sides down to about half – you don't need more soil depth than that for growing vegetables and fill with earth.

3 Simple & Quick Ways to Make Vegetables Tastier.

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These three dressing/dips are really simple and versatile. Food Z ADMIN Food Featured Today dressing healthy ketchup kids recipe vegetarian

Healthy & Easy! 27 Vegetable Soup. {Vegan Recipe}

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I first had something called 27 Vegetable Soup at Le Cirque in New York city, circa 1995. Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Food Health & Wellness WAYLON: Today Only Z ADMIN Food Featured Today food healthy eating soup vegan vegan recipe vegetable soup

Tri-color Pasta Salad With Summer Vegetables Vegan RECIPE

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Combined with tricolor pasta and other quickly-cooked vegetables, it makes a salad that satisfies fickle summer hungers but doesn’t leave the diner uncomfortably full. Pasta Salad With Summer Vegetables. Drain each vegetable and allow to cool.

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Review and Giveaway of Copy-Kids Eat fruits and Vegetables, ends 8/2

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I was given the opportunity to review the Copy-Kids DVD titled eat fruits and vegetables and I highly recommend it for any parent of a youngster aged 6 months to 5 years. Eat Fruits and Vegetables is the debut DVD from Copy Kids Media, it was inspired by Mother Cia Dixon.

Exotic, Festive Moroccan Vegetable Stew. {Vegan, Gluten Free Recipe}

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Food Health & Wellness moroccan food recipe soup vegan vegetable stew Mmmm, this stew.

Delicious Indian Breakfast: Vegetable Upma. {Recipe}

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) breakfast eating health Health & Wellness Indian food recipe south india spices vegetable upmaIf you are used to eating food with minimum seasoning, it will be difficult for you to deal with lot of.

Re-discovering Perennial Vegetables

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Seed catalogues are being pored over, dog-eared, and circled, and some folks may have even begun to order vegetable seeds in preparation for early starts indoors. Below are a few perennial vegetables that you might be interested in.

Shaved Root Vegetable Salad.

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Root vegetables are delicious and when finely shaved and added to a salad, they are an excellent way to get lots of your veggies down. I love eating a wide variety of veggies and think this is one of the tastiest salads I’ve made by far.

Want Sexier Skin? Eat More Fruits and Vegetables


According to a new study, those that partake in heavy portions of fruits and vegetables have a more attractive, healthy-looking appearance. “We found that within a six-week period, fluctuation in Read More. Beauty Featured Healthy Living Lifestyle News

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Real Yoga Happens Off the Mat: How I Learned to Love Chopping Vegetables.

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The real yoga comes when an edge is met. Food Health & Wellness Yoga Z ADMIN Food Featured Today asana edges life-lessons mindfulness yoga off the mat

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All supermarkets should do this!

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Food Green Health & Wellness Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) WAYLON: Editor''s Picks Z ADMIN Food Featured Today Z ADMIN Green Featured Today campaign food waste france fruits Intermarché vegetables

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A Delicious Cure for what Ails Us. {Recipe}

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The rules are simple, yet firm: start with fresh vegetables, cut them lovingly into more or less equal pieces, and cook each separately. Animal Rights Food Health & Wellness a delicious cure food for what ails french recipes meal ideas recipe simple recipes vegan vegetables vegetarianRatatouille requires your presence. You can’t phone it in, and there are no shortcuts.

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Community Gardens May Produce More than Vegetables

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Study suggests health benefits beyond nutrition People who participate in community gardening have a significantly lower body mass index—as well as lower odds of being overweight or obese—than do their non-gardening neighbors. Researchers at the University of Utah reported these and other findings in the American Journal of Public Health published online on April 18, 2013. “It

Stop Tilling Your Vegetable Garden!

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That rich, dark, blank canvas beckons us to come on over and work our vegetable magic. I get why you till. There’s something in all of us gardeners that leaps with joy when we see a freshly tilled bed.

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Vegetables Grown in Space Found Safe for Consumption


Looks like astronauts are well on their way to having a healthy veggie diet in space as Russian scientists reveal that vegetables they have been growing at the International Space Station (ISS) are safe for consumption. Read More The post Vegetables Grown in Space Found Safe for Consumption appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Top Seasonal Foods for our Pantries & Bellies.

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Food Green Health & Wellness cooking healthy foods plant-based seasonal foods vegan vegetablesMy mission is to show people how fun and easy it is to prepare a delectable, world-class plant-based cuisine that is.

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Double Row Vegetable Gardening 101

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There are a few types of plants that don’t do well in double row layouts, but most vegetables will do very well this way. Most gardeners are familiar with the concept of single row or square foot gardening, but not all are familiar with double row gardening.