Regrowing vegetables from kitchen scraps

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At least with some vegetables. That is how I end up with potatoes growing in many of the containers in which I grow other vegetables – I only garden in containers, at home, basically – where I never planted them. Other vegetables, however, can (also) be grown from scraps in different ways. free vegetables gardening gardening tips green living green living tips kitchen scraps urban gardening vegetable growing vegetables

Sauteed Vegetable Stock

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Making your own vegetable stock is a healthier alternative to purchasing the store bought varieties – even the healthiest varieties are loaded with sodium and artificial additives. sautéing the ingredients draws out the flavor and adds an extra level of yumminess to the stock… Sautéed Vegetable Stock.


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Re-discovering Perennial Vegetables

Green (Living) Review

Seed catalogues are being pored over, dog-eared, and circled, and some folks may have even begun to order vegetable seeds in preparation for early starts indoors. Although annual edibles like tomatoes and lettuce are favored by many, you might like to look into some perennial vegetables as well: they only require one season’s worth of time and effort to establish them, and you’ll be rewarded with delightful edibles forever.

Volunteer Vegetables

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Therefore, allow me to explain what I understand under volunteer vegetables, or volunteer plants in general. A volunteer is a plant, whether vegetable or other, and we are not talking of weeds though a volunteer can be seen as a weed in some contexts as it is indeed a plant in the “wrong” place, a place you did not intend it to grow, is one that just springs up where you did not plant it and never even came close to the place with one. Tags: vegetable growing gardening

Stop Tilling Your Vegetable Garden!

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That rich, dark, blank canvas beckons us to come on over and work our vegetable magic. I get why you till. There’s something in all of us gardeners that leaps with joy when we see a freshly tilled bed. We imagine ourselves gently planting a seedling in the fluffy soil with no straining or digging necessary. But, garden fantasies aside, tilling the garden every year is a terrible idea in practice.

Mixing flowers and vegetables

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The majority of people, even gardeners, always think of flower gardens and vegetable gardens as two separate entities, but there is absolutely no reason to think that this is the way it has to be. It was a mix of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs. Companion planting, on the other hand, is something that would make such a mixed flower and vegetable garden even better. Your vegetable-flower garden can be orderly or not so orderly.

Saving Vegetable Seeds

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How to keep the ones you love… seeds of plants that is Saving and storing seeds from your own vegetable and herb crops is a thrifty way to perpetuate your favorite varieties from year to year. Open-pollinated varieties, including heirlooms, are the best candidates for seed saving.

Double Row Vegetable Gardening 101

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There are a few types of plants that don’t do well in double row layouts, but most vegetables will do very well this way. If you use mounds for growing root vegetables or large vines like melons, you can also double row the plantings and consolidate your mounds to make the work of building the mounds easier. Most gardeners are familiar with the concept of single row or square foot gardening, but not all are familiar with double row gardening.

Art You Can Eat: Spiral Vegetable Pie. {Recipe}

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However, once I started wrapping the vegetable strips, selecting the vibrant hues, one after another to create a nourishing meal that is as beautiful to look at, as to eat—I found my meditation. Academy Alumni Elephant Academy Food Health & Wellness art you can eat elephant magazine food recipe savory pie spiral vegetable pie spiral veggie pie vegan vegan pie vegetarian vegetarian pie veggie spiral winter vegetables

It Isn’t the Vegetables….

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Have you ever noticed a peculiar smell when opening a can of vegetables or fruit? Then, on a lazy winter day, I had one of those “ah-hah” moments and realized it isn’t the vegetables, it’s the water used in canning them! And yes, some of us still buy and eat canned food, if only for lack of a freezer!). I have, and it puzzled me for a long time. The revelation came to me when opening a can of Dole pineapple. It smelled, inexplicably, like fish. Fish,” I asked myself. “In

Growing Shade Garden Vegetables and Herbs

Green (Living) Review

SHADE GARDEN VEGETABLES AND HERBS Tasty vegetables or herbs that you can try in your shady or partially shady spots include: Beets Cabbage Chard Carrots Mint Chervil Read more here Some organic home gardens can do best in the shade. This is great news for those of us who don’t want to have to trim those decades-old trees in the backyard too much or live in older neighborhoods with large trees.

Top 10 Perennial/Ornamental Vegetables

Green (Living) Review

This is one version of my ''Top 10'' perennial vegetables – a version drawn up with a mixed cottage garden style planting in mind. Edible perennial expert Anni Kelsey shares her 10 favourite edible perennials that are also beautiful ornamentals for a cottage garden! Now that''s permaculture! It''s really hard to choose favourites and there are plenty of others that I love and would be in the top 10 if it had a different purpose.

The Vegetable Garden Diary – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Vegetable Garden Diary Wire bound for easy use Self-published by the author’s imprint No Dig Garden 168 pages illustrated with photographs mostly of Homeacres garden The cover is laminated both sides for greater longevity and to prevent curling Charles Dowding has just brought out a diary specifically for vegetable gardeners. Currently he crops an intensive quarter-acre in Somerset, SW England, for local sales of salad leaves and vegetables.

Pizza a vegetable?

Green (Living) Review

By Michael Smith (Veshengro) If pizza is a vegetable can someone please tell me how you grow it. You may rightly think that I have gone bonkers here but the American government agencies have declared pizza to be a vegetable and thus can form part of your recommended “5-a-day” fruits and vegetable intake. The last time I checked pizza was not a vegetable and seeds cannot be had for it anywhere.

Mobile vegetable garden

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Could a mobile vegetable garden be an answer to personal food production Our weather is changing, becoming more unpredictable and quite violent at times.

How Vegetables Can Save the World

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Be sure to eat your vegetables! shutterstock) Be sure to eat your vegetables! Not only are they nutritious (vegetables are full of Vitamin A, iron, protein, and other nutrients), but they also add a pop of color and burst of flavor to meals. Unfortunately, vegetables are too often overlooked—ignored by researchers and scientists, governments, and by the funding and donor communities. Very little research or funding goes toward vegetable production.

Mixing vegetables and flowers

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The majority of people always think of flower gardens and vegetable gardens as two separate entities, but there’s no reason to think that is the way it has to be so. Those gardens were a mix of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs. Instead you might like to think of a vegetable-flower garden as an artistic palette, strictly for appearances and enjoyment. You do however need to take into account the growing style of the vegetables and flowers.

Vegetative Architecture


We are an architectural firm specializing in the integration of vegetation and architecture. We work where vegetation can be instrumentalized to save energy, manage water resources, reduced impact on the landscape, and improve the environmental quality of the architecture. Joshua Kogan has a conversation with Urbanarbolismo's Spain Jordi Serramia Ruiz regarding his work with plant-based methods of sustainable design. What is urbanarbolismo ? What's your philosophy?

6 vegetables that are healthier cooked than raw

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As counterintuitive as it may seem, some fruits and vegetables get a nutritional boost upon cooking. Most of us have all too many un-fond memories of vegetables cooked into a soggy gloppy mush. With that in mind, raw vegetables rose to rule the roost in terms of nutritional virtuosity. But for some of us, raw-everything all the time isn’t that comforting; so it’s good to know that not every vegetable is necessarily healthier when uncooked.

Vegetable garden in planters

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But vegetables also do great in these contained and compact environments. What vegetables you can grow in which planter is dependent on the planter size, though almost anything can be grown in a tub or other planter. Also, some plants, such as tomatoes, will continue growing after other vegetables have ceased to yield their harvest for the season. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Most people only associate planters with growing flowers and, maybe, herbs.

Substituting edible weeds for other vegetables

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There are time when we are far too quick to see all that we have to sown as undesirable but many wild edibles, from which many of our domesticated vegetables spring after all, have much higher nutritional values that do the domesticated versions. But why do we want to go foraging when such plants can be grown at home, together with our other vegetables that we grown, in our plots?

17 Vegetables That Grow Well In The Shade

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Most vegetables are high-light plants because they have to produce food. However, there are a number of shade tolerant vegetables. Leafy vegetables and herbs are at the top of the list because their food production as well as storage happens right there on the leaves. Root vegetables follow next. High in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, as well as cancer protective glucosinolates, bok choy is ranked by CDC as the second highest among nutritionally dense vegetables.

Grow Your Own Vegetables – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Grow your own Vegetables by Joy Larkcom 2011 abridged edition of the 2002 Frances Lincoln Edition Frances Lincoln in association with Marshalls Seeds Paperback 360 pages ISBN: 978-0-7112-3264-8 Price: £ 9.99 This book, with illustrations by Elizabeth Douglas, is very much a vegetable grower's manual along the lines of books on this subjects that you would have found during the “Dig for Victory” campaign in the Second World War and just after.

Organic vegetable gardening

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Would you like to grow your own vegetables from your home garden but aren't sure where to start? Even if you only have very limited space, this fantastic guide shows you how and comes with some very special bonuses. Download the Organic Food Gardening Beginners Manual by Julie Villani today

Why You Should Always Plant Flowers In Your Vegetable Patch

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If you’re still growing flowers and vegetables on opposite sides of your yard, it’s time rethink your garden plan. Companion planting flowers and vegetables in the same beds is a strategy professional growers use to boost yields and keep crops healthy, and it’s easy and beneficial for beginners to do, too. Plus, planting bee-friendly flowers near your vegetables also supports struggling pollinator populations and biodiversity.

Root Vegetables: Yummy Inspiration for Meat-Free Monday. {Recipes}

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Animal Rights Conscious Consumerism Enlightened Society Food Green Health & Wellness beet salad beetroot juice fossil fuel consumption meat consumption Meat Free Mondays meat production non-vegetarian environmentalists roasted beet root vegetable recipes savory vegan veggie crumbleBy choosing at least one day a week to go meat-free, non-vegetarian environmentalists can still make a difference on this important matter.

Healthy & Easy! 27 Vegetable Soup. {Vegan Recipe}

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I first had something called 27 Vegetable Soup at Le Cirque in New York city, circa 1995. Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Food Health & Wellness WAYLON: Today Only Z ADMIN Food Featured Today food healthy eating soup vegan vegan recipe vegetable soup

Now is the time to think about vegetable seeds

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Now is the time to think about which seeds to sow and plant in your vegetable garden for the year. The choices are great but there are some varieties of vegetables that are best for all year round cropping and also don't forget the humble edible weeds. When it comes to the, if I may say so, ordinary vegetables to sew and plant, as said, there is a great variety out there but, alas, at times the choice is limited.

6 Strategies for Urban Vegetable Gardening

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You may not have a yard to work with, but you can still grow lots of tasty vegetables. But growing your own vegetables in an urban environment can be tricky when you don’t have a backyard. Container Gardening: Thanks to the wide variety of containers now available, you can grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs with relative ease in very little space (and without the extra work of planting in straight rows or weeding big beds!).

Growing Shade Garden Vegetables and Herbs

Green (Living) Review

Some organic home gardens can do best in the shade. This is great news for those of us who don’t want to have to trim those decades-old trees in the backyard too much or live in older neighborhoods with large trees. And, those of you with balconies or porches with limited sunlight; this is great information for you, too. Read more here

Roasted Summer Vegetables with Fresh Rosemary. {Vegan, Gluten-Free Recipe}

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Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Food Health & Wellness Z ADMIN Food Featured Today Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today easy recipe healthy eating Healthy food summer cooking vegan vegetablesColorful, easy and healthy, this wonderful recipe will also fill your home with mouth watering fragrance as it cooks.

Vegetable Harvest and Storage

Green (Living) Review

Both timely harvest and proper storage help maintain the quality and freshness of garden vegetables. "Ideal" storage conditions for many vegetables are not attainable around the average home or farm. Unheated basements, if well ventilated, can provide good storage conditions for some vegetables. Different vegetables require different temperature and humidity levels for proper storage.

Exotic, Festive Moroccan Vegetable Stew. {Vegan, Gluten Free Recipe}

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Food Health & Wellness moroccan food recipe soup vegan vegetable stew Mmmm, this stew.

Delicious Indian Breakfast: Vegetable Upma. {Recipe}

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) breakfast eating health Health & Wellness Indian food recipe south india spices vegetable upmaIf you are used to eating food with minimum seasoning, it will be difficult for you to deal with lot of.

Which Garden Vegetables Need the Least Amount of Water?

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The key to effectively using water in an ecologically responsible manner is to change the types of grasses and vegetables that we grow. These are some vegetables that you can grow that require less water to maintain. Squash- Squash has a lower water-content per fruit than most vegetables, so it requires less water to grow them. Home and Garden growing vegetables less water plants that need less waterWe are all aware that water conservation is an important issue.

Perennial Vegetables: Grow More Food With Less Work

Green (Living) Review

Combine permaculture gardening techniques and edible landscaping ingenuity in your garden by growing perennial vegetables. Nature’s ecosystems always include not only annual vegetables, but also perennials — edible roots, shoots, leaves, flowers and fruits that produce year after year. Besides fruit-bearing trees and shrubs, more than 100 species of perennial vegetables grow well in North America.

Grow your own small vegetable garden

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Even the smallest space can produce plenty of vegetables, and this has been shown by several “studies”, for lack of a better words, such as the square foot gardening idea of the RHS in Britain. Yes, tomatoes are fruit not vegetables. First of all, some vegetable do not need much in the way of depth of soil. Fold their sides down to about half – you don't need more soil depth than that for growing vegetables and fill with earth.

Vegetable gardens can be pretty as well as functional

Green (Living) Review

A sense of order, a welcoming gate and a well-defined path are among the elements that make this vegetable garden both pretty and functional. Considering the superior flavor of fresh-picked vegetables and the choices you get when you grow your own, it’s a wonder that more people don’t have vegetable gardens. Even a local farm or farmers market can’t offer vegetables as fresh as those straight from the back yard.

How to Create a new Vegetable Garden – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) How to Create a new Vegetable Garden Producing a beautiful and fruitful garden from scratch by Charles Dowding Published by Green Books, 12th February 2015 Hardcover, 224 pages, 23.5 Charles Dowding draws on his years of experience to show how easy it is to start a new vegetable garden. Any plot – whether a building site, overgrown with weeds or unwanted lawn – can be turned into a beautiful and productive vegetable area.

Free planting calendar for vegetable container gardening

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The nice folks at B&B have teamed up with the Royal Horticultural Society to create a handy vegetable planning guide and calendar for container gardeners. The calendar lists when to plant and harvest a variety of vegetables (and a few fruits) with the objective of giving gardeners the 5 vegetable servings a day that is recommended by nutritionists. Tags: Burgon and Ball planting calendar for vegetable container gardening 5-a-day Garden

'Ugly' fruit and vegetables prove a hit in France

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French supermarkets to expand initiative that sells "ugly" fruit and vegetables at a 30 per cent discount "Ugly" fruit and vegetables – such as bumpy oranges, two-legged carrots or misshapen aubergines – have proved such a hit in France that supermarket chains – which would previously dump them – are putting the produce on sale in thousands of outlets across the country.

France 140

Mechouia, Grilled Vegetable Salad RECIPE

Green Prophet

Tunisian flavors come together deliciously in a salad of charred, chopped vegetables. To capture this salad’s most authentic flavor, build a coal fire and bury the whole vegetables in the embers until they’re roasted through and soft. But if a cooking fire isn’t practical, go ahead and grill the vegetables on a barbeque, on the stove top, or even in your oven grill. Mechouia, Tunisian Charred Vegetable Salad. Do not peel any of the vegetables.

Tips for Planting Vegetables | Your Organic Garden | Living Green.

Living Green & Saving Energy

Home About Us Contact Us Products Green Tips EBooks Going Green: Questions and Answers Subscribe Living Green and Saving Energy Tips for Planting Vegetables In Your Organic Garden by greenwise on March 19, 2011 Organic gardening allows you to control the chemicals, or lack thereof, coming into contact with your homegrown fruit and vegetables. What vegetables should you plant and when?