Vegan Scanners will keep non-vegans out of vegan restaurants


Ever since Beyoncé dipped her baby toe into the shallow end of veganism, non-vegans have dared to buy our almond milk and wear our faux leather jackets. But we simply cannot stand for non-vegans who don’t consider the real victims of their non-veganismvegans.

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Speciesist Vegans


We’ve all experienced it – the jaw-dropping moment when a fellow vegan sells out the interests of animals for the sake of their image or societal conformity. In other words, you may be vegan yourself, but you are still choosing to value the lives of other sentient beings at zero.

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—————– Since the use of animal products in all manner of both common and obscure items is endemic, it is impossible to be a “perfect” vegan. It is certainly not vindicated by our inability to be “100% vegan”. Sticky Veganism

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Leonardo DiCaprio ignores veganism, again.


It is well known by now (whether denied or not does not make it false) that the one thing which would have the largest impact in regards to humans contribution to greenhouse gas emissions is going vegan. Why, going vegan of course. Please, go vegan today. Sticky Veganism

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#vegan > #vegetarian


Moving towards a vegan world. There was a time when vegans were viewed as outliers – an extreme mutation of vegetarians gone too far. Vegan” was some way behind. In late 2011 that changed and there were as many searches for “vegan” as there were for “vegetarian.”

Delicious Vegan Lasagna. Yes, I Said Vegan Lasagna. {Recipe}

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Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Food Z ADMIN Food Featured Today compassionate eating health Health & Wellness Italian vegan lasagna mindful eating mindfulness pasta recipes vegan vegetarian what do vegans eat

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Dear Vegan: I hear you…sometimes. Maybe.

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My ears close when veganism is served on a plate heaped full of anger, hate and venom. Conscious Consumerism Food Non New-Agey Spirituality awareness change compassion Dear Vegan eat at the same table environment food food options I hear you maybe meat sis murder mindfulness plant-based sometimes vegan vegan propaganda veganism vegans

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Dear Non-Vegan: There’s Something you Won’t let me Say.

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Because the vegan movement challenges our acquired tastes, habits and traditions, it tends to hit a wall of cognitive dissonance. Animal Rights Blog Enlightened Society Food animal rights Cognitive Dissonance factory farming judgement vegan culture veganism vegans

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When you’re Vegan as F*ck—make Vegan Turducken. {Hella Funny Video}

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There is now a vegan option of this holiday favorite. Adult Animal Rights Arts Enlightened Society Funny WAYLON: Today Only funny video Hella Funny Video PETA turducken vegan vegan AF Vegan as F*ck Vegan Turducken veggie videoSome folks who prefer something a little more indulgent.a Turducken. (A A chicken stuffed into a duck, further stuffed into a turkey.) If you're appalled by this concept, never fear!

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A Few Practical Tips for those Considering Going Vegan.

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At first, the tastes may feel a little strange, however, after a little while, the taste buds adjust and many vegans find they far prefer the vegan alternatives it’s jus. Food Health & Wellness Z Family Featured Today Z Food Featured Today Alex Myles cruelty free factory farms going vegan recipes for vegans tips for going vegan vegan veganism vegetarian vegetarianism

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Macrobiotics & Veganism


I was in my element being among so many wonderful friends, colleagues and fellow vegans at the World Vegan Summit in California. On returning to Scotland, I received a message from someone who had been in the audience saying that Macrobiotics is not vegan. I find the idea of someone insisting macrobiotic eating includes animal products is worth refuting so as a long time vegan I felt compelled to write this short essay. Two weeks later, our students embrace veganism.

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Healthy Vegan Breakfast ideas to Start the Day off Right.

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As someone who has been living a vegan lifestyle for seven-and-a-half years, I find that people don't really know what sorts of foods vegans eat. Animal Rights Blog Food Health & Wellness breakfast ideas healthy lifestyle morning routine start the day off right vegan vegan breakfast what do vegans eat

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Criticize veganism, but don’t discredit it


As veganism moves into the mainstream, it’s core ideology becomes somewhat diluted and easier to swallow. With the rapid growth and wide expansion of veganism, the movement has lost a bit of focus both internally and as well in the way it presents in society. Sticky Veganism

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The Environmental Benefits of Veganism


Many people know the nutritional effect of veganism. Let’s look at six of the most important ways veganism improves and protects the environment. While it’s far from a given that changing to veganism will automatically mean a healthier diet, the change often improves food quality.

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So You’re a Part-Time Vegan?


A few days of the week you don’t eat animal products, and so you must be a “part-time vegan”, right? There’s veganism and there’s non-veganism. Unfortunately, you’re still not vegan those three days because veganism is a moral baseline rather than a goal. Veganism.

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Ayurvedic Golden Milk for Cold Winter Days. {Vegan Recipe}

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Food Health & Wellness Yoga awareness ayurveda cold winter days food Golden Milk healing health mindfulness recipe self love vegan vegan recipeIt is very easy to prepare, and in minutes you will feel the soothing effects.

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Being a Spoilsport on World Vegan Day


So many people have asked me if I’m celebrating World Vegan Day today, or have wished me a happy day with an enthusiastic smile. Now, I hate to be a spoilsport (again) but World Vegan Day makes me glum. Make every day World Vegan Day. Sticky Veganism

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Those Pesky Entitled Vegans


A concerned woman recently wrote to family psychologist, John Rosemond, for advice on the upcoming holidays : of the thirteen people attending the festive dinner that the letter-writer will prepare, three are vegan and will not be consuming gluten. Sticky Veganism

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Three Recipes That Saved My Vegan Life.

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Why I’m Marrying a Vegan


With less than a week between me and my engagement, probes on wedding dates, dress preferences and whether or not I’d serve my guests vegan food (duh) are just starting to trickle in. Those are all great benefits, surely, but could be easily found in a non-vegan. Sticky Veganism

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Is vegan shaming like body shaming?


There’s this assumption that all vegans instantly hate non-vegans (pre-vegans as they are more affectionately called in my circle), and vice versa. Instead, it’s an op-ed piece that attempts to make vegans quiet down in criticizing non-vegans for not changing.

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Magically Vegan.

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You can be vegan and cheat, but you can''t be vegan, cheat, and have no thoughts or emotions about it. Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Food Health & Wellness Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today cheat meat factory omnivore vegan

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Simple Vegan Whipped Cream

Hug a Tree with Me

This simple vegan whipped cream contains coconut milk, natural sweetener and optional spices – when chilled and beaten together, this formula creates a airy whipped cream so decadent that you may just eat the entire bowl in one sitting. Simple Vegan Whipped Cream.

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Important Vegan News: Non-Dairy Yummy Goodness!

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Their new non-dairy line is no exception ingredients are certified vegan, fairtrade and non-GMO.

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Is Jon Stewart Vegan?


Jon Stewart may have picked up a slew of Emmy awards for his final season of “The Daily Show” last night, but it was during his acceptance speech for Best Variety Read More The post Is Jon Stewart Vegan? Animals Eats News Top News Vegan jon stewart

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Notes From A Vegan Field… Or Three


The following are experiences from the “How Do I Go Vegan? booth at each of the Vegan Food and Drink Festivals this summer. Sometimes creative, non-violent vegan education, means talking to hundreds of people in one day and other times, it means talking to one. He is vegan.

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German media outlet Spiegel TV equates Vegans with Nazis

Green (Living) Review

According to their mindset vegetarianism and veganism is dangerous as we have to consider that Hitler, after all, was a vegetarian. The global trend for vegetarianism and veganism has risen exponentially and in many cities around the world vegan supermarkets and restaurants almost mushroom.

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Cheers! Guinness Goes Vegan-Friendly


Looks like some of that Irish luck has rubbed off on the animals, and vegans. After 256 years, Ireland’s famous stout, Guinness, is going vegan-friendly after its company vowed to Read More The post Cheers! Guinness Goes Vegan-Friendly appeared first on Ecorazzi.

How to stay popular despite going vegan


Going vegan for the animals is the right thing to do, but being unpopular is not an option. Read on for ways you can stay vegan without imposing your strict lifestyle on others. 1) If someone tells you going vegan is so hard, agree. Go vegan and help those around you go vegan.

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Yummy Vegan, Gluten-Free Fudge Recipe.

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The recipe below, which is adapted from Cara Reed's Decadent Gluten-Free Vegan Baking, is one of the best fudge recipes I have ever found. Food Z ADMIN Food Featured Today dessert fudge recipe sweets vegan yummy vegan

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If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans. {Funny Video}

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For centuries the sages, saints and sinners have contemplated the riddle, "What would it look like if meat eaters acted like vegans?".

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Going Vegan is not Enough.

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Food Z ADMIN Food Featured Today animal abuse animals climate diet environment health vegan veganismNorth American culture is the only one that is truly concerned with what people should be eating. And they should.

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Beef-less (Vegan) Mongolian Beef. {Recipe}

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Arts & Culture Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Food Health & Wellness Chinese recipes easy recipes green onions mushrooms PF Chang's Mongolian Beef recipes sprouted tofu tofu tofu recipes vegan vegan Chinese vegan food vegan recipes

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Guilt-Free Baileys: Yeah Baby! {Vegan Recipe}

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Animal Rights Conscious Consumerism Food Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today Z Food Featured Today awareness Baileys change coffee drink food guilt-free Health & Wellness irish Irish whiskey non-dairy milk recipe vegan vegan recipe Veganuary whiskeyAll of the blogs I perused used a similar, simple recipe: non-dairy milk, Irish whiskey, sweetener (brown sugar, agave, or maple syrup), coffee, and vanilla extract.

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Yummy, Creamy, Mushroom Pasta. {Vegan Recipe}

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Animal Rights Family Food Health & Wellness Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today cashew nuts creamy mushroom pasta creamy pasta dish dairy-free food mushrooms pasta vegan vegan recipeThere are few dishes as comforting to me as a tasty, creamy, pasta dish. And thanks to the magic of cashew nuts, going dairy free doesn't mean we have to go without this simple pleasure. We can even rely on them for an unplanned 15 minute dinner this dish doesn't require overnight soaking.

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Delicious, Vegan Tahini Cookies. {Recipe}

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Food Green Z ADMIN Food Popular Lately Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today cookies food recipes tahini cookies veganTahini can also be used as an alternative for those with nut allergies. It is also nutrient rich, low in sodium, and packs five grams of protein in two tabl.

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Since the use of animal products in all manner of both common and obscure items is endemic, it is impossible to be a “perfect” vegan. In fact, even in a completely vegan world we could not avoid causing some indirect or inadvertent harm, despite our best efforts. Sticky Veganism

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The Vegan Nightmare for Quartz is my Vegan Dream


You might think that a vegan nightmare revolves around the sudden scarcity of nutritional yeast or forgetting the recommended daily allowance of protein when quizzed by a non-vegan. We need to keep the status quo, and all veganism is doing is challenging it.

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Chickpea Cheese. {Vegan Recipe}

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Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Food cheese chick pea cooking recipe vegan Sometimes I make a dish and think, "it should just have a little topping of cheese.".

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The 3 Obnoxious Guilt Trips Vegans Take.

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Animal Rights Enlightened Society Food Green Health & Wellness diet eating meat guilt trips plant-based vegan guilt vegan jerks vegans vegetarianI’m not talking about the so-you-won’t-eat-any-of-my-home-cooked-meat-casserole-that-I-slaved-over-for-hours guilt that I get from others. No, this guilt comes from.

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