Five Principles For Taming the Wild West of Beyond the Grid Clean Energy Policy

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Define Utility Regulations In The Off-Grid And Mini-Grid Space: This is perhaps the largest looming threat to the burgeoning beyond the grid clean energy industry. There simply is no policy certainty for companies in this market, and policymakers need to ensure light touch regulation that accommodates, rather than precludes, the growth of the clean energy industry by, amongst other things, defining what constitutes a utility and benchmarking prices to protect consumers.

Indiana Jones and the Clean Power Rule

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Backstory The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), fulfilling its duty under the federal Clean Air Act to regulate CO 2 emissions, has issued a proposed Clean Power Rule that would reduce CO 2 pollution from power plants nationwide 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. Both of these closures are now required by state law as a result of agreements negotiated among state air-pollution regulators, state electricity-reliability regulators, utility watchdogs, and the plants’ owners.)