Sustainable Travel in Utah

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Utah with its towering mountains, deep canyons, and enchanting valleys is completely stunning. There is a growing demand for vacation rentals in Utah, and it points to the increasing popularity of the state. Utah allows you to create memorable encounters with nature and experience nature in all its glory. For those planning to travel to Utah can help save the environment and prevent global warming by holidaymaker. How to travel greener in Utah.

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Utah's Grand Staircase welcomes a new glamping site


The new Under Canvas Lake Powell-Grand Staircase offers glamping accommodations in this area with some of the best views of your life

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eBay and Israel’s Ormat Team Up for Clean Power in Utah

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Israel’s Ormat Technologies has brokered a deal with eBay to power the online auction giant’s new data center in Utah using Recovered Energy Generation (REG) – a groundbreaking project made possible by new energy legislation. And a new law passed in Utah, called SB12, allows them to directly source their own power from independent generators – such as Ormat, which won a bid to do just that.

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Passive House-certified residence frames ski resort views in Utah


When a family decided to relocate from Silicon Valley to the Utah ski town of Park City, they tapped local design studio Klima Architecture to realize their dream of an energy-efficient home. Read more from the original source: Passive House-certified residence frames ski resort views in Utah.

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Nature Photo of the Week: Goblin Valley, Utah

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Flickr photographer exerda took this image at Goblin Valley, Utah and shared it through The Nature Conservancy’s Flickr group. Nature Photo of the Week Photography United States daily nature image Flickr goblin valley Nature Conservancy Flickr nature image nature photography nature picture photography UtahThe contrast between the bright, glowing rocks and ominous black sky make for one spectacular shot.

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Utah’s Grand Staircase welcomes a new glamping site


But however you look at Utah’s Grand Staircase, it’s all about being outside. Other Under Canvas locations include Glacier in Montana; Moab and Zion in Utah; Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee; Mount Rushmore in South Dakota; Grand Canyon in Arizona and Acadia in Maine. More: Utah’s Grand Staircase welcomes a new glamping site.

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How Utah cities are pursuing 100% renewable energy


How Utah cities are pursuing 100% renewable energy Emily Elizabet… Fri, 11/20/2020 – 01:00 In the absence of federal action on climate change in the United States, local communities have taken on the responsibility of reducing their greenhouse emissions. In Utah, 23 cities and counties have resolved to adopt 100 percent net-renewable electricity by 2030, representing about 37 percent of Utah’s electricity load.

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Utah is on track to end homelessness by 2015 with this one simple idea

Green (Living) Review

Give them an apartment first, ask questions later by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The United States State of Utah, the Mormon State, has reduced its rate of chronic homelessness by 78 percent over the past eight years, moving 2000 people off the street and putting the state on track to eradicate homelessness altogether by 2015. In 2005, Utah calculated the annual cost of E.R. Other states are eager to emulate Utah’s results and no surprise there, I would think.

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From Idaho to Utah, "wolf massacre" continues

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The Idaho event came on the heels of a wolf killing in Utah during Dec., Many animal rights activists feel that hunts like these toe a dangerous line, as many wolves are mistaken for coyotes and accidentally killed, the most recent case being in Utah on Dec. An organization called Idaho for Wildlife hosted a hunting derby between Jan. 1 and Jan. 4 that resulted in the deaths of two dozen coyotes for the mere purposes of obtaining their fur or for taxidermy.

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Dark Chalet in Utah will generate over 350% more energy than it needs


Located about an hour north of Salt Lake City on the slopes of Summit’s Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah, the mysterious, net-positive energy building will generate 364% more power than it needs thanks to an integrated commercial-grade solar panel system. Dark Chalet in Utah will generate over 350% more energy than it needs. Los Angeles-based Tom Wiscombe Architecture will be putting the final touches on its “Dark Chalet” by October 2020.

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JustAhead app supercharges national park vacations

Green Traveler Guides

California North America United States Utah app for US national parks JustAhead travel guide for US national parks | Green Travel News | A new GPS-powered travel app turns smartphones into hands-free audio tours of Yosemite, Bryce Canyon, Death Valley and several more U.S. national parks. Just Ahead smartphone technology works even where cell phones, Internet, and Wi-Fi won’t, streaming interesting stories spliced with geography, history and driving directions.

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50 Fish, 50 States: Freaks in the Hot Springs

Cool Green Science

In Utah. When the water is not too hot, not too cold, expect fishy weirdness. Exhibit A: Matt Miller catches giraffe cichilds, native to Africa, in the desert. The post 50 Fish, 50 States: Freaks in the Hot Springs appeared first on Cool Green Science.

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TripAdvisor’s 10 best green hotels in the U.S.

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Boston/Cambridge California Fayetteville Florida Lake Tahoe Las Vegas Lecanto Massachusetts Miami Miles City Montana Napa Nevada Newberg North America North Carolina Oregon Park City Placer The Americas United States Utah 10 best green hotels U.S. The winners span the gamut from budget to ultra-luxury, but all have "Platinum" ranking and great traveler reviews TripAdvisor’s 10 best green hotels in the U.S. is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

50 Fish, 50 States: Razorback Sucker Nursery

Nature Conservancy - Science

A new project in Utah gives endangered fish a fighting chance. Fish & Fisheries 50 Fish, 50 States Conservation Science Fish Fisheries

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Saving Energy, Cutting Pollution

Environmental News Network

The University of Utah’s Intermountain Industrial Assessment Center (IIAC) is expanding its scope of helping local businesses save energy. . Saving Energy, Cutting Pollution

The Surprising Fireflies of the Western US

Nature Conservancy - Science

Fireflies in Utah canyons? Ed Abbey thought so, and now so do researchers. Wildlife Insects & Pollinators

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In Conservation, Sometimes It’s the Small Things that Inspire

Nature Conservancy - Science

Join Nikolaj Lasbo as he bands American Kestrel chicks in Utah. Birds & Birding From the Field Wildlife Birds Nest Cams Protected Areas

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An Elevated View of the Escalante

Cool Green Science

The April/May issue of Nature Conservancy magazine takes readers to one of the most rugged and remote rivers in the American West, Utah’s Escalante River, where a coalition of volunteer groups is working to remove invasive trees. . Nature Conservancy Magazine Photography invasives LightHawk Nature Conservancy magazine photo essay photography Utah

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The Green Buzz: Thursday, July 18

Cool Green Science

A new dinosaur has been discovered in Utah! Animals Conservation Issues Environmental News Environmental Science Green Living Invasive species North America Science Sustainable Livelihoods The Green Buzz United States ash borer ash trees Bloomberg cars Christian Science Monitor comet of the century dinosaur fox news iowa jaws mackinaw island martha''s vineyard Michigan National Geographic new dinosaur shark hunt shark tournament Treehugger Utah

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Nature Photo of the Week: A Game of Jenga

Cool Green Science

Robert Park Photography captured this spectacular image of Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park at sunrise — careful, no one move! Nature Photo of the Week Photography United States bryce canyon Flickr Nature Conservancy Flickr nature image nature photography nature picture outdoor photography photography sunrise photo Utah Who’s up for a game of Jenga? We’re having a little fun with our Nature Photo of the Week.

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Life, Death & Bird Cam Drama at the Great Salt Lake

Nature Conservancy - Science

Season two of the Utah kestrel cam returns, with more drama than ever. Tune in now to see chicks in the nest! Birds & Birding Birds National Parks Nest Cams Wildlife

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Welcome to My New Column on Ecofeminism

Eco Chic

I grew up splitting my time between New Zealand and Park City, Utah (where my dad was), but I’ve never considered Utah my home; I always felt that in Utah, I was merely an unwelcome guest. . (Photo by Jennifer Hubacher). You’re probably here because you care about women, the environment, or both. You’ve come to the right place, because these two subjects are intimately tied to each other. . Hey everyone, welcome to my new column with Eco-Chick.

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For America’s Birthday, Take Your Party to a Park

Cool Green Science

My best grad-school friend and I scrambled among the namesake formations of Utah’s Arches National Park. Featured Post 1 Kids Protected Areas The Nature Conservancy United States 4th of july Americans children nature Daniel White get outside hiking independence day kids Maryland National Parks natural treasure nature preserve New Mexico recreation rivers shenandoah national park this land is your land Utah Virginia

The Green Buzz: Monday, November 25

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Tyrannosaurus Rex’s worst nightmare is in today’s green news. T-Rex was relegated to the shadows when this newly-discovered giant came thudding by. Salt Lake Tribune ). A U.S. power company has pled guilty to the wind farm-related deaths of golden eagles in Wyoming. Christian Science Monitor ). Sharks rejoice! Indonesia’s national airline has banned the transport of fins from their flights. Mongabay ). The U.S.

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Most everyone thinks they'll get ripped off by a carbon tax with revenue recycling

Environmental Economics

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down: On Monday, researchers from Yale and Utah State University unveiled a new statistical technique that allows an in-depth accounting of Americans’ attitudes toward global warming. The resulting maps —down to the county level—reveal some interesting takeaways. via Here is my favorite

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Picture of the day summer vacation contest

Environmental Economics

Here is the first entry: my grad school office mate  Paul Chambers climbing something in Utah (Paul has one of the longest heads in history -- the bicycle helmet only makes it better [worse?]).  Send us your summer vacation pictures, we'd like to see environmental economists in the great outdoors!

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Jon Huntsman on past support for cap-and-trade: Everyone was doing it - The Hill's E2-Wire

Environmental Economics

Republican White House hopeful Jon Huntsman has found a way to explain his embrace of cap-and-trade when he was governor of Utah: Everyone was doing it. Huntsman backed cap-and-trade last decade as a way to curb greenhouse gas emissions, but distanced himself from it in an interview Wednesday, casting it as a policy solution from another era. via

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Cognitive dissonance

Environmental Economics

A trio of state polls released this week show voters in states such as Georgia, New Jersey and Utah do not support an increase in their gas taxes to pay for new transportation projects.    Finally, in Utah, where drivers pay an extra 24.5 Because transportation infrastructure is a gift from god?

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The future of building is communities that are all-electric and ultra-efficient


From Utah to Texas to California, these homes are changing the way we think about the built environment. Continued here: The future of building is communities that are all-electric and ultra-efficient.

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Finding a Home for Evicted Bats

Nature Conservancy - Science

It is pitch black and hardly any cars are out near the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve in Utah. Eighteen species of bats are known to reside in Utah, the most common of which are the Mexican free-tail and big brown bat. In Utah and beyond, bats play an important role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem by keeping insect populations in check. Building a New Home for Utah Bats. I pull over to the side of the road next to the abandoned costume shop.

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Society would be better off if we had endless access to below value goods and services

Environmental Economics

More than any state in the West, Utah has expanded hunting opportunities for the well-to-do and has begun to diminish them for those seeking permits directly from the state. Utah has embraced an increasingly free-market model as a way to raise more money for conservation. It sounds like wildlife managers in Utah have moved towards allocating scare resources to their highest valued uses with the private landowner program.

"House votes to disavow carbon tax"

Environmental Economics

Mia Love (Utah), Francis Rooney (Fla.) From The Hill : The House passed a nonbinding measure Thursday to denounce a carbon tax, calling it “detrimental” to the United States. The resolution, sponsored by House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), states that a tax on emissions of carbon dioxide — the most prevalent greenhouse gas that causes climate change — “would be detrimental to American families and businesses, and is not in the best interest of the United States.”.

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"House votes to disavow carbon tax"

Environmental Economics

Mia Love (Utah), Francis Rooney (Fla.) From The Hill : The House passed a nonbinding measure Thursday to denounce a carbon tax, calling it “detrimental” to the United States. The resolution, sponsored by House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), states that a tax on emissions of carbon dioxide — the most prevalent greenhouse gas that causes climate change — “would be detrimental to American families and businesses, and is not in the best interest of the United States.”.

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Has green hydrogen’s time finally come?


Los Angeles is behind a two-phase, first-of-its-kind transformation that will turn a coal-fired power plant in Utah into one powered by green hydrogen by 2045. Read more here: Has green hydrogen’s time finally come? Business Green angeles building-decarbonization- cities coal-fired-power covid energy & climate green-hydrogen into-one- power operations recycling renewable energy the-future

Microplastics in our lungs linked to Covid-19 surge?

Green Prophet

A new study by researchers from Utah State University show that microplastics , the tiny bits of plastic that pervade our oceans and now the stomachs and bodies of marine life, and ultimately us –– has found a new route into our body: through the air we breath.

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Enrico Andreoli Montreal and More, Where to Travel To Post-Pandemic

Eco Friendly Daily

It is for these reasons that I would love to get to Utah and witness that sunning natural scenery which you can find amongst those red rocks. It is fair to say that each and every one of us is tired and sick of this pandemic situation.

Communities of Resistance Teach-in in Salt Lake City, March16-17

Green (Living) Review

By Deep Green Resistance Great Basin A two-day teach-in focused on community organizing, activism, direct action, and issues facing Utah communities comes to Salt Lake City the weekend of March 16th and 17th.

Living Green Technology recycles electronics for local Seattle art

Living Green Technology

He graduated from Utah Valley University with a BS in Art Education in 2017. Living Green Technology is excited to announce its partnership with local Seattle artist Erik Jensen! We will be donating a variety of IT peripherals, including keyboards to support his artistic endeavors. Erik has done some amazing work using old computer keyboards to create both original art-murals and recreations of famous images and paintings. Erik's Story: Erik Jensen is a born artist. Deaf too!

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Question of the day

Environmental Economics

Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, which will vote on Lew’s nomination Tuesday. What would you do with additional tax revenues this week? Jack Lew, the White House nominee for Treasury secretary, says President Obama’s second-term vow to confront climate change will not lead to proposals to tax carbon dioxide emissions. The administration has not proposed a carbon tax, nor is it planning to do so,” Lew said in written responses to Sen.

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American irrigation research finds watering sweet spot for agriculture and earth

Green Prophet

Matt Yost, a researcher at Utah State University, is working to find the best combination of practices to maximize yield, profit, and water efficiency. Most cropland in Utah and the western United States is irrigated,” explains Yost. A healthy lifestyle consists of a mixture of habits.

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Climate change might effect the Winter Olympics (and the ski industry)

Environmental Economics

Next was Washington at 28 percent, Utah at 14 percent and Colorado at 7.7 Porter Fox (the features editor at Powder magazine): Officials canceled two Olympic test events last February in Sochi after several days of temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit and a lack of snowfall had left ski trails bare and brown in spots.

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10 Oldest Trees in the World


Pando is a colony of 48,000 shimmering gold quaking aspen trees in the Fishlake National Forest in Utah. The Great Basin Bristlecone Pines can be found high in the mountain ranges of California and Nevada and in the forests and canyons of Utah.

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When the River Runs Dry

Nature Conservancy - Science

Left (top) photo: Henrieville Creek near Henrieville, Utah: a perennial stream. Right (bottom) photo: Coyote Creek, Utah, near Page, Arizona: an intermittent stream. To do this, the researchers from Colorado State University and the USGS gathered data from 115 river reaches in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. Photographs taken by Joel Shute and Mark Paglierani. By Dan Auerbach , NatureNet Fellow. What do you call a stream with no water? A wash? A gulch?