Usable Bike Chains, Part Deux

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What's Next: Systems to convert acoustic energy into usable electricity


In a fascinating turn of events, researchers at the University of Utah are in the process of developing small devices that can turn heat into sound, and then the sound into usable electricity. Dattatreya Mandal: As we know it. If solid figures are any indication to go with, we are certainly going through a propitious phase for renewable power generation.


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'Muckbusters' help in converting food waste to usable, clean electricity


Of course, the procedure is not all that fantastical, where your uneaten food items magically turn into usable electricity. Dattatreya Mandal: When we talk about sustainable electricity generation, perhaps the very last thing that comes to our mind is food. But, the next time you guiltily scrap off your plate over the dustbin, remember that all of such discarded stuff can actually help in producing electricity. How so?

Paper or Plastic?

Environmental News Network

Consumerism Policy Sustainability Waste Management bags paper plastic re usable I recently came across the following video from DNews ( Discovery News ) briefly addressing the age old grocery store bag question of ” paper or paper? It’s quite educational and entertaining, and I suggest anyone with a spare 3 minutes to take a peak. Though the video is not up to date on the newest ordinances banning plastic bags in the United State (think California) it is still worth watching.

How You Can Afford Solar Panels For Your Home

Living Green & Saving Energy

These emission-free gadgets quietly convert sunshine into usable electricity for your home. I have long been an advocate for rooftop photovoltaic solar panels. You can reduce your electric bill to near zero in the best cases, and significantly in any case. You will save money on utility bills from day one and add value to your home. Here […]. solar energy solar panels

Solar 149

How To Check Your Pool And Hot Tub Filters

Green Living Ideas

DIY (do-it-yourself) Projects Energy Efficiency Green Lifestyle Home Energy Usage Home Improvement care energy-efficiency filter hot tub maintenance pool pool and hot tub pump re-usable filter Changing or cleaning your pool and hot tub filters is a great way to prolong the life of your pool and hot tub and save money on your monthly electric bills. When filters become dirty it causes your pool and hot tub pumps to work harder, which in turn adds to your monthly electric bill.

2014 43

How To Check Your Pool And Hot Tub Filters

Green Living Ideas

DIY (do-it-yourself) Projects Energy Efficiency Green Lifestyle Home Energy Usage Home Improvement care energy-efficiency filter hot tub maintenance pool pool and hot tub pump re-usable filter Changing or cleaning your pool and hot tub filters is a great way to prolong the life of your pool and hot tub and save money on your monthly electric bills. When filters become dirty it causes your pool and hot tub pumps to work harder, which in turn adds to your monthly electric bill.

2014 40

Responsibly Managing Waste on Boating Trips

Green Living Ideas

Tags: Plumbing Recreation and Outdoors Travel and Vacationing adaptive exhaust systems AirHead chemical contaminants chemical re-circulating toilets chemicals Composting dehydration end product Envirolet Environmental Protection Agency food food scraps MSD installation sanitation systems Sun-Mar toilet technology usable end product waste treating device

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IDs on the wing

10,000 Birds

Only to take the photos home and spend hours trying to turn them into something that can provide a usable ID.

2020 219

This Ancient “Medicine Chest” can Help with Cold & Flu Symptoms this Summer.

Elephant Journal

Hippocrates, reverently referred to the herb as the “medicine chest” of all herbs because of its endless benefits and the usability of all aspects o. Food Health & Wellness Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today cold elderberry flu healthy medicine staying healthy

What Does the Ultimate Utility Bike Look Like?

Wend Magazine

As bike ridership continues to grow, the question of what kinds of bikes offer the best in terms of utility and usability for the modern commuter is one that is often raised. Click here to view the embedded video. The Oregon Manifest 2011 Constructor’s Show , a competition that took place back in September, focused on that question with this year’s challenge, asking: what is the ultimate modern utility bike?

2011 164

Gift Ideas from Etsy ECO Team

Green Earth Journey

Shop TeamEcoEtsy Dreammoth Childrens tshirt - $25.00 - inkyspider Re-usable Food Bags - $9.50 - kootsac Pet Bed - $50.00 - anniessweatshop Hemp Coin Purse - $8.00 - JenniferJoyCreative Circuit Board Desk Clock - $66.50 - DebbyAremDesigns Tan Woven Rug - $35.00 - ReWovenDesigns Sprouts Handfelted Pillow - $94.00 - tanisalexis Labels: Holiday, eco online shopping, etsy seller

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A Slacker’s Guide to Bird Photography (Part Two)

10,000 Birds

So learning to brighten or darken your image in post-processing is key to getting a pleasing and highly-usable photo.

Usable 213

Last CBC of the Decade

10,000 Birds

Thankfully cameras can turn a silhouette into something usable! The very last Sunday of the decade heralded our final CBC – with group sizes limited to five persons.

Ripasso may have Doubled Solar Power

Solar Power Ninja

Photovoltaic solar panels can turn as much as 23% of the sun in to usable grid power while traditional solar panels convert at around 14% to 16%. Swedish company Ripasso may have just doubled solar power technology, increasing it’s effectiveness to an astonishing 34% of sunlight directly in to solar power.

Woodworking Arborist Salvages Urban Trees

Green (Living) Review

Ryan Baldwin, Baldwin Custom Woodworking While working as an arborist removing trees from backyards and along city streets in Fort Collins, Colorado, Ryan Baldwin saw an opportunity to salvage city trees destined for the dump into usable lumber for woodworking projects. “I Most goods in today’s economy are made in factories from around the world. That’s not what you’ll find here, in my shop.—

Trees 119

Sargassu--A Potential Economic Disaster?

Environmental Economics

The beaches there were covered daily with a thick line of stinky seaweed that rendered the beaches unusable (fortunately the swim up bar at the pool was still usable). A slimy, brown monster, after slithering free of the Bermuda Triangle, is devouring beaches from Florida to Texas and the Caribbean. It’s not the plot of a bad science fiction movie, although it involves a whole lot of bad science — just zero fiction. It’s big, it’s unstoppable, it sometimes disappears only to return.

6 Simple Ways to Green Up your Office Space

Hug a Tree with Me

Donate your usable goods: Do not trash your outdated computing and printing equipment, instead donate them to Computers with Causes and donate your old furniture to Donation Town. It is an unfortunate truth that both corporate and in-house office spaces are subconscious aids to environmental degradation. While we may be curbing our footprint by driving less, we are still contributing to un-econess by generating waste and burning massive amounts of energy.

2014 181

It started with a futon in a dumpster

Green (Living) Review

" Upon further inspection, he saw that the dumpster was chock full of usable items — and there were dozens of others just like it all over campus. It started with a futon in a dumpster. Now it's a student org that's changing the way we see waste. It started with a futon in a dumpster. Now it's a a nationwide resource that's changing the way students think about campus waste. Heck yes.

Water Usage Facts

Green Home Blog

Usable water is decreasing faster than it can be replenished. There are many things in life we take for granted, water being one of them. It is assumed there is plenty of water to go around as it is a renewable resource, however, of all of Earth’s water, only 3% is fresh water – 97% salt water. Of the 3%, more than half of that is frozen in glaciers and polar caps leaving less than 1% available for human consumption. We must consider how we can conserve water before it’s too late.

Water 100

"What Is the Most Efficient Source of Electricity?"

Environmental Economics

Energy Points , a company that does energy analysis for business, factors in the these myriad values in terms of what percentage of the energy input—fossil fuel energy, plus energy for production and energy for environmental mitigation—will become usable electricity. The WSJ's  Numbers "guy" : The true cost of electricity is difficult to pin down.

The possibilities of pallets and pallet wood

Green (Living) Review

The greatest challenge to using pallet wood is the breaking-up of them into usable parts especially as the so-called Euro-Pallets nowadays no longer have the batten runners but wooden, often press-wood, blocks. While the old style pallet, with the battens, in a way, was better for the recycler, the Euro-Pallet found all over Europe now still can be used and even the blocks, unless they are press-wood, are usable.

2019 156

Post Apocalyptic Steampunk Birding

10,000 Birds

Getting to it however entailed the risk of spooking my subject, ruining my chances of any kind of usable photo.

2020 218

Bar Carts Are Cool Again and We’re Happy About It

Green Furniture Home Design

Have a look at this collection of pictures of bar carts that run the gamut of style and usability! Maybe they were always cool, but this is the first time in my life I’ve ever REALLY wanted a bar cart. Maybe I’ve just watched too many episodes of Mad Men. In any case, as soon as I decided I wanted a bar cart in my home, I started the online search for the perfect one. Why bother with one of these seemingly frivolous pieces of furniture?

2015 116


Green (Living) Review

The city, reports Fast Company , intends to convert its abundance of waste into usable electricity by investing in the world’s largest waste-to-energy facility. By 2020, the waste-to-energy plant being constructed in Shenzhen will convert 1/3 of its trash into energy. Did you know? Every year, humans on this planet generate over 2.6 trillion tons of garbage – the weight of about 7,000 Empire State Buildings.

2016 142

Upcycle your Trash with Terracycle and Eliminate the Idea of Waste

Hug a Tree with Me

Founded in 2001 by Tom Szaky, Terracycle is an award winning international upcycling and recycling company that collects hard to recycle packaging and transforms them into clean, usable materials and products. Terracycle collects products such as candy wrappers, cigarette butts, chip bags, toothbrushes, old shoes, ewaste, dairy containers and a lot more and then upcycles them into items such as lunchboxes, binders, furniture, notebooks, gift items and more.

Move over, landfills — food scraps give Massachusetts biogas

Green (Living) Review

Their only options: donate any usable food, ship the remaining scraps to a composting facility or as farm animal feed, or turn the food waste into clean energy at an anaerobic digestion facility, where microbes in enclosed chambers break it down. The state of Massachusetts is cracking down on food waste in a big way.

What Is This Tern Doing?

10,000 Birds

I didn’t get much that was usable, but I did get one shot that really confuses me. On a recent all-too-brief visit to that Mecca of birding in my home borough I was doing my best to get some good flight shots of the Forster’s Terns , Common Terns , and Least Terns that were frequenting both the West Pond and the bay across the trail.

2011 168

Help Grow Youth Surfing Programs with The Faces of Warm Current Campaign

Wend Magazine

To this end, Warm Current diverts usable wetsuits from the waste stream and donates them to individuals or groups in underprivileged communities. Click here to view the embedded video. If you’re a Wend subscriber ( digital or print ), you’re probably already familiar with the non-profit organization Warm Current, which was featured in Issue 5, Volume 3′s Platform section (you can read it here ).

2011 210

Furnace filter options: best choices for health and efficiency

Green Living Ideas

Which ones are re-usable and how can I tell? A great way to ensure that your home is using energy efficiently is to regularly change and monitor your furnace filter. But which filters are best at actually filtering the air? Don’t worry. We’ve come up with some answers to these questions and hopefully you’ll be. The post Furnace filter options: best choices for health and efficiency appeared first on Green Living Ideas.

God Hates Bags Organic Tote

Green Furniture Home Design

First message: Save the environment by taking your own re-usable bags out shopping! We absolutely love the two-fold message of this handy little tote! Plastic bags are one of the most wasteful by-products of our plastic obsessed society, and their use should be illegal! Plastic bag bans are becoming more prevalent.)

2010 122

Upcycle your Trash with Terracycle and Eliminate the Idea of Waste

Hug a Tree with Me

Founded in 2001 by Tom Szaky, Terracycle is an award winning international upcycling and recycling company that collects hard to recycle items and transforms them into clean, usable materials and products. Normal. false. false. false. EN-US. X-NONE. X-NONE.

Red Warbler

10,000 Birds

Red Warblers , Cardellina rubra , are easy enough to find in their highland Mexican habitat, but getting usable photographs has eluded me before. I have had to wait a long time to write this post. I still can’t claim great shots, but I am worried that someone else will beat me to it, so here’s what I’ve got. The problem that I have not been able to adequately surmount is the bird’s preference for forested shade.

2017 150

Choosing the Ultimate Modern Desk for Your Home Office

Green Furniture Home Design

A large modern desk can provide an expanded work area as its simple, sleek features usually include more usable space rather than less space with more amenities. Choose the desk that provides a good balance of usable work area and the compartments you need for files and other storage. An office can be a very important part of your home.

2012 122

Daily demand and supply: the helium market

Environmental Economics

Some speculate the usable life of the reservoir could be over in five or six years. How am I going to be able to afford my hilarious helium voice? Department cocktail parties will never be the same: The United States produces 75 percent of the world’s helium. And roughly 30 percent of that world supply comes from the U.S. Federal Helium Reserve in Amarillo, Texas, at a huge natural underground reservoir called the Bush Dome.

2012 152

Wood Pallet Projects – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

While lumber prices are soaring, and deforestation a rising concern, millions of pounds of perfectly usable wood are dumped in landfills every year in the form of pallets and shipping cases. There is also plenty of information in the book on working with pallets, including where to find them, how to process them into usable lumber, fasteners, sanding, and the best finishes (if any) to use. Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Wood Pallet Projects by Chris Gleason 128 pages, 9 x 7.5

Kitchen Ideas: Butcher Block Countertops

Green Furniture Home Design

It was a material I had not considered as being usable for kitchen counters, but here it was, and it looked and worked so well. I first came across a true butcher block counter top at a dear friend’s home. He had just installed the new countertop in his kitchen, and I marveled at how simple and beautiful it looked. What is butcher block? Simply put, it is put together from straight cuts of wood which are fastened together into thick slabs with glue.

2015 109

Gorgeous And Sleek Office Design Concepts

Green Furniture Home Design

With a clean desk, a few bookshelves and a means to file and manage documents for quick perusal, you’ll have a great starting point for creating a professional office design that will make people take notice while also offering a modern level of usability. Whether they’re simple and elegant or classic, beautifully designed offices can set a mood that will ensure you’re able to get work done while providing a feeling that’s your own.

Usable 109

Electricity from Trees Powers Electronic Circuit

Green Living Ideas

The power is in very small voltages, but has now been demonstrated to be usable, and could really change the way we [.] [ Electricity from Trees Powers Electronic Circuit from Green Living Ideas ]. Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a process for tapping into the electrical power of trees, and are successfully running an electronic circuit powered entirely from tree power.

2009 72

20 Best Mountain Bike Pedals in 2021


The system essentially works, with a decent, comfortable degree of buoyancy and a usable range of tension adjustment. For mountain bikes, pedals are more than important.

Latest Advancements in Green Seed Tech

Green Prophet

The machine leverages the power of AI to provide optimal growing conditions in airtight, stackable containers to increase usable space and reduce environmental footprints. When the average consumer thinks of seed tech, his or her thoughts usually wander immediately to GMO crops.

2020 72

B2B Reuse and Recycle Scheme Comes to London


Modeled on the increasingly popular Freecycle concept, which aims to keep usable items out of landfill by matching unwanted goods with individuals who can use them, eco-conscious London law firm Olswang and local interest group inmidtown have recently launched a version for the local business community, aptly named

Sustainable Fashion: The Top 50 DIY Recycled Jewelry Projects

Green Living Ideas

Of course you love to reduce, reuse and recycle, but what about turning all that recycling into usable, wearable art? Feelgood Style has a great post here about fifty projects you can take on to make your fashion statement an eco-statement too. Sustainable Fashion: The Top 50 DIY Recycled Jewelry Projects (via [link] ). Looking to add more sustainable fashion to your wardrobe this year? We have 50 DIY recycled jewelry projects that you can try!