Papermelon makes sustainable jewelry from upcycled paper


Papermelon jewelry is constructed from upcycled paper, which is collected from friends, neighbors and well-wishers

Upcycling Plastic Waste Into High-Performing Mechanical Lubricants

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Upcycling Plastic Waste Into High-Performing Mechanical LubricantsNew research could mean fewer adverse impacts from plastic waste and cheaper lubricants used in vehicles and industrial activities.


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Bright Ideas for Upcycled Lighting


Some upcycling projects evoke a smile. For example, old-fashioned rotary phones are re-imagined as decorative… The post Bright Ideas for Upcycled Lighting appeared first on Earth911. See the original post: Bright Ideas for Upcycled Lighting. Eco appeared-first are-re-imagined diy first-on-earth911 imagined-as-decorative upcycled upcycled lighting upcycling projects

Downcycling and upcycling

Green Living Tips

Recycling, freecycling, precycling - now upcycling and downcyling - what do the latter two terms mean

This collapsible cooler is insulated with upcycled coconut fiber


Fortuna Cools recently announced the launch of the Nutshell Cooler, a collapsible cooler made using upcycled coconut fiber sourced from the Philippines and designed to outperform plastic

11 Ways To Upcycle Shoeboxes


They protect our precious shoes from the time they’re … The post 11 Ways To Upcycle Shoeboxes appeared first on Earth 911. View original post here: 11 Ways To Upcycle Shoeboxes. Eco appeared-first earth from-the-time inspire precious-shoes upcycle upcycle-shoeboxes-12-ways

This outdoor furniture line uses upcycled rice hulls that outperform wood


The Bowen Collection is a classically framed table with a twist — its top surface material is made using an ultra-durable blend of upcycled rice hulls that would have otherwise gone to waste Michigan-based furniture manufacturing company Grand Rapids Chair Company has unveiled a sustainable addition to its repertoire of personalized chairs and tables.

Why upcycling must become an economic sector

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Upcycling is, in general, the process where (at least) some of the shape and properties of the original waste product are retained – though not always, and we will come to that later – and where another useful product is produced from it. Ideally, however, upcycling should be about turning an item of waste into a useful item and product rather than a work of “art”. It is for that reason that upcycling must become an economic activity and sector.

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The repair, reuse and upcycling economy

Green (Living) Review

But reuse and upcycling should and must also be and become part of this economy. While in the upcycling sector all those that rework – upcycle – items of waste of all kinds. In addition to repair, as said, we need to also accommodate the other parts, that is to say reuse and upcycling, into the economy and also, maybe, the teaching of repair, reuse and upcycling as part of that economy. The other upcycling, reworking, etc.,

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Upcycling Solutions for Political Trash

Green (Living) Review

green living upcycling Political campaigns generate all kinds of garbage—fliers, yard signs, empty promises. But at least promises don’t litter the streets long after the races are over. Every year, state institutions , grassroots organizations, and crafty individuals battle the scourge of leftover campaign materials. In Brazil, this past election cycle produced thousands of political sandwich boards that still lie scattered across the country.

How To Make Cloth Napkins From Upcycled Fabric


Cloth napkins have more wiping power than their paper counterparts, … The post How To Make Cloth Napkins From Upcycled Fabric appeared first on Earth 911. Read more: How To Make Cloth Napkins From Upcycled Fabric.

Upcycled oranges are used for CBD in Japan

Green Prophet

The post Upcycled oranges are used for CBD in Japan appeared first on Green Prophet. CBD is a molecule that’s not only found in cannabis and hemp oil. Japanese researchers squeeze it from oranges too.

Japan 87

How To Make an Upcycled Jar Terrarium


… The post How To Make an Upcycled Jar Terrarium appeared first on Earth 911. See the rest here: How To Make an Upcycled Jar Terrarium. Eco add-variety and-beauty appeared-first diy first-on-earth plant plants terrarium upcycling your-plant

Breaking the cycle with upcycled food


Breaking the cycle with upcycled food Jesse Klein Wed, 06/16/2021 – 03:45 Soon — just as the plastic milk gallon in the dairy aisle and the beer can in the alcohol section have the three arrows signaling the packaging is recyclable — food products at grocery stores will have a new label to indicate the product is made with upcycled ingredients. ” Food safety is an essential part of any food business, but with upcycled food, it’s even more of a hurdle.

Reuse and Upcycling of Plastic Packaging

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) As much as we may wish to avoid plastic (in our lives) the fact remains – at least for the foreseeable future – that it is with us, especially as far as packaging containers are concerned, and thus reuse and upcycling of those is better than any other solution. But other plastic packaging too is a candidate for reuse and, especially, upcycling, such as shampoo, detergent and other such bottles, including plastic milk jugs and even PET bottles.

6 Ways to Upcycle Milk Containers

Green (Living) Review

Upcycling doesn't solve our waste problem but it does prolong the life of manufactured items and delays their trip to landfill. Another important part of upcycling is spending time with these items and reflecting on how our lifestyle impacts the environment. It also reduces the volume of materials needed for making new items because it allows us to avoid buying new products.

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Upcycling Extends The Life of Clothing

Green Earth Journey

Tags: upcycle clothes guest blogger repurposed clothing child upcycled

Recycling & Upcycling For Travelers

Environmental News Network

From: Swissotel. How To." Activism Go Green Green Energy/Transportation Holiday Sustainability Travel energy Tips

6 Ways To Upcycle Cardboard Boxes


Of course, you can recycle… The post 6 Ways To Upcycle Cardboard Boxes appeared first on Earth911. See the original post: 6 Ways To Upcycle Cardboard Boxes. Eco Recycle appeared-first around-the-house cardboard-boxes earth911 inspire & motivate sustainable upcycle-cardboardGot a load of cardboard boxes lying around the house?

Upcycled packaging from disposable bags

Green (Living) Review

You could probably wash a big batch at once in a sink full of hot, soapy water and hang them to dry in the shower to save yourself some time, if you wanted to upcycle your own chip bag packaging. Other things too can be upcycled, such as cereal pack, and, obviously, previously used envelopes. recycling upcyclingby Michael Smith (Veshengro) Instead of using a shipping envelope or other new packaging materials why not reuse an empty potato chip bag?

5 Last Minute Upcycled Halloween Projects

Green Living Ideas

Make the most of Halloween with this fun upcycled Halloween projects from TerraCycle! The post 5 Last Minute Upcycled Halloween Projects appeared first on Green Living Ideas. DIY (do-it-yourself) Projects crafts Halloween Holidays Recycling TerrCycle Trash upcycle

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7 Ingenious Upcycling Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With!


There are so many amazing people in this world who … The post 7 Ingenious Upcycling Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With! Read the original post: 7 Ingenious Upcycling Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With! Eco appeared-first earth first-on-earth ideas ingenious ingenious-upcycling inspire upcycling upcycling-ideas worldappeared first on Earth 911.

Miraculously Sustainable and Upcycled Hannukah Menorah Designs

Green Prophet

In case they can’t be found, here is a roundup of a few upcycled and sustainable menorahs made by Israeli designers (such as Gad Charny’s clothespin menorah, seen above). Fashion & Design design Hanukkah holiday Judaism sustainable design upcycled materials upcyclingCan’t find your old Hannukah menorah? Israeli designers come up with clever alternatives.

Upcycling in home & office

Green (Living) Review

What about reuse, or, more precisely and specifically so-called upcycling, however? What is Upcycling? Upcycling, simply put, is the process of taking “junk” , items of waste, especially packaging waste, found objects, or low-worth products and turning them into something of greater value. Upcycling turns it into something else, but without refinement. In other words, when you recycle, it changes the form of the object, but when you upcycle, the form stays the same.

Recycling so yesterday, today we upcycle!

Green (Living) Review

And more often here there arises the trend of “upcycling”. By upcycling what is considered waste by others is turned into individual treasures and upcyling should, nay must, be seen as a sustainable alternative to throwing something away, and that includes items of packaging waste. But, to get really down to it, we must stop consuming much less and make more things for ourselves, and that means, more often than not, by way of upcycling.

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DIY Thanksgiving Decor Made by Upcycling


If you’re looking to reduce waste and save some money … The post DIY Thanksgiving Decor Made by Upcycling appeared first on Earth 911. Read more: DIY Thanksgiving Decor Made by Upcycling.

DIY 36

Oxgut Hose Co.: Upcycled Products With a Heroic Past


Upcycled Products With a Heroic Past appeared first on Earth 911. Upcycled Products With a Heroic Past. Eco earth figuring-out fire-hose-decor first-on-earth green-spaces how- oxgut-hose upcycled upcycled-productsIt seems that every day, someone is figuring out how … The post Oxgut Hose Co.: Continued here: Oxgut Hose Co.:

Rescued Candlesticks Unite to Form Upcycled Menorah

Green Prophet

Candlesticks that have lost their partners find a home in this upcycled menorah. Read more about upcycled and repurposed design:: Tel Aviv’s Junktion Studio Keeps Inspiring Us to Rethink Our Junk. Hasadna Upcycled Design Workshop Doesn’t. Fashion & Design design Israeli Design Judaism Recycled design sustainable design upcycled upcyclingMost flea markets and second-hand stores have them – candlesticks either with or without their partners.

Papermelon makes sustainable jewelry from upcycled paper


Papermelon jewelry is constructed from upcycled paper, which is collected from friends, neighbors and well-wishers. The company is dedicated to a zero-waste policy, which Devi admits was easy to achieve because the product is the result of upcycling. Thankfully, we had an eye for ‘ upcycling.’” View original post here: Papermelon makes sustainable jewelry from upcycled paper.

Hannukah Workshop To Teach the Miracle of Upcycled Lighting

Green Prophet

Sustainable designer Aya Tager will teach upcycling workshops this month so that the lighting miracle of Hannukah can continue beyond the holiday’s 8 days. Sustainable designers have taken the energy efficiency aspect of Hannukah and integrated it into eco-friendly and upcycled Hannukah menorah designs. While beautiful and made using materials that would otherwise end up in landfills, those upcycled Hannukah menorahs are only used once a year.

Wow-alicious green gifts upcycled by Ex Libris Anonymous

Green Prophet

So it’s perfect that this upcycling boutique was born in this sustainable city’s limits, although the bulk of their business is conducted online. Check them out for a fabulous upcycled ready to host your next novel, sketches or scrapbook. Design hand made journals recycled material upcycling

Syrian refugee children upcycle Jordan’s litter into kites

Green Prophet

Lifestyle Uncategorized syrian refugees upcycling Syria’s war has killed 150,000 people and forced more than three million from their homes. About a million of these refugees live in Jordan and as many as 200,000 have lived in the Zaatari refugee camp near Jordan’s Syrian border. This Green Prophet went to visit the camp. Consider that another 500 live in the nearby Zaatari village. One of these is a little girl with a broken shoe.

Adi Zaffran Weisler Makes Upcycled Bullet Jewelry, Not War

Green Prophet

While not the first designer we’ve seen use upcycled materials to create jewelry , he’s definitely the first one we’ve seen use bullets. Yoav Kotik’s Upcycled Beer Cap Jewelry. Fashion & Design design Etsy Fashion recycled fashion upcycled upcycled materials upcyclingUsed copper bullets found at a firing range transform into sculptural objects incorporated into rings. Bullets are, objectively, ugly things.

Recycled and Upcycled Papers Become Miniature Origami Masterpieces

Green Prophet

Check out more of Ruti Ben Dror’s upcycled origami items at her Etsy shop, Ruti’s Roots. Read about other upcycled paper designs:: A Wastepaper Basket Made From Wasted Paper. 10 Upcycled Paper Cypress Trees to Be Built as Part of Interfaith Ecological Celebration. Liat Yaniv’s C olorful Newspaper World and Upcycled Paper Dolls. Fashion & Design crafts Etsy green crafts paper reused paper upcycled materials upcycling

3 Upcycled Dog Toys You Can Make


And, when … The post 3 Upcycled Dog Toys You Can Make appeared first on See the rest here: 3 Upcycled Dog Toys You Can Make. Eco appeared-first best daoud earth911-com- for-our grass home & garden inspire living & well being upcycled-dog-toys want-the-best whitmanWe all want the best for our dogs.

11 Upcycled Storage Solutions for Small Spaces


Home life can be a challenge if your dwelling is … The post 11 Upcycled Storage Solutions for Small Spaces appeared first on Original post: 11 Upcycled Storage Solutions for Small Spaces. Eco apartment appeared-first challenge-if-your diy dwelling first-on-earth911 home & garden small storage upcycled storage your-dwelling

Eco-Friendly RhythManiAcs Use Upcycled Drums as Instruments

Green Prophet

An all-female group of drummers in Israel, RhythManiA, has been exploring ways to make their instruments and their music more eco-friendly and have started to perform their show Green Drumming – In Sync With the Environment using all upcycled drums. The troupe often involves the audience in their performances in order to show others how easy it can be to upcycle. Lifestyle & Culture art upcycled upcycling

WOOMETRY upcycles salvaged wood into eco-friendly home goods


See original here: WOOMETRY upcycles salvaged wood into eco-friendly home goods. Eco Green Recycle a-third-team carbon cnc milling home modular art production recycled wood art recycled-wood upcycling

6 Household Items You Can Upcycle for the Garden

Green (Living) Review

Here are some ideas for upcycled garden features to help get your creative juices flowing. gardening hacks gardening tips green living green living tips reuse upcycling Got a pile of junk destined for the curb? Give it new life as a trellis or planter in the garden. Gardeners are a resourceful bunch, and there’s nothing better than creating conversation pieces for the landscape.

Ali Lamu Upcycles Weathered Dhow Sails into Inspiring Art

Green Prophet

I met the petite woman at her home on Lamu Island in northern Kenya to speak with her husband, Ali Lamu, whose name is synonymous with a brand of upcycled dhow sails or tangas that are now distributed throughout the world. Fashion & Design Ali Lamu art Kenya Poverty recycling tanga upcycling “This is not a romance story,” Daniella told me during a recent interview.

Upcycled “TAP” Bottle

Green (Living) Review

There are sure a couple of different bottles out there that can be upcycled to make such a glass water bottle for our own use and I shall just give two ideas here below: You will need: A glass bottle (I have used a Snapple lemonade one for one and a Ketchup bottle for the other). by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Some people try to sell us the glass water bottle for use with TAP water as the latest green thing for around twenty bucks.

Turn Disposable Water Bottle into Pencil Case: Upcycling Tutorial

Green Prophet

I’m all for using a reusable personal water bottle filled with tap water, but there are still plenty disposable plastic bottles around, so here is the step by step tutorial how to upcycle it to a cool pencil case! Fashion & Design Lifestyle & Culture craft DIY recycle school upcyclingNow that the kids are back at school, time to go green and continue the celebrations with this back-to-school tutorial. Parents will need to help with this one.

Eco-Friendly, Upcycled Clothes

Eco Friendly Daily

Eco-Friendly, Upcycled Clothes. There are a lot of people dealing in upcycled fabrics and clothes. There are a lot of great shops on Etsy that let you buy upcycled clothes, but the stuff being sold at the Zasra shop in the Etsy marketplace is taking it to another level. They feel like they can bring in customers no matter what the clothes look like since the fabrics are upcycled and that’s what customers “really” want. Categories. Garden. Kitchen.