United States, United By Nature

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This time of year in the United States, we not only celebrate our country’s independence, but also our unique American identity—an identity rooted in the nation’s iconic lands, waters and wildlife. The United States has a long, bipartisan tradition of conservation in sustaining our lands and waters for present and future generations. History has shown that from our nation’s founders, across centuries of different leaders, nature continues to unite us.

Digging into chickpea family for less pesticides in the United States

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Grown in the Pacific Northwest and Northern Plains of the United States, the chickpea has an integral role in the agriculture systems of these regions. The kabuli chickpea is almost exclusively grown in the United States because of the large export market.”.


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2.4 magnitude earthquake near Boone, North Carolina, United States and Columbus, Ohio, United States : August 24, 2014 23:16

Environmental Economics

Natural hazards: UTC time: Sunday, August 24, 2014 23:16 PM. Your time: Sunday, August 24 2014 7:16 PM. No tsunami statement issued. Magnitude Type: md. USGS page: M 2.4 - 4km NE of Blowing Rock, North Carolina. USGS status: Reviewed by a seismologist. Reports from the public: 17 people. via earthquaketrack.com. No one in my family believed me

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A Guide to Non-Native Deer in the United States

Nature Conservancy - Science

Have you seen a weird-looking deer? It might be one of these exotic species. Wildlife Mammal Watching Outdoor Rec Traveling Naturalist

Carbon Neutral Universities in the United States


Fewer than 10 colleges and universities have achieved carbon neutrality … The post Carbon Neutral Universities in the United States appeared first on Earth 911. Originally posted here: Carbon Neutral Universities in the United States.

United States introduces military draft for women

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) House panel votes to require women to register for the draft The House Armed Services Committee supported a measure that would require women to register for the draft at 18 The House Armed Services Committee narrowly passed a motion that takes women one step closer to being required to register for the draft. A proposal by Calif.

Who owns the United States?

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) If you think that the people of the United States own the country try again, for you are wrong. The greatest creditors of the United States are private banks which all are owned, in the main, by one particular ethnic group, and no, it is neither Gypsies nor Irish. billion and then the United Kingdom with $541.3 is because the state does not just reckon that it owns your children; it does. Good question, eh? Ever considered it?

"Environmental Policy and the Assault on Science" - Policy keynote lecture with Gina McCarthy, former administrator for the United States Environmental Protection Agency during the Obama presidency

Environmental Economics

Gina McCarthy's keynote at the recent World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists has drawn rave reviews from twitter and the inbox. So, here it is in case you had to teach summer school to save money for your kid's college (like me

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Coal Ash Needs Regulation In United States

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The coal ash pond that ruptured is one of 1,300 such ponds, many of which are upwards of 1,500 acres, spread across the United States. There is no federal regulation of coal ash ponds in the United States, even though the Environmental Protection Agency lists heavy metals contained in the ash ponds as dangerous for human and environmental health. Mr. Burke states: “Your household garbage is managed much more consistently [than coal ash].”.

United States Implements Forest Road Ban

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The majority of the protected forests are in the western United States. However, Vilsack does not have authority over the state of Idaho. Idaho and Colorado were the two states which decided to develop their own forest road rules. Under the Bush administration, states were allowed to have more control over decisions of road building in national forests. The Obama administration recently announced a moratorium on road-building in national forests.

United States Bans Fishing In Northern Arctic

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A pre-emptive fishing ban in Arctic waters by the United States may be the beginning of international bans in the area. A United States federal fishery panel, North Pacific Fishery Management Council, voted to prevent commercial fishing in northern areas of the Arctic sea. Jim Ayers, vice president of Oceana stated: “Global climate change is making everyone think differently up here and making them understand that precautionary approaches are best.”.

Pharmaceuticals Detected In Fish Across United States

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The two researchers conducted their study on fish in rivers near wastewater treatment plants in the United States. In an unrelated study, the Associated Press is pursuing reports of pharmaceuticals being in drinking water across the United States. Researchers Bryan Brooks and Kevin Chambliss were given a $150,000 grant by the EPA to test for pharmaceutical and chemical traces in fish.

United States Facing Mercury Storage Opposition

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However, mercury use has declined recently in the United States due to concerns over the health issues involved. President Bush signed this bill and now current President Obama must find methods to store mercury in the United States. Mercury occurs naturally in the environment and has been used for many years in the production of various products. Mercury has been used in manufacturing chlorine, in gold mining and in batteries and thermometers.

The United States: Not a republic but a kingdom

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Aside from the very fact that the Constitution is, theoretically, illegal the United States are, to all intents and purposes, nothing else but a kingdom, or an empire, with a king or emperor, as the head of state, bar with a different title.

Ethanol Production Slows In United States

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Ethanol, once touted as an energy solution, is in overabundance in the United States. Due to the current economic crisis and people driving less, plants are shutting down and refiners are buying less ethanol. While gas prices were extremely high, refiners were purchasing the maximum amounts of ethanol able to be mixed with gasoline. However, refiners are now purchasing the minimum amounts of ethanol.

Record-Breaking Summer Across United States For Temperatures And Drought

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The Oklahoma Dust Bowl is a well-known event in the United States, an event triggered by severe drought in the state of Oklahoma. The southern United States has been hit hard this summer with scorching heat with temperatures in triple digits all too common. Between the months of June to August, the state of Texas averaged a temperature of 86.8 This comes as no surprise to Texans as they have seen 18,719 wildfires burn across the state this year already.

The United States Might Import Water from Mexico

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The United States receives many imports from Mexico on a daily basis, including possibly water. Food & Health Colorado River dependence desalination desalination plants Mexico politics United States water plantsFour major American water districts are currently working on a plan that would build two big desalination plants in Playas de Rosarito. The reason?

Why the United States Needs a Revised Farm Bill

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You may not realize this, but the single largest contributor to water pollution in the United States operates largely without the requirements of the federal Clean Water Act. Prairie potholes lands in the Midwest and Plains states provide essential habitat for waterfowl and other wildlife. It is a major source of contaminates that pollute surface and groundwater sources, possibly even the water you drink.

Trees Near Levees To Be Removed In United States

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There are approximately 100,000 miles of levees in the United States and therefore thousands upon thousands of trees in jeopardy. A former employee for the Army Corps of Engineers, George Sills, stated: “If trees are a problem, why aren’t we having problems with them? Andrew Levesque, senior engineer for King Country, Washington, stated: “The literature on the presence of vegetation indicates that it may actually strengthen a levee.”.

Wasted food from the United States alone could feed all of the world's hungry

Green (Living) Review

Within the United States alone, food retailers, food services, and households waste approximately 40 million tons of food each year, which is about the same amount needed to feed those very estimated 1 billion hungry people worldwide. Add to that the food that is wasted in Britain, other major EU Member States and other developed countries, and not just by the richer segment of society, no one, anywhere, would need to go hungry, not even just a little.

United States Grants First Ever Wind Farm Licenses

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The United States recently announced the first ever licenses for offshore wind farms. Unfortunately, until this point there have been no wind farms built in the United States. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar stated: “We are entering a new day for energy production in the United States — a time of clean energy from renewable domestic sources on our Outer Continental Shelf.

Water Pollution Number One Concern In United States

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According to the study, the worst offender in the United States is Chicago, which discharges phosphorous, nitrogen and other chemicals into the Mississippi River, which then goes to the Gulf of Mexico to further grow the dead zone there. According MNN.com, over 300,000 miles of rivers and streams, as well as 5,000,000 acres of lakes are polluted in the United States. Water pollution is a very serious problem.

'Warming Hole' deferres climate change over eastern United States


Their study revealed that tiny particles in the air created a ‘warming hole’ over the eastern United States and that has been the cause for the delay in climate change over the region. “Warming hole” delayed climate change over eastern United States. Researchers have found that a cold patch has been formed over the eastern United States due to the thick particulate pollution in the region.

The Pentagon is offering FREE military hardware to every Police Department in the United States

Green (Living) Review

Then they acquire the equipment, they create a paramilitary unit, and everything seems fine. What they h are they preparing for? by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The U.S. military has some of the most advanced killing equipment in the world that allows it to invade almost wherever it likes at will. The government office for the military, the Pentagon, is now wishing to share some of that good fortune with every PD in the USA.

The Good News: United States Using Less Energy Due to Recession and Tech Advances

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The first few words of the headline certainly says it’s good news not only for the U.S but also for the entire world. When it comes to energy consumption, the U.S is right up there. According to the data and analysis from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), a government national security laboratory in Livermore, California, Americans are also leaning towards more alternative and renewable energy sources like solar, hydrothermal and geothermal power than ever before.

The risky economics of the new natural gas infrastructure in the United States


Read more from the original source: The risky economics of the new natural gas infrastructure in the United States. Low natural gas prices have helped to shutter many coal plants. Watch a similar effect on natural gas generators as clean energy becomes more affordable. Business Eco Green becomes-more best cleaning products coal-plants consumer products generators-as-clean natural-gas remains-the similar-effect transparency

Deadly Pesticide Endosulfan, Toxic to Wildlife and Human Health, Finally Banned in United States

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The EPA recently announced the pesticide will be phased out by 2016 in the United States. WASHINGTON, DC, USA: The Center for Biological Diversity Monday praised the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to finally ban endosulfan, a highly toxic pesticide that for decades has threatened rare wildlife species and been linked to severe human health problems.

A City in The United States That’s Powered by a Giant Battery

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Such a place exists in the United States. Consider this…Presidio is one of the hottest places in the United States. A very large battery which is a major part of a $25 million system and on its launch would be the largest use of this type of energy storage technology in the United States. Presidio (Texas) is a city just near the US-Mexican border and its only claim to fame could be that it was once a backdrop for a Marlon Brando – Liz Taylor starrer.

United States has enough empty houses to hold all of Britain

Green (Living) Review

If we would assume four people per household, then the United States has currently enough surplus housing to put the entire population of the United Kingdom, that is to say Britain, with room to spare for Israel. Both scream “state interference”. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) According to the latest data, the number of vacant US homes touched 18.7 million in the second quarter of 2009, and we can but wonder how many are empty at the beginning of 2010.

First Of Its Kind Solar Power Plant Opens in United States

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This plant is being seen as a model to be replicated in other parts of the United States and the world. Chairman of the board for Schott AG, Udo Ungeheuer, stated: “At Schott Solar, we view the United States as a sleeping giant when it comes to solar energy.” The plant is welcome news to the local economy in New Mexico and the future of solar in the United States.


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March 2009 - The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that Dr. Stephen O. This paper also earned the 2007 United Nations Environment Programme Award for the “Best New Paper on a Montreal Protocol Related Topic: Science Category.” “The IGSD WASHINGTON D.C. Andersen (EPA Climate Protection Partnerships Division) along with coauthors Drs. Guus J.M. Velders (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency), John S. Daniel and David W.

San Francisco area: an organic ranch with a storied past

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| Lovely, Rustic Luxury | In Marin County’s tiny Marshall, little more than an hour’s drive from San Francisco, Straus Home Ranch is not just an unforgettable vacation rental and event venue.

How COP fails — by proxy


As COP26 beckons, the United States is being held hostage. Business Green being-held there-hope united united statesIs there hope? Read the original: How COP fails — by proxy.

Mudhif, an Iraqi guesthouse, from reed grass connects American veterans to their trauma

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Lifestyle Invasive species Iraq United States warBuilding with invasive plants; Healing through shared war stories.

The SEC launches ESG task force for catching climate misconduct in the financial world

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New whistleblower unit seeks to penalise polluters and corporations that deny climate change. Business ESG green banking Impact Investing sustainable investing United States . Have you invested in a company that consistently pollutes? The SEC is looking for you.

Comments on “Economic Analysis for the Proposed Definition of ‘Waters of the United States’—Recodification of Pre-Existing Rules”

Environmental Economics

The EPA and Army (2017) now state that the “largest and most uncertain estimates from the[ir] 2015 CWR … [economic analysis] are associated with the benefits of the CWA 404 program.” They justify this decision by stating that they “believe the cumulative uncertainty in this context is too large to include quantitative estimates in the main analysis for this proposed rule” (page 9). Here are the first 622 of 5230 words: Two years ago, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S.

2017 100

Plants going extinct faster than we thought

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A new study reveals that 65 plant species have gone extinct in the continental United States and Canada since European settlement, more extinctions than any previous scientific study has ever documented. Health Nature edible plants extinction medicinal plants United States

Forest bathing in Green Wine Country

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All California Green Wine Country North America Sonoma United States forest bathing forest therapy green wine tourism Red Car Vineyards shinrin-yoku| No Soap, No Stress | We eco-travelers seek experiences that offer connections with the natural world. They leave us inspired, rejuvenated and, often, more relaxed.

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New solar energy plant in the desert? Don’t disturb the soil

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Judith Turk, an assistant professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the United States, studies the top layer of desert soils, called the vesicular horizon. Energy Nature Technology desert desert agriculture Oman renewable energy Solar Energy United States wind turbines

2020 91

JustAhead app supercharges national park vacations

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California North America United States Utah app for US national parks JustAhead travel guide for US national parks | Green Travel News | A new GPS-powered travel app turns smartphones into hands-free audio tours of Yosemite, Bryce Canyon, Death Valley and several more U.S. national parks. Just Ahead smartphone technology works even where cell phones, Internet, and Wi-Fi won’t, streaming interesting stories spliced with geography, history and driving directions.

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The ‘Big Lag’ Index


Business Green act-tomorrow being-held much-additional pain-or-effort there-hope united united states will-takeHow much additional pain or effort it will take to act tomorrow if we procrastinate today? More here: The ‘Big Lag’ Index.

Balancing resilient energy and clean energy


With extreme weather becoming the norm across the United States, communities and companies are in need of clean backup power that can be deployed today. .

San Francisco: Bay Area Green Tours leads the way

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All California Guerneville North America Sonoma The Americas United States BAGT Bay Area Green Tours Constance Washburn green B&B Sonoma Jorge Saldana Marissa LaMagna organic farm tour Sonoma Sabor Mexicano Farm