Unethical Photographers Bait Critically Endangered Eagles

10,000 Birds

10,000 Birds readers love terrific bird photography but hate bird abuse. That’s why reader Charlie Gordon wanted to share this disturbing story. Charlie is an amateur nature photographer from Singapore who has been birdwatching for close to 15 years now. He was first drawn to birding after realising that even the most urbanised spaces could harbour relatively high levels of bird diversity, and now spends time exploring other birding habitats around the region.

Today in “non-vegans feeling unethical, but doing nothing about it” news…


Every day, op-ed pieces are being shared to further the idea that if veganism is challenging to do, it’s not worth doing. Even at the cost of lives, our environment, and our health, people are clinging to inconveniences and personal preferences as the ways we simply can’t argue against them.

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New app helps you avoid unethical brands and companies

Green Blog

When you go shopping it’s not easy to keep track on which products or brands you shouldn’t buy to avoid supporting the destruction of rainforests or animal abuse.

Co-operative, M&S and Waitrose accused of greenwash over close links to 'unethical' companies

Green (Living) Review

Seemingly ethical companies like The Co-operative, M&S and Waitrose have been accused of double-standards over their partnerships with oil giants like BP, Shell and Chevron Britain’s biggest and most ethical companies have been forming increasing numbers of partnerships with some of the world’s most environmentally questionable organisations.

Tax Inversion: An Unethical & Un-American Practice.

Elephant Journal

An inversion is when a U.S. company merges with another company, which is located in a low-tax country. The U.S. company then moves its headquarters to the new country to avoid the high U.S. tax rate. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today business globalization. overseas tax shelters tax evasion tax inversion taxes

Tips for Standing Up to a Corrupt & Unethical President.

Elephant Journal

Corruption is broadly defined as the abuse of a position of authority in an institution to personally benefit or direct benefits to others. Enlightened Society WAYLON: Today Only Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only. Activism corruption election enlightened society politics protest trump

Professional Boundaries Tainted: Where do I Begin & End?

Elephant Journal

confusion counter-transference defending healing letting go meditation professional boundaries rationalizing therapy transference unethical “The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if [.].

Elephant Journal Is Hypocritical & Wrong to Not Pay All Writers

Elephant Journal

That is morally wrong, hypocritical and unethical from a business standpoint. Elephant Journal counts on free writing submissions (like this one) to make money, but only pays the top 15 writes a month. “Each month we pay our consistent, most-read 15 writers. Elephant was one of the first major sites to pay some writers, and […].

Shop Ethical and Fair-Trade at Paper High

Hug a Tree with Me

It wasn’t until terms such as sweatshops, unnatural, unsustainable, unethical and unfair working environment started buzzing that we started asking questions.

Carbon Offsetting: Mindful Solution or Just Good Marketing?

Elephant Journal

Many have argued that carbon offsetting schemes are completely unethical since we ask others to offset our carbon for us. We’ll just continue flying and eating meat, whilst someone in a. Green WAYLON: Editor's Picks—Hidden Gems C02 carbon climate Earth eco green offsets Paris Climate Talks planet

Price Gouging during the Pandemic

Environmental Economics

Amazon came out against this practice: "Price gouging is a clear violation of our policies, unethical, and in some areas, illegal." The global coronavirus pandemic is an emergency. 

2020 164

Happy Earth Day – 5 Facts you Didn’t Know About the Environment

Hug a Tree with Me

There has been an alarming decline of pollinators due to pollution, chemical farming and unethical pest control. The artificial world that we currently live in has blinded us to the natural beauty around us.

Shop Greener at Shop to be Green

Hug a Tree with Me

Traditional products refers to products that are mass produced, unethically exported, chemical laden and contributors to landfill waste and the release of greenhouse gases.

2012 162

Is it possible to be a frugal and ethical shopper?

Green (Living) Review

These two values can feel deeply at odds with each other, which can make shopping decisions very challenging. They say ignorance is bliss and, when it comes to shopping, I have to agree. There was a time when shopping was a pleasurable experience, but that ended once I learned too much.

8 Ways to Green Up your Wardrobe

Hug a Tree with Me

7: Stay away from low quality: Avoid the purchase of low quality clothing and shoes usually found in discount stores, such clothing are usually made unethically. From the moment we enter the world to the moment we leave it, we are cuddled by some form of clothing.

2014 220

Only 46 Days


The difference between being “ethical” and being “unethical” is 46 days. Should I be concerned that I am being unethical by not killing chickens in the first place and not using any animals for my pleasure and convenience, to the extent possible and practicable?

2017 69

OP ED: Do We Really Need To Send Rich People Into Space?

Green Prophet

The Virgin Galactic Spaceship is designed to give those people who have benefited from an unethical economic system that perpetually condemns millions of people to hunger a $200,000 joy ride.

2011 91

End the dumping of toxic E-Waste in Third World nations

Green (Living) Review

Even with all that we know about this illicit, dangerous and unethical trade, it is unlikely that the United States Congress will ratify the Basel treaty due to opposition from unethical waste processors with strong political clout in Washington, D.C.

2010 185

ASDA's shame

Green (Living) Review

Personally I refuse to shop at their stores ever since they became part of Walmart simply because of Walmart's unethical behavior in the US (and elsewhere), including and especially the poverty wages they pay their staff in the US and the fact that they are seriously against Unionization.

2016 131

Why double-blind reviews usually aren't

Environmental Economics

It may be wrong, or unethical, or whatever, but as soon as I open my inbox and see this. Google is one of the greatest inventions ever.    Immediate access to unlimited information.    Unfortunately it has also rendered the practice of double-blind review of academic manuscripts virtually meaningless. Dear Prof. Timothy C.

2011 126

Iran Unveils Plans to Launch Persian Cat into Space, PETA’s Claws Out

Green Prophet

“European and US space agencies stopped sending animals into space not only because it is unethical but also because they turned out to be poor models for the human experience and because superior, more scientific non-animal methods of study are now available.”

Iran 94

Sources of wood for the treen worker

Green (Living) Review

In my view this is unethical but this smallholder, I guess, sees it as offering a service to the tree surgeons while at the same time creating a small business and income for himself.

2017 146

Cimate Change and Migration: Security and Borders in a Warming World


Gregory White, Professor of Government at Smith College in Massachusetts, argues in his recent book Climate Change and Migration: Security and Borders in a Warming World that a security-minded response to the phenomenon is both inappropriate and unethical.

‘The World’s Greatest Food Fight’ pits Vegan against Paleo


The American Heart Association already agrees that plant-based diets result in lower incidents of heart disease , so it’s going to be incredibly unethical fo r them to recommend people eat Paleo throughout this series (win or no win). Tristate Update shares that Power Up Your Health, a radio show dedicated to wellness, is having a social media contest to see if which diet is better for us; paleo or vegan (*cough* plant-based *cough*). Glove up!

2016 62

Red meat and heart failure? Of course.


Fresh after previous news released by the WHO about meat, I wonder if this will consider any meat consumers to reconsider unhealthy and unethical choices. Red meat is not-so-shockingly being linked to heart disease in a new study based out of the UK.

Why we SHOULDN’T genetically ‘disenhance’ animals


Similarly, Singer believes that if animals live “ good lives under conditions natural for their species, and are then humanely killed on the farm ,” then it’s not unethical to kill and use them. While it is important not to frame disability as negative, it’s also imperative to recognize that injuring a person or causing disability without consent is unethical.

2018 48

Economist's View: "The Pope & the Market"

Environmental Economics

But the growing peril of climate change and many other environmental problems arises primarily not from unethical individual behavior such as consumerism or cowardice, bad conscience or excessive profiteering. Mark Thoma: William D. Nordhaus reviews Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment and capitalism ( Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home , an encyclical letter by Pope Francis, Vatican Press, 184 pp.,

2015 180

We've gotten to the point where journals should require social scientists to post their data before publication

Environmental Economics

Critics said the intense competition by graduate students to be published in prestigious journals, weak oversight by academic advisers and the rush by journals to publish studies that will attract attention too often led to sloppy and even unethical research methods.

2015 183

Always Talk to Strangers

Green (Living) Review

It would be unethical to use my neuralyzer on other people, because I’m not a man in black. People who know and trust their neighbors are less likely to have heart attacks. New research builds on the understated health benefits of a sense of belonging and community.

2014 140

Nation Gets ‘B’ for Hospital R04973 liq Care

Conservation Hawaii

Table 1 presents correctly the adverse events observed during treatment with the Acid concentrate d12262 tablets for which were considered unethical to be expanded a consequence of the expected pharmacologic effects of glucose.

2018 52

Friday Demand and Supply Beer Post

Environmental Economics

Someone created a fake Savor Growl Twitter account (“ Retailing unethically, one hard-to-find beer at a time”). This story has it all. Beer, Demand, Supply, Intrigue, Social Media Shaming, Denial. Really, What more could you ask for on a Friday? Jude DuPart first took the picture because he couldn’t believe the audacity of this guy. There he was, up by the grocery store cash registers, trying to buy more than 400 bottles of a limited-release beer.

2014 131

Walmart says NO to international agreement

Green (Living) Review

Let''s do it and show those ignorant retailers that we, the people, will not stand for their unethical practices. The world''s biggest retailer says it won''t join an international agreement to inspect and pay for upgrades by Michael Smith (Veshengro) While other large retailers, the in the light of the clothing factory collapse in Bangladesh, have created an international agreement to inspect the sites and pay for upgrades, etc., Walmart if one of the few who has said that it will not.

‘True Blood’ Hunk Alexander Skarsgard in Talks to Play Eco-Terrorist Group Leader


If these rumors are true and everything comes together, Skarsgard will play the terrorist group’s leader who is out for revenge against unethical corporations. Alexander Skarsgard may be sinking his teeth into a new project about an eco-terrorist group.

2011 68

So You’re a Part-Time Vegan?


However, certain things are can still be morally wrong and that there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism can’t be an excuse to actively consume unethically. A few days of the week you don’t eat animal products, and so you must be a “part-time vegan”, right?

2018 65

Don't fall for greenwash

Green (Living) Review

When the likes of Colgate-Palmolive or similar are the true owners, or the absolute majority owners, then we must come to our own conclusions as to the claims being made when it is known and obvious that the company itself is involved in unethical and environmentally destructive actions in other parts of their business.

2012 105

Bodily Autonomy Beyond Ourselves


This is why consent is a core feminist value, why it’s unethical to dictate someone’s reproductive rights, and this is also why vegans won’t eat or use animals. “My body, my choice” has rightfully been touted by feminists for decades.

2018 64

Tata Mundra: The newest World Bank coal project disaster

Sierra Club Compass

This procedure is used “for identifying and documenting the potential risks associated with unethical and illegal activities which include environmental, social, governance and financial crime issues such as child labor, corruption, fraud, and money laundering.”.


Green (Living) Review

The top five answers were: Stop using Amazon; stop flying; boycotting unethical clothing retailers; not upgrading my mobile phone; stop eating meat.

Donovan Will is proof you can eat vegan and run a 90km marathon


It’s not hard to get a vegan to carb-load. Donovan Will is out to prove that a vegan diet doesn’t have to slow you down.

2016 68

How To Sell With A Story


It would be unintentional, because most people just haven’t thought much about the ethical and unethical uses of storytelling. 2016 brought the much anticipated release of Paul Smith 's book, Sell with a Story: How to Capture Attention, Build Trust, and Close the Sale.

2018 60

The Hidden Qualities of House Sparrows

10,000 Birds

The last aspect is something I will elaborate on further below, but not before showing off a prime fine male House Sparrow, unethically photographed at its nest site. Bird blogging in May always gives me the creeps. This ridiculous focus of the Birding Internet on North American wood-warblers is boring on a quiet day and highly annoying during peak migration.

2015 201

A&W tricks people in to thinking “vegan” chickens make better eggs


But why expect an unethical company to suddenly put the health of it’s customers first? What’s funnier than a fast food chain insisting that feeding chickens a plant-based diet makes better eggs? The fact that there’s a conversation happening about whether or not the byproduct of an animal should be tampered by other animal byproducts.

Belmont Technology Remarketing Alleviates E-Waste Crisis

Green (Living) Review

The amount of electronics being disposed of unethically is growing at increasing rates.

Waste 151