5 Reasons to Purchase Eco-Friendly Clothing for Your Beach Vacation


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New app helps you avoid unethical brands and companies

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When you go shopping it’s not easy to keep track on which products or brands you shouldn’t buy to avoid supporting the destruction of rainforests or animal abuse. How can you know which products follows proper environmental standards, which corporations who fuels climate denialism, which brand of rice that are GMO-free or which corporations who are openly supporting LGBT rights? It just seems as an impossible feat to exert your power as an individual consumer and make informed decisions!


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Co-operative, M&S and Waitrose accused of greenwash over close links to 'unethical' companies

Green (Living) Review

Seemingly ethical companies like The Co-operative, M&S and Waitrose have been accused of double-standards over their partnerships with oil giants like BP, Shell and Chevron Britain’s biggest and most ethical companies have been forming increasing numbers of partnerships with some of the world’s most environmentally questionable organisations.

Root Pouch – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

Personally I do not do Amazon because of the company's unethical practices in the treatment of their employees and others, but that is for everyone to decide for themselves.

2020 199

Normalize Repair. All forms of repair

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) "Please, can we normalize clothing repair?!" visible mending piece on a pair khaki jeans.

2020 206

Price Gouging during the Pandemic

Environmental Economics

Amazon came out against this practice: "Price gouging is a clear violation of our policies, unethical, and in some areas, illegal." The global coronavirus pandemic is an emergency. 

2020 164

Is it possible to be a frugal and ethical shopper?

Green (Living) Review

Add to that my instinctive urge to be thrifty and frugal, and I’m often left weighing whether or not I should fork out for an expensive item that ticks the ethical boxes (an act which, I could argue to myself, is unethical in itself), or opt for a cheaper item that keeps more money in the bank right now. These two values can feel deeply at odds with each other, which can make shopping decisions very challenging. They say ignorance is bliss and, when it comes to shopping, I have to agree.

2016 101

Why double-blind reviews usually aren't

Environmental Economics

It may be wrong, or unethical, or whatever, but as soon as I open my inbox and see this. Google is one of the greatest inventions ever.    Immediate access to unlimited information.    Unfortunately it has also rendered the practice of double-blind review of academic manuscripts virtually meaningless. Dear Prof. Timothy C.

2011 126

End the dumping of toxic E-Waste in Third World nations

Green (Living) Review

Even with all that we know about this illicit, dangerous and unethical trade, it is unlikely that the United States Congress will ratify the Basel treaty due to opposition from unethical waste processors with strong political clout in Washington, D.C.

2010 141

ASDA's shame

Green (Living) Review

Personally I refuse to shop at their stores ever since they became part of Walmart simply because of Walmart's unethical behavior in the US (and elsewhere), including and especially the poverty wages they pay their staff in the US and the fact that they are seriously against Unionization.

2016 100

Economist's View: "The Pope & the Market"

Environmental Economics

But the growing peril of climate change and many other environmental problems arises primarily not from unethical individual behavior such as consumerism or cowardice, bad conscience or excessive profiteering. Mark Thoma: William D. Nordhaus reviews Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment and capitalism ( Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home , an encyclical letter by Pope Francis, Vatican Press, 184 pp.,

2015 180

We've gotten to the point where journals should require social scientists to post their data before publication

Environmental Economics

Critics said the intense competition by graduate students to be published in prestigious journals, weak oversight by academic advisers and the rush by journals to publish studies that will attract attention too often led to sloppy and even unethical research methods.

2015 183

Estée Lauder shows the planet beauty is more than skin deep

Green Prophet

The niece of a Hungarian chemist, Estée Lauder, nee Mentzer, was trained in the art of face creams at an early age. She founded what is today a global brand, still run by the family. Being pretty comes with a cost to the environment. Buying stuff, travelling places, eating things from far away.

2020 74

Friday Demand and Supply Beer Post

Environmental Economics

Someone created a fake Savor Growl Twitter account (“ Retailing unethically, one hard-to-find beer at a time”). This story has it all. Beer, Demand, Supply, Intrigue, Social Media Shaming, Denial. Really, What more could you ask for on a Friday? Jude DuPart first took the picture because he couldn’t believe the audacity of this guy. There he was, up by the grocery store cash registers, trying to buy more than 400 bottles of a limited-release beer.

2014 131

Iran Unveils Plans to Launch Persian Cat into Space, PETA’s Claws Out

Green Prophet

“European and US space agencies stopped sending animals into space not only because it is unethical but also because they turned out to be poor models for the human experience and because superior, more scientific non-animal methods of study are now available.” Iran said it was going to send a monkey into space in 2011 , but that didn’t happen. Now a top space official has told the state news agency IRNA that it’s sending a Persian cat instead.

Iran 72

Walmart says NO to international agreement

Green (Living) Review

Let''s do it and show those ignorant retailers that we, the people, will not stand for their unethical practices. The world''s biggest retailer says it won''t join an international agreement to inspect and pay for upgrades by Michael Smith (Veshengro) While other large retailers, the in the light of the clothing factory collapse in Bangladesh, have created an international agreement to inspect the sites and pay for upgrades, etc., Walmart if one of the few who has said that it will not.

Sources of wood for the treen worker

Green (Living) Review

In my view this is unethical but this smallholder, I guess, sees it as offering a service to the tree surgeons while at the same time creating a small business and income for himself.

2017 110

Don't fall for greenwash

Green (Living) Review

When the likes of Colgate-Palmolive or similar are the true owners, or the absolute majority owners, then we must come to our own conclusions as to the claims being made when it is known and obvious that the company itself is involved in unethical and environmentally destructive actions in other parts of their business.

2012 102

Always Talk to Strangers

Green (Living) Review

It would be unethical to use my neuralyzer on other people, because I’m not a man in black. People who know and trust their neighbors are less likely to have heart attacks. New research builds on the understated health benefits of a sense of belonging and community. The first time I met my neighbor, my heart did stop, briefly. Do you remember those cylindrical, metallic “neuralyzers” that the men in black in Men in Black used to erase people’s short-term memories?

2014 103

Re-cooperativising the Co-op Bank? Shaun Fensom of Save Our Bank

Low Impact

Something all the banks were called out on was the mis-selling of personal payment protection insurance – and that’s arguably unethical behaviour. Today I’m talking with Shaun Fensom of ‘ Save Our Bank ’ – the Co-op Bank , that is.

2020 94

ASDA screws customers just in time for Christmas 2009

Green (Living) Review

Tesco, it can be added here, also have used the same kind of tactics just before 2009 Christmas and then, just recently, they went to put pressure on farmers, only a couple of days before the new legislation came in in Britain that makes it illegal to deal unethically with suppliers, to renegotiate the contracts and settle for lower prices.

2009 100

Tata Mundra: The newest World Bank coal project disaster

Sierra Club Compass

This procedure is used “for identifying and documenting the potential risks associated with unethical and illegal activities which include environmental, social, governance and financial crime issues such as child labor, corruption, fraud, and money laundering.”. Tata Mundra coal-burning power plant serves as the backdrop for this local community in India. Photo courtesy of Joe Athialy.


Green (Living) Review

The top five answers were: Stop using Amazon; stop flying; boycotting unethical clothing retailers; not upgrading my mobile phone; stop eating meat. The Co-operative Group has been voted the UK''s most ethical company over the past 25 years by readers of Ethical Consumer magazine in spite of the problems that have recently beset the company. The Co-op topped the poll in a readers'' survey to mark the 25th birthday of Ethical Consumer magazine.

Belmont Technology Remarketing Alleviates E-Waste Crisis

Green (Living) Review

The amount of electronics being disposed of unethically is growing at increasing rates. Belmont Technology Remarketing Alleviates E-Waste Crisis Perpetuated by Shorter Lifespan of Electronics Pike Research studies show rising proportions of end-of-life electronics are causing huge problems in terms of disposal. Buying refurbished electronics from Belmont Technology Remarketing is a cost-effective and healthy way to combat the issue.

2012 116

Freedom of the Press under threat in UK

Green (Living) Review

and this is more likely a result of having found out by the press to be unethical in their expenses claims and such like. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Leveson Report released just at the end of November 2012 is, more or less, calling for government regulation and thus a form of censorship of the British press (and media), although it is not being directly marketed as such.

2012 101

Genetically Modified Foods, Pigs, and Crops

Eco Friendly Daily

Along with contaminating natural water resources, buying, filtering and selling the water back to the public, Monsanto also sells genetically engineered and untested foods to the consumer public without batting a morally unethical eye. Next time you sit down to a meal take the time to look at your food. Consider where it has come from, how many people have been involved in the process to get that pork, that vegetable side dish onto the plate before you.

Are Flu Vaccines a Scam?

Green Earth Journey

They call the trials "unethical" [but, in reality, they know that a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled study would reveal the complete failure of flu vaccines, and they will do anything to prevent such a trial from happening. A CDC official says that randomized trials to determine the effectiveness of Tamiflu would be "unethical." • In all, neither vaccines nor anti-viral drugs have any reliable evidence that they work against influenza at all.

2009 109

Who Made YOUR Pants? (Or, Shall We Say, Undies?)

Eco Chic

And I’m so into the way they talk about their company: C’mon, this just sounds like they are directly addressing all the unethical lingerie companies out there: “We also think that it’s not really on for anyone to be made to work in bad conditions just for a cheap pair of pants. Victoria’s Secret drove me nuts even before they were accused of their most recent child-labor scandal.

Who Made YOUR Pants? (Or, Shall We Say, Undies?)

Eco Chic

And I’m so into the way they talk about their company: C’mon, this just sounds like they are directly addressing all the unethical lingerie companies out there: “We also think that it’s not really on for anyone to be made to work in bad conditions just for a cheap pair of pants. Victoria’s Secret drove me nuts even before they were accused of their most recent child-labor scandal.

Natural False Lashes: Green Beauty for Drag Queens & Makeup Fiends

Eco Chic

Unfortunately, though, most of them are made from unsustainable or unethical materials, and lash adhesive is almost always loaded with formaldehyde. By now, you’re probably aware that the verging-on-ridiculous lush lashes in mascara ads didn’t get that way from a slick of plumping product on a specially-designed wand. The models in those misleading images – and virtually every other fashion and beauty ad we’ve ever seen – are wearing falsies.

UN orders Japan to end whale hunt

Green Blog

Among those who don''t share that sentiment are animal rights activists and countries like Australia, who maintain that whale killing is immoral and unethical. The UN''s International Court of Justice has ordered Japan to halt its yearly whale hunt, a cruel practice that gives no consideration to the welfare of the animals. Japan is one of several countries that persisted in this practice after whaling was banned worldwide in 1986, in this case using "scientific research" as an excuse.

Al Gore, on solutions for our climate change crisis

Green Living Ideas

”It’s immoral, unethical, and despicable, and we need to call them to account for it!” Former Vice President Al Gore delivered a powerful address to a packed house at the Stan Sheriff Center at the University of Hawaii at Manoa last night.

Can Muslims Be Buried At Sea?

Green Prophet

Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb (left) of Egypt’s al-Azhar also condemned the sea burial of Osama bin Laden for being unethical. Muslim burial rights are eco-friendly. Last Monday, 2nd May, the world’s most wanted man, Osama bin Laden, was laid to rest somewhere in the Arabian sea, which some are calling the ultimate green burial. US officials told news agencies the sea burial followed Islamic customs.

2011 86

Eco-friendly holiday gifts your partner will love


Kimaï Jewelry offers the perfect solution to unethically sourced minerals with its lab-grown diamonds and 18K recycled gold. If you’re a fan of Inhabitat, chances are your partner supports sustainable living as well! If not, what better time than the holidays to introduce your special someone to one or two of this year’s best eco-friendly products? Use our 2020 guide to the best holiday gifts for partners.

Clinton Global Initiative: Ending Modern Slavery and Ensuring The Future of Food

Eco Chic

To help end modern-day slavery, we have to stop supporting the companies who chose to operate unethically and exploit workers. Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative. Eco Chick attended the Clinton Global Initiative earlier this week and listened to many of our world’s greatest minds focused on solving the most pressing issues of our day.

Civil Rights Leaders Call for Halt to Water Fluoridation

Green (Living) Review

According to Paul Connett, director of FAN: "Fluoridation is unnecessary, unethical, the benefits wildly exaggerated and the risks minimized. Because fluoride can disproportionately harm poor citizens and black families, Atlanta civil rights leaders, Andrew Young and Dr. Gerald Durley, have asked Georgia legislators to repeal the state’s mandatory water fluoridation law. Andrew Young , former U.N.

2011 109

New Poll Finds Ratepayers Strongly Oppose Duke Energy Coal.

Sierra Club Compass

The Commission has refused outright to investigate additional allegations of undue influence and improper communications -- a serious disservice to Duke Energy ratepayers who will pay the price for the company’s unethical conduct. Compass. « New Report: Look Before the LNG Leap | Main. | COP 18: The Before and the Beginning » New Poll Finds Ratepayers Strongly Oppose Duke Energy Coal Boondoggle.

2012 57

Hydrogen Bombing To Prevent Global Warming?

Eco Friendly Daily

Geo-engineering is thought to be unethical and also highly aggressive and irresponsible because remedies that may be a permanent solution to the problem still don’t address the actual issue. Climate change is one of the largest and most problematic environmental issues that could ever be addressed, with many scientists racing to be the first to introduce radical new theories that could well save the world.

10 Easy Ways To Eat More Halal

Green Prophet

Traditionally implemented as the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, I include Reject as an action to take when your food is sourced unethically. Zaufishan, eco-Muslim: You don’t have to be a Muslim to eat halal. Muslims, whose dietary laws are similar to the Kashrut laws of Judaism , are obligated by their faith to eat only “clean&# food that has been blessed in God’s name.

2011 87

10 Easy Ways To Eat More Halal

Green Prophet

Traditionally implemented as the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, I include Reject as an action to take when your food is sourced unethically. Zaufishan, eco-Muslim: You don’t have to be a Muslim to eat halal. Muslims, whose dietary laws are similar to Kashrut , are obligated by their faith to eat only “clean&# food that has been blessed in God’s name.

2011 86

How To Sell With A Story

Eric Jacobson

It would be unintentional, because most people just haven’t thought much about the ethical and unethical uses of storytelling. 2016 brought the much anticipated release of Paul Smith 's book, Sell with a Story: How to Capture Attention, Build Trust, and Close the Sale. I'm a big fan of Paul's earlier best-sellers, including Lead with a Story and Parenting with a Story. And, the newest installment in the series is equally good, informative, practical and actionable.

2018 23

Weekend Reading 11/21/14

Sightline Daily

She’s done doing business with a company that has transitioned from just vaguely creepy to being blatantly sexist and now grossly unethical. Clark A new report from Frontier Group and TransitCenter makes a provocative (and almost certainly true) point: federal tax policy subsidizes traffic congestion.

2014 43

Food For Thought - Eco-Vegan Gal: Live healthy, live green

Eco-Vegan Girl

Youd have to impregnate a cow for your milk, which would be unethical, as would breading your cow. Unethical? Vegan-Related Recipes Eco-Related Health Calendar Contact Eco-Vegan Dog ENGAGE Productions Saturday, June 11, 2011 Food For Thought: Would You Eat Dairy & Eggs From Your Backyard? If youre a vegan youre used to getting a lot of questions about your lifestyle. Some questions come out of curiosity, others are meant to challenge your beliefs.

2011 61