Snipers with high-powered rifles in Ukraine “uprising”

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Several western news agencies circulated reports and pictures from the “uprising”, better termed illegal coup, in Kiev, Ukraine, claiming that there were people with high-powered rifles in action. politics Ukraine The photos – and here but two – in all cases showed men with air rifles and not high-powered (or even not so high-powered) rifles, hunting or sniper. This is a break-action air rifle, probably cal.22

Soros urges EU to give more support to Ukraine and not concentrate on Greece

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democracy EU fake democracy Greece Soros Ukraineby Michael Smith (Veshengro) An unelected (please insert your own choice of expletive here) of a billionaire tells the European Union what to do. Sorry, run that by me again very slowly.

Escalating Ukraine conflict could impact Chernobyl’s radiation shield

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An escalating conflict between Ukraine and Russia could impact the construction of Chernobyl’s radiation shield. But the economic crisis in Ukraine, following the revolution and the ongoing conflict with Russia, could delay the construction with up to two years. It’s not only a matter of safety for Ukraine but for Europe as a whole.”. Ukraine was expected to contribute €45 million towards the cost of building the gigantic concrete sarcophagus over the reactor.

eVolo’s 2021 Skyscraper Competition winners focus on sustainable urban design


First place: Living Skyscraper The first place design was awarded to the team made up of members Andrii Lesiuk, Mykhaylo Kohut, Sofiia Shkoliar, Kateryna Ivashchuk, Nazarii Duda, Mariia Shkolnyk, Oksana-Daryna Kytsiuk and Andrii Honcharenko from Ukraine. Eco Green a-basic-design a-top-bar-award architecture daryna-kytsiuk israel mariia-shkolnyk mexico people skyscraper surrounding the-surrounding ukraine-called urban design

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Chernobyl's new sarcophagus

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On April 26, it will be 25 years since the level 7 accident at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Ukraine - and a quarter of a century on, the accident isn't over yet. Cheap electricity isn't so cheap after all

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Alexei Navalny & the Anti-Corruption Movement in Russia

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) If we remember that the Maidan “demonstrations”, which led to the problems, which is still expressing it mildly, in the Ukraine also started claiming to be an anti-corruption movement. Also what is being attempted in the Russian Federation has the same aim, namely to destabilize Russia and create there also one of those “colored” revolution, just like in the Ukraine and other places.

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The cost of climate inaction laid bare as fatal wildfires sweep Turkey

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In addition, the European Union (EU) said it had helped mobilise three fire-fighting planes, one from Croatia and two from Spain, joining teams from Russia, Iran, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. A firefighter tries to extinguish a wildfire near Marmaris in Turkey. Photo credit: Reuters / Umit Bektas.

I guess I didn't realize there was an export ban on natural gas

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The hand-wringing over what to do to help Ukraine has had a very positive impact on the U.S.  While the Wall Street Journal this morning wrote that western politicians are working on a variety of options to help “loosen Russia’s energy stranglehold on Ukraine” including “larger exports of U.S.-made oil and gas industry. Politicians  Politicians like Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) are seizing on the crisis to call for a lifting of the ban on U.S.

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Over 75 Nationalities Can Now Apply for an Egypt Visa Online

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Ukraine. Electronic visa systems have been growing in popularity for a number of years now, as governments around the world seek to find a way to facilitate the process of streamlining application processes to encourage foreign travelers to visit their country. .

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Analysis: Floating solar ready for take-off

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According to Haugwitz, the bank is currently considering funding hybrid hydro-solar power plants in Pakistan, Turkey, Ukraine, Mali and the Ivory Coast. The world’s largest array of floating solar panels in China’s Anhui province. Photo credit: Alamy. By Fred Pearce.

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Analysis: Russia’s slow progress on climate action set to pick up speed

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The threat of large-scale opposition protests never materialized and the country’s military has showcased the results of a decade of spending and upgrades on the Ukraine border in recent months.

How 36 million pounds of soybeans treated with pesticide became 'organic'

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A shipment of 36 million pounds of soybeans sailed late last year from Ukraine to Turkey to California. Along the way, it underwent a remarkable transformation. The cargo began as ordinary soybeans, according to documents obtained by The Washington Post. Like ordinary soybeans, they were fumigated with a pesticide. They were priced like ordinary soybeans, too. But by the time the 600-foot cargo ship carrying them to Stockton, Calif.,

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Russia issues temporary ban on beef from New Zealand

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Moscow introduced the measure in 2014 in response to sanctions imposed by the US, EU and their allies over Russia’s alleged role in the Ukraine crisis. The Russian agriculture safety watchdog has imposed a temporary ban on imports of beef and beef products from New Zealand, effective February 6. The measure comes after the feed additive Ractopamine, a stimulant fertilizer for promoting muscle growth, has been discovered in some samples,” the watchdog spokesperson said.

Nationalism is an infantile disease

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Ever since around November 2014 we are seeing more and more of this regression to infancy in many countries around the world, from Ukraine over Germany to many other countries in the European Union and outside of it. In many countries, including Britain, right-wing fascist parties, have made serious inroads in recent elections and at times popular uprisings against previous regimes have been hijacked by right-wing neo-fascist groups and parties, such as in the case of the Ukraine.

Are European news media trying to incite a civil war in USA?

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I know it worked so well in the Ukraine, in Egypt, in Libya, and in Syria, didn't it, to create failed states which can then be taken over by the neoliberal elite in Europe and elsewhere with one particular person and his organizations in the forefront. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In the United States – so writes the German magazine Der Spiegel – people are faced with a dilemma: either to conform or to resist.

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Meet Vladimir Putin, a new convert to the locavore movement

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This is an act of retaliation against those countries that placed sanctions on Russia following the attack on Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 in Ukraine. Who needs Italian wine, English cheddar, and German sausages? Obviously not Russia. Vladimir Putin is forcing Russians to become locavores, whether they like it or not. Last Thursday, his government issued a list of imported foods that will be banned for one year.

Is the EU about to ship all Gypsies in member states to Russia?

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According to, the possibility of an agreement by which Europe’s Roma will be dispatched to the Russian Federation and possibly Ukraine was going to be the subject of upcoming discussions between the EU and the Russian Federation, a step France and several East European countries support but the Germany reportedly opposes.

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Ukranian Coal Plant “Facelift” Actually Means More Pollution

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Thankfully, the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine (NECU) has done the work for them by  releasing a report on the project and the errors in USTDA’s analysis. The proposed retrofit will not clean up dirty units; it will bring units that are not currently operating back online, effectively raising pollution at what is already Ukraine’s dirtiest power station. Burstyn Thermal Power Plant, photo courtesy NECU. The U.S.

Private utility companies

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This, as far as I see it, is a real serious and even dangerous situation and can be seen on a nearly annual basis as regards to the threats of the gas supplies being cut from Russia, via the Ukraine, with Russia always blaming the Ukraine for this and the supposed non-payment by the Ukraine for the gas that they consume. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Utilities such as water, gas, electricity, and such like, should be part of the publicly owned portfolio of a nation.

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7 Reasons Why Nuclear Waste Is Dangerous

Following the Chernobyl accident, scientists could monitor some of the radiation effects on the most exposed human populations from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Shortly after the incident, the rate of children born with deformities in Ukraine increased threefold [10]. Ever since we have discovered how to harness. the powerful energy contained within the nucleus of an atom, we have been using it – for both positive and negative purposes.

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Große russische Getreideernten verschärfen internationalen Wettbewerb

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Andere Wettbewerber um Kunden in Nordafrika und dem Mittleren Osten sind die Ukraine, Rumänien. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Russland, einer der größten Weizenexporteure der Welt, erwartet in diesem Sommer erneut eine große Getreideernte. Damit wird sich der Wettbewerb an dem ohnehin schon überversorgten Weltmarkt weiter verschärfen. Die Anfangsbestände der Vermarktungssaison 2016/17 werden neue Rekorde erreichen.

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Nike crafts official shirts of five teams at Euro 2012 using recycled plastic bottles


B.Sameer Kumar: The Euro 2012 frenzy is starting to pick up as Poland and Ukraine are gearing up for the premier soccer tournament of the continent. While we will not talk about the favorites and the big starts of the tournament, we will surely talk about Nike and the outfits of the top five teams it has planned for the 2012 tournament. Their jerseys have been crafted out of recycled bottles.

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Quinoa and how our use impacts of the people whose food it is

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It is a little like bringing in firewood into Britain for sustainable heating from as far away as Poland, the Ukraine and Western Russia. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) It makes absolutely no difference whether it is Fairtrade or ordinary trade, the fact that in the developed world this food is seen as a super food, especially amongst vegetarians and vegans, is leading to possible starvation of the people whose staple food this is.

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Renewables made up more than half of all new energy sources in 2019

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Other major increases were in the United States, Australia, Spain, Ukraine and Germany. Let’s keep this up post-corona and anything the world might throw at us. Renewables keep economies and communities resilient. A solar energy field in Israel called Ashalim.

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It is not possible to make peace with capitalism

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and the issue over the Ukraine, are all about oil and other natural resources, primarily for the US corporations. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) As the late Bob Crow said: “I didn't become a trade unionist just to tweak capitalism. I want to smash capitalism and every rotten thing it stands for.” When parties like the Social Democrats and the British Labour Party talk about making capitalism more human, giving capitalism a social conscience, and such, this is absolute and utter baloney.

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Forests can bounce back after acid rain

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The Ukraine and the rest of Europe experienced more than acid, but nuclear rain, after the Chernobyl meltdown. Even though 70s and 80s suffered through Acid Rain, new research shows that forest soils can bounce back. You see, there is still hope that we can solve climate change.

In defense of the sycamore

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Acer pseudoplatanus , the sycamore maple, is a species of maple native to Central Europe and Southwestern Asia, from France eastwards to Ukraine, and south in mountains to northern Spain, northern Turkey, and the Caucasus. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The sycamore ( Acer pseudoplatanus ) is, in my opinion, a much maligned tree, often regarded as an invasive nuisance, whose timber is regarded as being of little value.

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Are power hierarchies inevitable in human society?

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Maknovian Free Territory in Ukraine. Just to be clear, I’m only talking about institutional, power hierarchies here, not hierarchies based on beauty, knowledge, intelligence, ability, respect etc.

Another Global Financial Institution Moves Beyond Coal

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Trade and Development Agency shelved plans for a controversial new coal plant in the Ukraine ( [link] ). It’s official: international financial institutions (IFIs) don’t see any place for coal in a 21st-clean energy economy. Earlier this year, two of the world’s largest IFIs, the World Bank and the European Investment Bank (EIB), announced their first historic restrictions on coal financing ( [link] ). Since then, the momentum has picked up speed.

Nuclear Energy Pros and Cons


This was the case after the Chernobyl accident in the Ukraine in 1986 and the meltdown at Fukushima in Japan during 2011. For example, the Chernobyl accident of 1986 in Ukraine was the worst nuclear accident in history. The etymology of the word “nuclear” comes. from the word “nucleus” which means the most central and important part of an object. This is of course because nuclear energy was discovered after experimenting with reactions of uranium atoms and neutrons.

15 Strategies to Reduce Deforestation


Greentumble has written even about the spread of illegal deforestation in Romania due to the corrupt government, or total destruction of forests in Ukraine for the amber mining , and reported on the scale of deforestation in the United States as well. Forests are one of the most important. ecosystems on Earth. 80 percent of all terrestrial plants, insects, and animals call forests home. Nearly one third of people in the world depend directly on forests for their livelihoods [1].

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There is Only One Side to the Nuclear Debate

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Following Chernobyl, Turkish tea and food , along with produce from other parts of Europe, were contaminated after the stratosphere winds carried radiation from the Ukraine to other parts of the northern hemisphere. Instead of being restricted to the Ukraine, radiation was propelled into the stratosphere by Chernobyl’s massive explosion, where it was picked up by the wind and swept throughout the Northern Hemisphere to Greece, Austria, Turkey, and elsewhere.

All Eyes on EBRD, Will it Go Coal Free?

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Trade and Development Agency shelved plans for a controversial new coal plant in the Ukraine. In case you missed it, the tectonic plates just shifted in the world of international financial institution (IFI) energy lending. Just weeks after President Obama announced an end to U.S. taxpayer support for overseas coal plants, two of the world's largest IFIs, the World Bank and the European Investment Bank (EIB), followed suit.

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Dr. Helen Caldicott: Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Much Worse Than Chernobyl

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She compared Fukushima to the Ukraine Chernobyl nuclear accident of 1986 from which she said more than 20,000 people, many of them children, contracted thyroid cancer. There are good reasons not to eat apricots and hazelnuts from Turkey (after Chernobyl). Japan’s reactor is much worse. Brace for future horrors says expert Dr. Helen Caldicott.

Make toys with and for your kids instead of buying toys

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It dates to the Paleolithic period, being found in Ukraine dating from 18,000 BC. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In order to present your child with a toy they will be excited about, you do not necessarily need to rush to a toy store and spend hours wandering between the shelves and a great deal of money. It is quite easy to make wonderful toys at home from available materials. Even better still if you and your child make those toys together.

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“Worst Case Scenario” Realized as Three Fukushima Nuclear Reactors Melt Down

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This latest news quickly reached media sources including those in nearby Russia , where memories of the 1986 Ukraine Chernobyl nuclear plant accident in what was then part of the former Soviet Union, is still very fresh on many people’s minds. Areal view of damaged Fukushima reactors – another Chernobyl ?

How Israel’s agtech is feeding the world

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So far, Taranis has raised $30 million since its launch in 2014 , mainly from American and Israeli ventures, and it provides its services to large farmers all over the world, in countries such as the US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Ukraine, and Australia. AI solutions like flux are using military technology to feed the world.

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Japan’s Nuclear “Dead Zone” Dogs and Cats

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And there appears to be a good reason for this as noted from people who where living near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Ukraine in 1986. Abandoned Fukushima “dead zone&# dog: its face says it all! The radiation, sadly, lingers in its fur. With escalating rates of radiation, and an upgrade to 7 in terms of severity, it’s not only humans who have suffered from Japan’s 9 magnitude earthquake, tsunami and radiation leakage in northeastern Japan.

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What Are the 4 Main Types of Non-Renewable Energy?


For example, who can forget the natural gas crises that spanned between 2009-2014, which culminated when Russia effectively stopped supplying natural gas to the Ukraine, which in turn meant that a lot of European countries no longer had access to natural gas [1]. Energy security is an issue of ever. increasing global importance. We are so dependent on energy that continuous access to it is a prerequisite for the functioning of our economy and society.

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HEMP – The World’s Most Misunderstood Plant

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Egypt, Korea, Portugal, Poland, Chile, Thailand, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia and Romania and the Ukraine all produce hemp. The hemp plant is very likely the most misunderstood and shunned plant in the entire world. It is one of the world’s oldest industries and was grown for over 12,000 years before being prohibited in the 1950’s.

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Chernobyl-blighted land to be used for biofuel crops

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This project will also take in the two other countries contaminated by the accident, Russia and Ukraine. Is someone really going to tell me that once they have a place that they can grow crops on for biofuels because food crops can, presently, not be safely grown there,t hey will relinquish the area soon so that Belarus and the Ukraine can grow food there again.

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EU’s Planned Nabucco Gas Pipeline To Be Displaced By Russian Project

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Russia’s shaky relations with eastern Europe, especially Ukraine, have often resulted in gas supply cuts throughout Europe. The Nabucco natural gas pipeline (in orange) was designed to lessen eastern Europe’s dependence on Russia’s sometimes unreliable gas supply. But Russia’s South Stream pipeline project (in blue) now seems more likely to be built. . A 2,400-mile pipeline transporting 30 million cubic meters from central Asia to Austria each year.

Estimated impact of October 2013's St Jude storm

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In the last couple of years, because of lack of firewood from British sources, we have imported logs for firewood from as far afield as Poland, the Ukraine and Western Russia and this certainly does not for sustainable energy make.

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