As the Climate Bakes, Turkey Faces a Future Without Water

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Across Turkey’s sprawling breadbasket, the Konya Basin, wheat withered and fields lay parched this year under the stress of the lowest rainfall in decades. . As the Climate Bakes, Turkey Faces a Future Without Water

When Turkeys Attack

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Why are wild turkeys chasing down mail carriers and bicyclists? Birds & Birding Wildlife Birds


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The cost of climate inaction laid bare as fatal wildfires sweep Turkey

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A firefighter tries to extinguish a wildfire near Marmaris in Turkey. In a summer dominated by extreme weather events, Turkey has become the latest country to feel the force of nature, as wildfires on the country’s south eastern coast are burning on their tenth day.

Wildfires rage across Turkey's Aegean coast


Turkey’s Aegean coast has been evacuated due to epic wildfires. At least eight people have perished, and boats rescued thousands of holidaymakers from resorts

Wild turkey

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Meet the Ocellated Turkey

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An ocellated turkey male. I know: turkeys are hard to avoid this week. Some 45 million will be served on Thanksgiving Day across the United States, to say nothing of turkey decorations, turkey trivia and turkey pardons. Meet the ocellated turkey. Found only on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, Guatemala and Belize, the ocellated turkey ( Meleagris ocellata ) certainly bears a resemblance to the American wild turkey.

Turkey's Sea of Marmara is coated in snot


A growing coating of “sea snot” is threatening Turkey’s coral and fisheries

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Turkeys

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A veritable feast of turkey content from our archives. Birds & Birding Birds Wildlife

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The Ultimate Guide to the Wild Turkey

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Enjoy our feast of wild turkey facts and trivia. Birds & Birding Wildlife Birds Natural History Nature Pop

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The Fascinating Fall Behavior of Wild Turkeys

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Here’s how turkeys will spend Thanksgiving Day. Forget the gobbling and strutting. Birds & Birding Birds Natural History

2017 75

Can Tourism Save the Ocellated Turkey?

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The ocellated turkey is on the brink throughout its range. Can its recovery follow the path of the American wild turkey? Birds & Birding Wildlife Birds Endangered Species

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Ceramic tile factory Turkey produces roof tiles as bird shelters

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Go travelling to Turkey and you will be either be taken to a dozen pottery factories or a dozen shops to buy a carpet. The post Ceramic tile factory Turkey produces roof tiles as bird shelters appeared first on Green Prophet.

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Hundreds of Disney style palaces lay in ruin in Turkey

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Well some developer in Turkey had their own dream and build a complete suburb of hundreds of palaces, Disney-style, that now lay abandoned in what’s more like a ghost town nightmare. It sheds some light of Turkey’s shift in values to the west, while being steeped in economic woes. Developments without proper planning that do not contextualise the geography and history of their surroundings have exploded in Turkey since.”. Cities Turkey

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A Tale of Two Turkeys

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The return of the American wild turkey is either an incredible conservation success or too much of a good thing, depending on who you ask. With Thanksgiving only two weeks away, it’s time to talk turkey. Actually, two turkeys. The American wild turkey is arguably one of the greatest conservation success stories ever; some argue it’s been far too successful. You don’t have to eat turkey this Thanksgiving to enjoy the bird. The American wild turkey.

Wildfires rage across Turkey’s Aegean coast


And now, thousands of tourists trying to have fun at popular resorts on Turkey’s Aegean coast have been evacuated due to epic wildfires. According to satellite data, this wildfire was burning at 20 gigawatts, four times more intensely than any fire in Turkey’s recorded history. Turkey often battles wildfires in the summer, but these fires are something new. Turkey’s weather is extremely hot and dry this summer, and August has barely started.

Tracing the Wild Origins of the Domestic Turkey

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What are the wild origins of our domestic turkey – and who did the domesticating? It’s a remarkable story that includes a lost turkey subspecies. Birds & Birding Agriculture Birds Genetics Nature + People

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An Eco-Thanksgiving Needs an Organic Turkey

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It goes without saying that the star of the Thanksgiving dinner is the turkey. Your local big-box grocery store is likely packed to the brim with ready-to-roast turkeys, and of course that seems like the easiest route. The best place to get your turkey is from the turkey farm closest to your home. This way, the turkey hasn’t been shipped hundreds of miles in a gas-guzzling truck, and has gone through less storage and freezing.

Turkey 100

Turkey Inaugurates Subsea Tunnel 11 Miles from Major Active Fault

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Turkey inaugurated the Marmaray undersea railway tunnel on Tuesday, linking Europe and Asia. Cities Bosporus tunnel Istanbul Marmaray Tunnel Turkey undersea tunnel in turkey urban planning in turkey An Ottoman sultan’s dream finally realized, the project has sparked criticism in part because it was built just 11 miles from one of the most seismically active earthquake zones on earth – the North Anatolian fault. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an

Turkeys Are What They Eat: Weird and Adaptable

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As many of us in the United States prepare to eat turkey, let’s take a look at what wild turkeys eat. The list might surprise you, and their dietary choices may help us figure out what the future holds for wild turkeys. Like that certain uncle at your holiday dinner, wild turkeys will eat just about anything that fits into their mouths. The Great Turkey Shuffle: How Restoration Has Changed Gobbler Genetics. Meet the Ocellated Turkey. Peak Turkey?

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The Great Turkey Shuffle: How Restoration Has Changed Gobbler Genetics

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A wild turkey is released in Wisconsin. Wild turkey reintroductions have been spectacularly successful in restoring the species. But these programs have also been successful in mixing up turkey genetics. Today, determining turkey subspecies requires the skills of a wildlife CSI team. To understand why, let’s take a look at the history of turkey restoration and how it has shuffled the deck for turkey taxonomy. Five (Taxonomic) Flavors of Wild Turkey.

Adopt a Turkey?

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Would you rather adopt a turkey than eat a turkey? Or maybe you just want to feel better about eating a turkey? Either way, here is an option for you! Click HERE Labels: holiday, did you know

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Wild Turkey Restoration: The Greatest Conservation Success Story?

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The return of the American wild turkey is either an incredible conservation success or too much of a good thing, depending on who you ask. The restoration of the American wild turkey may be the greatest wildlife conservation success story. Consider this: many conservationists once thought turkeys would go extinct. Rampant poaching and habitat destruction offered little hope for the wild turkey’s future. Return of the Turkey. ” Attack of the turkeys?

Will shifting to smaller turkeys help combat food waste?


Will shifting to smaller turkeys help combat food waste? During a typical year, American families throw away 200 million pounds of turkey on Thanksgiving. This year, Grass Roots reported that it saw a 219 percent lift in ground turkey sales and a 440 percent lift in turkey breast sales.

World’s longest undersea water pipeline uniting Turkey to Cyprus

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Turkey has started constructing what will be the world’s longest undersea water pipeline. The divided island is one of the most water-stressed places on Earth, and Turkey and Turkish Cypriots in the north have bickered with Cyprus over offshore natural gas discoveries recently. Meanwhile, Turkey also plans on sending over a subsea transmission line to its northern parts as well. Green Tech and Gadgets Cyprus desalination Turkey water

5 of Turkey’s Most Unsustainable Development Projects

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Turkey’s Taksim square protest flared up last week when police took drastic measures to clear activists from Gezi Park- slated for destruction to make way for yet another shopping center. Turkey Opens up Property Laws to Foreigners. Turkey has plans to clear 4.1 This change has opened Turkey to an explosion of new development projects that put whole communities at risk.

Tens of Thousands Protest for Nature in Turkey

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The social protests currently sweeping through Turkey started with a dozen men and women who parked their tents in Gezi Park – one of the last remaining green spaces in central Istanbul – to protest a shopping mall development. Now, tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in cities across Turkey – from Ankara to Izmir – despite a violent government crackdown.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Turkey: hot spots for SO2 emissions

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The post Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Turkey: hot spots for SO2 emissions appeared first on Green Prophet. The Rabigh oil and gas hotspot in Saudi Arabia ranked a #2 hotspot, while the country is ranked at #3 as the most polluting for SO2 in the world: Greenpeace.

Darwin Clashes With the Koran in Turkey

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Internet filters against evolution: Evolutionary biologists find it increasingly harder to work in Turkey. But few religious fundamentalists in Turkey are willing to try the same: On November 22, the Turkish government instituted a new “Secure Internet” filtering system in the country. Business & Politics Travel & Nature Education environmental education evolution Turkey

Turkey Goes Ahead With Nuclear Reactors

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Forty years in the making: Turkey still intent on building the country’s first nuclear reactor on this serene spot on the Mediterranean Coast. Earlier this week Israel announced it would continue planning for a nuclear reactor in the Negev Desert, Australia offered uranium to the United Arab Emirates , and now Turkey, the People’s Daily of China reports, is going ahead with the construction of its first nuclear reactor, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday.

Turkey’s Largest Wind Plant to Power 170,000 Homes

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Turkey’s largest wind power plant has broken ground and is expected to generate enough clean energy to electrify up to 170,000 homes. The €153 million Bares plant is owned by Enerjisa , a joint venture between Turkey’s Sabanc? z also chimed in, adding that Turkey’s population growth has thus far outpaced its renewable energy investments. Even so, Turkey is relentless in its pursuit for less responsible energy sources.

Turkey’s First Green Lifestyle Website Ye?ilist, Now Bilingual

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Living in Turkey and curious about where to find your nearest organic market? Their country is developing along the route of traditional industrialization, with little regard for local livelihoods or human health , and the government is encouraging investment in dirty energy far more than Turkey’s abundant renewable resources.Though it can’t solve these larger problems, the website Ye?ilist Turkey’s Green Roots. Turkey’s Green Reach.

Taksim Protest Not Just About Turkey’s Trees at Gezi Park

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And the elephant in the Square may be Turkey’s muzzled media, which is unable to report on it all. There are more journalists in jail in Turkey today than in any other country , and penalties are steep for broadcasting state-sensitive stories. Turkey sits on two continents, but also straddles two worlds. Will it combine with current events to spin new Visit Turkey slogans? Architecture & Urban Gezi Park Istanbul Occupy Turkey Taksim Taksim Square Turkey

It’s Time to Talk Turkey

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I wish turkey. Most people know that Benjamin Franklin had wanted the Turkey to the Official Bird of the United States. We are instead represented by the Bald Eagle, a bird that is less intelligent and lacks the “moral character” held by the turkey. Wild turkeys hold themselves with an awkward dignity that most people only get a chance to admire during Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, domesticated turkeys don’t get to live with such dignity. Gobble gobble goo.

Political Calculations: "No, The U.S. Has Not Hit 'Peak Turkey'" (nor was there a "great turkey stagnation") #relief

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Europe’s Biggest Solar Farm To Be Built In Turkey

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The 100-MW photovoltaic power station would be the first to harness Turkey’s remarkable solar resource. Turkey has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to solar power. But solar power contributes a mere five megawatts to Turkey’s overall installed capacity of 46,500 MW. Business & Politics Cleantech, Science & Technology Climate Energy alternative energy clean technology Climate Change renewable energy solar power Turkey

Turkey’s Early Hydroelectric Dams Featured in Exhibit

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The first hydroelectric dam built in Ankara, Turkey’s capital city, the Çubuk Dam was promoted as “Ankara’s Bosphorus” A new exhibit at Istanbul’s avant-garde SALT Galata gallery, Graft , throws open the archive of material about Turkey’s first major hydroelectric projects in the 1930s. The display critically analyzes the motives behind these early endeavors — and the effects of the extensive hydroelectric industry they spawned in Turkey.

Turkey, Iran, Syria Top List for Worst Journalism Countries

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According to the 2012 census by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), there are 232 journalists in prisons worldwide, over half being held in the Middle East, the most of them surprisingly in Turkey. Bahrain = 1 Saudi Arabia = 4 Israel and Occupied Palestine = 3 Iran = 45 Syria = 15 Yemen = 1 Uzbekistan = 4 Kyrgyzstan = 1 Iraq = 1 Turkey = 49.

Syria 77

Cyprus Fruit Bats Decline and Head to Turkey?

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the latest decline to be noticed are fruit bats in Cyprus, an island offshore Turkey partly independent, and partly ruled by Turkey. Travel Cyprus fruit bats Turkey water Animals the world over are changing where they live as humans effect changes on the land. Beyond the bees ( see what this market would look like without bees !), Officials in Cyprus have noticed a shocking 85 percent decline in the bat population in Cyprus, according to a local paper.

Turkey’s Beaches Are Third Best in World for “Eco” Blue Flag Rating

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Now that the turkey and its trimmings have digested in your belly, time to start planning a spring eco holiday! Time for Turkey? According to Blue Flag , an exclusively international eco-label given to beaches and marinas, Turkey’s beaches rank third in the world. The Turkish Environment Education Association General Manager Erol Gungor said, “383 beaches and 21 marinas in Turkey have been awarded so far, and now we are third in Blue Flag.”

Turkey Bans 26 Genetically Modified Organisms

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Turkey is the latest country to ban 26 GMOs following an incident involving the unauthorized entry of genetically modified rice that was due at Mersin port, according to local press. Egypt has been pushing back against Monsanto’s MON810, which contains cry1Ab – a deadly insecticide that ruptures the stomachs of insects that eat it, and now Turkey has joined the resistance with an unprecedented show of support against GMOs.

Polygamous foreigners can glean from Turkey’s one wife law

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Polygamous Arab men who buy property in Turkey must choose just one of their brides to carry over the threshold; polygamy isn’t legal in this country which grants residency permits to just one wife. Seemingly s imple events like home buying get entangled in Turkey’s escalating tussle between secularism and religion. Compared to the Arab world, Turkey’s annual growth is moderate and family size is declining. .

Double-headed dolphin washes up in Turkey

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This week the immature dolphin washed ashore��in Turkey , where a sports coach alerted authorities. Here’s something you don’t see every day – a double-headed dolphin! Tugrul Metin told Daily Mail that he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him when he saw the conjoined dolphin floating off the coast of Izmir , but once he was convinced that was he saw was indeed a double-headed dolphin, he called the police.

Turkeys Are the New Kittens: Seriously Adorable Videos

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I was just distracted by this impossibly cute baby turkey. Turkeys are bringing some serious cuteness to the world of animal videos. In this adorable video from Farm Sanctuary , some rescued baby turkeys go outside for the first time after their rescue. These turkeys were left in a box outside of Farm Sanctuary. In a slaughterhouse, you can do whatever you want to a turkey. Dust baths are how many birds, including turkeys, clean themselves.