Tunisia’s lagoon farms and hanging gardens recognized as world heritage sites

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Tunisia’s traditional Ramli agricultural systems in the lagoons of Ghar El Melh (above) and its hanging gardens from Djebba El Olia, have been recognized as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS), a designation managed by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

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Tunisia’s eco-conscious start-up: Exploralis

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His vision and objective is to attract a “normal” citizen to review and experience social, environmental and cultural issues in Tunisia. Travel Tunisia

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Tunisia’s handmade tiles risk disappearing forever

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The history of handmade tiles in Tunisia is fascinating. Green Prophet digs deep between the tiles of a rundown factory in Roman Neapolis, Nabeul, a historic tile making center in Tunisia, to discover what fragments remain of this disappearing art.

Trash selfies to shame Tunisia’s government

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Social media has again proved to be a powerful tool in Tunisia , where a group of people started a Facebook page that turns the ubiquitous ‘selfie’ into an opportunity to express disgust with the country’s stinking trash problem.

Shale gas and fracking lies exposed in Tunisia by local bloggers

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The fight against shale gas extraction through hydraulic fracturing continues in Tunisia where governments are lying and the water weary warn of disasters ahead. . For every job created in the shale gas industry in Tunisia, hundreds of agricultural jobs will be lost.

Sand and Salt Siege film to highlight Tunisia’s eco struggles

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A Siege of Salt and Sand, a new documentary film about Tunisia, promises to be an important motivator in redefining the current political agenda towards adapting to climate change and mitigating environmental issues in Tunisia. One of these regions is Tunisia.

Tunisia Announces 4th Desertec Deal: 2 GW of Solar!

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Now the fourth Desertec project, by far the largest-ever solar plant in the world – for 2,000 MW of solar power – is to be built in Tunisia. worldwide at 354 MW, and over four times larger than the biggest power plant of any type in Tunisia, a 471 MW gas power plant.

Star Wars in Matmata, Tunisia Promotes Desert Tourism for the Berbers

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Tunisia’s landscape and subterranean dwellings have made it ideal for filming Star Wars. Later films were shot in Tunisia and some fans have even gone so far as to restore characters’ homes, like Luke Skywalker’s house pictured below.

Tunisia’s Mohammad Ali Is Transgender Against Muslim’s Societal Odds

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One not-small step for this man; and a giant leap for Tunisia’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. Ground Zero for the Arab Spring, Tunisia may be trailblazing other human rights as well. Lifestyle Tunisia

Mysterious mass fish die-off in Tunisia sparks world-ending debate (video)

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Cities Djerba fish Tunis Tunisia Earlier this month several Tunisians in Hammamet, Sphax and Mahdia woke up to their beaches infested with dead fish and jelly fish, a beached whale in Tunis, off the coast of Sidi Bou Saïd was also carried to shore.

Tunisia’s environmental progress slides back 25 years

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Tunisia was the first Arab country to talk about environment policy. Green Prophet attends a local conference on water and pollution and stunningly sees how there is no framework for Tunisia to make environmental change and progress.

Catch up With Green Prophet in Tunisia

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Green Prophet will be scouting out stories in Tunisia so give us a shout if you want your project featured on our site. Heads up to our green-minded readers in Tunisia: Green Prophet is coming into town and we want to meet you!

150 graffiti artists create a giant open air gallery in Tunisia

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More than 100 graffiti artists were invited to Tunisia as part of the Djerbahood project – an inventive rehabilitation initiative that uses street art to turn a dusty villageinto an inspiring open air gallery. Related: Tunisia’s tallest minaret sprayed with El Seed Calligraffiti.

5 Stories That Point to a Freer, Greener Tunisia

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We have collected five inspiring stories that point to the possibility of a freer, greener Tunisia . Tunisia Announces 4th Desertec Deal and 2 GW of Solar! Tunisia Among World’s Top 50 Tourism Destinations.

Tunisia’s Tallest Minaret Sprayed With el Seed Calligraffiti

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Jara Mosque in Gabes boasts the tallest minaret in all of Tunisia and now it is covered in el Seed’s signature calligraffiti. We’ve featured his work previously but this latest project in Tunisia’s southern industrial city Gabes is definitely one of his most exciting.

Mysterious, possibly radioactive lake appears out of the blue in Tunisia!

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Tunisia offers other-worldly landscapes, fantastical and mysterious. Tunisia had a starring role as the planet Tatooine). READ Green Prophet reports on deaths due to phosphate mining in Tunisia.

Another Day in Tunisia: Chasing Balls Through Trash (PHOTOS)

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A boy chases a ball into one of Tunisia’s 400 unofficial dumps. After the hustle and bustle of Tunisia’s capital medina dies down, the kids come out to play – in the trash!

A Culture Shock Hangover in Tunisia’s Second City

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After a rough time in Tunis, Tafline pushed past a culture shock hangover to appreciate Tunisia’s second largest city. More Travel News from Tunisia: An Independent Tunisia at Night (PHOTOS). 5 Things Wikipedia Won’t Tell You About Tunisia.

Tunisia’s phosphate town is dying over our addiction to phosphorus

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Today Redeyef, Tunisia, is quite a scene: it’s a decrepit French colonial houses are surrounded by mountains of black phosphate sand, radioactive water lakes and its inhabitants, the vast majority unemployed, walk around with yellowish brown toothy smiles.

An Independent Tunisia at Night (PHOTOS)

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Looks like I won’t have trouble getting around Tunisia as even at night, the metro seemed to run very regularly. That is the obelisk clock tower in downtown Tunis, the site of numerous demonstrations during the revolution and the site of the Place 14 Janvier 2011 – the day that former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fled the country and a (relatively) new Tunisia was born.

5 Things Wikipedia Won’t Tell You About Tunisia

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Tafline’s reporting trip to Tunisia has evolved into a personal odyssey that has revealed a side of the country Wikipedia can’t convey. I’ve been in Tunisia since Tuesday afternoon and almost every day has been fraught with challenges. Although I came to Tunisia to learn about the country’s green initiatives, so far my personal odyssey has revealed aspects of life in this country that Wikipedia will never convey. Not so in Tunisia.

Star Wars Fans Lovingly Restore Luke Skywalker’s Homestead in Tunisia

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In 2010 Mark Dermul from Belgium led a tour of the remaining Star Wars relics scattered throughout Tunisia’s desert. Thus began an epic journey to restore this small rounded hut ( reminiscent of Tunisia’s troglodytes ) to its former glory. After his last visit, Dermul appealed to Star Wars fans on Facebook to help him restore the hut in Tunisia.

Breast milk reveals how many banned pesticides plague Tunisians

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Although these concentration levels are relatively low for developing countries, Tunisia’s population is highly exposed since more than 1,200 tons of obsolete pesticide stocks still remain uncontained and continue to pollute surrounding areas and waterways.

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Why donkeys should be the new garbage truck

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Now simple calculations made by this Green Prophet shows that Tunisia, and many other countries in the MENA region, could spend at least three times as less than they do for collecting municipal solid waste by donkey. Tunisia’s waste by the numbers: Tunisia’s Population: 10.9

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Ten months, 7000 miles of earth, a bike, and a Tunisian passport

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F rustrated and suffocated, he decided to leave Tunisia for the first time and crossed the Sahara desert in a personal quest to gain a better perspective on life. Although still in the secretive stage, 2015 promises to be a great year for environmental awareness in Tunisia- so watch out!

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Tunisian Water Distributor Puts People Ahead of Commerce Amid Shortages

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A sweltering heat wave has swept through Tunisia, disrupting both electrical and water supplies just days before Ramadan begins. Energy and Water Shortages Become “Complicated” One housewife told Tunisia-Live that the situation is becoming more “complicated.”

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Driba Atelier in Tunis – the bliss of unpretentious anarchic creativism

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RELATED: Tunisia’s environmental progress slides back 25 years ). Address: 72 bis, rue Sidi Frej Ennouairi, 2036 Soukra, Tunisia Tel: 71759363 Fax: 71759179 E-mail: atelierdriba.ad93@gnet.tn. Cities artisanal crafts Tunis Tunisia

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Seeing Green Mirages, a Film Review

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Sustainable development in Demmer, Tunisia could be lost forever shows this new documentary film. Demmer, Tunisia’s version of Egypt’s Fayoum Oasis, is the home town of social geography researcher Professor Habib.

4 Desertec Deals That Make Our Energy Future More Secure

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Tunisia Announces 4th Desertec Deal and 2 GW of Solar! The 4th Desertec deal is also the most ambitious: Tunisia has recently announced that it will build the largest-ever solar plant in the world – for 2,000 MW of solar power.

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Tunisian Feminist Amina Tyler Gets Something Off Her Chest

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” Images from FEMEN- Tunisia. Business & Politics Lifestyle & Culture activism Amina Tyler conservative Islam facebook fatwa FEMEN Tunisia feminism social media

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The Bedouins Convert Ill-Begotten Tunisian Mansion into a Skate Park

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When Nathan Gray and his posse of skateboarders and street artists collectively known as “The Bedouins” were scouting out the perfect place to build a skate park in post-revolutionary Tunisia, some of the locals suggested they inhabit Imed Trabelsi’s abandoned mansion. It is also an important location for PUSH Tunisia – a documentary scheduled to make its official debut later this year. images taken from PUSH Tunisia’s Facebook page.

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Mediterranean Surveillance Crew Eyes Oil Spills from the Sky

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14 countries sent representatives to the meeting to discuss Blue Plan’s Regional Governance and Knowledge Generation Project (ReGoKo Project), including Israel, Lebanon , Turkey, Palestine, Morocco and Tunisia, signaling a genuine interest in cleaning up the sea.

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Olive Prices Hit Hard – Explained

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However, Middle Eastern Farmers in Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Libya, Israel and Palestine will also be severely affected. Other countries such as Tunisia, the largest Middle Eastern olive oil producer which exports 18.5%

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Tel Aviv and Beirut Are Most Expensive City for Expatriates

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In any case, if you are looking to work in the Middle East, North Africa region Tunisia (ranks at 209) remains the least expensive city in the region! Architecture & Urban Abu Dhabi Bahrain Beirut Dubai green economics Gulf Israel Lebanon MENA sustainable cities Tel Aviv Tunisia

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Pisa Italians and Arab Immigrants Lean Closer Through Public Art

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Here Green Prophet shares a selection of the posters used during the “Jasmine Revolution” in Tunisia, that were exposed in Pisa. . Architecture & Urban Arabs art Italy TunisiaGreen Prophet runs into an interesting event in Pisa, Italy.

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Swine Flu Death Toll in Middle East Region

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Get swine flu updates for the PA, Israel, Yemen, Iraq, Tunisia and Jordan. Nine confirmed deaths were reported in Yemen in the last two months; three deaths in Iraq; two in Jordan; and 20 non-fatal infections in Tunisia. Are you at risk?

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Arabic Calligraphy – eL Seed’s Writing Is On the Wall

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Local authorities, community leaders and townspeople worked together to complete the project, the first of its kind in Tunisia. Architecture & Urban Fashion & Design art graffitti street art Tunisia

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Z: The Anonymous Tunisian Cartoonist Championing Nature

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Because when I started drawing in 2008, there were projects in Tunisia that were supposed to be funded by Emiratis. For more on Tunisia and destructive development see: Catch Up With Green Prophet in Tunisia.

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Travellers want trains – but what is the Middle East doing about it?

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Cars & Transportation airplanes Amman Bahrain Cairo Climate Change damascus eco-tourism Egypt global warming Gulf countries Israel Istanbul Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Mecca Middle East Morocco Oman Qatar railways Saudi Arabia Syria train trains transportation Tunisia Turkey United Arab Emirates

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Radio Groovalizacion Communicates Middle East Migration Through Music

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Since then we broadcast regularly albums and artist from this region such as Dhafer Youssef from Tunisia, Darga from Morocco, Aziza Brahim from Sahraoui (Western Sahara) or Ibrahim Maalouf from Lebanon. Lifestyle & Culture Algeria art Libya Morocco Tunisia

Food Geo-politics Hits Middle East Streets

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Other Arab countries like Syria and Tunisia are facing similar strains. Food & Health agriculture Egypt food insecurity Middle East Syria Tunisia water

2011 93

Tourists Not Terrorists: The Middle East Can Capitalize on World Eco-Travel Trends

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The three winners from the Middle East/MENA region are Tunisia, Bahrain and Qatar in new survey on tourism trends. Travel & Nature Bahrain Denmark Egypt Germany Greece green tourism Lebanon Portugal Qatar Sweden Tunisia

Could all-inclusive holidays harm Middle Eastern small business?

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Like many British tour operators, First Choice has recently run promotions for holidays in Egypt and Tunisia , seeking to encourage holidaymakers to return to these major destinations in the wake of their revolutionary uprisings.

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