The Search for Sustainable Tuna


World Tuna Day is May 2. It sounds kind of silly to have an observance… The post The Search for Sustainable Tuna appeared first on Earth911. See the rest here: The Search for Sustainable Tuna.

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Iconic island pays for our cans of tuna and flip flops

Green Prophet

Your tuna is contributing to more than 80% of the plastic waste clogging up the Seychelles Islands. You buy fair trade tuna only. Tuna nets and 360,000 now pollute the once pristine island.

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A Bluefin Tuna for $118,000: Going, Going … Gone?

Cool Green Science

Bluefin tuna is one of the ocean’s most prized fish, an icon of both modern and classic civilizations and a key predator in the ocean’s delicate food chain. Since the early 1970s, the global bluefin population – including its three sub-species of Atlantic, Pacific and Southern bluefin – has declined by 80 percent, according to the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT). In 2013, bluefin tuna represented just one percent of the world’s tuna catch.

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Fate of Bluefin Tuna Dangles in Morocco

Green Prophet

It’s a strange thing – men and women in suits locked behind closed doors, poring over statistics and spreadsheets, jockeying for position and power – all to decide how many bluefin tuna may be legally hauled out of the Atlantic each year. Caps on bluefin tuna fishing in the Mediterranean have allowed the species to recover, although there is cause to believe that limits are not honored and overfishing still occurs. Image of bluefin tuna , Shutterstock.

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Hong Kong Bans Shark Fin Soup and Bluefin Tuna

Green Prophet

Sharks hauled from the Arabian/Persian Gulf provide fodder for shark fin soup in Hong Kong , and the endangered bluefin tuna is popular there too. Not only is it illegal to serve shark fin soup or bluefin tuna at government events in Hong Kong, but government officials are prohibited from accepting either at non-government banquets as well, according to Nature World News.

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Sainsbury’s is market leader in Greenpeace tuna league

Green (Living) Review

Sainsbury''s has taken the top spot of Greenpeace''s tuna league table which looks at the sustainability standard of tinned tuna sold in supermarkets. Positioned as one of the ''market leaders'' for offering customers pole and line caught skipjack tuna across all our own brand tuna products from canned through to sandwiches and ready meals. Sainsbury’s ranked number one in 2008 and joint first in 2011 in the tinned tuna league table.

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New Electronic Monitoring Device Could Foil Bluefin Tuna Exploits

Green Prophet

Bluefin Tuna fishing stakes have risen with the adoption of a new electronic monitoring system that will make it harder for frausters to fudge their catch numbers. If unsuccessful, if Bluefin Tuna fishing in the Mediterranean is not better managed, another member of the PEW delegation Lee Crocket told the Washington Post that the population will have less than a 24% chance of reviving in the next decade.

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Sushi Lovers Might Not Have to Give up Bluefin Tuna After All

Green Prophet

It’s hard to convince a sushi lover that the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna doesn’t exist for them alone. The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna plies the Mediterranean Sea, stopping in Israel when the water is the right temperature for spawning eggs. It is also ferociously overfished by Maltese fishermen and others, and The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) charged with protecting them against extinction is virtually powerless.

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World-renowned Chefs Join Call to Boycott Bluefin Tuna

Green (Living) Review

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 2011: Two of the United States’ leading chefs have joined the Center for Biological Diversity’s campaign to save bluefin tuna, one of the world’s most imperiled fish. We’re happy they’re lending their voice to this urgent campaign to save bluefin tuna,” said Catherine Kilduff, a Center staff attorney. 30 after the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas refused to act to protect the species.

All Sainsbury's tuna to move to 100% pole and line caught

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Sainsbury's has announced on January 7, 2011, more or less in response to the criticisms of retailers as to using unsustainable sources for fish, that all tuna used as an ingredient in its food will be caught using the pole and line method by the end of this month. This move ensures that 100% of Sainsbury's tuna across all products is responsibly sourced. Sainsbury's fresh, frozen and canned tuna is already line caught.

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NOAA Lists Bluefin Tuna As Species Of Concern

Eco Friendly Daily

In recent years there has been considerable attention given to the bluefin tuna controversy. Bluefin tuna are separated into two separate stocks, one in the western Atlantic and one in the eastern Atlantic. According to some sources, such as the Center for Biological Diversity, bluefin tuna populations have decreased by eighty percent in just the last forty years.

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International Fisheries Management Commission Agrees to Strategy to Amend Measures to End Pacific Bigeye Tuna Overfishing

Green (Living) Review

The Commission made headway, but no consensus on the key issues related to overfishing of Pacific bigeye tuna and capping purse-seine fishing capacity in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean. Decisions on these and other major items are as follows: Bigeye Tuna Overfishing. The Commission adopted a strategy for 2011 to work on a new Conservation and Management Measure (CMM) for bigeye tuna. The new draft CMM may also include measures for yellowfin and skipjack tunas.

Efforts To Protect Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Fails Once Again

Eco Friendly Daily

Environmental groups were hoping for protection for at least the Atlantic bluefin tuna and six separate species of sharks. Atlantic bluefin tuna are also being overfished to near extinction, both by legal and illegal fishermen. The demand for the tuna is largely driven by demand for sushi in Japan. Approximately eighty percent of the Atlantic bluefin tuna caught is bought by the country of Japan.

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Video Recipe: "Tuna" Salad Using Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans)

Eco-Vegan Girl

Coming up in the next hour - a bonus video recipe thanks to reader Lindsay who asked me how to make Vegan "Tuna" Salad Using Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans). Check back here or on my YouTube channel for the video! video YouTube vegan recipe

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Vegan Tuna Ceviche: Whole Foods, Venice

Eco-Vegan Girl

Last night, Julio at Whole Foods Venice convinced me to try their new Vegan Tuna Ceviche. Whole Foods did it right - it is packed with flavor and has a texture almost too similar to tuna. I took it home and decided to give it a try for lunch today. I wasn't expecting much - especially since it's a day old and became kind of runny and soggy (the corn tortilla) - but I gave it a shot. I am so glad I did. It is DELICIOUS!

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Fishing for Clues: Investigating Fisher Behavior in a Tropical Purse-Seine Fishery

Nature Conservancy - Science

Fishing for clues: Investigating the behavior of fishers in a tropical tuna purse seine fishery. In a study presented at the 2013 Student Conference on Conservation Science in Brisbane, Australia, I set out to understand the fishing behavior of a highly mobile, well-financed offshore fishery, using the western Indian Ocean tropical tuna purse seine fleet as a case study example. Purse seine fishing. Photo: Robert K. Brigham/NOAA.

The Kind Diet - Tuna Salad Sandwich: video recipe

Eco-Vegan Girl

You can buy The Kind Diet here , in fact Alicia featured this video on her site ! More video recipes from The Kind Diet: Artichoke Dip Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. YouTube vegan recipe cooking

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The Green Buzz: Thursday, June 20

Cool Green Science

This fishing method is wiping out bluefin tuna. Environmental News Fish Insects The Green Buzz United States batteries bluefin tuna cancer cancer cure Clean Technica daily news fishing spiders green news longline fishing Massachusetts mating habits National Geographic NY Times rats solar power spiders Treehugger wood batteries Trust me, if you’re from Massachusetts, Maryland or New York, you’re going to like today’s green news. How solar-friendly is your state?

Blue Growth by Design

Cool Green Science

Through our Blue Growth by Design strategy and emerging priorities such as the Global Tuna Action Plan, The Nature Conservancy aims to make conservation’s voice more prominent in ocean and coastal development. Through our Global Tuna Action Plan two of our three Blue Growth pillars—sustainable management and governance—come into play. Growing demand is placing tuna fisheries around the world at risk, which would be bad for our oceans and also bad for business.

Must It Be “The End Of The Line” For Fish?

Green Prophet

Travel & Nature Bluefin tuna End of the Line Global Ocean marine conservation Middle EastIf we do not arrest the current rate of overfishing, our oceans could be depleted of fish by 2048. Following Arwa’s recent exposé of shark finning in the United Arab Emirates – a cruel and destructive practice that produces the so-called delicacy that is shark fin soup, and another story about the turtle that pooped plastic for a month, we’re relieved to offer a potential solution.

If You Want to Go Quickly, Go Alone. If You Want to Go Far, Go Together

Cool Green Science

Now we are taking that concept to the waters of Palau, and to one of the most valuable fisheries in the world – tuna. The Nature Conservancy has purchased a year’s worth of fishing rights (400 vessel days) in Palau’s longline tuna fishery. A recent study in Palau’s longline tuna fishery found one-third of everything caught in the fishery was bycatch, sharks, rays and other marine life important to the health of Palau’s waters and its tourism.

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From My Inbox- GreenPeace Australia Pacific

Green Earth Journey

Dear Reader, When you tuck into your tuna salad, you may not realise that the canned tuna sold to you is destroying our oceans. Canned tuna is Australia’s biggest selling seafood item. Yet none of our canned tuna brands use tuna that’s caught sustainably. Increasing demand for tuna has decimated global tuna stocks. And to make things worse, destructive tuna fishing methods kill other marine life such as turtles and sharks.

Live Blog: School Children Pledge To Save UAE Fish

Green Prophet

I pledge to campaign to save the bluefin tuna before it becomes extinct. Travel & Nature Bluefin tuna EWS-WWF overfishing The End of the Line wildlife conservationStudents and parents gather at the American Community School in Abu Dhabi to watch The End of the Line. Today we’re blogging live from the American Community School in Abu Dhabi , where students have watched an abbreviated version of a documentary called The End of the Line.

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Big Fish, Not Reef Fish

Cool Green Science

I catch fish sometimes, but they are mostly reef fish because in Palau you need to travel far to catch tuna. I recently travelled to the island of Pohnpei, one of the states in the Federated States of Micronesia, to engage with local partners on tuna project. In fish markets I see mainly reef fish of very small size and some yellowfin and skipjack tuna. I thought to myself, tuna fishing here must be good, to have all these vessels here. So why not eat the fresh tuna?

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Green (Living) Review

New Entity Announces Initial Actions MCLEAN, VA, March 16, 2009 : Eminent marine scientists, major figures in the non-profit environmental community and leaders of the seafood industry have joined forces to establish the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF), a non-profit organization developed to respond to the growing threats to global tuna populations. 1, 2009, unless the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission enacts science-based conservation measures before then.

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Mercury Poisoning - A Growing Health Issue

Green Living Ideas

Tags: Fish and Seafood mackerel mercury mercury poisoning swordfish tuna

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Wicked pissah

Environmental Economics

If you like reality TV and are looking for a show that illustrates overfishing, predator-prey, quality differentiated market pricing, gear restrictions, commercial vs recreational conflicts, dockside fights and awesome giant bluefin, watch Wicked Tuna.

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Green (Living) Review

SUSTAINABLE TUNA BRAND THE REEL FISH COMPANY NETS HUNDREDS OF NEW SHOPPERS Independent ethical tinned tuna brand, The Reel Fish Company, has been making air-waves on the telly, with the launch of its first fishy TV ad campaign, piloted on Yorkshire Tyne Tees and Meridian South television. Despite this, the vast majority of tinned tuna available on supermarket shelves is sourced from nets. You sift through it all to get to the tuna and discard the rest."

Hurricane evacuation quiz

Environmental Economics

Water, batteries, tuna fish, other food in a can,” he said. The tuna fish and the other food, O.K., Given the following: “Bloomberg, he did O.K., but he made people crazy and spend a lot of money,” said Franklin Rodriguez, a building superintendent on 44th Drive in Long Island City, Queens, just outside the Zone A low-lying evacuation area. He said he had spent $200 on supplies on Friday and $67 on a fill-up. For what? Believe me, people spent a lot of money on this.

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Helpful Tip

Green Earth Journey

High consumer demand means that tuna are being endangered by commercial overfishing. If you're keen to benefit from the fish's health-giving properties, instead of cutting it out entirely, try only buying rod- and line-caught skipjack tuna. These stocks are not threatened by overfishing, and the fishing method avoids killing the huge numbers of other small fish that are caught in commercial nets.

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No more shark fin at Hong Kong resort chain

Green Traveler Guides

The Hong Kong-based hotelier also pledged to stop serving endangered bluefin tuna and Chilean sea bass. Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts’ new sustainable seafood policy bans shark fin from the menu in all its restaurants and banquets. No more shark fin at Hong Kong resort chain is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. China Hong Kong Hotels News Resorts Green Travel News Reuters Shangri-La

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Where else but here could you find an environmentally relevant quote and commentary about puking and pooping?

Environmental Economics

The ingested material could end up in the tuna that we eat, or as Davison told Science , plastic in fish “may dissolve back into the water…or for all we know they’re puking or pooping it out, and there’s no long-term damage. It’s indisputable that animals are eating our trash, according to oceanographer Peter Davison of the Farallon Institute for Advanced Ecosystem Research, but we don’t know the consequences.

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Alphabet moonshot Tidal heralds the age of precision aquaculture


Demand for protein from sea creatures such as tuna, salmon and shrimp is growing far faster than for animal proteins. More: Alphabet moonshot Tidal heralds the age of precision aquaculture. Business Green bill creatures-such Eco food-systems for-animal for-protein fourth initially-focused plant-protein with-the

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As world leaders descended onto Cornwall, Greenpeace delivered an artistic drone-powered message

A Greener Life

The film also shows projections of other animals, including a jaguar, tuna and bee, which morph, one by one, into ‘animal spirits’ created by hundreds of illuminated drones, moving across the sky. Stills from the Greenpeace film – 300 drones, 1 message: Act Now. Photo credit: Greenpeace.

Roadkill on the Ocean Highway: Can Experimental Fishing Reduce Sea Turtle Bycatch in the Pacific?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Large tuna purse seine fishing boats in Pohnpeian waters. Many years ago, one of my graduate professors lectured us on the longer-term threats posed by longline and gillnet fishing, like tuna, shrimp and other deep sea fisheries, through the incidental capture of sea turtles in fishing gear. Approximately 5 million baited hooks are set each day on 100,000 miles of line throughout the world’s oceans, targeting tuna, swordfish and halibut. TNC & sustainable tuna in Palau.

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Moroccan fish trawlers pumping and dumping tons of dead fish into Sea [graphic video]

Green Prophet

Unsustainable commercial fishing for species like Bluefin tuna in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean seriously affect the fate of species like the Bluefin tuna. Although these sardines are not yet threatened like Bluefin tuna, the indication of so much fish dumping could eventually put these fish at risk as well. Read more about unsustainable fishing issues in the Middle East: Fate of Bluefin Tuna Dangles in Morocco.

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Can Big Data Save the World’s Fisheries?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Adding insult to injury, only a small percentage of revenues from big commercial fisheries like tuna, worth an estimated $7 billion for western and central Pacific stocks, end up in Pacific Island coffers. Purse-seine fishing boats pursue tuna. But can Big Data alone save big fish — like tuna and other commercially lucrative fisheries — from pirates of the sea? Photo: © Nick Hall. By Lotus Vermeer.

A Deeper Look Into Overfishing


According to a WWF article titled “Overfishing of Bluefin Tuna”, the bluefin tuna’s population has gone down by 96 percent and 85 percent of all fish stocks are at risk. The worst part is, instead of stopping to fish this species, we started to fish bluefin tuna even more because of their very high prices. This way of doing the opposite of what we should do has to end or else we will lose many important species such as the bluefin tuna.

From A Concerned Reader - Albatrosses Under Threat of Extinction

Green Earth Journey

Tattooed Mummy sent me the link following information, click on "read more" after the snippet; As scientists gather today in Recife, Brazil, to agree on quotas for the Atlantic and Mediterranean stocks of tuna and swordfish in the latest round of fisheries talks, the RSPB and BirdLife International are reminding delegates that at least 37 species of seabird are at risk from these fisheries.

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When life gives you lemons, make fish sticks?

Environmental Economics

"We'll filet them and pull the bones out and turn them into fish sticks, or the equivalent of canned tuna," said Tom Main, acting deputy director at the DNR. "The What do you do with a bony, ugly, jumpy, fat, fugitive fish that's taken over the Mississippi and Illinois rivers and threatens the ecology of the Great Lakes? Grind them into fish sticks and feed them to the poor.

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How to Boost Your Heart Health Without Prescription Drugs

Green Prophet

Consider making the following substitutions at least a few days a week: – Swap red meat for salmon, trout, or tuna. For many of us, contemplating our heart health can sometimes require some difficult motivation.


Green (Living) Review

And if you’re wondering about the name, the ‘tuna’ is short for Eskilstuna, the town where you will find this intriguing place. Last week I wrote about the Edinburgh Remakery , and how they are trying to foster a culture of repair. It’s one of the most shared posts I’ve ever written, and there’s clearly a real interest in this whole idea. Lots of you have been in touch to share similar projects, including this one from Sweden.

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New UN tool can track illegal fishing

Green Prophet

An aerial view of the Greenpeace ship, Arctic Sunrise and Tunisian tug during a non-violent action to release highly-endangered bluefin tuna from a cage towed by a Tunisian tugboat to a tuna farm where the fish were to be fattened and sold to the market. Greenpeace is in the Mediterranean to take action against the bluefin tuna fishing fleets and to promote marine reserves.

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