Mapping Tree Inequality: Why Many People Don’t Benefit from Tree Cover

Nature Conservancy - Science

Trees provide valuable cooling services in cities, but they are not equally distributed. The post Mapping Tree Inequality: Why Many People Don’t Benefit from Tree Cover appeared first on Cool Green Science.

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10 Oldest Trees in the World


The oldest known living trees in the world are close to 5,000 years old. Old trees, though relatively few, are in our midst. What is the oldest living tree in the world? The oldest living tree on Earth is Pando. 10 Oldest trees that have ever lived on Earth. #1

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Pruning your trees

Green (Living) Review

For some fruit trees, however, the time to do any real pruning and cutting back is not that time of year but much earlier or somewhat later. Trees of the prunus species, cherries, plums, damsons, and related, should be pruned – pardon the almost pun – while the sap is rising, after they have flowered. While that may reduce any fruit production for that year it is r4eckoned to reduce the risk of any infection entering the tree.

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Extreme Heat, Dry Summers Main Cause of Tree Death in Colorado’s Subalpine Forests

Environmental News Network

Even in the absence of bark beetle outbreaks and wildfire, trees in Colorado subalpine forests are dying at increasing rates from warmer and drier summer conditions, found recent CU Boulder research. Extreme Heat, Dry Summers Main Cause of Tree Death in Colorado’s Subalpine Forests

Epicentre of Major Amazon Droughts and Fires Saw 2.5 Billion Trees and Vines Killed

Environmental News Network

A major drought and forest fires in the Amazon rainforest killed billions of trees and plants and turned one of the world’s largest carbon sinks into one of its biggest polluters. Billion Trees and Vines Killed

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Sycamore tree and Sycamore wood

Green (Living) Review

Sycamore (Acer pseudoplantanus) (in the USA called Sycamore maple) is a very underrated and undervalued tree and wood in Britain where it is continuously referred to as a non-native species and some call for its eradication. Sooty bark is, however, fatal for the tree once it has been affected. On the European mainland, especially in Germany, where it is called “Mountain Maple”, Sycamore is regarded as a noble timer tree and highly valued.

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DNA Duplication Linked to the Origin and Evolution of Pine Trees and Their Relatives

Environmental News Network

DNA Duplication Linked to the Origin and Evolution of Pine Trees and Their RelativesPlants are DNA hoarders. Adhering to the maxim of never throwing anything out that might be useful later, they often duplicate their entire genome and hang on to the added genetic baggage.

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$8 million fine and 10 years jail for cutting a tree in Saudi Arabia?

Green Prophet

The kingdom announced the launch of ‘Let’s Make it Green’ – a plan to plant 10 million trees across the country by April, 2021. As it’s sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction in Saudi Arabia: a fine for tree-cutters is a good thing, but not one so steep.

Hollow Homes: Meet the Warblers That Nest in Tree Cavities

Cool Green Science

The post Hollow Homes: Meet the Warblers That Nest in Tree Cavities appeared first on Cool Green Science. Meet the prothonotary and Lucy’s warblers, two birds with very interesting nesting needs.

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Amazingly Unique Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Green Furniture Home Design

I tend to go CLASSIC when it comes time to decorate the Christmas tree in my house. A few simple strings of white and mulitcolored lights, some gorgeous and special christmas tree ornaments that I’ve collected since I was a child, and a few simple silver garland strands for that wonderful icicle effect. Check out these wonderful and totally unique Christmas trees for ideas on how to decorate yours this season!

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The Book of Trees – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Book of Trees by Piotr Socha (Author), Wojciech Grajkowski (Author) Published by Thames and Hudson (Big Books) (13 Sept. x 21 cm ISBN-13: 978-0500651698 Why are trees so important? This book, by the award-winning author Piotr Socha, answers these questions and more, tracking the history of trees from the time of the dinosaurs to the current day. book review trees wood

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Tree Tapping Isn’t Just for Maples

Nature Conservancy - Science

Maples aren’t the only trees that yield tasty syrup. From the Field Forests Outdoor Rec

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Purifying drinking water with tree branches

Successful Green

MIT engineers have succeeded in making filters from tree branches to purify drinking water. The interiors of nonflowering trees such as pine... The post Purifying drinking water with tree branches appeared first on successful GREEN.

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To tree or not to tree, that is the question

Green (Living) Review

Often it is reckoned that a real tree is better than an artificial one for reasons that the latter is made from oil-based materials, often, and thus has a serious impact on the environment. Natural Christmas trees, however, also are not without an impact on the environment and the Planet. Far from it and especially the “Christmas tree farms” are a problem to the environment in that they, more often than not, are the wrong kind of trees in the wrong place.

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For the love of trees: my musings on trees

Low Impact

Sean Fagan of Pioneer Bushcraft brings the outdoors to life as he shares his musings on trees and why it is he loves them so. “…and there were sunsets where trees stood hushed and patient” John Muir. Why did Buddha attain enlightment under a tree?

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Alternatives to Tree Removal


Homeowners remove trees for many reasons, but there are often … The post Alternatives to Tree Removal appeared first on Earth 911. See the rest here: Alternatives to Tree Removal.

California couple fined $18,000 for destroying Joshua trees


A California-based couple, Jeffrey Walter and Jonetta Nordberg-Walter, face a fine of $18,000 after destroying 36 Joshua trees to build a new house

Green christmas trees

Green Living Tips

What type of Christmas tree is more environmentally friendly, fake or fir? What about some other alternatives

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National Tree Week 2016

Green (Living) Review

26th November to 4th December CHANGING VIEWS As National Tree Week – the UK’s biggest annual festival of trees – approaches, The Tree Council is encouraging everyone to consider how they can change views for the better by planting and celebrating trees. Across the country, views of the landscape are changing for the worse as more and more trees fall victim to invasive pests and diseases.

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Pruning Old Apple Trees

Green (Living) Review

It’s the time of year to prune apple trees. We used to have an old orchard, and I loved renovating the apple trees there; it was amazing to see them springing back into life with renewed vigour. Apple trees don’t last long, so there is always lots of dead and rotting wood around, with their attendant flora and fauna. Then think about increasing the light and air flow through the tree, to reduce the risk of infection and help apples ripen properly.

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Twisting rammed earth home wraps around a grand jackfruit tree


This rammed earth home was designed to preserve a beloved jackfruit tree on the property

The importance of trees

Green (Living) Review

The benefit of trees for farms and everywhere by Michael Smith (Veshengro) When is the best time to plant a tree? Chinese Proverb Trees wherever they are make people calmer and studies have shown that when there are trees in towns and cities there is less crime, especially violent crime. Farmers seem to have, in recent times, completely ignored trees and especially the benefits of trees. In fact, I shall close here now by saying “we need more trees”.

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The Christmas Tree

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) It is, once again, the time of year where young spruce and fir trees are being sacrificed on the altar of the festival of Saturnalia disguised as a Christian feast by being cut down and then placed for a couple of days in the living room or such, basically, to die. I will not engage here in the discussion as to real tree vs. fake one. As far as I am concerned it is a no tree event. Christmas Christmas tree Saturnalia

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Hazardous tree removals

Environmental Economics

Blog powered by TypePad Member since 05/2005 « Poking holes in Ohio State Parks | Main | How I am similar to Greg Mankiw » March 03, 2011 Hazardous tree removals From the inbox: Landscape Services has been carefully monitoring and evaluating our trees on Appalachian’s campus for a number of years. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) has developed tree risk thresholds that we follow.  The wood from removed trees is reused whenever possible.

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Wrapping Trees to Find Reptiles

Nature Conservancy - Science

Scientists are searching for rare reptiles by wrapping trees with yoga-matt-like foam. From the Field Wildlife Asia Pacific Conservation Science Herps Restoration

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Dang fine trees

Environmental Economics

I'll be making a site visit to these trees over the holidays: After more than a decade of work by Kentucky highway officials and more than $850,000 spent in federal and state money redesigning U.S. There is something they want more: Trees. Trees are one of Prospect’s main attractions, and the state’s widening plan would wipe out at least 200 mature trees, including oaks and maples, on the mostly residential east side of U.S.

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Tree Recycling

Green Earth Journey

Find your Christmas tree recycling, treecycling, options right now with Earth 911

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Solar Trees Marketplace honors nature, technology and Chinese culture


Some structures incorporate them all, like the in-process Solar Trees Marketplace currently under construction in the Minhang district, not far from Shanghai, China Architecture takes all forms, representing culture, history, function and innovation.

Incentivizing Tree Planting in Myanmar

Nature Conservancy - Science

How can nature-based solutions stand the test of time in Myanmar? From the Field Asia Pacific Forests

There is more to creating a woodland than just planting trees

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Many people, and, apparently, even most governments, seem to think that all that is needed to create a woodland is to stick some trees in the ground and the rest will do itself. This brings in space and light allowing the other trees to better develop.

Wallpaper, Decals and Wall Murals – Trees Edition

Green Furniture Home Design

Even a day spent in the bare trees and white serenity on a winter walk can bring a busy mind to a quiet place. Trees and forest scenes just have a way of making any space look more relaxing and zen-like. So its no surprise that designers and homeowners have latched on to the trend of papering their walls with forest themed or tree patterned wall paper and murals. Walls 3d wallpaper tree murals tree wall decals tree wallpaper

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Monkey puzzles: an iconic tree under threat

Green (Living) Review

The monkey puzzle tree is under threat in its native Chile, but UK gardeners can help. Robbie Blackhall-Miles explains how Listen to Robbie Blackhall-Miles talk about monkey puzzles in our new podcast on trees I sat in a state of dismay as I read about the forest fires threatening Chile. My life has been influenced greatly by these trees. gardens Monkey Puzzle trees

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Holes and Weeping Trees: What’s up with the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker?

Nature Conservancy - Science

The post Holes and Weeping Trees: What’s up with the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker? The sapsucker needs, well…sap. And lots of it. Here’s how it gets it. appeared first on Cool Green Science. Birds & Birding Birds Conservation Science Traveling Naturalist Wildlife

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Recycling Christmas Trees

Green Home Blog

Recycling Christmas Trees. One of the downsides of the season, at least for me, is taking the decorations off the Christmas tree and putting it out back to die. I feel a little better when I hang treats on the tree for the birds and the squirrels, but the daily sight of a dying tree out my kitchen window is really depressing. And the best thing about this county tree recycling program? All one has to do is bring the tree to the recycling depot; there is no fee.

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Why Real Christmas Trees Are the Better Choice

Green Furniture Home Design

For many years, people thought that an artificial Christmas tree was the better choice for the environment. After all, you can re-use the fake tree year after year, and you don’t have to take a tree out of the forest. In the past decade, there has been a growing resurgence of the Christmas tree farm, which are farms that grow trees specifically for use in people’s homes. An acre of growing Douglas fir trees can absorb 11,308.7

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Trees And Tots discount

Green Living Tips

Trees and Tots carries solely organic, natural, safe, eco-friendly and fair. Trees and Tots are offering Green Living. trade products for babies and children. Tips readers a special coupon code for a 10% discount on their entire range

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The trees are called Standing People

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The trees are called Standing People, by the Native Americans, and we should perceive them in the same way, because they are our teachers. The roots of the trees go deep into our Mother Earth, and their branches reach for the sunlight high in the sky. The trees are firmly grounded in the Earth and are reaching for the heaves with their branches, showing human beings how to be bridges between the tangible and non-tangible worlds.

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California couple fined $18,000 for destroying Joshua trees


A California-based couple, Jeffrey Walter and Jonetta Nordberg-Walter, face a fine of $18,000 after uprooting 36 Joshua trees to build a new house. The neighbor is said to have witnessed the trees being bulldozed and buried during the construction of the new home. According to California Fish and Wildlife Department officials, the neighbor had warned the Morongo Basin couple about the consequences of bulldozing the trees , but the couple ignored the warning.

Woodworking Arborist Salvages Urban Trees

Green (Living) Review

Ryan Baldwin, Baldwin Custom Woodworking While working as an arborist removing trees from backyards and along city streets in Fort Collins, Colorado, Ryan Baldwin saw an opportunity to salvage city trees destined for the dump into usable lumber for woodworking projects. “I I saw the waste stream that was generated in tree work and the potential to recapture this material and turn it into something useful,” said Ryan.

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Turkish watchmakers plant trees with this wristwatch

Green Prophet

Have you ever made a purchase in your life by which you gave the green light for planting a tree? More often than not, however, the companies that embrace this duty to the environment are ones which use trees to make their products – namely, stationery and wooden products. For every item sold, a tree is planted. And I do mean young trees, as the company is not even three years old. Design design giving back trees wood

When Is The Best Time To Plant Trees?

Green (Living) Review

Many trees grow well when planted in fall, says arborist Tom Tyler of Bartlett Tree Experts. "Warm soil encourages root growth prior to the onset of winter, while air temperatures tend to be cooler and more stable, reducing the amount of stress on newly planted trees. " Container-grown and balled-and-burlapped trees are best for fall planting; bare-root plants should be planted while they’re dormant. autumn gardening tips trees

We Earthlings: Plant One Tree


Plant one tree and it will capture about 13 pounds … The post We Earthlings: Plant One Tree appeared first on Earth 911. See the original post: We Earthlings: Plant One Tree. Eco appeared-first earth earthlings inspire plant pounds trees will-capture

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Moringa: Versatile Tree With Sustainable Superfood Powers


Are you familiar with the moringa tree? Every part of … The post Moringa: Versatile Tree With Sustainable Superfood Powers appeared first on Earth 911. Read more: Moringa: Versatile Tree With Sustainable Superfood Powers.

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