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In that context, what I’m about to say will probably not be that surprising or groundbreaking, but nevertheless: guys, trees are really really cool. All those references to “lime trees” in Jane Austen (and Nick Cave)? Plants Prospect Park trees Urban Birding

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The Book of Trees – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Book of Trees by Piotr Socha (Author), Wojciech Grajkowski (Author) Published by Thames and Hudson (Big Books) (13 Sept. x 21 cm ISBN-13: 978-0500651698 Why are trees so important? book review trees wood

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Pruning your trees

Green (Living) Review

For some fruit trees, however, the time to do any real pruning and cutting back is not that time of year but much earlier or somewhat later. While that may reduce any fruit production for that year it is r4eckoned to reduce the risk of any infection entering the tree.

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Sycamore tree and Sycamore wood

Green (Living) Review

Sycamore (Acer pseudoplantanus) (in the USA called Sycamore maple) is a very underrated and undervalued tree and wood in Britain where it is continuously referred to as a non-native species and some call for its eradication. Sooty bark is, however, fatal for the tree once it has been affected.

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Amazingly Unique Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Green Furniture Home Design

I tend to go CLASSIC when it comes time to decorate the Christmas tree in my house. Check out these wonderful and totally unique Christmas trees for ideas on how to decorate yours this season!

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The Awesome Tree

10,000 Birds

It involved me sitting on the porch of our casita, generally with a mojito in hand and Desi hanging out on the hammock, and watching birds come to the big bare tree that stood about thirty meters away as we listened to the babble of the brook that flowed through the garden.

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To tree or not to tree, that is the question

Green (Living) Review

Often it is reckoned that a real tree is better than an artificial one for reasons that the latter is made from oil-based materials, often, and thus has a serious impact on the environment. Natural Christmas trees, however, also are not without an impact on the environment and the Planet.

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National Tree Week 2016

Green (Living) Review

26th November to 4th December CHANGING VIEWS As National Tree Week – the UK’s biggest annual festival of trees – approaches, The Tree Council is encouraging everyone to consider how they can change views for the better by planting and celebrating trees.

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The importance of trees

Green (Living) Review

The benefit of trees for farms and everywhere by Michael Smith (Veshengro) When is the best time to plant a tree? Farmers seem to have, in recent times, completely ignored trees and especially the benefits of trees.

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We need more trees

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) More woodlands, properly managed – oh dear, the dreaded “m” word, as far as many misguided environmentalists are concerned, I know – is what we needed, and also more trees in other locations. But mention the word management and those those above mentioned environmentalists will scream blue murder and dare you say that trees will be cut, even under proper coppice management, they call it slaughter. trees woodland management woodlands

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The Christmas Tree

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) It is, once again, the time of year where young spruce and fir trees are being sacrificed on the altar of the festival of Saturnalia disguised as a Christian feast by being cut down and then placed for a couple of days in the living room or such, basically, to die.

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Wallpaper, Decals and Wall Murals – Trees Edition

Green Furniture Home Design

Even a day spent in the bare trees and white serenity on a winter walk can bring a busy mind to a quiet place. Trees and forest scenes just have a way of making any space look more relaxing and zen-like. Walls 3d wallpaper tree murals tree wall decals tree wallpaper

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Monkey puzzles: an iconic tree under threat

Green (Living) Review

The monkey puzzle tree is under threat in its native Chile, but UK gardeners can help. Robbie Blackhall-Miles explains how Listen to Robbie Blackhall-Miles talk about monkey puzzles in our new podcast on trees I sat in a state of dismay as I read about the forest fires threatening Chile.

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Tree Swallow Tornado

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One of the perks of visiting Florida in January is that it’s a chance to see some birds that are absent in Minnesota like the Tree Swallow. I’ve seen Tree Swallows wheel and spin as they come in to feed on berries in Cape May, NJ during migration.

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Common Tree Snake

10,000 Birds

On Wednesday evening this week there was a new threat in our garden and it was only the second time that we had seen a Common Tree Snake in our garden. The Common Tree Snake Dendrelaphis punctulata is also known as a Green Tree Snake, but varies a lot in colour. Common Tree Snakes are one of the few snakes in Australia that are not venomous, which may be a bit boring for some of you! Common Tree Snake coming forward to investigate us. In the tree for the night!

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Woodworking Arborist Salvages Urban Trees

Green (Living) Review

Ryan Baldwin, Baldwin Custom Woodworking While working as an arborist removing trees from backyards and along city streets in Fort Collins, Colorado, Ryan Baldwin saw an opportunity to salvage city trees destined for the dump into usable lumber for woodworking projects. “I

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Happy Arbor Day – 5 of the World’s Most Beautiful Trees

Hug a Tree with Me

This day for the trees was formed to be an inspiration and a reminder to nurture, plant and celebrate trees of all kind. Without our leafy-kin, life as we know it will cease to exist – trees provide the oxygen that we breathe and detox the air of pollution. 4: Wisteria Tree.

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When Is The Best Time To Plant Trees?

Green (Living) Review

Many trees grow well when planted in fall, says arborist Tom Tyler of Bartlett Tree Experts. "Warm soil encourages root growth prior to the onset of winter, while air temperatures tend to be cooler and more stable, reducing the amount of stress on newly planted trees.

My Search for the Cutest Christmas Tree Ornaments

Green Furniture Home Design

Sometimes I think I have an addiction to cool, unique and cute Christmas tree ornaments. It’s getting out of control and at some point I’m going to have to have a thirty-foot high tree to house my ever expanding collection.

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Polish law change unleashes 'massacre' of trees

Green (Living) Review

New law allows private landowners to cut down any number of trees without applying for permission or even informing authorities A controversial change to Polish environmental law has unleashed what campaigners describe as a “massacre” of trees across the country.

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Are You Killing Your Trees With Mulch?

Green (Living) Review

Benefits of Mulch Each year, in the forest, leaves and needles fall providing a protective covering for trees. Mulch can provide the same nourishing protection for the trees on your property whether those trees are deciduous, coniferous, or fruit-bearing.

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Can we have too many trees?

Green (Living) Review

Following an outcry from members about this apparent opposition to trees, Mountaineering Scotland has acknowledged that allowing native forests to return is a positive move. Trees aren’t intrinsically good.

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Tree-Eating Swans

10,000 Birds

I saw a Mute Swan feeding on the fresh, new leaves of a Willow tree overhanging the lake. So I wondered why a swan would find good eating from tree leaves. If you have any experience of swans, or any other birds for that matter, consuming tree leaves, please let us know.

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Breathing with the Trees.

Elephant Journal

Green Health & Wellness Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) Z ADMIN Green Featured Today Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today breathing connection with nature hugging trees spaciousness trees wildI realized it had been quite a while since I had sought nature for solace, support or guidance. I had only been spending time in nature when I was happy, or.

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Why manchineel might be Earth's most dangerous tree

Green (Living) Review

The manchineel tree, which ranges from South Florida to northern South America, is an endangered species. The manchineel tree may be endangered , but so is anyone who messes with it. green living poisonous trees toxins trees

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The trees are called Standing People

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The trees are called Standing People, by the Native Americans, and we should perceive them in the same way, because they are our teachers. The roots of the trees go deep into our Mother Earth, and their branches reach for the sunlight high in the sky.

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A Gray Tree Frog in the Garden

10,000 Birds

Gray Tree Frog. And what’s not to like about a Gray Tree Frog ? Heard far more often then they are seen, Gray Tree Frogs are an adorable little frog. … Amphibians frogs Gray Tree Frog Saugerties I spent this weekend at my parents’ house in my hometown of Saugerties, New York, which is nestled nicely between the Catskill Mountains and the Hudson River.

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How To Prune Your Fruit Trees

Green (Living) Review

Now is the best time to prune your fruit trees and here is how to do it in three simple steps. Within a few years of lovingly planting fruit trees, most folks find themselves with scraggly overgrown bushes, rather than the Garden of Eden they had envisioned.

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Hazardous tree removals

Environmental Economics

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) has developed tree risk thresholds that we follow.    A tree is only removed as a last resort when it has become a severe hazard. The wood from removed trees is reused whenever possible.

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White-tailed Antelope Squirrels at Joshua Tree National Park

10,000 Birds

While eating lunch with Daisy and her family at a picnic area in Joshua Tree National Park the other day a small chipmunk-looking creature ventured out of the rock formation we were eating next to. Mammals joshua tree rodents squirrels White-tailed Antelope Squirrel

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Dang fine trees

Environmental Economics

I'll be making a site visit to these trees over the holidays: After more than a decade of work by Kentucky highway officials and more than $850,000 spent in federal and state money redesigning U.S. There is something they want more: Trees.

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Science proves hugging trees is good for health

Green (Living) Review

It has now been confirmed by science, according to some writers, that hugging trees can beneficially affect human health by altering vibrational frequency. Contrary to popular belief, hugging – or even just being in the vicinity of – a tree can boost one’s health in several ways.

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Talking To Trees: A Guide.

Elephant Journal

Trees will never talk back. Trees will offer you a mirror of your words utterly free of judgment. Green Health & Wellness Meditation Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) 21st century spirituality nature talking to trees trees

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Overheated Kentucky city gets serious about trees and urban forestry

Green (Living) Review

green living Kentucky trees urban forestry Urban vegetation can have an astounding effect on local air quality , and given that the urban heat island effect can kill well beyond the borders of a particular city , simply cooling down our city centers has immense benefits.

Tree Recycling

Green Earth Journey

Find your Christmas tree recycling, treecycling, options right now with Earth 911

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Why Real Christmas Trees Are the Better Choice

Green Furniture Home Design

For many years, people thought that an artificial Christmas tree was the better choice for the environment. After all, you can re-use the fake tree year after year, and you don’t have to take a tree out of the forest. In the past decade, there has been a growing resurgence of the Christmas tree farm, which are farms that grow trees specifically for use in people’s homes. An acre of growing Douglas fir trees can absorb 11,308.7

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The Trees will Remember.

Elephant Journal

The tree remains. Arts & Culture Literary Journal Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) all that ever existed was the forest art change compassion family forest happiness He remembers all healing Health & Wellness life philosophy remember spirituality the tree The Tree will Remember tree trees wisdomIn the thick of the woods, a woman's tears—a lifetime of lovemaking forgotten. Stead in his ground, unmoving, unyielding—but not uncaring.

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Tree Bark is Thicker than Blood. {Poem}

Elephant Journal

Each tree wears years of battles—nature’s convulsions, like wedding rings, Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green Literary Journal awareness blood environment health wellness poem poetry thicker tree bark trees

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Eurasian Tree Sparrows from long ago

10,000 Birds

Since it’s really hard to type in a splint, here is a blast from the past: specifically from the beginning of this long, strange trip, my cross-country journey from New York to Montana: I have to confess, I had forgotten all about the Eurasian Tree Sparrow. Unlike the House Sparrow, there was only one successful introduction event for the Eurasian Tree Sparrow (sometimes called the German Sparrow to avoid confusion with the American Tree Sparrow).

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Turkish watchmakers plant trees with this wristwatch

Green Prophet

Have you ever made a purchase in your life by which you gave the green light for planting a tree? More often than not, however, the companies that embrace this duty to the environment are ones which use trees to make their products – namely, stationery and wooden products.

Recycling Christmas Trees

Green Home Blog

Recycling Christmas Trees. One of the downsides of the season, at least for me, is taking the decorations off the Christmas tree and putting it out back to die. And the best thing about this county tree recycling program? Yes, Virginia, there is life without a Christmas tree.

Green christmas trees

Green Living Tips

What type of Christmas tree is more environmentally friendly, fake or fir? What about some other alternatives

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Green (Living) Review

NATIONAL TREE WEEK 2011 (26th November – 4th December) Planting one tree may seem but a tiny step on the road to ameliorating local climate change, but The Tree Council says that every tree matters. During National Tree Week 2011, The Tree Council is urging everyone who cares for their environment to take that step and put one tree – or more – in the ground. No, the benefits of a tree extend far beyond. National Tree Week

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