High-Tech Trash Cans to Improve Sustainability

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Trashcans are pretty straightforward: they stand there and collect trash. eco-innovation green gadget green products reduce waste High-tech trash cansYou remove the bag when it’s full, replace it, and it fills up with garbage again. It’s not exactly the domain of innovation and technology… or is it? Believe it or not, the trashcan is quickly becoming a site of technological advancement. In the years […].

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Trash Talk in the Middle East- Interview with Salman Zafar

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We speak to waste management expert Salman Zafar about the region’s mounting trash problem and why it’s outpacing all efforts to deal with it. It’s a scary thought to have to live in all that trash. Libya’s Post-Revolution Trash and Traffic Problems.

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Are You Smarter Than A Trash Can?

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Walking through Boston earlier this week I came across an unusually large trash receptacle. When I went closer to inspect it (throw out my trash) I noticed that it was compactor designed for sustainability. Trash Can via Shutterstock.

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Scientists Using Drones To Map Ocean Trash


While Marco Simeoni, the president of the Race for Water Foundation Read More The post Scientists Using Drones To Map Ocean Trash appeared first on Ecorazzi. A group of scientists is taking the problem of plastic pollution in the oceans by land, sea and air. Animals Causes Environment News Science Top News

Half of Tel Aviv’s Metropolitan Area Trash to be Used as Fuel

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Hiriya just south of Tel Aviv went from being a teeming trash mountain to a renowned recycling center , and now it will also be the site of the Middle East’s largest Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) plant.

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Upcycle your Trash with Terracycle and Eliminate the Idea of Waste

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Because of the efforts of Terracycle, over 2,505,843,106 units of trash were saved from landfills, virgin materials are being saved and over $5,647,129.10

Trash selfies to shame Tunisia’s government

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Social media has again proved to be a powerful tool in Tunisia , where a group of people started a Facebook page that turns the ubiquitous ‘selfie’ into an opportunity to express disgust with the country’s stinking trash problem. We’re drowning in trash.

From Trash To Energy

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Gaston County's landfill would be about the last place you'd look for buried valuables, but as the old adage proclaims: One man's trash is another man's treasure. And in this case, the methane gas rising from Gaston County's garbage could produce enough electricity to power the town of High Shoals, according to the county's public works director Ray Maxwell. Maxwell laid out plans this week for a $5.5

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World’s First Shipping Container Bridge Over Tel Aviv’s Trash Mountain

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A new bridge called ECOtainer made from recycled shipping containers will render “ trash mountain ” unrecognizable to residents of Tel Aviv.

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Reusable metal cutlery thrown into trash after picnics

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Reusable metal cutlery is being thrown nowadays almost routinely into trash after picnics in parks and woods. It would appear that people now buy metal reusable cutlery especially for picnics – the receipts often are with the cutlery in the trash – and then when the items have been used they simply toss them (often placed in plastic bags) rather than taking them home to wash them.

“Trashed” Examines Global Waste. {Video} ~ Marcia G. Yerman

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The important role of film: educating society and bringing difficult subjects to the broadest possible audience.

Turning trash into treasure

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Simply driving or biking around the streets on trash night (easily determined on the Internet), there are tons – at times literally – of interesting and useful things to be picked up. waste management Waste not - Want not recycling crafts waste Turning trash into treasure recycling upcyclingDiverting waste is the ultimate act of sustainability by Michael Smith (Veshengro) There are abundant resources for any home sustainability project you wish to undertake.

Fruitful Fusion “Trochets” Bean Bags from Trash

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The founder of Fruitful Fusion , Khawja lent her crocheting expertise to the Trochet, an environmental initiative that turns trash into treasure.

Sweden recycles so well it needs more trash


When it comes to recycling, Sweden is incredibly successful. Just four percent of household waste in Sweden goes into landfills. The rest winds up either recycled or used as fuel in waste-to-energy power plants.

World’s largest trash mural makes life in Syria a little less awful

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To take the edge off, a handful of artists in Damascus built what the Guinness Book of Records recently confirmed is the world’s largest mural made with trash. Design art Guinness Book of World Records junk culture recycled materials refugees trash art war

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9 Everyday Items You Should Never, Ever Throw In The Trash

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Still, when something is broken, the temptation is often to just throw it in the trash and be done with it. Batteries are small, and therefore easy to toss in the trash. In most states, it’s illegal to dump them in the trash or on the side of the road.

Kuwait Towering Trash Problem

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For such a tiny nation, Kuwait produces some of the world’s highest per capita amounts of trash. We all throw out trash such as packaging which only seems to serve us momentarily or food which wasn’t eaten in time. Libya’s Post Revolution Trash and Traffic Problems.

He Takes Out The Trash.

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Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) freedom healthy relationship individuality intimacy love non attachment relationships respect take out the trash There''s a belief that it''s about finding the other person. It''s not.

Jordan’s Grassroots Efforts to Manage Municipal Trash

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The hills of the city are heaped with trash, and the problem extends to other towns and across the countryside. They post calls for weekly trash-clearings, inviting followers to spend two hours picking up garbage in their immediate area.

Burning Trash to Power 200 Island Homes in the Gulf

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A small island off the coast of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates has announced plans to use the heat from burning trash to generate electricity for roughly 200 homes. Image of burning trash , Shutterstock.

Leaf-Shaped Market Square Filters Rainwater and Trash in Morocco

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TomDavid Architecten from The Netherlands submitted a proposal as part of an international design competition for a more sustainable market square that captures and recycles rainwater and surreptitiously directs trash to underground bins.

Convert Trash to Treasure – Recycling Scrap Metal to Alloys

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Scrap metal recycling is a huge industry and while it might seem like a dirty, hazardous trade to many, the truth is that recycling and reusing scrap metal is a gainful business that’s also very earth-friendly. The price of metals is continuously increasing which makes scrap metal recycling a very profitable business entity. Scrap metal [.]. recycling reduce waste recycle recycling scrap metal reuse

Litterati and the Pursuit of Trash– Document the Litter Around You

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My trash awareness came to me a few years ago. I had read articles about New York City shipping trash to landfills in other states, and I read about housing developments built landfills. About a year and a half ago, I decided it was time to make trash more noticeable.

Lebanon’s Vanina Girls Make Trash Glitter

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So, tell us in the comments: would you wear “trash”? :: The Daily Star. Whereas most people would scarcely give a pile of old keys a second glance, the Vanina girls from Lebanon see in these disused materials new life as glittering jewelry.

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HA Schult arrives in Israel with an army of 500 ‘Trash People’

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German artist HA Schult has spent the last 18 years traveling around the world with his own army of ‘trash people.’ The trash warriors went to Hiriya, the site of what used to be the largest landfill in the country. To some extent, each one of us is a trash warrior.

Find Out What Happens to Our Trash

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My boyfriend’s 7-year-old cousin, Charlie, is an ardent recycler at his home and perhaps the finest example of what we all should be doing when it comes to our trash; he’s inquisitive, unrelenting and methodical. Discarded plastic items await recycling (Photo: Shutterstock ).

Eid Ul Adha Divers Clean 80 Kilos of Undersea Trash

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Get knocked out by the natural beauty, then repulsed by the manmade trash. It is a chicken-egg riddle of monstrous proportion: thousands of visitors head to the seaside during the holiday, dumping money into local economy, but also dumping trash.

Energy from Trash to Become Reality with $17 Million Israeli Investment

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The Jerusalem Post reports that Israel has already invested about $250,000 to catalyze a nation-wide recycling initiative , which includes creating awareness of the importance of recycling, building recycling facilities, and providing incentives for all stakeholders to turn trash into treasures.

The Garbage Women Of Turkey: Turning Trash Into Trendsetting Handbags

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Turning trash into art and employing women who have never worked for pay before — two difficult tasks that Turkish company Çöp(m)adam accomplishes at once. Recycling is usually carried out by poorly compensated workers who salvage reusable materials from trash collected by the municipality and take them to recycling centers. Çöp(m)adam , meaning “garbage (wo)man” in Turkish, plays on the idea that trash collecting is only for men.

Self-Restraint, Global Warming & the Will to Change.

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Editor's Picks Green Health & Wellness Inspiring (Wow) Z ADMIN Green Featured Today climate change consumption Earth global warming green health plastic bags Prop 67 reduce waste trashJust think for a moment. There are 319 million people in America. If each person could reduce their use of.

WATCH: Mayim Bialik Trashes Meat in New PETA Ad


Mayim Bialik trashes meat and talks up veganism in new PETA ad. Read More The post WATCH: Mayim Bialik Trashes Meat in New PETA Ad appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats Featured Healthy Living News Vegan Video Mayim Bialik

Sweden to import garbage as supplies of trash run dry

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Sweden has run out of trash and now they are forced to import some more. Their hyper-efficiency, however, has led to a unique problem: namely a trash shortage that could threaten the country's energy production capacity. First they are able to continue (and even expand) their waste-to-energy program and second the Norwegians are going to pay them to take their waste, proving quite succinctly that one nation's trash can truly be another's treasure trove.

Tiny trash homes “buy” humanity with salvaged waste

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Incite creativity, clean up trash heaps, and change lives. Artist Gregory Kloehn veered off course from a career creating large-scale sculptures, focusing his talents on making tiny buildings from garbage.

Paradise Trashed

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The the scrub is full of trash. Everywhere seems to have trash, actually. The combination of terrible dive shop and a trashed island won’t last forever. Sometimes, when you plan and book trips, you pick the wrong option.

Starve your trash can and recycling bin; Reuse more

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Recycling is not the savior that it is being made out to be and when you have to consign something to the trash can or the recycling bin you have already lost. Our parents and especially our grandparents and their parents were veritable masters in this reuse game and if they could think of a use and reuse for something there was just no way that it would end up in the trash. This is not to say that our ancestors never threw anything into the trash.

Trashed - Somewhere Near You


Oscar winning actor Jeremy Irons joined forces with British documentary filmmaker Candida Brady to create a profoundly moving documentary titled Trashed.

2 Years of Plastic Trash & 3 Ideas to Reduce Consumption.

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It’s not easy. Plastic is everywhere you buy most anything. But it's not impossible to reduce your plastic consumption. Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Green Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today Z ADMIN Green Featured Today plastic free recycling reusable sustainabiity

Heaping Urban Trash May be More Serious than Climate Change

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Heaping urban trash may be an even more daunting global phenomenon than climate change, the World Bank warned in a recent report. kg of trash per day by 2025 . Let’s not bog it down with trash. Image credit: Trash in Egypt , Shutterstock.

14 Simple Actions We Can All Take Right Now Towards Living More Sustainably.

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Food Green Health & Wellness Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Z ADMIN Green Featured Today buy compost efficient farms goals green healthy local New Years plastic recycle resolutions sustainable trash waste

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4 Radical Ways to Heal Ourselves & our Planet.

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Adult/NFS Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Green Health & Wellness Inspiring (Wow) Writer's Contest June 1-14 4 Radical Ways advice change compost consumption Earth eco eco bricks eco compost ecological ecology environment go green green heal our Planet Heal Ourselves healing life lifestyle management mindfulness off the grid recycle reduce reuse solar power toilet trash typical middle-class American life waste