Limiting the Impacts of Technology Materials for the Low Carbon Transition

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Limiting the Impacts of Technology Materials for the Low Carbon TransitionResearchers have demonstrated how a detailed ‘cradle to grave’ evaluation at the outset of new metal mining explorations can greatly mitigate against negative environmental impacts.

Personal Transition

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) We have all heard by now, I should assume, about the Transition Project, the Transition Towns and such, but for us to transition to a new future, a new society, the transition has to start with each one of us and it has to start from the inside. The greater transition cannot be brought about until we, as individuals, each and every one of us, have a personal transition first towards the goal of change.

Transitional ethics

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Sounds like a fancy term describing something complex, but transitional ethics is a simple concept and relates very well to dealing with some of the challenges of going green

4 Ways AI is Accelerating the Energy Transition

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Businesses, policymakers, entrepreneurship, and technological innovations help to accelerate… Read More 4 Ways AI is Accelerating the Energy Transition. The post 4 Ways AI is Accelerating the Energy Transition appeared first on Green Living Guy.


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Transition Companion – Book Review

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Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Transition Companion Making your community more resilient in uncertain times by Rob Hopkins Paperback, 197mm x 265mm, 320 pages Published: 27th October 2011 ISBN: 9781900322973 Price: £19.95 The Transition Companion picks up the story today, describing one of the most fascinating experiments now under way in the world. Regardless, the “Transition Companion” has much to offer, to teach and to impart and thus can very much stand on its own.

Transition Hoods

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Transition street by street by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Transition towns are all fine and good but in larger cities especially we must start neighborhood by neighborhood, street by street, and maybe even in towns in Britain in general. I am well aware of the fact that the Transition Town Movement came from Eire and Britain and that is was started in two entire towns but in general trying to look at entire towns is way too big a field.

Transit Score: Cascadia Smackdown

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The 2014 Canadian Transit Scores are out…and Vancouver, BC clocks in as the third most transit-friendly city in the Great White North , narrowly bested by Toronto and Montreal. Canadian Transit Scores by Walk Score (Used with permission). The only US cities with a better Transit Score than Vancouver are New York, San Francisco, and Boston. Portland and Seattle both do pretty well within the US, with Transit Scores of 50 and 57, respectively.


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SEBASTOPOL, CA, March 2009 : Transition US , set up informally in May 2008 by co-founders Jennifer Gray and Pamela Gray, has now become official. Following funding from Post Carbon Institute, supplemented by contributions from a private investor, Transition US has achieved non-profit status, appointed a 5-person Board of Directors, opened an office in Sebastopol, expanded its training arm and hired Carolyne Stayton as interim Executive Director. Tags: Transition US

A redesign helps an Enel power plant transition away from coal


In a competition to create designs to update power plants in Italy, Frigerio Design Group takes the win with its forward-thinking and innovative approach

Italy 78

Transit Score: Buses Matter

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The cool kids over at Walk Score just posted their all-new 2014 Transit Score rankings with data on transit service in more than 200 cities across the US. And in good news for the Northwest, Seattle’s Transit Score ranks 7th among all large cities, trailing only New York, San Francisco, Boston, DC, Philly, and Chicago. The bad news, though, is that both Seattle and Portland saw their Transit Scores fall over the last two years.

Naresh Giangrande, co-founder of Transition Network: the future for local economies, Part 2

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This is a continuation of an interview with Naresh Giangrande, co-founder of Transition Totnes and the Transition Network, on the future for local economies post-covid. Do we go to the groups, or through the Transition Network?

Economic transition is a difficult, but necessary conversation--especially for those affected

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  This was a difficult transition for on-farm workers but the overall level of well-being in the U.S. As countries develop, economically and socially, the means of producing economic well-being shift.    These shifts are often uncomfortable for those working tin the affected industries.    In the U.S.

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It's time to stop wondering when the renewable switch will occur and start asking how do we manage the transition

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than the question of how we manage the economic transition.   How do we transition the infrastructure in those communities?    How do we manage the inevitable pressures of additional income inequities due to the transition? CNN : The renewable energy sector is projected to generate more electricity than coal during the month of April, according to a recent report  published by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis.

2019 100

New metro stations extend sustainable, site-sensitive transit in Denmark


Original post: New metro stations extend sustainable, site-sensitive transit in Denmark. Green central-station copenhagen denmark gold-targeted metro mixed-use nordhavn public transit rasmus-hjortsh urban development urban revitalization

Why data and measurement are key to a circular economy transition


Why data and measurement are key to a circular economy transition James Woolven Fri, 02/12/2021 – 01:00 This article originally appeared on Circulate News. Measuring progress and tracking changes is an essential factor in the transition to a circular economy.”

"Use of Public Transit in U.S. Reaches Highest Level Since 1956"

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billion passenger trips were taken on transit systems during the year, surpassing the post-1950s peak of 10.59 The ridership in 2013, when gas prices were lower than in 2008, undermines the conventional wisdom that transit use rises when those prices exceed a certain threshold, and suggests that other forces are bolstering enthusiasm for public transportation, said Michael Melaniphy, the president of the association.

2014 142

The Next-Gen Tech Accelerating the Transition to Net Zero


Meet the startups behind the technologies set to emerge as enablers of the net-zero transition. Read the rest here: The Next-Gen Tech Accelerating the Transition to Net Zero.

Technology in Transit

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Skip to navigation Advanced Search Document Actions Sections Front Page Daily News Daily Score Blog The Daily Score Technology in Transit Posted by Eric Hess 03/04/2011 10:00 AM Transit planning and real-time information technology could get drivers on the bus. One of the first things I downloaded was OneBusAway , an app that provides real-time information on transit stops, routes, and arrivals using data provided by King County Metro. Skip to content.

Floating like the wind to a clean energy transition


Read more: Floating like the wind to a clean energy transition. Floating wind has the potential to make a huge contribution to filling the installed capacity gap in renewables and represents a game changer for the energy sector globally. Business Green a-huge-contribution diversify-its energy-sector filling-the-installed game-changer- installed installed-capacity potential

Recovery: Transition of the Zoo from Jail to Ark

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Some still deride zoos as “prisons” – but in reality they have become an important force for conservation. Wildlife Birds Herps Mammals Nature + People Restoration

2018 65

Saudi Arabian Bus Ride – Mass Transit or Mass Murder?

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Absent a reliable mass transit system , these little buses, which are provided by private schools and employers, serve a critical public service. Cars & Transportation Amman buses drifting mass transit reckless drivingWeird science that this video clip of bus drifting from Saudi Arabia comes to my attention just as I hop off my office bus in Jordan. The bus is a small one, seats maybe 24. It’s lightweight and nimble, one of hundreds cruising Jordan’s roads.

The Market Leaders Shaping the Net Zero Transition


Here is the original post: The Market Leaders Shaping the Net Zero Transition. Leaders pioneering ambitious initiatives in emissions, corporate collaboration and other areas share their strategies.

How transitioning to sustainable practices can benefit your business

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Chances are that these companies do not understand that transitioning to sustainable practices can represent a benefit. The bottom line is that transitioning to sustainable practices is good for any business. It is becoming imperative for businesses in the Middle East to adopt and implement sustainable practices. But why? Well, consumers are manifesting growing interest for eco-friendly companies. They buy from brands based on their social and environmental impact.

2019 50

Earth911 Interview: Alysia Helming of EarthFund Global on Accelerating National Renewable Energy Transitions


EarthFund Global‘s ambitious plan to finance and accelerate national transitions … The post Earth911 Interview: Alysia Helming of EarthFund Global on Accelerating National Renewable Energy Transitions appeared first on Earth 911. Originally posted here: Earth911 Interview: Alysia Helming of EarthFund Global on Accelerating National Renewable Energy Transitions.

Dump the Pump – Take Transit to Beat Big Oil

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For the past eight years, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) has sponsored Dump the Pump Day to highlight the benefits of taking public transit. More and more Americans want to live in neighborhoods that are walkable, bikeable and transit friendly. Just last year, transit ridership grew to 10.5 Public transit success stories abound. Transit agencies are getting folks to jump on the bandwagon by offering incentives to hop aboard public transit

Mass. Activists Cheer Coal Plant Retirement, Call for Transition Plan

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and Neighbor to Neighbor, "so, while we are very glad to know our air will be cleaner, responsible retirement also means working with our community and the workers for clean up and transition." Residents of Holyoke, Massachusetts, are cheering the retirement of the local Mt. Tom coal plant , knowing that its significant air pollution will soon end. Last week the plant's owners, GDF Suez, announced that the plant will cease operations in October 2014.

Futuristic Public Rapid Transit blends the advantages of a car and transit


Pratima Kalra: Public Rapid Transit (PRT) is regarded vital to the future of mass transport. The apparent reason is that the system is energy efficient and combines the advantages of both transit and personal transportation. Individual Transit. In particular, beamways are the most progressive in the realm of PRT innovations.

Botobus: Istanbul public transit goes botanical and organic!

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Happen to be in Istanbul ? Then hop aboard Botobus, a new eco-friendly public transport option that features an organic rooftop garden. Introduced last week by the Istanbul Transportation Authority (IETT), the “botanical bus” embarked on its first journey between Edirnekapi and Taksim. The project aims to draw attention to global warming and the environment. The rooftop garden absorbs direct sunlight, which reduces heat gain inside the bus.

Dump the Pump Day: What Do Transit and Clean Energy Have in Common?

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in the first quarter of 2014 came from solar , and public transit ridership continues to soar. Hearing about solar and transit in the same sentence may be unusual, but in fact, they're part of the same story. Transit saves America 4.2 All the people that transit brings to and from work every single day. Demand for transit is here and it’s not going away. In fact, transit use has been on the rise, with 10.7 billion trips via transit in 2013.

2014 85

Transition Model

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The 7 Principles of Transition 1. Positive Visioning Transition Initiatives are based on a dedication to the creation of tangible, clearly expressed and practical visions of the community in question beyond its present?day Help People Access Good Information and Trust Them to Make Good Decisions Transition initiatives dedicate themselves, through all aspects of their work, to raising awareness of peak oil and climate change and related issues such as critiquing economic growth.

Orchestrating the energy transition: Tuning into buildings


The rest is here: Orchestrating the energy transition: Tuning into buildings. For the sector to play its part means adopting aggressive energy efficiency, zero-carbon and grid-interactive strategies, especially for existing structures. Business Green adopting-aggressive and-aquaculture and-grid-interactive animal health buildings energy efficiency new-innovation sector

Digitalization enables the circular economy transition — it’s time to lean into it


Read the rest here: Digitalization enables the circular economy transition — it’s time to lean into it. To maintain the value of a product in the economy for as long as possible, information on the product design, composition, and condition is critical. Business Eco Green board-with economy high speed rail long-as-possible maintain-the maintain-the-value the-economy will-it-take

Public Transit in the 'Most Livable City'

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Whatever your tastes, public transit can get you where you want to go. Service runs 21 hours a day and icons like SkyTrain and SeaBus make it a "destination transit system." One of the many reasons why Metro Vancouver stays livable! BURNABY, British Columbia, Canada, March 2011: As the cherry and plum blossoms re-appear and daylight stretches later, Metro Vancouver gets ready to welcome people from other parts of the world.

Trade Rules Undermine Transition to Clean Energy - Compass

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12 Sierra Club Bloggers to Watch in 2013: Part II » Trade Rules Undermine Transition to Clean Energy. And, by offering corporations broad rights to challenge environmental and other public interest policies, trade and investment rules can undermine one of the most urgent challenges of our time: the transition to a clean energy future. With climate disruption reaching its tipping point, the transition to a clean energy economy has never been more critical. Compass.

The Transition Movement and the Working Class

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Attracting the working class Transition Towns and the Transition Movement as a whole suffer from an image problem in that the ordinary man and woman in the street seem to see it as something only for the better of middle and upper classes; for those “who can afford it”, and those in predominately rural settings. The Green Movement and the Transition Movement have so far, in the main, been unable to touch the working class and this must change.

Jason Klein on Shell’s energy transition strategy


Jason Klein on Shell’s energy transition strategy This video is sponsored by Shell. Joel Makower, chairman & executive editor at GreenBiz, interviewed Jason Klein, chief of staff and vice president of energy transition strategy at Shell during the VERGE 20 virtual event (October 26-30, 2020). More here: Jason Klein on Shell’s energy transition strategy.

What the urban exodus in San Francisco bodes for car dependency and public transit


What the urban exodus in San Francisco bodes for car dependency and public transit Katie Fehrenbacher Wed, 08/19/2020 – 01:45 For someone living in San Francisco for over a decade, the latest numbers showing an exodus from the notoriously hard-to-live-in city are jaw-dropping. Car sales in the Bay Area already have been on the rise in recent months as families buy “COVID cars” and avoid transit, ride-hailing and carpooling.

Inside the transition from diesel to electric


Read the original post: Inside the transition from diesel to electric. Key learnings from the UPS fleet electrification project outside London. Business Green about-growing and-using cities climate change creating-local electric vehicles fewer-inputs- fleet-electrification- london ups withstand-the-effects

2019 28

Hillary Clinton: We Can Set the Example For Transitioning from Fossil Fuels

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This week, Hillary Clinton became the most recent high profile supporter for a transition to clean energy. to become a global leader in transitioning away from dirty fuels. "We should set the global example for transitioning in some more orderly way away from fossil fuels," Clinton said. "And Big news. The former US Secretary of State, First Lady, and U.S. Senator has cemented her status as a respected leader whose earned a spot in international headlines daily.

Turkish Coal Tragedy Puts Emphasis on Transition to Clean Energy

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One of these institutions, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), has made the transition beyond coal a cornerstone of their work in Turkey - and the importance of that step forward is only amplified by this week’s coal mining tragedy. At the same time, the struggle to transition from fossil fuels has run head on into the struggle against an increasingly repressive and authoritarian government led by Recep Tayyip Erdo?an

A redesign helps an Enel power plant transition away from coal


In a contest titled, “New Energy Spaces,” the environmental transition presented by Frigerio Design Group outlined the solutions needed for Enel, the electricity and gas production company behind the competition, to meet its goals of transforming all of the coal-fired plants into sustainable facilities by an aggressive 2025 date. A redesign helps an Enel power plant transition away from coal.

Ingredients of Transition: Education for Transition

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by Rob Hopkins [link] Here is the very final additional ingredient for ‘The Transition Companion’. My thanks to Isabel Carlisle for her input with this ingredient… How can education, at all levels, best contribute to the Transition process, building resilient individuals, resilient communities and resilient institutions? However there isn’t, as yet, a ‘Transition school’ which pulls all of that together in one seamless whole. A Transition Curriculum?