The Owls of Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park, Texas

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Along with Hawk Mountain and the Platte River, there were two destinations in Texas near the top of the page – Padre Island National Seashore and the Rio Grande Valley. One of the highlights of birding in this Texas state park is the chance to see five owl species that breed here.

Texas 202

Little Big Year – Week 34: We visit Colorado and Texas

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So, we were off and away to Dalhart, Texas, and the Rita Blanca Reservoir. We had no real plans to go to Texas, but the last report from Rita Blanca was very impressive. For those of you that have never been thru any part of Texas, especially the northwest corner, it is very flat!

Texas 141

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The Little Big Year – Week 43: Last minute trip to Texas

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Well, that’s just not really our style, so at the very last minute, we rented a high gas mileage car, thru a few things in a cooler, and our birding gear and headed for south Texas. We left Tucson on Monday, and drove to Alpine, Texas for our first night.

Texas 175

Austin, Texas.

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sxsw Texas I am not going to Austin, not today, and probably not tomorrow. I am probably not even going so far as an adjacent zip code. Adventure Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Literary Journal Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) austin doc martens fantasy freedom music pie.

Purple paint means 'no trespassing' in Texas

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TYLER, Texas (KETK) - While visiting the countryside of Texas, have you ever seen trees and fence posts with unique markings the color purple? "In Texas as we know, people like to take target practice at signs so they are having to replace them frequently."

Texas 134

Update: Another Ocelot Killed in South Texas

Nature Conservancy - Science

In a sad update to the ocelot conservation stories I wrote earlier this month , yet another ocelot has died on the South Texas roads. As I wrote previously, with the Texas ocelot population dwindling to dozens of animals, every cat counts. Mammals border mammals Texas

Texas 97

Texas Cattle Rancher Becomes Vegan


Renee and Tommy Sonnen used to operate Sonnen Ranch in the heart of Texas. They divorced, and Read More The post Texas Cattle Rancher Becomes Vegan appeared first on Ecorazzi. A fourth-generation farmer has gone from sending cattle to slaughter to saving them. Animals Eats News Top News Vegan

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The Urban Birds of Austin, Texas

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Though I have been birding for a few years now, I had only birded west of the Mississippi once before my recent trip to Austin, Texas. These birds live in Texas and the southwest, and until that power line I had never seen one. Trips Austin Texas Urban BirdsGiven how far west I found myself, I was hoping for at least a handful of new birds. I didn’t realize how many new species I would see within the city itself!

Austin 117

Don’t Mess with the Great Texas Birding Classic

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Now you should have a sense of the excitement elicited by the Great Texas Birding Classic ! Speaking of fun, have I mentioned that I’ll be attending the 2011 Great Texas Birding Classic? Birding bird race Great Texas Birding Classic swarovski texas trails

Texas 196

Dozens Of Hummingbirds Saved During Texas Wildfires

Wend Magazine

When Don and Pat Coker of Paige, Texas decided not to evacuate their home last month despite massive local wildfires , the couple didn’t know their personal risks would help feed dozens of little flying creatures in need. Related posts: America’s First Zero Waste Grocery Store to Open in Texas This Year. Click here to view the embedded video.

Texas 157

Offshore Sea Life: East Coast, Birds of Pennsylvania, & Texas Birds: Three Books, Three Reviews

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All of these titles deal with birding in specific North American geographic areas: The Atlantic coast, Pennsylvania, and Texas. The first edition of the TOS (Texas Ornithological Society) Handbook of Texas Birds by Mark W. There are more photographs, mostly new (the 1962 Eskimo Curlew remains), taken by the authors and a large group of birders, most of whom appear to be from Texas. The TOS Handbook of Texas Birds, Second Edition.

Fulfilling Water Needs as Big as Texas

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The Pedernales may not be your picture of a Texas river. Texas’s Water Challenge. Right now, water demand outstrips water supply in Texas, a problem that is only projected to get worse as the state’s population is expected to double by 2050. The Texas Water Explorer.

Texas 81

Camera Trap Captures Images of Texas Ocelot Kittens

Nature Conservancy - Science

Great news for ocelots: This year, several females with kittens were documented in South Texas using remote cameras. A Shocking Surge of Ocelot Deaths in Texas. I’ve followed Texas ocelot conservation closely since I visited Laguna Atascosa and the Yturria Ranch in 2014.

Texas 113

Connecting with Nature in Texas City

Conservancy Talk

While thousands of Nature Conservancy staff, supporters and friends marched for science on Earth Day 2017, 130 Texans gathered in southeast Texas for a day at the beach. Sponsored by the Texas General Land Office, Adopt-A-Beach is the nation’s largest all-volunteer coastal cleanup event.

Texas 101

Texas Vet Fired For Killing Cat With Bow and Arrow


A Texas veterinarian, who posted a picture of herself on Facebook holding up a dead cat she claims to have killed with a bow and arrow, has been fired. “My first Read More The post Texas Vet Fired For Killing Cat With Bow and Arrow appeared first on Ecorazzi.

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More Great Texas Birding Classic Action

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My stint accompanying the Swarovski Roadside Hawks in the Great Texas Birding Classic 5-day Bird Race has come to an end, but the action still continues. Asides Great Texas Birding ClassicClay Taylor is tweeting the action @CTaylorBirder and all Birding Classic tweets can be followed via #gtbc11. I highly recommend following this amazing team’s bird chasing exploits… their combination of intensity and ability makes birding exciting!

Texas 144

Central Texas Wildfires Are Breaking Records

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The massive wildfires tearing their way across Texas have destroyed more than 1,000 homes, which is a new record for the state. This week alone, the Texas Forest Service has responded to 63 new fires on over 32,000 acres. When discussing the intensity of the fire, Jan Amen of the Texas Forest Service said. ” Eco News texas wildfiresMore than 3.6 million acres have been burned down by the fires since the beginning of the drought.

Texas 125

Texas Oil Spill Threatens Migrating Birds

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Is last week’s oil spill near Galveston, Texas bad for birds? As the guys on SportsCenter say, it’s not good , according to conservationists and wildlife officials, since spring migration is just heating up. Many birds flying toward their nesting sites pass over where the spill occurred (on World Water Day, ironically). If they rest or feed in the affected area , they’re at risk for contamination. That goes for resident birds, too.

Texas 163

Great Texas Birding Classic: Big First Day on the Upper Coast

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Any of these bodacious Upper Texas Coast bird watching destinations deserve hours if not days in order to be fully appreciated. Blame the Great Texas Birding Classic. Trips bird race features Great Texas Birding Classic swarovski texasBoykin Spring. Jasper Fish Hatchery.

Texas 207

Wind Power Helps Texas Attain Energy Goals Early

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The state of Texas has attained their goal of getting 10,000 megawatts of renewable energy capacity this year. According to a report filed with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas last week, Texas has 10,367 megawatts of renewable energy capacity, and generated 21,594,278 megawatt-hours of clean electricity in 2009. Government / Industry texas wind powerThe best news is that the goal has been attained fifteen years earlier than scheduled.

4 children dead in Texas in pesticide spraying incident

Green (Living) Review

MARILLO, Texas -- Four children died from gas poisoning believed to have been caused by a pesticide sprayed under their Amarillo home, officials say.

Texas 134

Great Texas Birding Classic: Scenes from the Upper Rio Grande Valley

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On the first day of the Great Texas Birding Classic , the Swarovski Roadside Hawks racked up over 180 species on the Upper Coast. Trips Estero Llano Grande features Great Texas Birding Classic rio grande valley South Padre Island texas

Texas 180

China Funding Texas Wind Project

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Renewable Energy Group, and Austin, Texas-based Cielo Wind Power LP. Government / Industry china funded wind farm texas wind farmThe 600-megawatt wind farm, which is scheduled to begin construction in March of next year, is a joint venture between Shenyang Power Group of China, U.S. The $1.5 billion USD project will be largely funded by Chinese financiers. China has been accelerating construction of wind farms throughout the country. It passed the U.S.

Texas 100

A Shocking Surge of Ocelot Deaths in Texas

Nature Conservancy - Science

The past year has been a harsh one for Texas ocelots, with seven of the spotted cats killed on roads, according to a release issued yesterday by the U.S. The population of Texas ocelots hovers, at best, in the dozens, so every cat counts.

Texas 83

Follow the Great Texas Birding Classic

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Sometime after midnight, the Swarovski Roadside Hawks will swoop into action in the 5-day Competition event in the Great Texas Birding Classic ! Follow my updates through the 10,000 Birds Twitter account ( 10000birds ) and any other tweets via the designated hashtag for this year’s Classic: #gtbc11. Wish us luck! Asides

Texas 146

State Of Texas Tried To Shut Down A Sustainable Community

Green (Living) Review

Earlier this year, the state of Texas brought several SWAT teams to the quiet and peaceful Garden of Eden Community and threatened its existence.

Texas 146

Texas solar farm recruits 'lambscaping' team to clear away weeds

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As reported by the Texas Tribune, a 4.4-megawatt South Texas solar farm operated by OCI Solar Power is now the grazing grounds of about 90 hardworking Barbados Cross sheep (appearance-wise, these hair goats aren’t your stereotypical fluffy white bleat machines).

Texas 136

Texas Leads Nation In Wind Power

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Leading the pack, of all places is Texas. That’s a 6 percent growth in wind capacity, giving Texas more than 8,000 megawatts in wind power capacity. So far this year,Texas has added a new wind farm in Abilene and has recently announced a new facility in Sweetwater. Government / Industry Wind Power News texas wind farms

America’s First Zero Waste Grocery Store to Open in Texas This Year

Wend Magazine

A brand-new store called in.gredients will soon launch in Austin, Texas and will be the U.S.’s Click here to view the embedded video. ’s first “package-free and zero waste grocery store.&#. So, you ask, how does that happen? It’s surprisingly easy. The store will operate under a “precycling&# model , in which consumers will bring reusable containers (think tupperware or the like) to the in.gredients store, which will offer only bulk items and no plastic bags.

Livestream video of Wendy Davis, filibustering to keep Abortion access in Texas.

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Texas state senator Wendy Davis (D – Fort Worth) will be speaking until midnight to block the passage of a bill that would effectively force most abortion clinics in Texas to close.

Texas 110

Entire State of Texas Declared Natural Disaster


The persistent drought and wildfires plaguing Texas has led the US Department of Agriculture to declare the state of Texas a natural disaster. At least 213 counties in Texas have been declared ‘disasters,’ and along with the other remaining counties may now qualify for emergency loans.

Texas 82

Ivory-billed Woodpecker in East Texas!

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Oh, wait, never mind. Darned local news stations… Hat-tip to Birdchick. Asides woodpeckers

Texas 140

Search Engine Giant Google Buys Massive Wind Farm in Texas


Their latest purchase is the 240 MW Happy Hereford wind farm outside of Amarillo, Texas. Read More The post Search Engine Giant Google Buys Massive Wind Farm in Texas appeared first on Ecorazzi. Google has made numerous investments in solar and wind power.

Willie Nelson Raises Over $120,000 for West, Texas Victims


Country legend Willie Nelson puts on concert and raises more than $120,000 for those affected by the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion. Read More The post Willie Nelson Raises Over $120,000 for West, Texas Victims appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Texas 72

Nebraska, Texas, Lead the U.S. in Animal Slaughter


That’s Read More The post Nebraska, Texas, Lead the U.S. If you’re an animal that is so often sought out as a meal, you’re going to want to avoid the Midwest. And the southeast. Well, really all of America. in Animal Slaughter appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News

Quest Recycling Hosts “Zero Waste Night” with Texas Legends

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On Sunday, April 1 at 3:00 pm, the Texas Legends face off against the Iowa Energy at Dr Pepper Center. Texas Legends’ mascot Dunker and Frisco Environmental Services mascot Rufus will entertain families.

Texas 131

20 Penguins Imported From Texas Live at Dubai Ski Slope

Green Prophet

10 King and 10 Gentoo Penguins imported from Texas are now living at Ski Dubai – an indoor ski slope in the desert!

Texas 109

Some of America?s Avian Treasures

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Occurring primarily in two disjunct populations (one in Mexico and the other in the Andes), these jays are common residents in South Texas where they are steadily spreading northward. South Texas Birding & Nature.

2020 219

Building Wind Power Lines to Create Thousands of Texas Jobs

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The Public Utility Commission has established a $5 billion project to build transmission lines to bring wind power electricity from West Texas to North Texas and Houston, consequently creating thousands of jobs in order to do so. Ultimately, not only will the environment benefit but citizens will too since bringing wind energy to North Texas should lower power rates there as it has already in West Texas. Government / Industry TexasOil wasn’t enough for Texans.

Texas 100

Is the State of Texas turning into a theocracy?

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I would suggest that people in Texas keep a very close eye on the antics of their Governor before he turns their great State into a theocracy on Christian lines in a similar vein to Iran.

Texas 151

World’s Largest Wind Farm Finished in Texas

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Climate & Renewables, the $1 billion farm covers 100,000 acres of land across four counties in West Texas and will be able to power more than 230,000 homes. Government / Industry texas wind farmThe 781.5 MW Roscoe wind complex has been completed. Built by E.ON The company erected the 627 turbines and made deals with 300 different land owners in just two years time.

This Texas man is fighting the drought one tank of rainwater at a time

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Richard Heinichen became the mayor of Tank Town by building one rainwater storage tank in central Texas in 1994. He started out as a rainwater evangelist for the supplemental, sulfur-free benefits, but ended up as deus ex machina during Texas’ crippling droughts.

Texas 136

University of North Texas Debuts Vegan Dining Hall


The University of North Texas isn’t simply offering vegan options. Well, I think we can guess who is going to win PETA2′s “Most Vegetarian-Friendly Campus&# this year. To answer the growing demand for healthful plant based foods, they opened up a vegan dining hall!

Texas 95