Tennessee Activists Use Kayaks in Demand to Move Beyond Coal

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In conjunction with the Sierra Club's release of a major report on Big Coal's water pollution last week , Tennessee activists -- using the opportunity to highlight the pollution from coal plants operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority -- took to the kayaks, floating on the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville and McKellar Lake in Memphis with signs that read, "Let's move TVA beyond coal." " Tennessee's eight coal plants are among hundreds in the U.S.

Five Years After Tragic Disaster in Tennessee, Still No Coal Ash Safeguards

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22, marks five years since the Kingston Coal Plant’s ash dam in Tennessee ruptured, sending more than a billion gallons of toxic sludge into homes, onto farmland, and into the Emory and Clinch Rivers in Roane County - one of the biggest environmental disaster in U.S. This coming Sunday, Dec.


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Would someone let the Kentucky AG know that I was price gouged last week

Environmental Economics

This picture was taken in Tennessee but still

Check into Virgin Hotels, get a Tesla ride

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Chicago Green Travel News Illinois Nashville New York New York City North America Tennessee The Americas United States Chicago green hotel Tesla at Chicago hotel Virgin Hotels Chicago Virgin Hotels Nashville Virgin Hotels New York | Green Travel News | Starting today, Virgin Hotels is shuttling its guests around Chicago in a top-of-the-line, red Tesla Model S, the premium electric vehicle that is also the quickest-accelerating four-door vehicle— 0-60 in just 3.2

2015 130

DOE Shows The South How To Save Energy

Green Living Ideas

Tennessee has the second highest energy consumption in the nation due to its lack of energy efficiency in state building codes. The DOE and Oak Ridge National Laboratory are building a demonstration with the TVA at the Campbell Creek subdivision near Knoxville, Tennessee to show the cost advantages of [.] [ DOE Shows The South How To Save Energy from Green Living Ideas ].

2010 63

Architects turn invasive plants and forestry waste into a sculpture


Presented at the South Garden of Tennessee’s Knoxville Museum of Art, the architectural sculpture was crafted in the likeness of a large outdoor room with four walls and openings that serve as doorways and windows. The installation and research were funded by the 2019–2020 Tennessee Architecture Fellowship at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, and Homegrown was temporarily put on view through November 29, 2020.

Greenways: The New Front Porch

Cool Green Science

by Paul Kingsbury, communications manager, The Nature Conservancy in Tennessee . Urban cities and nature greenways hiking natures benefits outdoor recreation Paul Kingsbury tennessee urban conservation walking Yes, greenways are great places to exercise. But they also have other benefits. Photo: Paul Kingsbury/TNC. You probably know green-space preservation has many benefits for cities. Cleaner water. Storm protection. Wildlife habitat. Cooler city temperatures.

2014 77

Seminar day!

Environmental Economics

University of Tennessee. Fri, 02/06/2015. Linking listing and delisting decisions under the Endangered Species Act: A case study of gray wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains. Charles Sims. Download Paper PDF. Seminar, PH 3010 2pm

2015 165

Not funny

Environmental Economics

If you know me well, and who doesn't, then you know I like Tennessee jokes (insert your own dang Kentucky joke here): Like businessmen everywhere, the college sports executives [attending the IMG Intercollegiate Athletics Forum ] bemoaned the high cost of doing business these days. And the University of Tennessee had paid $5 million to get rid of its football coach, Derek Dooley, after three losing seasons. The buyouts at Tennessee for coaches totaled at least $9 million.

2012 157

Picture of the Day

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While waiting for Official Oldest Daughter of Env-Econ's (OODEE) softball team to start an 8AM softball game at the NSA 16U Nationals in Chattanooga, Tennessee last week, I decided to play with my iPhone's panorama feature.    Pretty cool if you ask me. Photo Credit: Me

Things Indiana Jones and I have in common.

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A scientist from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville has discovered that a species of snake, the Cuban boa, hunts in groups, and through teamwork improve their chances of catching prey. we're both college professors, and we both hate snakes : Get ready to update your nightmares.

Comics Curmudgeon on the TVA

Environmental Economics

I guess it really shouldn’t come as surprise that a strip that thinks of the Tennessee Valley Authority as a universally recognized cultural touchstone would also think of efforts to dredge navigation channels and build enormous dams as a “conservation project.”. Momma, 7/13/11.

2011 122

What I'm doing this afternoon

Environmental Economics

University of Tennessee). "Are September 30. Michael Price. "Are There 'Hidden Costs' of Control in Naturally Occurring Markets: Evidence from Field Experiments" Supplemental Material. via www.business.appstate.edu. Submit your pointed questions for Mike in the comments section and I'll try to bring them up during the seminar

2011 116

PhD programs in US economics departments with fields in environmental economics

Environmental Economics

University of Tennessee. I was recently advising an economics student about PhD programs in US economics departments (straight econ, not agricultural or other departments) with fields in environmental economics. I excluded ag econ because of the more limited teaching opportunities at the non-RI university (other than East Carolina University and Appalachian State University, who would hire an aggie in an economics department?):

2015 173

Identification of Causal Effects in Environmental and Energy Economics: Call for Papers

Environmental Economics

Center for Public Policy ( [link] ) in association with the Department of Economics, at the University of Tennessee, ( [link] ) will host a workshop on the Identification of Causal Effects in Environmental and Energy Economics on Monday and Tuesday, July 15-16, 2013, in Knoxville, Tennessee. The workshop organizers and JEBO guest editors are: Mary Evans, Claremont McKenna College Matthew Kotchen, Yale University Christian Vossler, University of Tennessee

2012 149

CALL for PAPERS: Thresholds, Tipping Points and Random Events in Dynamic Economic Systems

Environmental Economics

Center for Public Policy ( [link] ) and the Department of Economics ( [link] ) at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville , will host a workshop on Thresholds, Tipping Points, and Random Events in Dynamic Economic Systems on Monday and Tuesday, July 27-28, 2015. Charles Sims , University of Tennessee. CALL FOR PAPERS:  Thresholds, Tipping Points and Random Events  in Dynamic Economic Systems. The Howard H. Baker Jr.

2014 160

Price Gouging during the Pandemic

Environmental Economics

")  It's hard to square the hoarding-and-gouging behavior of the two brothers in Tennessee and Kentucky with this argument from efficiency.   The global coronavirus pandemic is an emergency. 

2020 164

"Ohio State’s jersey 'coincidence'”

Environmental Economics

2011 is the year that Kentucky broke their 26 year losing streak against the University of Tennessee ( with a wide receiver playing QB for the first time since high school ). John Clay: In his basketball notebook a couple of weeks back, Jerry Tipton wrote about the issue of schools selling jerseys with numbers that often correlate to the most recognizable players on the team. The players themselves receive no money from the sales.

Ohio 155

Makes one (me at least) pause and wonder

Environmental Economics

The average wage for graduates of community colleges in Tennessee, for instance, is $38,948 -- more than $1,300 higher than the average salaries for graduates of the state's four-year institutions. Nearly 30% of Americans with associate's degrees now make more than those with bachelor's degrees, according to Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce.

2013 135

The Green Buzz: Friday, December 20

Cool Green Science

Top 13 “In the News” stories for 2013. ( Tennessee Today ). More top ten lists of top environmental stories of 2013. Top ten happy environmental stories of 2013! ( Mongabay ). The Ten most important Environmental Stories of 2013! ( EarthIslandJournal ). Animals Climate Change Green Living The Green Buzz The Nature Conservancy United States

How Do Conservationists Target Dams for Removal?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Take Tennessee. Tennessee has the highest freshwater biodiversity on the continent, and in many areas fish and mussel species could be helped by removing outdated dams. But Tennessee has 2,000 documented dams. Researchers from The Nature Conservancy in Tennessee , the Cumberland River Compact and American Rivers are using computer technology to identify and prioritize outmoded dams for removal. “A

2017 64

My spring football recap (with no mention of The Ohio State)

Environmental Economics

Tennessee 35,891. John Clay: The SEC has released spring game attendance figures for each of its 12 schools. Kentucky’s crowd of 4,000 was dead last. And, to be truthful, I’m not sure there were 4,000 there. Here’s the list: Alabama 92,310. Auburn 53,209. Florida 51,000. Georgia 43,177. Arkansas 42,000. Mississippi State 36,357. South Carolina 29,451. Ole Miss 28,000. LSU 25,032. Vanderbilt 7,500. Kentucky 4,000.

Ohio 109

While John was working this weekend, I got to play

Environmental Economics

Some things I learned while I spent the weekend on a houseboat on Dale Hollow Lake on the Kentucky/Tennessee border (right): Marina operators are amazingly trusting of early middle-age men who have never driven or docked a houseboat before.   It's fricking hot in Tennessee this time of year. Subtitle: What I did on my 4th of July weekend.

2011 116

Picture of the day

Environmental Economics

Tomorrow night we're having UK fans over (and at least one Texas/Tennessee fan [Texas/Tennessee fan?]). via media.kentucky.com. Here is the caption: Kentucky Wildcats fans jam the YUM center in Louisville for UK practice for the NCAA second round action on Wednesday March 14, 2012 in Louisville, Ky. Photo by Mark Cornelison | Staff MARK CORNELISON.

2012 130

Carbon Footprint – Summer Travel

Green Home Blog

Tennessee: The Electric Vehicle Friendly State and the Great Beyond. Why not put Tennessee on your list of fossil fuel free (or considerably reduced) summer travel places to explore. Carbon Footprint – Summer Travel. For the remainder of the summer why not re-adjust your carbon footprint summer travel plans. By incorporating some simple steps you just may be able to do your share with minimal inconvenience while possibly saving a few bucks at the same time.

Reclaimed Railyard Ping Pong Table

Green Furniture Home Design

For this amazing table tennis set, they have used side rails which came from the Tennessee Coal & Iron Company, and were produced in 1904. We saw this piece recently while searching for innovative pieces created using old railroad ties, and had to share it with you. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous in the most industrial way, it’s using reclaimed wood and materials, which we love over here. How about some history?

Whither environmental federalism?

Environmental Economics

By doing so, the justices tossed out a lawsuit brought by eight states against AEP, three other private power companies and the Tennessee Valley Authority. The U.S. Supreme Court handed American Electric Power a victory yesterday when it ruled that states cannot go to federal court to force power companies to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases believed to cause global warming. In an 8-0 ruling, the justices concluded that the U.S.

Remember when climate cap-and-trade was bipartisan?

Environmental Economics

In fact, some Republicans, including Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, were willing to go forward with a more limited climate bill that would have restricted emissions only from power plants.

2016 100

Country's Largest Public Power Provider Takes Next Major Step to Move Beyond Coal

Sierra Club Compass

Today the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) announced it will retire coal boilers at three of its coal plants in Alabama and Kentucky. I grew up in the Smoky Mountains of east Tennessee and went to college at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, so I know first-hand how much that region has struggled with coal pollution, and how much local residents care about clean air and water.

Supreme Court: One State's Coal Pollution Not Allowed to Make Another State's Families Sick

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  I grew up in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, one of the many places where this standard will make a big difference. In the Smokies, we suffer from air pollution blowing in from the many coal plants in the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys. Now the people of East Tennessee, and many other states and cities, can look forward to cleaner air.

2014 87

Five Endangered Species Recoveries You’ve Never Heard Of

Nature Conservancy - Science

Tennessee Purple Coneflower. Tennessee coneflowers at Couchville Cedar Glade State Natural Area. Like the black-footed ferret or Caspian horse, the Tennessee purple coneflower was once thought to be extinct. It grows in the limestone barrens and cedar glades of only three counties in Tennessee, and until a Vanderbilt professor named Elsie Quarterman accidentally rediscovered it in 1968, most botanists assumed it was lost.

2017 87

Not-From-The-Onion-But-Should-Be story of the day

Environmental Economics

" The sun provides the Earth with so much energy that if all the solar power in Texas alone was absorbed, it would be 300 times the total output of the world’s power plants, according to the University of Tennessee’s study. This town is not too bright about solar panels. A North Carolina town rejected a solar farm proposal after citizens at the Woodland Town Council expressed fears that the panels would take away sunlight from their town.

2015 159

The Music Industry's Battle Against Plastic Junk

Green (Living) Review

The 2015 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, with roughly 90,000 attendees in Tennessee, produced more than 679 tons of waste over four days. Touring artists are using their unique influence to help festival organizers move away from single-use plastic Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard the stats: Plastic is flooding our world.

2016 122

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas – Rail Yard Wine Rack

Green Furniture Home Design

From the site: “The Wine Rack Shelves feature sixteen pieces of rail from the Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company circa 1908. Looking for an eco-friendly gift for that friend or family member who loves wine? Check out these absolutely beautiful wine racks from Robert Hendrick of Railyard Studios. The company has a number of furniture and decor pieces available. but this wine rack really caught our eye.

Nashville Teens Mapped Their Daily Routes—And Got a New Bike Lane as a Result

Green (Living) Review

In Nashville, Tennessee, and Chicago, city planners are responding to demands for better neighborhood mobility and bicycling infrastructure. Tennessee North Nashville was once a “mobility desert”: A highway dissected the neighborhood, and public transportation left many areas without service. For young people, the burden was especially heavy.

North Carolina spending a lot to pave its last dirt roads - Local/State - NewsObserver.com

Environmental Economics

They are working in the most rural and least populated spots, such as Mark Teague Road, and in hard-to-pave, mountainous terrain in the west, such as at Lower North Fork Road in Jackson County near the Tennessee border. Mark Teague Road near Pittsboro in rural Chatham County is a half-mile-long strip of gravel that cuts through some woods and then dead-ends at a vacant brick ranch house surrounded by farmland.

'Friday Beer Post' and 'Daily Demand and Supply' Combined

Environmental Economics

   And yes, I know Jack Daniels is technically a Tennessee whiskey and not Bourbon, but that difference is the same as the difference between 'soda' and 'pop.' Same Over the past decade, there has been a boom in bourbon sales (John's Kentucky relatives rejoice!).    The demand increase has driven an increase in prices and move toward substitutes, like single-malt scotch. 

2016 122

Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Poisons Appalachia's Waterways

Sierra Club Compass

Kids from Kentucky to Tennessee grew up fishing and many of us still enjoy heading out with the pole for a lazy Sunday afternoon hoping to snag a trout. Unfortunately, the four states that make up our Appalachian community - Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky refuse to take the threat to our water seriously. I remember the first time I saw a mountaintop-removal coal mining site - Kayford Mountain in southern West Virginia.

Tennesseans Keep Up the Pressure to Move Beyond Coal

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The Tennessee Valley Authority's Allen coal plant, one of the biggest polluters in Memphis, is feeling the heat, thanks to a strong grassroots turnout by Beyond Coal Campaign organizers and supporters at a recent Shelby County Health Department public hearing. Tennessee activists are on a roll.

At Last! EPA Required to Finish Coal Ash Safeguards

Sierra Club Compass

We saw that in the 2008 TVA coal ash disaster in Roane County, Tennessee, when one billion gallons of coal ash spilled into a beautiful riverside community. Unfortunately, since the 2008 Tennessee spill, the coal industry has lobbied hard to block the EPA from establishing strong protections.

2014 87

Internal contradiction

Environmental Economics

  For instance, the American Public Power Association predicts that four proposed regulations from the EPA could result in the closure of enough power plants to power every single home in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee.  Another one from an email I received from my Congresswoman today: Unfortunately many job-killing regulations stand in the way of more American-made energy. 

Rivers, Dams, and Drive-By Truckers

Nature Conservancy - Science

The title character is a veteran forced to move from his farm by the rising waters of the reservoir pooling up behind a new hydroelectric dam built by the Tennessee Valley Authority , the TVA. Launched during the great depression, the TVA built a system of dams along the Tennessee River and its tributaries to electrify the rural south. Little Tennessee River. Conasauga River in Tennessee, United States, North America. ©

2017 63

Daily demand and supply: Louisville gas prices

Environmental Economics

per gallon ("Midwest" includes Kentucky and Tennessee).  I drove to Louisville, Ky to visit my sister and mother during the July 4 weekend. The EIA tells me that gas prices should have been around $3.61   However, in Louisville the price was almost $4 gallon. I filled half a tank on Sunday and drove south. By the time I had a quarter tank and ready to fill up the price was about $3.50. Now, on average I probably paid about $3.61 but what explains those differences?