10 Green Gift Ideas for Teacher

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What to do for those wonderful teachers who spend such critical time with our children. Green Gifts Green Living eco-friendly teacher gifts green holiday teacher gifts Green Teacher Gifts holiday teacher giftsBlack Friday has passed. Cyber Monday has come and gone and in another week or so, school will be out. See the full post and more at www.TheGreenSamaritan.com.

Off-topic post: starting teacher salaries

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Using data on median household income and starting teacher salaries at the state level (with no weighting for population size or anything else), I find that the income elasticity of starting salaries is 0.14. Looking at the residuals, here are the top ten underpaid teacher states and what my little model says their starting salaries should be based on ability to pay: The predicted salary from the model is the same as the NC Governor's goal


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NC House seeks 5% teacher raises, no tenure change

Environmental Economics

Asheville Citizen-Times  (because the N&O wants me to pay for it): North Carolina teachers would get average 5 percent raises without giving up their job protections or having teaching assistant cuts, according to the preliminary Republican House government spending plan released Tuesday. The Senate also required veteran teachers to agree to end their tenured status to receive the higher salaries.

A+ Ideas for End of Year Teacher Gifts

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Home About Terms of Use & Privacy Policy Disclosure Contact Product Reviews Monthly Eco-Resolutions Quick Reference Guide Subscribe A+ Ideas for End of Year Teacher Gifts May 17, 2010 May is here and school is almost out! What to do for those wonderful teachers who spend such critical time with our children. Words from the Heart Take the time to let the administration of your school know how much you appreciate your teacher. Make sure you give the teacher a copy!

From The Recycle Bin: 10 Green Gift Ideas for Teacher

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Home About Terms of Use & Privacy Policy Disclosure Contact Product Reviews Monthly Eco-Resolutions Quick Reference Guide Subscribe From The Recycle Bin: 10 Green Gift Ideas for Teacher December 2, 2010 From the TGS Recycle Bin - here’s the original post from last December that is timely again. So if you are struggling for gift ideas for your child’s teacher…check these out for a little earthly inspiration. Make sure you give the teacher a copy!

Teacher Appreciation Gifts Green Too

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It’s near the end of the school year and many schools celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week as a way to say thanks to the wonderful job their teachers have done and continue to do. One way schools appreciate teachers is by handing them gifts during Teacher Appreciation Week. As a teachers gift you can fill it with all the eco-accessories below and more. Later the teacher can use it for her groceries, helping her reduce the amount of plastic she uses.

Yoga teacher training in India? A great holiday for mind, body and soul

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I found myself at neither of those places but at a cafe-cum-community center called Artjuna in Goa , where I met Ian, a yoga teacher. Ian, my yoga teacher, and my dog, Navad. The post Yoga teacher training in India?

Bronx teacher uses gardening to inspire students to study science

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The longtime teacher and founder of the non-profit Green Bronx Machine is determined to change the lives of disadvantaged students, one garden at a time. “I’m He’s not a farmer, but Stephen Ritz said he and his students have grown more than 30,000 pounds of vegetables over the last eight years. I’m building healthy living habits and a healthy environment,” said Ritz, who grew up in the Bronx and teaches at P.S. 55 in Morrisania.

How to be an effective teacher?

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The successful teacher must know and practice the three characteristics of an effective teacher. The three characteristics of an effective teacher An effective teacher… Has positive expectations for student success. These apply to all teachers. Student achievement at the end of the year is directly related to the degree to which the teacher establishes good control of the classroom procedures in the very first week of the school year.

Positive Discipline - Guide for Teachers and Educators

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Classroom Discipline If a student misbehaves in the classroom, a teacher must have a few techniques that they can use to reduce or eliminate the unwanted behavior. Instead of controlling the behavior of students, teachers can use positive discipline to develop a child's behaviors through self-control and making positive choices. By Kyle Aken Positive discipline is a more effective way to manage misbehaving students in the classroom, rather than using punishment or rewards.

2018 40

Tunisian Teacher Cycles to China for Wetland Conservation

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Seven months ago, a Tunisian university teacher decided to travel from Tunisia to China on his bike to help raise awareness of the human and environmental value of wetlands. So when I heard that a Tunisian university teacher and environmental engineering graduate had decided to cycle all the way to China, I had to find out more.

Earth Force and GM Recognize Teachers for Environmental Education

Green (Living) Review

These teachers represent the best of our education system,” said Vivian Pickard, president of the GM Foundation. “By She is an exemplary science coach for our science teachers, kindergarten through grade twelve. These teachers have gone above and beyond the call of duty to inspire and support their students in taking action to improve their communities,” said Lisa Bardwell, president and CEO of Earth Force.

School’s In: Turkish Teachers Learn How To Teach Ecoliteracy

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How should teachers incorporate environmental ethics and lessons on sustainability into their classrooms? A training program for Turkish teachers kicked off this week in an unusual classroom: an arboretum in the northwestern province of Yalova. Beneath Yalova’s graceful willows, 75 teachers will spend the next week studying environmental issues from soil erosion to ethical forestry.

A Visual Summary: 32 Learning Theories Every Teacher Should Know

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by Terry Heick Learning theory–and the research that goes into it–is a topic seen frequently in universities and teaching programs, then less frequently after once teachers begin practicing in the classroom. I thought it might be useful to have a brief overview of many of the most important learning theories teachers should know in a single graphic, which is why I was excited to find Richard Millwood ‘s excellent graphic.

Tales of a Beginning Teacher

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posted Sep 01, 2011 Students dive into "Facts to Annoy Your Teacher" after receiving a shipment of books. Courtesy of Brendan Clarke As I sweated through my suit in my 95-degree classroom, it occurred to me that I had never been truly nervous for the beginning of school until I became a teacher. Who will my teacher be? Who will I be as a teacher? As a new teacher, I lacked the experience to have good judgment, but I made up for it with perseverance.

Texas Teacher Pension Fund Managers Receive Millions in Bonuses

Green Prophet

Investment managers for the state's teacher retirement fund received more than $8.2 million in bonus payments this year, more than double what top employees in every other state agency combined have received since 2007, a Dallas Morning News analysis has found

Gifted and Talented Pupils: Guidelines for Teachers

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link] Downloads Gifted and Talented Pupils: Guidelines for Teachers PDF, 2MB Downloadable Forms The following forms are referenced in the Guidelines for Teachers document. The document below sets out non-statutory guidelines to support the teaching of Gifted and Talented learners. The guidelines reflect good practice already taking place in schools throughout Northern Ireland and are consistent with the aims and objectives of the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

NYC dance company commemorates Dance or Die hero

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Cities Health art dance dance teacher Syria Syrian conflict syrian refugees Syrian warWe told the story to readers of Ahmad Joudeh over two years ago. We shared how, in the middle of the Syrian crisis, despite danger and dire straits, he continued to dance and teach dance to his young students. With a special interest in the Middle East, after studying Arabic and also t eaching dance to underprivileged children in Jordan , I was touched when I learned about Joudeh.

2018 76

3deluxe’s first zero-carbon super-yacht sold as an NFT


This group, founded by the producers of My Octopus Teacher, is dedicated to marine conservation programs. Green a-closed-shape catches-the-eye change-project- design monaco nft nfts ocean octopus-teacher yacht-on-theIf you’ve been trying to figure out how to spend that pesky $500 million, here’s the answer. This zero-carbon super-yacht made a huge splash, pun intended, at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Global citizenship education: the needs of teachers and learners

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During 2002 – 2004, a DFID funded research project was conducted to identify: 1] the needs of teachers in the implementation of global citizenship education; 2] the needs of primary and secondary school pupils in terms of what they want to know or understand with regard to global citizenship and world events; and 3] the needs of teacher trainers and trainees in their preparation for teaching global citizenship.

2008 40

Environmental Education Curriculum for Middle and High School Teachers

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Environmental Education Curriculum for Middle and High School Teachers When Colin Beavan (aka “No Impact Man”) and his family decided to try living for a year in New York City without doing any harm to the environment (the “No Impact Experiment”), it attracted worldwide media attention.

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Cuts Ties to.

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The national certifying body for teachers in the United States, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), participated in the Education Task Force of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) until April 2012. Although primarily a non-profit organization focusing on teacher certification, NBPTS also takes positions on pre-K through 12th grade education and higher education policy and tracks state legislation affecting certification policy.

Syrian children dance through tears and rubble, with “Dance or Die” hero

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The inspiring teacher has had a great deal of success in his career as a professional dancer. Cities Health Lifestyle dance dance teacher Syria Syrian warWhen there is nothing left to do, you might as well do something. In Syria, where the war is five years and counting, dancing might be the last thing on anyone’s mind. But for Ahmad Joudeh, it is a priority. Dance is his lifeblood, and he is fuelling others with it, too.

2016 63

What Extreme Hoarders Can Teach Us

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Extreme hoarders aren't just troubled people - they are teachers; albeit likely unknowingly. articles & guides home

2014 169

Exxon To Teach Your Kids Climate Science – For Free!

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The Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy is “a camp where teachers go and learn about math and science through fun ways!&#. We are so lucky to have ExxonMobil Teacher Camp! A wonderful one-week intensive professional development program is for third- through fifth-grade teachers – all expenses paid by [.] [ Exxon To Teach Your Kids Climate Science – For Free! Tags: News and Events ExxonMobil Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy

2010 52

Eco-friendly housing redefines Tanzanian urban architecture


The Teachers Housing for the International School of Tanganyika is a contemporary residential project by Architectural Pioneering Consultants (APC) that incorporates site-specific solutions to adapt to the vibrant tropical surroundings

Should we be worried that we might have to actually work?

Environmental Economics

A California judge ruled as unconstitutional Tuesday the state's teacher tenure, dismissal and layoff laws, saying they keep bad teachers in the classroom and force out promising good ones. via www.cnn.com.

2014 138

Meet the Argonaut, The World’s Weirdest Octopus

Cool Green Science

These eight-legged oddballs of the ocean have always had a dedicated fanclub, and the recent documentary My Octopus Teacher helped millions more people fall in love with them. Octopuses are awesome.

How to Make Schools More Eco-Friendly

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Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or student, you can promote more green & eco-friendly environment. The world is facing problems related to sustainability and environmental consciousness. In keeping an eco-friendly atmosphere, one can start from their home and schools.

Teaching Green: 100 Tips, Tools, & Resources for Every Kind of Classroom

Green Life Smart Life

Teachers will find these resources helpful for creating lessons and projects that are informative and fun. High school teachers will want to check out this site that is designed to help them integrate environmental content in their lesson plans–no matter what subject they teach. The Ecological Society of America provides resources for K-12 teachers. 10.Ecological Footprint Teacher’s Manual.

2010 51

Panorama Playbook

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Explore resources for teachers, by teachers. Engage with hundreds of inspiring moves to improve your teaching practice through Playbook's featured topics: Engagement Grit Growth Mindset Pedagogical Effectiveness Rigorous Expectations School and Classroom Climate Self-Efficacy Self-Management Sense of Belonging Sense of Safety Social Awareness Teacher Growth Mindset Teacher-Student Relationships Link: [link].

2018 40

"Marty Weitzman, In Memoriam"

Environmental Economics

Marty the teacher, colleague, and friend will live on in our hearts, as generous with his time and devoted to making life better for all. Gernot Wagner: Weitzman the scholar will be remembered for many towering intellectual achievements. Marty Weitzman the person would have loved nothing more than for his insights to rattle the status quo and to spark debates that will undoubtedly continue for years to come. via www.resourcesmag.org.

2019 100

Revealed preference

Environmental Economics

46 in the nation in teacher pay. The next goal, he said, is to increase pay for all teachers based on performance. Speaking after the forum to reporters, McCrory said the teacher tenure law needs to be changed. Drafted by Republican lawmakers, the law offers pay raises to top teachers in return for them relinquishing tenure rights. And it is a little weird when even the private school kids think that public school teachers are underpaid

2014 132

Tell Me More - Task-based Communication Activities

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By Andrew Finch and Hyun Tae-duck Link: [link] Introduction for Teachers Development of oral abilities in a second language, like other skills (e.g. Teachers will want to adapt and supplement these, and much of the lexical input has therefore been left to their discretion and preferred method of presentation. The "Teachers' Notes and Resources" are also beginning points. We wish all participants (teachers and students) an enjoyable and creative time!

2018 40

Envision Festival 2015: Costa Rica’s Burning Man with an eco-twist

Green Traveler Guides

Co-founded by organic entrepreneur Steven Brooks (Kopali Organics, Kopali Communities), Envision, now in its fifth year, brings together renowned international DJs, world-class yoga teachers, eco-adventure and more—all with an underlying commitment to environmental sustainability. […] Envision Festival 2015: Costa Rica’s Burning Man with an eco-twist is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

Quote of the day

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"Basically, we're a department of teachers," Haab said. "We Tim: You saw this one coming, right? "Basically, "We teach students, we teach other faculty, and we teach the community.&

2011 116

'Buck up, this is college'

Environmental Economics

  I'm not pointing fingers as I know this is a collective failure of pre-college teachers failing to prepare students for the independence, personal responsibility and higher expectations for college-level work; of parents for stepping in too quickly to help their children when they are struggling;  and of college professors/instructors for failing to maintain high standards out of fear of student backlash or worse.   Not because the teacher didn't teach me. 

2015 203

Global Citizenship Education Guides (Oxfam)

The Green Changemakers

Each guide has been created with teachers in mind and includes testimonies, teaching ideas and participatory activities to help you on your way. A guide for teachers TEACHING CONTROVERSIAL ISSUES Young people frequently face making decisions about a wide range of issues on which there are many different views. A guide for teachers MATHS AND GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP Consider how real world contexts can enrich maths teaching and help unlock how it can be applied.

I learned *some* IO from Dr. Campbell

Environmental Economics

  The article says that "he was a gifted teacher with a unique ability to reach those whose post-graduate achievement would eclipse modest academic success."  He was a great teacher during the lecture component too And *some* was enough. From the inbox (links added): Also, you guys may have already known this, but Charles Campbell died. It is in the most recent Centrepiece.    I knew he had been ill for a long time. 

2011 116

Governor fiddles while UNC system burns

Environmental Economics

Pat McCrory said Wednesday he’d like to improve salaries for all of the state’s educators eventually, including veteran teachers, community college instructors and university faculty. Immediately, he said, the focus is on raising base pay for early career teachers to $35,000 by 2016 – a plan he announced last month. So part of our goal is to have a long-term strategy on how we compensate our teachers.”.

2014 155

Global Citizenship Education

The Green Changemakers

Global Citizenship in the Classroom: A guide for teachers A practical and reflective guide for teachers This guide is packed with practical tools and advice for teachers wanting to embed global citizenship in their classrooms.

Why do I do this?

Environmental Economics

Sometimes the answers come from unexpected places: The Georgia Council on Economic Education has named Morrow High’s Cary Hargett its 2016 Georgia Economic Teacher of the Year. I have been named the 2016 Georgia Economics Teacher of the Year! Hargett was honored for his contributions to the economic education of students in Clayton County Public Schools, school officials noted in a press release.

2016 122

And yet for others, it's a convenient cover to get out of teaching

Environmental Economics

"There's a big misunderstanding that professors are like high-school teachers and just teach," said Bruce E. Professors were relieved when legislators dropped a proposal that would have required some of them to spend more time teaching. "There's Johnson, president of the Inter-University Council of Ohio. "For "For some, research is their greatest calling." " via www.dispatch.com.

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