Tax Breaks for Energy Efficient Homes

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A renewable energy credit is any tax credit offered by governments as an incentive for the installation and operation of renewable energy systems like solar and wind power. offer tax breaks for home improvements that make homes more energy efficient.

List Of Solar Energy Government Tax Breaks

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California’s Million Solar Roofs initiative is the latest of a number of solar energy tax breaks being legislated in the US. Corporate Tax Credit: Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit. Solar and Geothermal Business Energy Tax Credit. Tax-exempt Financing for Green Buildings, Renewable Energy & Brownfield Redevelopment. Government / Industry list of taz breaks for energy efficiency solar energy tax breaks state tax breaks for solar

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Wind Power Tax Break Fails in Senate

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In a move that Democratic Senator Mark Udall claims could destroy the wind energy industry in the US, the extension of a federal tax break for wind energy production failed in the Senate on Tuesday. This particular kind of tax break is called a producer tax credit.

Can You Get A Tax Break If You Use Solar Panels?

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For taxpayers considering using this provision for renewable energy systems, consultation with a tax professional is advised. ” Government / Industry renewable energy tax breaks solar energy tax breaksAccording to Section 136 of the U.S.

Waste not want not: Sweden to give tax breaks for repairs

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It will also submit a proposal that would allow people to claim back from income tax half of the labor cost on repairs to appliances such as fridges, ovens, dishwashers and washing machines.

What Would Repealing an Accidental Tax Break Cost Oil Refineries?

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Facing a Supreme Court order to fund public education , Governor Inslee and others have combed through the state tax code in search of outdated and perverse tax loopholes. What’s more, the tax benefit, which dates to 1949, was never intended for oil companies in the first place.

What Big Oil’s Tax Break Costs Our Classrooms

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Big Oil companies in Washington get $41 million from an accidental tax loophole that was never designed to benefit them. It’s enough to make the tangible investments in public education that our teachers and students so desperately need.

Stop Oil and Coal Tax Breaks- Overturning Corporate Power


Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain

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Boehner’s choice is the latest indication that any effort by Democrats to repeal oil industry tax breaks as part of the package would face major roadblocks. Upton and many other Republicans have consistently opposed efforts to overturn the tax breaks. And the beat goes on: House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Wednesday he would appoint House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) to a “supercommittee” charged with developing a $1.5

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LA County Gets Rolling on Turning Ugly Vacant Lots Into Useful Urban Farms

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LA has been pushing for tax breaks for owners of vacant urban lots who lease out the neglected land to people who want to farm on it, and now the LA County Board of Supervisors (which would have to approve the tax breaks before they could be implemented) is doing their part to make it happen.

Holding my thumb and index finger about an inch apart

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The Senate failed to get rid of tax breaks for oil companies: Energy-state Democrats criticized the initiative, saying it was misdirected and would do nothing to ease gasoline prices and could cost American jobs. Getting rid of the tax breaks could increase gas prices and could cost jobs.

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I see a pattern emerging

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USA Today : From gas-mileage standards to tax breaks for windmills, public support for "green" energy measures to tackle global warming has dropped significantly in the past two years, particularly among Republicans, a new poll suggests. Majorities still favor most such tax breaks or restrictions on industry, finds the Stanford University poll to be released today. It shows 65% support gas-mileage standards and 73% support tax breaks for wind and solar power.

I couldn't decide whether this is a Quote of the Day or a Daily Demand and Supply, so I'll go with both

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Quote of the Day: Harry Reid (D) on congressional calls to remove tax breaks from Big Oil. "Let's make one thing clear: wasteful subsidies have nothing to do with gas prices. These oil handouts have existed for decades. Prices have continued to rise," via Daily Demand and Supply: Removing subsidies will decrease supply and (are you ready for it?) increase prices

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See kids, economics is fun!

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The business is growing fast, in part because of federal tax credits. Looking at the picture I drew in class yesterday, the tax breaks push the backstop fuel price down and hurries up the switch point: Don't you wish you could be in my class every single gosh dang day

Lush Cosmetics Fights Fracking in UK


UK company Lush Cosmetics has begun an anti-fracking campaign as the Government announces tax breaks to companies involved in the UK''s shale gas industry. The Chancellor George Osborne said the reason behind the tax breaks was that shale gas has a "huge potential to broaden

Yo! Tesla is coming to Israel

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Cars in Israel for prospective buyers of the new Tesla, you should know, come with a hefty import tax of 100% so expect it to be much more than a pretty penny when you try to buy one. Israeli law used to have a tax break for people who buy electric and hybrid cars.

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Daily Demand and Supply: A flawed argument for lower gas prices

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The Senate yesterday launched a high-profile debate on a Democratic plan to block the nation’s five biggest oil companies from taking advantage of a suite of tax breaks. Menendez’s measure would repeal five tax incentives for the nation’s five biggest oil companies as a way to pay for renewable-energy tax credits used by wind and solar producers. In other words, removing tax breaks for Big Oil will increase, not decrease, gas prices.

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Guy Ritchie’s Planned Solar Array Considered A Disturbance


In an effort to be environmentally responsible, or to receive the 10 percent tax break, Guy Ritchie submitted an application to erect 200 solar panels at his Ashcombe House estate in the UK. The estate, in which Ritchie purchased with Madonna in 2001, would be completely solar powered. While Ritchie probably thought that environmentalists would be [.]. Home People celebrities guy ritchie madonna solar uk

Grist: "This conservative economist makes the case for a carbon tax"

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But though he calls himself a conservative — “I want limited government,” he explains — Mankiw advocates a carbon tax, a position notably at odds with all of the current GOP presidential candidates. He articulated his reasons in a recent New York Times op-ed, “The Key Role of Conservatives in Taxing Carbon.”. We called him up to get his perspective on the rift over climate change among Republicans, and his advice on how to sell a carbon tax to conservatives.

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Germany Investing Billions in Plug-in Electric Cars

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It’s expected that legislation will be signed this month that will get rid of the motor vehicle tax on plug-in electric vehicles for their first 10 years of being registered. It is also rumored that electric vehicles used for businesses would benefit from such substantial tax breaks that the cars would end up costing the same as a comparable gas-powered vehicle.


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The Buffalo City Council provided the highest incentives, tax breaks, etc., (With advance apologies for a rant.). I was looking at some NCAA FBS football data last night and. has anyone noticed that SUNY-Buffalo changed their name to University at Buffalo ? Why didn't they just go with University@Buffalo? Very hip. As if we could have located "University" anywhere we wanted but we chose to locate at Buffalo.

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Budget response - Philip Simpson, Commercial Director, ReFood

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To compound this, there have been further tax breaks offered to the oil and gas industry, demonstrating ongoing subsidy support to the fossil fuel sector.

Hundreds of protesters called for an end to fossil fuel subsidies

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Yesterday hundreds of demonstrators dressed in referee uniforms called the US Congress to end the huge tax breaks and other subsidies to Big Oil and the fossil fuel industry.

Enjoy it while it lasts?

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  That's why people move to Florida and Arizona during the winter (that and tax breaks, but let's stick with the weather for now).  In evaluating benefits and costs, preferences matter.    For the most part, people like milder weather. 

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Hundreds of protesters at Capitol Hill called for an end to fossil fuel subsidie…

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Yesterday hundreds of demonstrators dressed in referee uniforms called the US Congress to end the huge tax breaks and other subsidies to Big Oil and the fossil fuel industry. Hundreds of protesters at Capitol Hill called for an end to fossil fuel subsidies.

Two-thirds of Britons favour wind power over fracking

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In contrast, the party had already unveiled fracking tax breaks. A new survey has revealed that almost two-thirds of Britons would choose to live near a wind farm over a fracking site.

When Will the Coal, Oil, Gas, and Nuclear Industries Stand On Their.

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The American Wind Energy Association released an analysis on Wednesday , detailing how the wind industry could phase out reliance on federal tax credits over a six-year time period. 7) NGVs can empower consumers to break the Oil Oligopoly. Compass.

10 New Money Saving Eco-Tips

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Donate Clothing and Get a Tax Break. Ask for an assumed value receipt and deduct it from your taxes. 10 New Money Saving Eco-Tips. Practicing such habits as recycling, re-using, responsible consumerism and more are all ways to keep costs down and eco-healing up.

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In Many Locations, Wind Power Is a Sound Investment

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Plus, with government incentives such as tax breaks and rebates, initial costs can sometimes be substantially reduced, shortening the time before initial costs are recovered.

Fracking Subsidies Likely in the UK


In the Independent yesterday Chancellor George Osborne is rumored to be planning to use his Autumn Statement this week to announce tax breaks for companies that carry out controversial fracking, arguing that boosting the shale gas industry is vital to economic growth.

Increase the gas tax

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Greg Mankiw discusses "four keys to a better tax system" that includes an increase in the gas tax: A good rule of thumb is that when you tax something, you get less of it. That means that taxes on hard work, saving and entrepreneurial risk-taking impede these fundamental drivers of economic growth. The alternative is to tax those things we would like to get less of. Consider the tax on gasoline. or has the optimal gas tax rate changed ? *My

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Surprise: Congress ignores the obvious

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The Federal Highway Trust Fund will live on for another 6 months or so: In April, Mr. Obama sent Congress a proposed transportation program that would spend $302 billion over four years, financed both by traditional gasoline taxes and the elimination of some corporate tax breaks. Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut, also proposed an increase in the gas tax to make up for more efficient cars and trucks that have sapped tax revenues as infrastructure needs have soared.

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Solar Myths - Busted !


Depending on your state, there are huge incentives, including tax breaks and Solar Renewable Energy Credits , which Solar energy is on the cusp of becoming a mainstream form of energy.


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I like beer and low taxes as much as the next guy (and it is Friday), but I'm very confused by this article (and another) in the N&O: [ Congressman Brad ] Miller is a co-sponsor of legislation in the U.S. House, dubbed the Small BREW Act, which would cut the excise taxes small breweries pay from $7 to $3.50 If you ask the brewers, the tax break is a no-brainer: It means jobs and capital expansion.

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What he said

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Phil Miller: From the New York Times comes a story describing the end of the ethanol tax credit in the US. The tax break, created more than 30 years ago, had long seemed untouchable. But in the last year, during which Congress was preoccupied with deficits and debt, it became a symbol of corporate welfare. Fiscal conservatives joined liberal environmentalists to kill it, with help from a diverse coalition of outside groups.

Even polling from the Koch-backed group finds support for clean energy

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But two of their primary conclusions -- that “many Americans are skeptical of [the] EPA’s proposed power plant rule” and “voters are pretty skeptical of all facets of the wind production tax credits” – are inconsistent with nearly every other national poll I’ve seen recently. And a USA Today poll released in December found 73 percent of Americans favored extending tax reductions for wind companies and other sources of renewable energy.

Electric Vehicles Bring City of Seattle And Nissan Together

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This news follows on the heels of the Washington State Legislature passing a bill to provide tax breaks for electric charging stations and electric car batteries.

Austerity a cover for class war against the poor

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Austerity is being used as a cover-story for class war against the poor Austerity and deficit reduction are being used as a cover-story for conducting class war against the poor as simultaneous reductions in taxes on the wealthy and cuts to spending on social security amount to a redistribution of wealth away from the poor to the rich. Corporation tax has also been dramatically reduced, while VAT, a flat tax, has gone up.

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A Clear Climate Choice in Massachusetts

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He fought for fuel efficiency standards, championed clean energy jobs, stood up to big polluters and their tax breaks, voted against the dirty and dangerous Keystone XL pipeline, and worked tirelessly to curb climate-disrupting carbon pollution.

Carbon tax vs cap-and-trade (again)

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@aguanomics why are carbon taxes more viable worldwide? should push for carbon taxes instead of cap and trade. In response, John Whitehead (a busy environmental economist and blogger) said "why taxes?" In terms of addressing climate change I think that a carbon tax and cap-and-trade are 1a and 1b policies. A long time ago I did the principles level analysis of carbon tax vs cap-and-trade and found that there is little to distinguish the two.

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Solar Snark

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Economic issues across the nation are contributing to the early demise of solar incentives such as tax breaks, grants and rebates. He received a 30% tax credit from the federal government and a 10% cash rebate from the state. It's been a while since I let my snark

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Back on the Rails: Transit Benefits and the Fiscal Cliff - Compass

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  While the centerpiece of the bill included extending tax breaks for most Americans and delaying broad spending cuts, there were many other tax provisions included in the final package. Compass. « Dont Frack Our "Promised Land" | Main.

Legislature Takes On Big Oil’s Accidental Tax Loophole

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Washington state representative Reuven Carlyle introduced a bill (HB 2465) yesterday that would close big oil’s tax loophole and redirect the money to public education. Properly referred to as the “extracted fuel use tax exemption,” the loophole—an outdated accident from decades ago—confers a $41 million benefit to oil refineries each budget cycle. When it was created in 1949, the tax break was intended to benefit sawmills.