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10,000 Birds

Tanzania is without a doubt the quintessential African safari nation. Despite being a proud South African, my honest answer is Tanzania. For this post, I have selected what is in my opinion the three essential and must-visit sites in Tanzania and these all fall within the classic Northern Tanzania safari circuit. This 12,000 square mile ecosystem stretches across north-western Tanzania into the Maasai Mara in Kenya. Destinations africa tanzania

Birds of Tanzania

10,000 Birds

Walter Kitundu of Bird Light Wind has an amazing four - part photographic series of the birds of Tanzania. And now he working on the animals, starting with lions. These images are well worth clicking through for, I promise! Asides


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People matter: Tanzania evicts thousands of Maasai for hunting safaris

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Despite reassurances by Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete as recently as November, 2014, that […] People matter: Tanzania evicts thousands of Maasai for hunting safaris is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Africa Green Travel News Tanzania Land Grab Land Investment Rights in Africa Loliondo Michael Straus Olosho Ortello Business Corporation (OBC) President Jakaya Kikwete SENAPA StopMassaiEvictions

Tanzania Unveils New Elephant Orphanage


This is very good news for elephants: an orphanage for baby elephants is underway in Tanzania, which is scheduled to open June 1. More and more baby elephants are roaming Read More The post Tanzania Unveils New Elephant Orphanage appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

WildAid Launches Major Elephant Campaign in Tanzania


WildAid launched a major campaign for Tanzania’s elephants and the severe poaching crisis in Dar es Salaam on June 18. The organization, along with Tanzania’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Read More The post WildAid Launches Major Elephant Campaign in Tanzania appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

Birding crème de la crème: Africa – Ngorongoro Crater to Queen Elizabeth II National Park

10,000 Birds

The bird-richest region of Africa is its equatorial East: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi (unlike the rest, the last one, Burundi, is politically unstable and not recommendable). Tanzania Tanzania has 1050 bird species, of which about 500 to 600 may be observed in 3 to 4 weeks.

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In case you happen to be in Morogoro, Tanzania next week.

Environmental Economics

IAGRI Workshop Announcement. Introduction to Valuation Methods and Willingness to Pay. Dates: October 12-13, 2016. Location: iAGRI building, Sokoine University of Agriculture campus. Presenter: Dr. Tim Haab, Professor and Chair, Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio USA. Abstract: Understanding of the values that people place on goods and services is critical to making sound economic decisions. 

Eddie Game: Why Tanzania is Wrong to Pursue ‘Fortress Conservation’ with the Maasai

Nature Conservancy - Science

Maasai milking a cow, Tanzania. The recent move by Tanzania’s government to seal off 30,000 Maasai people from access to 1,500 square kilometers adjacent to the Serengeti in the name of wildlife conservation has drawn intense protests from both the Maasai and non-governmental organizations working in the country. Credit: mar is sea Y/Flickr through a Creative Commons license.

I hear the drums echoing tonight

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Morogoro, Tanzania Just me doing what I do.in

Tanzanian Starlings, Shrikes, and Weavers (Part 3)

10,000 Birds

Click on the image to see a Speke’s Weaver colony in action on an escarpment near Lake Manyara, Tanzania. Birding Beat on Assignment Tanzania Weaver BirdsWONDERFUL WEAVERS There are many different Weavers in the world and as far as I can tell they share the skill of masterful nest building… unlike the shabby unstable creations of, say, Mourning Doves. By the way, I’ve tried to ID everyone appropriately but if you have any corrections please say so in the comments.

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Between the Birds

10,000 Birds

Tanzania has an enormous variety of exquisite birds but unfortunately it has an equal number of distractions that can interrupt your birding experience. This was my first encounter with big cats in Tanzania and of course I’ve never seen anything like it since. Mammals Beat on Assignment Lion TanzaniaTake these pesky Lions for instance.

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Tanzanian Starlings, Shrikes, and Weavers (Part 1)

10,000 Birds

SUPER STARLINGS Tanzania plays host to a wide variety of Starlings, over twenty species in fact. Birds Beat on Assignment starlings Superb Starling TanzaniaIn California we have the feisty intelligent generalist European Starling. Singularly beautiful as individuals but glared at by many a birder for their stubborn survival streak which can play havoc with the delicate nesting strategies of pre-established locals.

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Canadian Youth Lend a Hand, Helping Plant over 1 Million Trees in One of Tanzania's Poorest Regions


Canadian tree planters pledged over $20,000 this past month to help communities in Tanzania plant their own trees, reforest & adapt to climate change challenges. To date, planters in Canada have planted trees in order to raise over $98,000 to support Community Forests International’s (CFI) tree planting projects in East Africa.

Marabou Storks

10,000 Birds

Birds Beat on Assignment storks TanzaniaMarabou Storks are ugly/lovely. They have character. They are unmistakeable. I won’t expend too much energy trying to describe them… I’ll just let the pictures do the heavy lifting this week. Marabou Storks are gigantic. Twelve feet tall at the shoulder! OK it’s more like five feet from head to toe, but they do have wingspans that approach 10 feet, which is getting into Andean Condor territory. And they have hair!

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Tanzanian Starlings, Shrikes, and Weavers (Part 2)

10,000 Birds

Tanzania’s more commonly seen shrikes are the Common Fiscal , Long-tailed Fiscal , Grey-backed Fiscal , the beautiful dark Magpie Shrike , and the White-crowned Shrike (seen in the series below). Birds Beat on Assignment features shrikes TanzaniaSTELLAR SHRIKES Shrikes (like this Grey-backed Fiscal ) are little wannabe raptors.

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Traveling Naturalist: Elephants, Kudus and More in Tarangire National Park

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Tarangire National Park in northern Tanzania is one of the finest places in the world to observe wild elephants. Northern Tanzania holds some of the world’s most well-known natural sights : the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Mount Kilimanjaro. The warthog, a common species in Tanzania’s national park. I recently had a weekend to spend in the park prior to a work trip to Tanzania.

Meet Coach Cass, the Millennial Face of African travel

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Now, almost six years later, her tour business has grown to include several more destinations: Morocco, Zambia,Tanzania, and Kenya, to name only a few. . She loves Durban, South Africa for day party vibes and tells me that Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Uganda are the best for dance, fitness and community service. . Raise your hand if you, like me, have ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and all-but-drooled over photos of epic scenery in the far reaches of the world.

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Emirati Royalty Threaten 48,000 Maasai in Lucrative Hunting Deal

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A new campaign attempts to stop a hunting deal in Tanzania forcing 48,000 members of Africa’s Maasai tribe off their land so Middle Eastern royalty can hunt lions and leopards in the Serengeti. The campaigning group Avaaz has launched a online petition to ask Tanzania’s President Kikwete to reject the hunting corporation’s big deal and stop the sell-off of the Serengeti.

6 Eco-Friendly Resorts Around the World For Travelers With a Conscience

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Located in Zanzibar, Tanzania, where the only source of fresh water is from the rains that hit the quaint island of Chumbe, the Chumbe Island Coral Park Eco-Bungalows preserve the Island’s exceptional environment with state-of-the-art eco-architecture and technology. Escapes eco destinations eco lodges eco resorts eco tourism Eco Travel Grenada India Nicaragua responsible travel Tanzania travel Vietnam wanderlust

2012: Thousands facing displacement due to Middle Eastern land grab

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From Ethiopia, Tanzania and the Congo, I look back on what has been bad year for land grabs. Tanzania. And in a new twist to the land-grab meme, this land sell-off is not to secure access to precious food supplies but, rather, to indulge in the hunting whims of the Middle East’s elite.The campaigning group Avaaz has launched a online petition to ask Tanzania’s President Kikwete to reject the hunting corporation’s big deal and stop the sell-off of the Serengeti.

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March for the Elephants on October 4th. ~ Marty Perlmutter

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Homepages (Gold Tabs)* Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today — Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) — Featured Events action Africa animal rights China compassion elephant illegal trade ivory march occupy poaching tanzania On World Animal Day, Oct. 4th, demonstrators in 21 cities across the globe will gather to voice their outrage at the continued slaughter of elephants and rhinos.

10 Fish Conservation Success Stories to Celebrate

Nature Conservancy - Science

But at Lake Tanganyika in western Tanzania, scientists have found that to save chimps, they must look underwater. Fish Adirondacks Alaska fisheries fisheries management fishing florida Fresh Water Illinois lakes reintroduction restoration rivers salmon streams Tanzania wetlands Wisconsin In the Bristol Bay watershed, the impact of salmon is everywhere, in literally every living thing. Photo: Chris DeNatale. By Matt Miller, senior science writer.

Fish and Chimps

Nature Conservancy - Science

Protecting chimpanzees in western Tanzania may rest on the effectiveness of protecting the fish that provide people protein. But at Lake Tanganyika in western Tanzania, scientists have found that to save chimps, they must look underwater. There is a well-known national park along the lake, Mahale Mountains , that contains the largest chimpanzee population remaining in Tanzania.

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Wangari Maathai warns about resource conflicts: “If the rivers stop flowing, people will fight”

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Green Quote Egypt forestry Green Belt Kenya Nile resource conflicts resource wars Tanzania Wangari Maathai water conflictWednesday the 6th of July 2011 Wangari Maathai received a honorary doctorate at Copenhagen University and spoke about her work with the Green Belt movement, the Taking Roots movie and more. Watch her speech, I recorded it for you. [15:39] 15:39] Protecting forests is extremely important [.] also very important for conflict [.]

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Birding Brazil Blog

10,000 Birds

Derek Kverno has already created epic blog travelogues of his stints in Ecuador and Tanzania. Now he’s moved to Brazil , which means we get to vicariously explore the avifauna of another bird-rich country. Awesome! Asides

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Earth Day 2013 Recap: Picnic Superlatives

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Most Educational Picnic: Arusha, Tanzania. TNC’s Alphonce Mallya (in green cap) turned Earth Day into an educational opportunity when he organized a Picnic for Earth and wildlife safari at Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park for 40 students from 8 Arusha high schools. A huge Earth Day thank you to everyone who participated and made Picnic for Earth a worldwide celebration. From Washington, D.C.

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World Indigenous Day: Harnessing the Power of the Five Percent

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Our work together varies depending on regional needs, from climate mitigation and land management in the Amazon , to coastal fisheries cooperatives in Tanzania and fire management strategies in Northern Australia. World Indigenous Day is August 9 and we’re talking to Gina Cosentino, Global Director for Indigenous and Communal Conservation at The Nature Conservancy.

The Green Buzz: Wednesday, October 9

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Tanzania’s government minister has a suggestion for how to deal with poachers. Africa Animals Conservation Issues Environmental News International Science The Green Buzz The Nature Conservancy Antarctica Austin college professor cyborg cockroaches dumpster living elephant poaching environmental disaster infographic government shutdown Grist ivory MNN npr poaching shoot poachers sustainable living Tanzania Texas Treehugger Wired

Meet Bandit, the Dog Who Protects Rhinos And Elephants In Africa


Bandit is a two-year old dog who works at Mkomazi National Park in Tanzania to help protect rhinos and elephants from poachers. Turns out dog is also an elephant’s best friend, too. Read More The post Meet Bandit, the Dog Who Protects Rhinos And Elephants In Africa appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

Heroic Anti-Poaching Dog Tragically Passes Away


Bandit, the anti-poaching dog who worked at Mkomazi National Park in Tanzania to help protect rhinos and elephants from poachers, has died. Well, this is sad. It was only earlier this month Read More The post Heroic Anti-Poaching Dog Tragically Passes Away appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals News Top News

Lake Natron Threatened With Soda Ash Plant

10,000 Birds

Tanzania’s Lake Natron, renowned as the best place in the world to see Lesser Flamingoes , is threatened by a potential soda ash plant. Three-quarters of the world’s population of Lesser Flamingoes nest at Lake Natron and they would almost certainly have their nesting disturbed, if they are not entirely displaced, by such a development. Hat-tip to Alan for the link. Asides

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World birding from a Schrödinger’s house

10,000 Birds

Tanzania 1135 13. Kenya (Masai Mara, Lakes Nakuru and Baringo, Arabuko-Sokoke Forest) and northern Tanzania (Ngorongoro, Serengeti) combined are the birding staple of East Africa. What I truly hate about the pandemic is that it mentally puts me back into the 1990s in the Balkans.

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Inequality between rich and poor nations helps fuel a climate of mistrust and sabotages efforts to secure a climate deal

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A single power plant in Great Britain will produce more CO2 emissions, every year, than all 139 million people living in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique combined. Photo credit: america.gov. The 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen, which many have said was our last chance to take action against “ the greatest threat the world has ever faced ”, ended in a failure.

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Where America dreams of/goes birding?

10,000 Birds

Here are the results: 3 per cent of respondents (in no particular order): Trinidad and Tobago, Chile, Tanzania, Madagascar. Kenya and Tanzania combined offer the longest tour list of Africa, South Africa with its good infrastructure and easiness of finding birds comes close second, while Madagascar is there because of its 100 endemics. I had no intention of making a questionnaire or analysing the results.

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Quote of the day: ".we're in the sixth mass extinction."

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If accurate, that means wildlife across the globe is vanishing at a rate of 2% a year.and h ere's a link to the full story.and here's a picture of a giraffe I took in Tanzania two weeks ago.and here's a lion that smiled for the camera: and here's a young zebra to add gratuitous emotional impact to the story:     Here's the full quote: "This is definitely human impact, we're in the sixth mass extinction.

One Accessible Morning Practice to Launch our Day.

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The Maasai tribe of Tanzania greet each other every morning not by asking, “How did you sleep?” but rather, “How did you wake?” implying that yes, we are in control of how we handle the good, the bad and the annoying every morning. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Health & Wellness Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today disconnecting mindful social media morning practice morning routine technology wake up early

HOW TO JOIN ILLUMINATI SECRET SOCIETY FOR MONEY +27734818506 IN Lesotho, Namibia,Botswana, Zambia

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10,000 Birds

However many weavers have wide ranges across Africa, notably the most familiar of all weavers, the Village Weaver, but several are highly range-restricted including the mythical Yellow-legged and Golden-naped Weavers which are restricted to a few forests of inaccessible Eastern DRC, Clarke’s Weaver which occurs in just a few Kenyan coastal forests and the recently described Kilombero Weaver known only from its namesake swamp in Tanzania. Image taken by Adam Riley in Tanzania.

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Where Are You Birding This Final Weekend of January 2012?

10,000 Birds

Northern White-crowned Shrike in Tanzania by Walter Kitundu a. This may read like something of a non sequitur, but have you ever seen a Rainbow Eucalyptus ? Eucalyptus deglupta is a psychedelic beauty, with stunning, striated bark that spans nearly every color of the rainbow. Take a moment to check out how trippy this tree is. When you’re done, come back and we’ll talk birds. Nice, right? What else is nice is the prospect of seeing brand new birds in beautiful habitat.

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Maasai women are the new solar warriors of Africa

Green (Living) Review

The Maasai are a semi-nomadic pastoral tribe spread across Kenya and Tanzania, and globalization has not been kind to them. Vulnerable to wildlife that steal their livestock and powerless after the sun goes down, many Maasai often have to walk many kilometers just to charge their phones. But a new project spearheaded by Green Energy Africa has brought solar energy to 2,000 homes in Naiputa county alone, and put new power into the hands of women who sell affordable solar installations.

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The Storks of Africa

10,000 Birds

A Marabou Stork arriving at its roost tree, Serengeti, Tanzania by Adam Riley We’ll start off with the largest and ugliest of them all (measuring up to 60in (152cm) in height, a weight of 20 lb (9 kg) and a wingspan of up to 12ft), the Marabou Stork. Yellow-billed Stork portrait (note the pink flush indicating breeding status), Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania by Adam Riley The Yellow-billed Stork has a closely-related sister species in Asia known as Painted Stork.

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Africa’s Barbets

10,000 Birds

The next isolated populations are several thousand miles northwards in Malawi, northern Mozambique and the Rondo Plateau in southern Tanzania. Finally the most northern population ranges are found in coastal forests of northern Tanzania and Kenya. From northern Tanzania, Black-collared is replaced by Brown-breasted , and further north again by Black-billed. Image taken in Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania. Image from Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania.

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A Brief Tour of Uganda, The Pearl of Africa

10,000 Birds

While Uganda does not have the international reputation of its neighbors Kenya and Tanzania, the experience there is no less extraordinary – and in many ways, particularly for the birder, it’s even more so. By the time this post publishes, I’ll be on an airplane heading back to the United States following a truly remarkable two week visit to Uganda as part of a group of western birders visiting there to promote the inaugural African Birding Expo.

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