Transportation hub in Sweden has a futuristic, floating solar roof


The “floating” solar roof in Sweden’s new Västerås Travel Center may be just an illusion, but the power it generates is entirely real

Ecotopia: Permaculture in Sweden

Green (Living) Review

Ecotopia, named after and deeply inspired by Ernest Callenbach’s utopian novel of the same name, is a knowledge centre focused on permaculture and sustainable development in Sweden, run by social entrepreneurs Karin Malmgren and Roland Birgersson. acres) of land in Sweden’s Skåne county, on the southernmost tip of Sweden at a latitude comparable with northern England. Roger Vaughn shares how the Swedish permaculture centre, Ecotopia was created.

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Transportation hub in Sweden has a futuristic, floating solar roof


The “floating” solar roof in Sweden’s Västerås Travel Center may be just an illusion, but the power it generates is entirely real. Transportation hub in Sweden has a futuristic, floating solar roof.

The reason Sweden keeps running out of rubbish

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Time and again we read headlines and hear in the news that Sweden is so tremendously good at recycling that they keep running out of rubbish. This message the media is being told to hammer home to make us believe that other countries, especially Sweden, etc., While it is true that Sweden keeps running out of rubbish – why, though, should that make headlines? –

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Humble Brush, from Sweden with love

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) I encountered Humble Brush for the first time ever on this years Natural & Organic Products Europe exhibition on Sunday, April 17, 2016 at the ExCel center in London's Docklands. The concept behind the Humble Brush, especially the by-one-give-one idea, is a good one but, I am afraid to say, some of the statements on their website and in their literature are more than just a little misleading and thus I have rewritten them in the way they should be.

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ReGen Villages plans smart, circular communities in Sweden


Silicon Valley-based ReGen Villages has teamed up with Swedish architecture firm White Arkitekter to develop ReGen Villages Sweden, a vision for smart, self-sufficient communities throughout the Scandinavian country.

Sweden subverts Paris agreement with Vattenfall coal deal

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Annika Jacobson, Program Manager for Greenpeace in Sweden, said: “This is a political collapse. The risk is great that EPH will open new lignite mines and thus emit 24 times Sweden's annual emissions. The world has turned their gaze towards Sweden recently and global leaders have urged the government to decommission coal power plants instead of selling them. " Source: Greenpeace Sweden This press release is presented for your information only.

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Gothenburg, Sweden develops world’s first zero-emissions zone


Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city, houses a population of about 570,000 people. The initiative has already found collaborators across the world, including Volvo Cars and the Research Institute of Sweden. Gothenburg, Sweden develops world’s first zero-emissions zone. Business Eco Green a-best-system actions-or-lack city collaboration gothenburg green city positive efforts sweden the-regulation university zero-emissions

Swedens tallest timber building could save 550 tons of CO2


Møller Architects has raised the bar for sustainable architecture with the recent completion of the Kajstaden Tower, Sweden’s tallest timber building. Swedens tallest timber building could save 550 tons of CO2. Scandinavian-based architecture firm C.F.

"Reporting back: the World Congress for Environmental and Resource Economists in Gothenburg, Sweden"

Environmental Economics

Sonja Kolstoe at the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis "On Balance" blog : This was my first time attending a World Congress. As a non-market valuation economist specializing in revealed and stated preference methods, I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss these methods and network with others from around the globe.

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Sweden's Treehotel adds 2 more eco-suites

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A very brief history of green wine Info News Views Our favs Useful resources Travel blogs we like Contact Sweden’s Treehotel adds 2 more eco-suites 22 September 10 · 0 comments | Green Travel News | O ne of the world’s most unique eco lodgings, in a forest in Swedish Lapland , has added The UFO and Room With A View to its guest experiences.

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Sweden to import garbage as supplies of trash run dry

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) As other nations across the world struggle to cut the amount of waste piling up in their landfills and marring the landscape, Sweden is facing an entirely different sort of challenge. Sweden has run out of trash and now they are forced to import some more. But all we hear in the UK is that it cannot possibly, while it works in Sweden (and other places), work in Britain.

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Waste not want not: Sweden to give tax breaks for repairs

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Sweden's ruling Social Democrat and Green party coalition is set to submit proposals to parliament on Tuesday to slash the VAT rate on repairs to bicycles, clothes and shoes from 25% to 12%. Sweden has cut its annual emissions of carbon dioxide by 23% since 1990 and already generates more than half of its electricity from renewable sources.

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Modular homes in Sweden are specially designed for solar panels


Swedish firm Street Monkey Architects has unveiled new solar-powered, prefabricated modular homes in Örebro, Sweden. View original post here: Modular homes in Sweden are specially designed for solar panels.

Mountain in Sweden loses highest peak title as global warming shrinks it


Kebnekaise, the highest mountain peak in Sweden, has fallen victim to global heating. A very obvious, very clear signal to everyone in Sweden that things are changing.” Related: Global warming will melt over 1/3 of the Himalayan ice cap by 2100 Located in northern Sweden and about 95 miles inside the Arctic Circle, Kebnekaise has two peaks, each of which has been measured regularly since 1880. Mountain in Sweden loses highest peak title as global warming shrinks it.

Sweden and Austria close their last coal plants


Sweden and Austria have both shut their last coal-fired plants in late April, joining Belgium in going coal-free in favor of renewable energy sources. “With Sweden going coal-free in the same week as Austria, the downward trajectory of coal in Europe is clear,” Kathrin Gutmann, campaign director for Europe Beyond Coal, told PV Magazine. Go here to read the rest: Sweden and Austria close their last coal plants.

Wolves In Sweden Facing High Rate Of Poaching

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In the 1970s, wolves were found to be completely extinct in Sweden. Once these Finnish wolves have moved in, the population of wolves in Sweden was able to begin recovering. However, as of now there are only approximately 250 wolves in Sweden, a lower number than expected. A number of problems arise when a population is as small as the wolf one currently in Sweden. All of wolves currently in Sweden are the offspring of a low number of wolves which repopulated the area.

Treehotel: Sweden's new ways to sleep up a tree

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A very brief history of green wine Info News Views Our favs Useful resources Travel blogs we like Contact Treehotel: Sweden’s new ways to sleep up a tree 29 January 11 · 1 comment | Green Travel News | O ne of the world’s most unique eco lodgings, in a forest in Swedish Lapland , has added The UFO and Room With A View to its guest experiences.

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Explosives found at nuclear power plant in Sweden – security levels increased

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Yesterday explosives were found at the Ringhals nuclear power plant in Sweden. Energy nuclear nuclear incident nuclear plant nuclear safety Ringhals Sweden terrorismIn response to this, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority increased security levels to “yellow”, which is the second level of a three-point scale, at all Swedish nuclear power plants.

Failure: Sweden will reach EU’s climate targets 195 years too late

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The Swedish Green Party has released a report which shows that Sweden will reach the EU’s climate targets in 2205 instead of 2050 – 195 years too late. During the last four years with a right-wing Government in Sweden the pace of emissions reductions decreased from 1.5% In other words this means that Sweden will miss the EU climate targets by a long shot. Sweden may lag behind in development if we have such low aspirations that we need not do anything.

Greenpeace activists protests against nuclear energy in Sweden

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Today Greenpeace activists protested against recent political plans to introduce new nuclear reactors in Sweden. It was in 2009 that the current right-wing government announced their plans to scrap the Settlement Act and the ban on new nuclear power in Sweden. Sweden is already far behind other European countries such as Spain, Germany and Denmark in the renewable energy sector.

Where are the 5 coolest eco-friendly winter sports destinations in Europe?

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Austria Auvergne Bed and breakfasts/Inns Cairngorms Europe France Gothenburg Guest houses/Apartments Hotels Resorts Salzburg Scotland Sports/Golf Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom eco-friendly skiing Austria eco-friendly skiing France eco-friendly skiing in Europe eco-friendly skiing Scotland eco-friendly skiing Sweden eco-friendly skiing Switzerland | Skiing In Green & White | Europe.

Sweden Is Now Recycling 99 Percent Of Its Trash. Here’s How They Do It

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Sweden recycles and sorts its waste so efficiently that less than 1 percent ends up in landfills. But perhaps even more interesting, and somewhat controversial, is that Sweden burns about as much household waste as it recycles, over 2 million tons, and converts this to energy. And when Sweden runs out of its own garbage, it offers a service to the rest of garbage-bloated Europe: importing excess waste from other countries.

Sweden Prepares to Lead EU on Climate

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Sweden's low-carbon transformation is on display in the coastal, industrial city of Kalmar. Kalmar has become a model for what all of Sweden hopes to achieve. Sweden is positioning itself to become a regional leader in fighting climate change as it takes over the presidency of the European Union in July. Sweden will lead the EU when international climate negotiators meet in Copenhagen in December to discuss a successor treaty to the Kyoto Protocol.

Copenhagen wins ‘European Green Capital’

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Bristol Copenhagen Denmark England Europe France Frankfurt Germany Hamburg Nantes News Spain Stockholm Sweden Vitoria-Gasteiz eco-innovation European Green Capital Award Green Travel News Reuters

Honoring the greenest EU music festivals

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Europe Experiences/Events France Germany News Paris Portugal Sweden Boom Festival Go Group Green Operations Award Green Operations Europe Maifeld Derby Michael Straus Reuters Way Out West We Love GreenThe Green Operations Award—the “Green Oscar” of European music festivals—now honors events with the best eco-innovations. The top honor went to Paris' We Love Green Fest Honoring the greenest EU music festivals is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

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New Year’s resolutions for green travelers

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Africa Alaska Australia Chile Costa Rica Croatia Europe Kenya Masai Mara North America Osa Peninsula Peru South America Sweden United States Croatia truffles Great Ocean Road Green Travel News Kenai Fjords Masai Kuku Group Ranch Reuters River Klaralven Tambopata Torres del Paine PatagoniaTis the season for looking ahead to 2013. Here are eight New Year's resolutions to enrich and broaden the horizons of any green traveler.

The International Garden Festival presents new 2021 installations


Now in its 22nd year, the 2021 edition at Reford Gardens in Quebec , Canada features five new installations, submitted from Canada, the United States, France and Sweden.

Is Global Plastic Pollution Nearing an Irreversible Tipping Point?

Environmental News Network

Current rates of plastic emissions globally may trigger effects that we will not be able to reverse, argues a new study by researchers from Sweden, Norway and Germany published on July 2nd in Science.

Stockholm Fashion Week Canceled—for the Planet

Eco Chic

In lieu of a fashion week, Sweden instead held the 1st Annual Sustainability Forum at The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York, which included an eclectic mix of sustainably-oriented Swedish brands and innovations. Photo credit: Johannes Berg/Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce.

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3 Lessons Brands Can Learn From Greta Thunberg


While the world watched a tough, passionate 16-year-old from Sweden … The post 3 Lessons Brands Can Learn From Greta Thunberg appeared first on Eco earth911-com- greta greta-thunberg- inspire learn-from lessons sweden the-world- while-the-world worldThe rest is here: 3 Lessons Brands Can Learn From Greta Thunberg.

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Top cities and countries for vegans


With 85 points, New Zealand came in a close fourth, followed by Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada and Ireland. Eco Green austria bristol individual portland scotland sweden treehouse- vegan with-the-forest

Losses of Eelgrass Beds Give Rise to Large Emissions of Carbon and Nutrients

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Losses of important eelgrass meadows in western Sweden since the 1980s have led to considerable bottom erosion and the release of carbon and nitrogen; substances that contribute to increasing climate change and eutrophication. .

A small Swedish town becomes home to urban development experiments


Located in southern Sweden, the small town of Tibro is best known for its furniture industry and local manufacturing. Green Recycle adaptive-reuse architects design municipality public-spaces sweden swedish-center the-architects tibro urban revitalization

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Climate change is leading to increased winter drownings


Canada, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Italy, Russia, Finland, Latvia and Estonia. Green crisis design double glazing drownings homes ice melt italy japan latvia local luxury sweden university

Potentially harmful PFAS found in makeup products sold in North America


Green a-wide-range Eco makeup pfas plan sweden terraces toxins train water-at-levelsPotentially harmful traces of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), also known as “forever chemicals”, have been found in several makeup products sold in the U.S. and Canada, according to a new study published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology Letters.

Brussels train station transformed into wooden shopping and event center


Related: Sweden’s tallest timber building could save 550 tons of CO2 The choice of wood came down to sustainability and weight, as a concrete construction would have been five times heavier. Green a-new-program a-small-city- a-wood-facade- architects courtyards cross laminated timber filip-dujardin holidays neutelings reflective roofs solar panels sweden woodThe Gare Maritime railway station in Brussels has seen a huge transformation.

3XN unveils LEED Platinum-seeking Forskaren innovation center in Stockholm


Eco Green 3xn a-new-mixed-use airstream architecture atrium city green renovation home mixed-use rainwater harvesting space stockholm sweden video-games

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1% of global population causes 50% of all carbon pollution emitted by the aviation industry


Stefan Gössling of Linnaeus University in Sweden, the study’s lead author, says that the only way of dealing with the issue is by redesigning the aviation industry. Business Green a-billion-tons air travel australia aviation crisis environment flying planes pollution same study super-emitters supporting swedenRecent research published in Global Environmental Change has revealed that only 1% of people cause half of all aviation pollution globally.

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Sustainable mobility drives the newest employee perk


Companies around the world, from Sweden’s Inkga Group (the holding company for the IKEA retail chain) to Clif Bar (with operations in the Bay Area and Twin Falls, Idaho) are developing sustainable mobility offerings for employees. Business Eco Green america best genentech latest swedenSustainable mobility drives the newest employee perk Katie Fehrenbacher Mon, 03/15/2021 – 00:05 This article originally appeared in the State of Green Business 2021.

Malta to Get State-of-the-Art Floating Wind Farm from Hexicon

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Sweden’s Hexicon to supply Malta with 10% of its electricity with a platform-mounting floating wind farm. Business & Politics Energy cap & trade funds clean technology Climate Change EU floating turbines Hexicon Malta off-shore wind Sweden wind energy

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Orca Running offers a Social Distance Run


Related: Plogging — Sweden’s new fitness trend combines jogging and trash pickup Each of Orca Running’s races has at least one nonprofit partner. Business Eco Green Recycle aunt china environment local race social-distance sweden

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Amazon hands Mercedes-Benz its biggest electric vehicle order to date


European countries including England, Germany, Spain, Denmark and Sweden are acting aggressively to decarbonize transportation emissions and are more swiftly adopting electric trucks compared to the U.S. Business Eco Green amazon clancy denmark europe-european most sweden transport voice