Solar Mamas Shows Sustainable Engineering for Bedouin Women (Film Review)

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They can’t read or write but a couple of brave Bedouin women from Jordan travelled far and wide to help their villages become solar powered. The biggest struggle yet may be with their husbands: We’ve covered this hopeful story of Solar Mamas , Bedouin women from Jordan who went to Barefoot College to learn how to solar power their villages. We’ve interviewed the women from solar mamas, and have reviewed the film Solar Mamas , a documentary movie about their journey.

China’s Business Leaders Are Stepping Up to Address Global Conservation Challenges

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We are also creating new livelihood opportunities for local people through community development projects like sustainable farming and beekeeping. By combining TNC’s scientific experience with Taohuayuan’s ability to navigate local policy and build sustainable finance models, our goal is to create 10 land trust reserves in five provinces by the end of 2018. Engineers from the China Three Gorges Project Corporation discuss dam construction plans for the Yangtze River.

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The Top 7 Environmental Movers and Shakers of Saudi Arabia

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Also, a collaborative project between the University of California at Berkeley, KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology), and Dar Al-Hekma College is underway to support the development of a sustainable engineering infrastructure in Saudi Arabia and Middle East. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not particularly known for its commitment to conservation of environment.

President Clinton and Trudie Styler Captivate at the Sustainable Operations Summit in NYC

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President Clinton, speaking at the Sustainable Operations Summit in NYC The Sustainable Operations Summit brought together political and business leaders from around the globe to discuss innovative approaches to reduce our impact on the environment with a focus on energy, resource conservation and the built environment. ” Trudie Styler, speaking at the Sustainable Operations Summit in NYC But of course, President Bill Clinton stole the show, as he always does.

Biodiesel: From French Fries to Fuel

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Others believe he was murdered, perhaps by coal industrialists (who resented his engine) or else by the Germans (who were afraid his engine was about to fuel the English navy). Despite this, his invention still holds his name-the diesel engine. A People’s Engine. He set about designing an economical engine that would be cheaper and more efficient than the steam and petrol engines of the day. Engine Requirements. A Warning for Older Engines.

Building like trees, cities like forests

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In many ways, our world is LeCorbusier's world: From Rangoon to Reykjavik one-size-fits-all buildings employ the "engineer's aesthetic" to overcome the rules of the natural world. With this emphasis on sustaining and enhancing the qualities of the landscape, architectural and community designs would begin to create beneficial ecological footprints-more habitat, wetlands and clean water, not fewer negative emissions. the Twelve Principles of Green Engineering can answer "How?"

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