50 Fish, 50 States: Small Stream Wonders

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An easy-to-overlook New York stream yields a strange and ferocious fish. Fish & Fisheries 50 Fish, 50 States Fish Fisheries

Dead Wood & Migrating Salmon: Restoring a Southeast Alaska Stream

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Streams in Southeast Alaska can’t function ecologically without fallen logs. A neat and tidy stream looks scenic to our eyes, suitable for calendar photos and nature blogs. For a salmon on its spawning run, though, a neat and tidy stream is a dead end.

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Tails From the Gulf Stream

10,000 Birds

The Gulf Stream lies between 20-40 miles off the North Carolina coast, and to the unpracticed eye it looks scarcely different that the expanse of blue water it courses through. And more specifically, there’s something about this part of this mass, where the Gulf Stream rubs up against the inshore colder Labrador Current at the part of the ocean where the depth drops off to more than a mile. This past spring I was able to see the Gulf Stream four times.

A Metaphysical Meander Down a Scientific Stream

The Alien Next Door

Nina and an interested "reader" of Water Is.

Harvesting hill streams of Wales for hydropower

Green (Living) Review

Directing just some of his stream’s water down a six inch pipe and into a turbine all constructed for about £50,000 generates nearly 18 kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity at peak times, and earns him £10-15,000 a year. Williams has dubbed his stream “Try dwr” – or “electricity from water”.

The Great Race to Rule Streaming TV

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In the US, there is a growing trend of streaming TV services and people are cutting cords. Now that streaming is all the rage, many stakeholders have jumped into the bandwagon. Now, it is the most dominant streaming service in the market due to multiple reasons. Secondly, customers have to pay a flat monthly fee for endless entertainment and streaming. Amazon Prime is probably the only streaming service with a cost that gets you shipping included in the package.

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Notes from Silver Creek: Computer Modeling for Stream Conservation

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What effects will land use changes have on a stream and its wildlife? How do conservation managers know what will happen in a stream when a restoration project takes place? Actually, stream managers now use sophisticated computer modeling to predict the outcomes of their activities.

Gently Down the Stream. {Poem}

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It happened when I put down the oars. I had been thrashing at the water, My arms were weary, I had hardly moved. Arts Literary Journal Non New-Agey Spirituality appreciation changing perspective letting go poem poetry relaxing struggle

To the Gulf Stream Once Again

10,000 Birds

More, those biomes are constantly moving and waves and wind and, especially, the powerful Gulf Stream drives them northward. Cory’s Shearwaters, languid and lazy, and common in the Gulf Stream in late spring. A trip to the Gulf Stream offers an opportunity, however small most times, to come in contact with them. Since then they’ve been seen a handful of times, the vast majority in the Gulf Stream on these birding trips.

Sea Shepherd to Stream Live from the Cove Tonight


Sea Shepherd''s Cove Guardians are on the ground again at the cove, and will stream live from Taiji tonight. Read More The post Sea Shepherd to Stream Live from the Cove Tonight appeared first on Ecorazzi.

The Stream Whisperer: “Thinking Like Water” Restores Sage Grouse Habitat

Nature Conservancy - Science

Bill Zeedyk teaches Westerners how to “think like water” to restore wet habitat for imperiled Gunnison’s sage grouse. Birds & Birding Wildlife Birds Climate Drought Ranching Restoration Sage Grouse Technology Water

Managing stormwaters and streams – new insights the Middle East can use!

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Both stormwater control and stream restoration are proven ways to reduce erosion along water channels and they are important to manage in cities ( Tel Aviv will flood again! ). These can take a toll on the stream habitats and harm sensitive ecosystems downstream.

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Watch the Focus on Diversity Live Stream

10,000 Birds

You can watch the Focus on Diversity: Changing the Face of American Birding live stream live from Philadelphia today. See how many birders you can spot and recognize! Asides

Heavily polluted Israeli stream cuts beach in half

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A number of heavily polluted streams empty from Israel into the Eastern Mediterrnean, adding to the sea’s already increasing pollution. Due to recent heavy rains, however, the course the stream has changed. Photos of the Poleg Stream by Maurice Picow.

How to enjoy a better streaming with converters

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Streaming platforms are amazing. If you are lucky to live in a place with equipment to access the Internet and don’t have much more than that, there is always something to entertain you.

$9 billion in 2,000 MW solar investment streams into Morocco

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The bone-dry plains of the Western Sahara may be no place to plant a garden, but their extreme solar irradiance values render them ideal for solar farming. Morocco has persuaded foreign investors to underwrite a $9 billion solar power project.

Why The Nature Conservancy is Restoring Streams by Acting like a Beaver

Nature Conservancy - Science

The Nature Conservancy is working like a beaver ( Castor canadensis ) by mimicking beaver dam building to restore streams and floodplain habitat in Montana and California. Dead Wood & Migrating Salmon: Restoring a Southeast Alaska Stream.

The Wildlife Conservation Stamp: An Additional Income Stream for Our National Wildlife Refuges

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A Federal Wildlife Conservation Stamp would provide a robust, parallel revenue stream for National Wildlife Refuges, while giving non-extractive users a funding tool and a stronger voice in habitat and wildlife decisions on our shared, public lands.

More Trout, Less Algae: Wisconsin Stream Demonstrates Benefits of Targeted Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

In Wisconsin’s Pecatonica River watershed, conservationists have targeted conservation practices on farms they can make the most difference for the least cost. The results benefit everything from water quality to trout. Fish & Fisheries Wildlife Agriculture Economics Fish Water Water Quality

Before the Flood now streaming, and you thought Halloween was scary!

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Let’s get meta. A “force of nature” is defined as a natural phenomenon that is beyond human control.

Where the River Meets the Road: Reconnecting Adirondack Brook Trout Streams

Nature Conservancy - Science

The brook trout is the jewel of streams in the eastern United States. Relatively simple fixes in culvert design could reconnect miles of habitat for brook trout, one of the most iconic fishes of eastern streams, and prevent flooding during severe storms. Jewel of the Forest Stream.

Road Salt Increasing Salinity Of Streams

Eco Friendly Daily

The United State’s Geological Survey recently released yet another study, this one focusing on the salinity of streams. The study concerned hundreds of streams which were tested to determine if they were above federal standards in terms of salinity.

Mining Silt, Sewage and Transformer Waste Streaming Into Iraq Rivers

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It might not be the Euphrates, the great biblical river which allowed for the growth of civilization , but today it is reduced to a polluted and sewage filled stream. Cows drinking from polluted stream.

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Environmental Economics: Rock snot*

Environmental Economics

Main | Quote of the day » February 21, 2011 Rock snot* As an algae with a gross nickname invades pristine trout streams across the U.S.,

Whose Life Do I Wish to Live? Going Against the Stream.

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The urge to follow and pursue money and things is irresistible. We have to look deep inside to see what we truly want, and not let others steal our resolve.

In Praise of Oprah, Orphan Black & Social Change through Streaming.

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TV can be powerful. Even when someone isn't Oprah, the work they do. Arts & Culture Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Z ADMIN Entertainment & Culture Featured Today Z ADMIN Family Featured Today Oprah orphan black television tv

Waves, Glaciers, Streams and Waterfalls : 11 Mindblowing (and Meditative) Images of Water

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For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer is the season of enjoying water directly, as we dance in the rain, run on beaches and seek out hidden lakes post-hike; as we wander towards the sound of that rushing stream; as we revel in a waterfall’s powerful energy.

Green your Google+ stream with this environment circle

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Supercharge your Google+ stream with prominent environmental activists, thinkers, entrepreneurs, bloggers and people who are all fighting passionately for a better and greener world.

Elephant partners with a streaming service that offers yoga, meditation, fitness & healthy cooking classes for you.

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Imagine a gym for your mind and body that you can take with you in your pocket. Featured Events Free Content to Partners Green Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Yoga grokker meditation mind-body wellness partnered post

Yale Uni Changes to Single Stream Recycling


Over the past year, the University has been transitioning to single stream recycling—a system that allows recyclers to deposit cans, bottles and other glass, plastic and metal containers in bins along with mixed paper. Yale Facilities is rolling out single stream recycling in incremental steps. Separating paper, bottles, and cans to be recycled will soon be a task of the past at Yale.

Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation Launch Will Stream Live


People worldwide will be able to watch the foundation’s launch, which will be streamed live to the BTWF website on February 29th, 2012 from 4:00-5:30pm EST. Read More. Causes News People Top News lady gaga

Living From the Inside Out: Parker Palmer’s live-streamed address to Naropa Graduates. {Partner}

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Elephant Journal is honored to partner with Naropa University to bring Parker Palmer’s graduation speech to our elephant readers. To watch Parker Palmer’s address, you can register online anytime before the speech on Sunday, May 10th, at 1:30 p.m. MST. ~ “Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life […].

US Rivers and Streams Super-Saturated with Co2


Rivers and streams in the United States are releasing substantially more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than previously thought. These findings could change the way scientists model the movement of carbon between land, water, and the atmosphere.

Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn: great past, green present

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All California City of Sonoma Hotels North America Resorts Restaurants/Cafes Sonoma The Americas United States Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn Sante Restaurant Sonoma Sonoma green hotel Sonoma green resort Sonoma Willow Stream Spa

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Through Streams of Thought & Sweat: Toward Radical Self-Acceptance. ~ Tanya N.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Health & Wellness Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) Yoga Yoga Practice Yoga Wisdom bikram yoga fear hatha yoga hot yoga meditation self-acceptance sweat tantric Tanya N

Airborne Turbines In Search Of Jet Streams Could Bring Us Cheap Power

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The Jet Streams are like the Holy Grail for wind turbine companies. The simple fact that the jet streams are 100 times the amount of power used worldwide annually makes for a salivating prospect for wind energy developers.

World's Largest Solar Boats Sails into Gulf Stream Climate Change Project


She has circumnavigated the world in a demonstration of the efficacy of solar power, she has made a triumphant tour of the Mediterranean, and now she is about to help the cause of climate change science by monitoring the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic Ocean.

EPA’s ENERGY STAR Program ranks Streaming Options by Energy Efficiency

Environmental News Network

The average American spends about five hours per day watching television—and this year over two-thirds will do so through streaming. For the first time, EPA’s ENERGY STAR program has ranked streaming options by energy efficiency. By: ENERGY STAR.

People of the Salmon: Haida Tribe Defends Salmon with Science in Alaska

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Dolly Varden Char (Salvelinus malma) caught during fish surveys on streams at Keete’s Inlet on Prince of Wales Island. Members of the Haida tribe are conducting these fish surveys to help get their streams protected under Alaska state law. First, streams had to be assessed.

10 Fish Conservation Success Stories to Celebrate

Nature Conservancy - Science

University of Wisconsin researcher Dan Oele with a big northern pike from a small spawning stream. Do pike return to spawn in the streams where they were born, a la salmon? That’s not the case, so a restored stream should draw pike, even if they’ve been absent for decades.

Writing Prompts to Help Us Start Off the New Year like a Champ.

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Non New-Agey Spirituality change new year's resolutions people we surround ourselves with reflect Shakti Gawain Stream-of-consciousness writingOne way to increase the chance of keeping our new year's resolutions is to take the time to.

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Notes from Silver Creek: Natural Born Scientists

Nature Conservancy - Science

A young scientist captures insects at Silver Creek Preserve. Credit: Sara Sheehy/TNC. By Dayna Gross, Silver Creek preserve manager. It was a normal Sunday for us. Mid-morning, we walked down to the creek to throw some rocks in the water and look for critters.

In a Remote Alaska Rainforest, a Tribe Protects Habitat and Restores Culture

Nature Conservancy - Science

I’m having lunch with members of the Hydaburg Cooperative Association, a federally recognized indigenous tribe, following a morning of collecting data for stream assessments ( covered in detail in yesterday’s blog ). We need science to show us how to restore our streams.

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