Birds of Spain

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Spain, with its vibrant culture and natural beauty, has always been at the top of my list of countries to visit. Raúl Tomás of Wildglimpses just put together a brief but breathtaking look at the birds of Spain. Destinations Spain video

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Warning that transgenic maize in Spain could spread uncontrollably

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As evidenced by the organisations, the ancestor of cultivated maize, teosinte, is widely invading agricultural landscapes in several regions of Spain where, in some cases, the genetically engineered maize MON810 is also cultivated which is producing an insecticidal protein.

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The sun is privatized in Spain

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The sun is privatized in Spain. yes yes you read correctly, in Spain totally unlike Europe, who generate a toll is imposed electricity and inject the en.

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Hertz rents electric bikes in Spain

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A fter a smooth test ride in London earlier this year, Hertz is expanding its electric bicycle rentals to Spain. Hertz rents electric bikes in Spain is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. | Green Travel News |.

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Something for everyone: Family friendly theme parks in Spain

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With the stunning Spanish sunshine and a rich culture to explore, Spain is a fantastic destination for a family holiday. So, when you’re browsing for spacious villas in Spain that are large enough for the whole family, find the nearest family-friendly theme park to you with this list.

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Masdar sues Spain over solar energy subsidy cuts

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The multi-pronged company funded in part by the government of Abu Dhabi helped build the world’s first 24/7 solar power plant in Spain , a feat made possible in part with subsidies. But Spain has now cut incentives for renewable energy , which eats into Masdar’s investment.

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Field Notes: Spain Still Big on Green

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European countries, especially Spain are becoming stronger on green projects like renewable energy and recycling. Read more on solar energy and recycling in Spain and in the Mid East: Greenpeace Israel Begins Urban Recycling Campaign.

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Greece and Spain are just the beginning

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Greece and Spain are just the beginning, the rest of the EU is going to follow sooner or later, including Germany Anyone who thinks that the Euro crisis and the crisis in the European Union is going to stop with Greece and Spain better have a contingency plan and a good one at that.

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World Wildlife Fund Ousts King of Spain for Elephant Hunting


The King of Spain gets kicked out of World Wildlife Fund Spain due to hunting in Botswana. Read More The post World Wildlife Fund Ousts King of Spain for Elephant Hunting appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News king juan carlos king of spain

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A small town in Spain fights food waste with a humble refrigerator

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The residents of Galdakao, Spain, have tackled food waste in a highly unconventional and creative way. The ingenious "Solidarity Fridge" is located on a public street, where anyone can donate or take leftover food.

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Solar Plane Proves Night Flights Possible – Returns to Spain

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The Solar Impulse , the world’s longest solar powered flight has landed back home in Madrid, Spain. The plane’s maiden voyage was from Spain to Morocco, proving that a solar-powered plane could fly both day and night. It’s mission accomplished.

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Spain Ditches Morocco’s Desertec Solar Project Meeting

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Morocco’s ambitious Desertec solar energy project received a setback after Spain failed to show for the official signing of the agreement that aims to transform North Africa’s energy market. Image of solar power plant in Spain , Shutterstock.

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Spain Approves Offshore Wind Power

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Spain is truly an international leader in the development of renewable energy and already produce the third most wind energy in the world and the second most solar energy. Despite this, Spain’s massive coastline has remained untapped as a wind energy resource, until now. Earlier this year Spain brought attention to the value of wind energy when they set a record for wind power generation with 11,180 megawatts from a strong wind. Government / Industry Spain Wind Farm

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Alvaro Siza makes it easier to visit the spectacular Alhambra palace in Spain

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Design Alvaro Siza eco-tourism Granada Moorish architecture Moors Spain sustainable design The Alhambra Gate World Heritage site

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Spain to ban photos and videos of cops

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Spain to ban photos and videos of cops by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Spain’s government is drafting a law that bans the photographing and filming of members of the police. Police protection or citizen censorship? The Interior Ministry assures they are not cracking down on freedom of expression, but protecting the lives of law enforcement officers.

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Why I’m Leaving Tomorrow to Walk across Spain.

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Adventure Inspiring (Wow) Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Z ADMIN Spirituality Featured Today camino de santiago quest searching seeking Spain walkingIt doesn’t matter where we go, for how long or what we look for. What matters is that we walk.

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A Mongoose and 'A Hill in Spain' | Wend Blog

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‘A Hill in Spain’ shows off Akrigg’s characteristic skill and finesse, and has some seriously memorable jumps throughout its six minute duration. Get the FREE Wend Digital Edition!

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WATCH: Giant Squid Washes Up on Spain Beach


Read More The post WATCH: Giant Squid Washes Up on Spain Beach appeared first on Ecorazzi. The remains of a giant squid washed up last week in Cantabria. The squid is an elusive species, living in the far depths of the ocean.

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AORA’s Solar Sun Tulip Says Ola Sol in Spain

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With a 35 meter high sun-ray collection tower and about 50 mirrors positioned to direct the sun, Israel’s AORA is about to flip the switch on its latest solar power plant in Spain. Watch out for AORA as they flip the switch in Spain on February 7. :: AORA.

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Wind power in Spain reaches an historic high in March 2011

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By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Madrid, Spain: Wind power became Spain's main source of electricity for the first time ever in April 2011 and wind farms accounted for 21 percent of demand and reached a monthly record, which is 5.0 Spain is a country renowned for its focus on renewable energy but very few people will have realized how much energy Spain derives from wind rather than, as people might like to assume, solar.

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Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise detained in Spain following oil protest

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The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation in Spain has detained the Arctic Sunrise, a ship operated by Greenpeace International, while an investigation is completed into the peaceful anti-oil drilling protest, which took place in the waters off Canary Islands this past weekend.

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Green Touch of Spain Pop-Up Shop in Brooklyn

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The Green Touch of Spain, a pop-up shop featuring products from sustainable fashion brands, is open through Friday, May 10th. The Green Touch of Spain is open Monday through Friday 11am-8pm, and Saturday and Sunday from Noon – 8pm from May 2 – 10. Ecoology dresses and blouses.

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Masdar Opens First Baseload Solar in Spain – Gemasolar

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The first of the three plants, the 20 MW Gemasolar project in Fuentes Andalucía, Spain, will power 100% of 27,500 Spanish households’ electricity needs, all day and most of the night, under a 25-year regulated tariff by the Spanish Government.

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Gorgeous geodesic dome burned down for Las Fallas festival in Spain

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The Castielfabib community of Valencia put on an especially exciting show during this year’s Las Fallas festival in Spain. An annual celebration that culminates on St.

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Indoor Ski Slopes from Ski Dubai Goes Carbon Neutral in Spain

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But the one in Spain will be carbon neutral. ” And while Barcelona, like most of Spain has a chronic water problem, it is less serious than Dubai, where virtually all its water comes from desalinization. Lifestyle & Culture Travel & Nature carbon neutral Dubai SpainBarcelona hopes to have an indoor ski slope as nice as Ski Dubai (pictured), but carbon neutral. Barcelona is not as hot as places like Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which now has an indoor snow ski slope.

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Spain- Taking its foot off the pedal and increasing renewables


Last month Spain lowered its maximum speed limit from 120kmph down to 110kmph to try to save on its fuel bill. Spain depends heavily on imported fuel and about 13% of its oil usually comes from Libya. Lowering the Speed Limit.

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$571m solar power plant planned for Spain


Currently the western expanse of Spain dubbed as Extremadura, is planning to construct a photovoltaic power plant, the largest of its kind, in the region. Mridul Jerath: The power of the Sun has delivered a large number of solar photovoltaic systems across the world over the past decade.

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Spain Likely to Slash Wind Subsidies


While wind turbines operating in Spain are subject to seasonal variations, this year Spain’s total electricity generated by wind power was more than 42,702 gigawatt hours.

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Menorca: a natural paradise in the Spanish Mediterranean

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Balearic Islands Community Europe Menorca Spain Xtras Cami de Cavalls eco-friendly Menorca eco-friendly Minorca eco-tourism Balearic Islands eco-tourism in Menorca eco-tourism in Minorca ecological Menorca ecological Minorca green Menorca green Minorca

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Track the Sun-Powered Solar Impulse Flight to Spain and Morocco

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As I write this, the Solar Impulse is traveling 94.2 km/h at an altitude of 7,016 meters en route to Madrid, where co-pilots Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg will switch seats before leaving for their final destination Morocco.

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Want to stay close to nature in Europe? Try mobi-camping!

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Costa Verde Croatia Europe France Spain best mobile home parks for Europe vacations best mobile parks for EU holidays mobi-camping top caravan rental for Europe holiday| It’s Glamping Plus | You know about glamping—luxury camping with the comforts of home.

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Spain’s Gemasolar thermosolar station generates power even during night


Abdul Vahid V: Spain’s famous thermosolar power station, the Gemasolar, produces power round the clock and the entire year. Solar power station in Spain works at night.

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Why walking can be your best eco-friendly vacation ever

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Black Rock City Community Compostela England Europe France Glastonbury Lake District Nevada North America Spain St. | Healthy Steps For Fun | What if we told you there’s an unforgettable adventure in your future. It will be Instagram-worthy to the max.

Copenhagen wins ‘European Green Capital’

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Bristol Copenhagen Denmark England Europe France Frankfurt Germany Hamburg Nantes News Spain Stockholm Sweden Vitoria-Gasteiz eco-innovation European Green Capital Award Green Travel News Reuters

Europe’s secret beauties: 5 breathtaking cities for green travelers

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Austria Biarritz Community Europe Ferrara France Germany Heidelberg Innsbruck Italy Spain Valencia Xtras green cities EU green cities Europe| Hidden No More | The most famous European cities are on everybody’s radar, and justifiably so. But there are others equally beautiful and picturesque, just not quite so well known. Typically these tend to be even more authentic—expressly because they aren’t tourist magnets.

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TripAdvisor’s Jenny Rushmore: GreenLeaders to be worldwide

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Canada Europe France Germany Ireland Italy Spain Green Travel News Jenny Rushmore TripAdvisor TripAdvisor GreenLeaders | Green Travel News | Eight of ten U.S. travelers are interested in green travel, but only two out of those ten made deliberate eco-friendly travel choices in the past year. So what’s the hangup? Why didn’t the other “interested” travelers go green?

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In the Flesh: Griffon Vultures

10,000 Birds

As soon as I knew that I was heading to Spain, my mind jumped to Lammergeyers. Of course, Spain is home to other vultures. Birds Spain vulturesIn fact, I believe that I may, possibly, have sent my boyfriend a chat message containing just that one word and and exclamation point.

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Beijing In Flood While Spain and Portugal Battle Fire


The heaviest rainfall to hit China's capital Beijing in 60 years has left 37 people dead and stranded thousands at the main airport. And so it seems, the weather continues to be the news as the world faces extreme weather event after extreme weather event.

White Storks Everywhere

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So, yes, it was Spain. Not only is Spain a stronghold for these birds, but they are hard to miss — huge, bright white, social, and not in the least shy of humans and human dwelling-places. Birds Spain storks

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Birding Beautiful

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I am heading towards the end of a two week family break in Andalusia, Spain as I write this and last week we jumped in the hire car and headed to a Spanish Town called Ronda for a day trip. Birding Chough Ronda Spain

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“European” Purple Swamphens on Mallorca

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However, the European or Western Swamphen (and boy, do I wish they find a nicer name once the split is accepted) is entirely confined to a small area of the WP, as it currently ranges very patchily from NW Africa and Spain to the Italian island of Sardinia. Way back in 1995, on my first trip to Spain, it was almost an outrageous event to see Purple Swamphens in the far north-east of the country. ” Birds Europe Purple Swamphen rails Spain

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Catalonian Spring

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In the end, it was birding that has taken him from his native Serbia, across the Balkans and Turkey, to the very borders of the Old World: East Anglia and Spain, southern Africa and India, where he chased that country’s rarest owl. Trips Catalonia Europe Spain

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