The many uses of soy

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Like any "miracle" crop, it also has its down sides; mainly related to how we exploit it - sometimes soy products are by no means environmentally friendly. The soybean is an amazing crop, with uses extending far beyond what you're likely familiar with. Learn more in this article

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How To Avoid Soy-based Deforestation Impacts in Your Diet


Soy-growing industrial farms carry a heavy environmental footprint, and a … The post How To Avoid Soy-based Deforestation Impacts in Your Diet appeared first on Earth 911. Excerpt from: How To Avoid Soy-based Deforestation Impacts in Your Diet.

Soy candles discount

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Did you know that soy candles burn longer, cooler and and produce 95% less soot. Try out soy candles courtesy of this 10% discount coupon. than paraffin candles? for Green Living Tips readers. from Bright Sun Candles

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The secret life of soy


The secret life of soy Jim Giles Fri, 05/21/2021 – 00:12 Beef rightly gets attention when we think of the foods destroying South America’s forests, but the second-most important driver of deforestation is less known to people outside of food and agriculture.

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Why Soy Is NOT a Health Food

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Soy has become a major source of toxicity for human beings, especially in the last three decades. Not only is more than 99% of soy genetically modified, but sources labeled organic or non-GMO are often exposed to the same problems as conventional soy. If you consume processed foods, soy is almost impossible to avoid. With the exception of wheat, there are few foods that are causing as many health problems as soy in the food supply.

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Israel’s Yofix offers dairy and soy-free yoghurt alternative

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Love yoghurt but don’t eat dairy and are afraid of soy? the winner of PepsiCo’s European Nutrition Greenhouse Programme 2018 announced last week , launches its first dairy-free, soy-free yogurt alternative line with three fruit flavors. Most dairy alternative yogurts available are high in fat, and use a single base ingredient such as soy, almond, or coconut. Yofix starts full production of its plant-based yogurt alternatives using zero-waste process.

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Soy Farms Invading Amazon Rainforest

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The southern region of the Amazon Rainforest is being taken over by soy farms. This may be because the soil in the southern area, around Mato Grosso offers very fertile soil which would help soy beans thrive. Deforestation in the rainforest has been a concern for a long time. Even though in 2006 they estimated that deforestation had slowed 11 percent that year, an area 16,700 square kilometers, about the size of Hawaii was forested in 2005 and 2006.

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Toxic Chemical in Soy - Make Sure to Buy Organic

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A new report claims many natural soybeans and soy foods are actually processed with a toxic chemical , but still labeled as natural. Beyond the Bean: The Heroes and Charlatans of the Natural and Organic Soy Foods Industry , released by the The Cornucopia Institute , found a chemical solvent called hexane is almost always used in conventional soy protein ingredients and oils. Hexane separates soy oil from soy protein and fiber.

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Global soy trade drives Amazon deforestation amid human rights concerns


Fast food giants wind up using much of the soy exported from central Brazil. Read more: Global soy trade drives Amazon deforestation amid human rights concerns. Business Green agriculture earnings-call energy & climate exported-from forestry issues-being its-path leadership president-and renewable energy using-much

Video About Soy: Benefits of Removing It From Your Diet & What Healthy Foods To Eat Instead

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I get a lot of questions about why I stopped eating soy and whether or not it's good for you, so here's a video that sums up my answers. If you don't want to watch the video, here's a summary (and more details): The short story is that soy upsets my stomach and I don't believe that eating it in excess is healthy. Vegans often turn to soy products - whether tofu, tempeh, faux meat, or dairy alternatives - to give them protein or take the place of animal products.

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Simple, delicious, gluten-free, soy-free taco

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The gluten-free soy-free diet is going really well - I feel wonderful. daiya soy-free eco-vegan recipe gluten-freeBut it is a little tricky trying to keep my meals varied and exciting. I went to Whole Foods last night and was in the mood for something Mexican, so I grabbed some things and threw this dish together. Though it is really simple, it's insanely delicious.

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Beautifully simple gluten & soy free pizza

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vegan daiya soy-free recipe gluten-freeI recently bought a frozen gluten-free crust by Nature's Hilights from Whole Foods and decided to give it a try today. Unfortunately it is not organic, but it was the only pre-made option there (I'm going to make my own soon, which will also save on packaging). However, it only has 2 ingredients (brown rice and potato) and is pretty tasty - thin and crunchy. I topped it with some simple ingredients, most of which were local or from the bulk bin.

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What a Vegan Eats for Lunch: Pad Thai - gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free, salt-free

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vegan sugar-free soy-free gluten-freeHave you checked out my new YouTube channel yet? It's called " What A Vegan Eats " and I'm uploading video journals about food I eat and make throughout the day. If I get enough requests I'll make video recipes too - I have a feeling this super healthy Pad Thai will be desired.

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Gluten & soy free muffins by Purely Elizabeth

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However, the muffins were gluten and soy free. YouTube vegan snack soy-free review dessert gluten-freeBack in April I made some gluten-free pancakes from Purely Elizabeth , but had some trouble with them - they fell apart in the pan. So, I wasn't sure how the Ultimate Cacao Muffin Mix was going to turn out, but I am happy to report it went well! Like the pancakes, the muffins were flavorful and had a nice hearty taste, but unlike the flapjacks, they kept their form after baking.

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Video: Recipes for an Organic, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Sugar-Free Vegan Christmas

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but shall I decide to cook on December 25th I've got plenty of delicious recipes to choose from that are free of animal products, gluten, sugar and soy - all thanks to an ebook. Though the recipes are not advertised as being soy-free, most of them are and the rest are easily modified to be. video YouTube vegan sugar-free soy-free health holiday recipe gluten-free book

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Gluten & (mostly) Soy free: Eating Healthy in Portland, OR

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I looked forward to trying fun things like vegan corn dogs at Hungry Tiger Too, but when I did I had quite the stomach ache from all the grease and processed soy. Don't get me wrong, all of that was delicious and worth a try, but the next day I decided to try the gluten-free and soy-free diet - and boy was I glad I did. While we jumped right off the gluten, it took us until the end of the trip to stop eating soy, though I'm sure you could have the same meals without it.

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Healthiest Chocolate Ever: Organic, Raw, Vegan, Sugar-Free, Soy-Free & Gluten-Free!

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Rox Chox : a raw, vegan chocolate (made from heirloom cacao) that is sugar-free, gluten-free and soy-free. raw video vegan sugar-free soy-free health treats organic gluten-free YouTube candida fair trade reviewYes, the title is true. I have discovered the healthiest and most eco-friendly chocolate ever!!! Oh, and it's DELICIOUS too.

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Curried Red Lentils & Millet: free of gluten/soy/sugar/oil

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I love lentils and wanted to make something without gluten, soy, sugar, and oil - I succeeded. vegan oil-free sugar-free soy-free recipe organic gluten-freeI recently bought millet to cook with for the first time, and this dish was a perfect introduction. This easy and quick recipe has been adapted from The Way of Happy Woman. Ingredients: 2 cups of water for cooking 1/2 cup organic red lentils 1/2 cup organic millet 1 tbsp.

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How to make soy wax candles for a cozy, autumnal home


When you make your own soy wax candles, you know exactly what’s in them. With the ongoing pandemic, 2020 is the year for DIY hobbies , so get started with this guide on how to make your own soy wax candles at home. Why soy wax ? You can get soy wax online or at a craft store. Soy is a renewable resource that makes for a clean-burning candle. How to make soy wax candles for a cozy, autumnal home.

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Easy Gluten & Soy-Free Vegan Pizza

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However, if you're nervous about making a pizza free of dairy, gluten and soy that will still taste good, you have my word that this one is fantastic (even non-vegans like it). To me, this isn't much of a recipe - it's more like inspiration for having fun and getting creative in the kitchen. The main ingredients were store-bought and packaged, so anyone can make this in a matter of minutes using their favorite crust, sauce and plant-based cheese.

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Fire Up The Grill: gluten and soy-free recipes for a healthy summer

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A reader asked if I knew of any veggie dogs that were free of gluten and soy, and I was stumped. vegan soy-free health summer holiday recipe gluten-freeThough I don't often eat veggie dogs, something about the summer (especially July 4th) makes them sound so appealing.

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Back to Basics: why I stopped eating gluten, soy, refined sugar, and oil

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Please read my health disclaimer Since I stopped eating gluten, soy, refined sugar, and most oils I've been getting one question: why? I was concerned about how my food was being made and where it was coming from: most gluten and soy are highly processed , and a lot of soy is genetically modified. I don't miss soy because it usually upsets my stomach. In fact, my new way of eating has a lot of similarities to macrobiotics, except that soy is a big part of that diet.

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Healthy, delicious gluten/soy/sugar-free meal with quinoa, kale, and daikon radish

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Now that I'm a gluten, soy, & sugar free diet I have to be more creative. vegan sugar-free soy-free dinner health recipe gluten-freeI'm on a mission to cook more for myself in order to save money, eat healthier, and reduce packaging. Last night I put together a great dish with 3 elements - it was flavorful, satisfying, and extremely healthy.

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EVG Q&A: Post-Surgery Diet - Low Fiber Vegan Foods w/ Lots of Protein & No Soy

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We have tried tofu and other soy products, but she has developed an intolerance to soy. She can do small quantities of soy, but items like Ensure and protein bars are out of the question. There are so many options, but here are some ideas: Seitan on it's own is really tasty, especially when marinated in soy sauce. Question: My mother in law just has surgery and has a new diet that we are having problems with satisfying.

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Organic Nectars: organic, raw chocolate free of gluten, soy, and refined sugar

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Organic Nectars chocolate is just the kind of sweet I want in my life right now: organic, raw, gluten-free, soy-free, and refined sugar free. raw soy-free organic dessert gluten-freeMost importantly, it's delicious and satisfying. In fact, I can barely tell that it's raw - it just tastes good; though it definitely has a unique flavor and texture. While it is not smooth like most chocolates, I didn't mind the grittiness because I enjoyed the natural, full-bodied flavors.

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Heaven Sent: a new soy-free vegan "ice cream" made from simple ingredients

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Better yet, it's soy-free and gluten-free, and mostly organic. vegan soy-free dessert gluten-freeWhile at Seattle VegFest I stumbled upon a rainbow colored stand that was passing out samples of a vegan non-dairy dessert. There were smiles on the entire staff's faces and I loved the vivid display, so I was excited to give a try. It turns out Heaven Sent is more than just pretty packaging - it's flavorful, fresh tasting, and creamy (reminds me a little of yogurt).

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ZEGO Bar: A Soy-Free and Protein-Packed Bar to Stash in Your Bag

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ZEGO bars are 100 percent allergen-free, which means no nuts, dairy, soy or gluten , plus they''re a great source of protein at ten grams per bar. Product review by EvG team member Lily Trahan: I''ve grown up with many food sensitivities, the main one being sugar which tends to give me acne. So needles to say, food bars are not a big part of my diet. Most of them are just candy bars disguised as health food.

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Farmers Markets: one stop eco-vegan shop for food naturally free of gluten, soy, refined sugar, and oil

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The best part is, most things at the farmer's market are naturally free of gluten, soy, refined sugar, and oil (unless you buy pre-made food like bread). I realized that I'm often writing about what I don't eat: I don't eat gluten, I don't eat soy, I don't eat refined-sugar, I don't eat oil. YouTube fruit oil-free sugar-free los angeles shopping soy-free gluten-free

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ZEGO Bar: A Soy-Free and Protein-Packed Bar to Stash in Your Bag

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ZEGO bars are 100 percent allergen-free, which means no nuts, dairy, soy or gluten , plus they're a great source of protein at ten grams per bar. Product review by EvG team member Lily Trahan: I've grown up with many food sensitivities, the main one being sugar which tends to give me acne. So needles to say, food bars are not a big part of my diet. Most of them are just candy bars disguised as health food.

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Yofix creates flexitarian plant dairy alternatives, and the food industry invests

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Still a mere amount compared to what the soy-based drink Soylent has received — about $75 million USD to create a drink product as an alternative to eating. Some of us worry about soy because of the potential for it to disrupt our endocrine system.

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Is Oat Milk Ethical? A Breakdown of How Alt-Milks Impact the Earth

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Soy, nut, hemp, and oat are only some of the now commonplace alt milks. Soy Milk. The US and Brazil account for over half of the world’s soy production, with the United States ranking at no.1. Soy has an origin story dating back three millennia ago, where it was first domesticated by farmers in China. However, the production of soy has disturbed ecosystems and caused mass deforestation. The Amazon rainforest has taken serious blows from soy farming.

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Zombie Soil: The Harmful Result of Industrial Farming


Eco appeared-first business & policy deforestation earth harmful-result heavy-environmental industrial our- regenerative agriculture soil reclamation soyIndustrial farming practices like monocropping and tilling are stripping our … The post Zombie Soil: The Harmful Result of Industrial Farming appeared first on Earth 911. View post: Zombie Soil: The Harmful Result of Industrial Farming.

Deforestation: Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

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All companies, together with smallholders and farmers who currently clear land for palm oil or soy, paper production, cattle ranching or other development, are responsible for managing lands responsibly, so that the forests and soils they depend on are not degraded for short-term ends. Responsible soy production in Brazil The Nature Conservancy has been working with Cargill since 2004 to apply its science-based approach and expertise in conservation planning.

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US Biodiesel Production Reaches Commercial Scale Thanks to Tax Incentives

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Tags: Alt Fuels and Transportation Biodiesel green economy HR 4070 renewable energy S 1589 soy biodiesel soy oil

Which Candles Are Most Eco-Friendly?

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For the green home, I recommend three kinds of candles: Beeswax, soy and palm oil. Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas Eco-Friendly Holidays beeswax candles eco friendly candles palm oil candles soy candlesThe first thing I like to do on a chilly fall night, is light a few autumnal scented candles around my house. I love the warm and comforting light they give off, and the delightful scents that permeate by little home for hours.

Vellabox delivers natural, artisan candles to your door


Related: How to make soy wax candles for a cozy, autumnal home The Vellabox packaging is simple and sustainable. The company, Aster Candle, is based in Rhode Island; the owner, Catherine Kwolek, hand-pours each soy candle, and the cotton wicks are lead-free. Eco Green chocolate city denver gifts lifestyle office soy take-the-numberSubscription boxes can be a great way to treat yourself each month or surprise a loved one with a thoughtful, curated gift.

Video: Natural to Eat Meat? Bras Cause Cancer? Vegans Can Be Bodybuilders? Organic Mexican Food? Another Giveaway?!!

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In this video: T-Shirt of the Week: Eat Pastry vegan cookie dough Restaurant of the Week: Gracias Madre organic Mexican food in San Francisco Book of the Week: Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness by Robert Cheeke Food of the Week: Nacheez vegan nacho cheese (gluten & soy free!) raw video vegan weekly roundup free san francisco soy-free giveaway websites eco gluten-free YouTube snack review restaurants dessertIt's Weekly Roundup video day!!

Video: Vegan Tour of Portland, OR with Robert Cheeke

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My trip to Portland marked the beginning of my gluten-free and soy-free diet, so you'll see me experimenting with the options in this video, and giving into the temptations of donuts and cake! Other videos from the trip: Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness Northwest Book Tour - video montage Avalon Hotel If you'd like to read more about my Portland experience, check outed my summaries from April 2010: Portland summary, part 1 Gluten & (mostly) Soy free: Eating Healthy in Portland, OR.

The Auralis Convertible Jumper: An Eco Fashion Classic

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It’s made in NYC from a soft-stretchy combo of soy, organic cotton and a smidge of spandex. Fair Fashion auralis convertible convertible jumper eco fashion fair fashion made in nyc made in usa organic cotton soy travel clothing As you might know, I travel as much as I can possibly manage (have you seen our sister site, Eco-Chick Escapes ?).

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Almond Milk Lover? Then You Have to Try Hazelnut Milk!

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I have long loved almond milk, hemp milk, and even soy and oat milks, but hazelnut milk is the best of them all. Health Is Beauty almond milk alt milk hazelnut milk health nondairy soy milk vegan This is how excited I got when I first tried hazelnut milk, after years of almond milk drinking! It’s not often that I get THIS excited by a new food, but I was at my boyfriend’s neighborhood health-food store this past week and what to my wondering eyes should appear?

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Easy & Quick Quinoa with Pine Nuts

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It is gluten-free and almost soy-free (I forgot miso was made with soy, but there is soy-free miso). vegan soy-free recipe gluten-freeHere's another recipe I made up as I went along. Did you know that quinoa has more protein than any other grain ?

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Video Interview With Food For Lovers: The Story Behind The Famous, Healthy Queso

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If you like cheesy, spicy, dippy, soy-free, nut-free, fat-free food, then I've got just the thing for you: vegan queso by Food For Lovers. video YouTube vegan snack expo west soy-free interview review localThis delicious Velveeta-like "cheese dip" was created by two young lovebirds (thus the name - they're insanely adorable). Crystal is Mexican and missed her home country's dishes when she went vegan, so naturally she decided to perfect a vegan queso recipe. And perfect it she did!

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Daily Demand and Supply: Farmers make teaching econ 101 easy

Environmental Economics

Corn and soy beans are substitutes in production. When the output price of corn falls (due to increased supplies) relative to the price of soy beans, producers will increase the supply of soy beans (and decrease the supply of corn). the price of soy beans will rise and the price of corn will fall farmers from Louisiana to North Dakota are preparing to switch more land to soybeans as they seek to limit losses from a slumping corn market.

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