South Dakota Producers Reap Rewards of Cover Crops

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Farmers who use cover crops for grazing are more likely to view them as increasing their profitability, even during the first few years, according to survey of eastern South Dakota producers. South Dakota Producers Reap Rewards of Cover Crops

Architecture students design award-winning Passive House in South Dakota


In Brookings, South Dakota, a group of South Dakota State University architecture students designed and completed the Passive House 01, a home certified under the high-performance Passive House (PHIUS) standard. Located on a long-vacant infill site, Passive House 01 is within walking distance to both the South Dakota State University campus and Main Street. The project won an AIA South Dakota Honor design award in 2019.


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Iowa and South Dakota approached 25 percent electricity from wind in 2012

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Defying conventional wisdom about the limits of wind power, in 2012 both Iowa and South Dakota generated close to one quarter of their electricity from wind farms. Renewable Energy Energy Iowa South Dakota USA wind energyWind power accounted for at least 10 percent of electricity generation in seven other states. Across the United States, wind power continues to strengthen its case as a serious energy source.

The Green Buzz: Thursday, March 14

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Iowa and South Dakota produced almost 25% of their electricity from wind in 2012. Climate Change Energy Environmental News Environmental Science Food Global Warming Green Living International Land Use Sustainable Livelihoods The Green Buzz dead pigs discovery dunkin donuts electricity food deserts fresh food Grist iowa monarch monarch butterflies monarch migration New York Times npr palm oil shanghai south dakota sustainable palm oil Treehugger Water Conservation wind power

Field Notes: A Bison Herd Without Raging Bulls?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Ordway Prairie Preserve in South Dakota. Bison bison bison management Field Notes mammals Nature Conservancy preserves south dakota student research student science Do bison behave differently when older bulls are removed from the herd–the situation often found on private ranches? Photo: Matt Miller/TNC. By Matt Miller, senior science writer. Remove the oldest, most dominant bison bulls from a herd, and what happens? Will the bison still act like bison?

Farming, Adapting to Climate Change & the Limits of Imagination

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But it’s still really difficult for people used to the agricultural economy of today to imagine, for instance, wheat fields in the Dakotas switching to another crop because it is warmer. Farm sprinkler irrigation system. Photo by Flickr user Chesapeake Bay Program via a Creative Commons license. What will the world look like in 50 years? Everybody wants to know the answer, especially when it comes to climate change.

My guess is the probability this will change a denier's opinion is 0.00001%*

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On the other hand, the report found no link between humans and Winter Storm Atlas, which dumped up to 55 inches of snow on South Dakota last October, heavy rain in Colorado that flooded more than a dozen cities in and around the Denver metro area and heavy rain and flooding events in Europe.

2014 180

USA TODAY poll: Slight majority backs Keystone pipeline

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More men (60%) than women (53%) support the 1,179-mile pipeline extension, which would carry heavy tar sands from Alberta through Montana and South Dakota to Steele City, Neb. These poll results came out before the State Department issued their favorable report : A slight majority of Americans favor the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline that President Obama is expected to approve or reject this year, finds a poll conducted for USA TODAY.

2014 146

Bison, Pioneers of the Prairie, Return to Kankakee Sands

Nature Conservancy - Science

In October of 2016, 23 bison from South Dakota were released on the prairie in Kankakee Sands. Over the past 20 years The Nature Conservancy in Indiana has been converting 6,700 acres of row-crop agriculture at Kankakee Sands into a diverse prairie. The goal – to restore key prairie habitat and connectivity for wildlife. Related Articles. Conserving Bison in Indiana. Yes, Indiana. By Matt Miller. The Incredible Shrinking Bison, an Unexpected Impact of Climate Change. By Matt Miller.

2017 66

Q&A With Cycle Farm

Green (Living) Review

Their Cycle Farm , in the northern Black Hills of South Dakota, is a small, diversified mixed vegetable farm. Bicycles and growing cycles—everything’s a-spinning to keep this small-scale farm in business. Why reinvent the wheel? While that might seem unnecessary, farmers like Trish Jenkins and Jeremy Smith often have innovative minds, dreaming up ways to do things more efficiently and, well, simply better.

2016 101

The Key to Feeding the World? It’s Healthy Soil

Green (Living) Review

Their experiences, and the results that I saw on their farms in North and South Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Ghana and Costa Rica, offer compelling evidence that the key to sustaining highly productive agriculture lies in rebuilding healthy, fertile soil. Conventional farming practices that degrade soil health undermine humanity’s ability to continue feeding everyone over the long run.

2017 102

Congress: Renew the Wind Production Tax Credit!

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The renewable energy success stories are countless: 150,000 rooftop solar panels have been installed in California, states like Iowa and South Dakota already have 20 percent of their electricity generated by wind power, and the more than 50 gigawatts of installed wind capacity in the U.S. If one thing can be said about energy trends from the past year, it''s that dirty fossils fuels are out and clean energy is in.

Renew 87

Can Grasslands, The Ecosystem Underdog, Play an Underground Role in Climate Solutions?

Nature Conservancy - Science

In North and South Dakota, where grasslands have seen losses similar to conversion rates in the Amazon forest (Wright and Wimberly 2013), we quantified the emissions that could be avoided from protecting grassland instead of converting to row crops. You could also think of it as the entire population of North and South Dakota not driving anywhere for a year and a half, and that is a conservative estimate because not everyone in the Dakotas is of driving age or has a car.

2017 85

Deer Advisor: Help for Communities Grappling with Abundant Deer Populations

Nature Conservancy - Science

Dr. Daniel Decker, professor and director of the Human Dimensions Research Unit at Cornell University’s Department of Natural Resources, and Dr. Meredith Cornett, director of conservation science at The Nature Conservancy in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, shed some light on the issue communities are facing and how the new tool can help them find solutions.

2016 84

Conserving Our National Mammal, One Satellite Herd at a Time

Cool Green Science

Fast forward six years and Corissa has gone from recording round ups to facilitating them as the Western South Dakota Conservation Manager. The Conservancy’s Lame Johnny Creek Ranch in South Dakota was the first to receive Wind Cave bison, and as Corissa advanced her role at the Conservancy, she helped oversee the herd for several years. Corissa Busse will never forget her first bison round up. “I

2017 57

Impact Journalism Day: Global Indigenous youth taking the planet in their hands

Green (Living) Review

" It was Ms Telford's interest in First Nations people around the world that led her to Joseph White-Eyes of South Dakota, more than 13,500 kilometres from her home of Kingscliff. t was 2009 and a severe storm had battered Kingscliff, her home on the east coast of Australia. Several metres of beach and dune disappeared, while cranes were needed to shift whole buildings back to save them from the water's edge.

2016 101

The Incredible Shrinking Bison, an Unexpected Impact of Climate Change

Nature Conservancy - Science

Memorial Preserve in South Dakota and the warmer Konza Prairie Biological Station in Kansas. A mature bison in South Dakota averaged 500 pounds larger than one in Kansas. Mary Miller, the Conservancy’s Northcentral South Dakota conservation manager, led collection on the Ordway Prairie. Here’s a climate change impact you probably never considered: bison diets.

2016 63

What’s For Holiday Dinner?

Green Home Blog

And don’t forget to call it “dressing” instead of stuffing if you’re down South. Down South is also where cooks spend the most time fussing over dinner; up to three days in advance. Way down South is the origin of the turducken, a duck stuffed in a chicken inside a turkey – a formula for food poisoning in my book, as I wonder if the duck way inside ever gets cooked well enough. For those in the Corn Belt (Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Iowa, etc.)

2012 109

Fight against fracking continues in Louisiana

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Fracking, be it in Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, or Louisiana is a bad news. It''s hard to imagine a more powerful figure to want on your side than retired Army Lt. General Russel Honoré. The former head of the Hurricane Katrina Joint Task Force Hurricane Katrina who commanded the military response to the devastating 2005 hurricane is now a major environmental activist in Louisiana - and those who love clean air and water are happy to have him. "He

Utah’s Grand Staircase welcomes a new glamping site


Other Under Canvas locations include Glacier in Montana; Moab and Zion in Utah; Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee; Mount Rushmore in South Dakota; Grand Canyon in Arizona and Acadia in Maine. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is a gorgeous display of red, yellow, orange and pink cliffs that has visitors marveling at nature. It means even more to geology aficionados, as it’s a staircase of flora and fauna fossils dating back between 50 and 275 million years.

Utah 28

Sage Grouse Declined For Protection

Eco Friendly Daily

The sage grouse is also found in Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, California, Washington, South Dakota and North Dakota. The sage grouse has been up for consideration for listing as an endangered species in the United States. The sage grouse has experienced a decrease in population of 90 percent in the last century. Included in this decline is the disappearance of more than half of their previous habitat.

Time for Congress to Act and Save Clean Energy Jobs

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Wind is providing affordable, reliable electricity from coast to coast - in 2013 Iowa got 27 percent of its electricity from wind power, while South Dakota got 26 percent. Today, the US Senate is casting a vote critical to the future of the U.S. wind industry. Wind power has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, and the wind industry now employs more than 80,000 Americans and generates enough electricity to power 15 million homes.

ABC News Sued Over Pink Slime

Green Prophet

South-Dakota based BPI uses the stuff as a filler to stretch out ground beef. Beef Products Inc says that the ABC network is to blame for its economic woes. What’s in a name? Beef Products Inc (BPI) is suing ABC News for $1.2 billion, claiming economic damage from the network’s use of the words “pink slime” to describe the mass of connective tissue ground together, washed in ammonia, and dyed to look like ground beef.

2012 72

After America’s fossil water goes dry, will the Middle East follow?

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One of America’s largest “fossil water” aquifers is the Ogallala aquifer, which lies under 8 states in America’s “bread basket” wheat growing region; stretching from South Dakota to Texas. Ample fresh water supplies for agriculture and drinking by the world’s burgeoning population are becoming more and more scarace these days due to over-consumption and the ravages of global warming and climate change.

2014 82

The Tumbling Tumbleweed

Cool Green Science

Likely imported into South Dakota from Russia in the 1870s, Russian thistle has turned noxious, out-competing native plants for water and creating a mono-culture without adequate diversity for foraging wildlife. . The Russian thistle, a plant that often becomes the “tumbling tumbleweed.” ” Photo: Forest and Kim Star under a Creative Commons license. By Kerry Brophy Lloyd .

2014 64

The Lummi Totem Pole Journey

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Endorsed by the Lummi Nation, the 2,500-mile binational trip will travel from South Dakota and the proposed Keystone XL pipeline route, home to the Pacific Northwest before turning back and winding north to the Canadian tar sands. By Robin Everett, Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign. Last year, members of the Pacific Northwest''s Lummi Nation made a historic trip to the Otter Creek Valley of Montana with a traditional, hand-carved totem pole.

2014 59

Schaefer Prairie Preserve Citizen Science

Nature Conservancy - Science

On a longer time frame, phenology can be important for monitoring how prairies are shifting in response to climate change and from a management perspective, phenology of the plants is important when you are considering when to burn a prairie or treat the invasive species,” says Marissa Ahlering , Prairie Ecologist for Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. Morning dew on asters (Aster) at Schaefer Prairie. Photo © Chris Anderson/TNC.

LEED Platinum Stockman Bank harvests rainwater and solar power in Missoula


The masonry exterior uses brick and quarried granite from South Dakota as well as cast stone detailing and a high-performance glass curtain wall that floods the interior with natural light. In Montana’s historic downtown Missoula, a Stockman Bank branch has recently earned LEED v4 Core and Shell Platinum certification — the second building in the U.S and the fifth worldwide to receive such accreditation.

Upcoming: Offshore Windpower 2013 Conference and Exhibition in October

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Ten states are well on their way, already getting 10 percent of their electricity from wind power, including Iowa and South Dakota, which are topping out at 20 percent. Wind energy? We're big fans - and we're excited to be sponsoring the American Wind Energy Association's upcoming Offshore Windpower 2013 Conference and Exhibition this October in Providence, Rhode Island. Wind power is the fastest-growing source of power on the planet. In the U.S.

2013 46

Citizen Science Tuesday: Hummingbirds Journey North

Nature Conservancy - Science

In April of 2014, one woman in South Dakota found a hummingbird in her garage that must have been driven by a storm the previous day and had died. Male Ruby-throated Hummingbird (Archilochus colubris). Photo © Lewis Feldkamp. Citizen Science Tuesday connects you with opportunities to be a part of conservation science with outdoor projects around the world and online projects to try from the comfort of your own home.

2015 84

Social Protests Connect the Dots to the Environment

Green Prophet

It’s definitely a hot time in our world this summer: there are massive brush and forest fires in the American states of Colorado and South Dakota , there’s a full fledged civil war going on in Syria that has resulted in indigenous plant seeds being stored away in a vault in Norway ; and worst of all, a 58-year-old down and out man in Israel who set himself on fire during a night time social protest rally in Jerusalem.

2012 79

Recovery: Hope for Black-Footed Ferrets, One of Our Most Endangered Mammals

Nature Conservancy - Science

In 1971 the Fish and Wildlife Service captured nine in South Dakota, killing four with attenuated-live-virus canine distemper shots to which, it thereby learned, the species is highly sensitive. Every prairie dog town I encountered in South Dakota’s Conata Basin was littered with cows or cow pies. In September 1981 an investigator in Meeteetse, Wyoming disproved the common knowledge that the black-footed ferret was extinct by collecting (i.e., killing) one.

2016 63

Fighting Fire with Fire

Cool Green Science

Fish and Wildlife Service in Wyoming, Colorado, and South Dakota this summer to provide help during the busiest fire season of the year. Out west, fires have names. The first fire we worked was called the ‘Burnt Fire,’” recalled Caleb Grantham, a restoration specialist for The Nature Conservancy in Illinois who recently helped fight fires burning at Wind Cave National Park, Custer National Forest, and on other federal lands. “We

2017 48

Animal activist impersonates Smithfield CEO on Fox News


Bartiromo started the interview by asking Johnson about conditions at “his” company’s South Dakota pork processing plant, the site of the country’s worst COVID-19 cluster early in the pandemic. Activist Matt Johnson won great acclaim from animal rights supporters by pulling off a neat trick: fooling Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo into interviewing him as Dennis Organ, the new CEO of Smithfield Foods, on her show last Wednesday.

“The Bill of Wrongs” Released By Absolute Rights Reports

Green (Living) Review

The Bill of Wrongs” begins the report with the full story on the 24 billion barrels of the Bakken oil reserve fields of Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota, that can help the survival of America’s economy, by doubling America’s proven oil reserves.

2012 109

Hope on the Prairie: The Black-Footed Ferret Returns to Colorado

Nature Conservancy - Science

Having cleared those hurdles, they’ve been released at sites from South Dakota to Arizona , returning a key predator to prairie dog towns. Once believed extinct, black-footed ferrets are now returning to native habitat in Colorado and other states. Photo: Chris Pague/TNC. By Matt Moorhead, The Nature Conservancy’s Southeast Colorado Project Director . In many respects, hope defines our work at The Nature Conservancy. In turn, our work fuels that hope.

Supreme Court’s Stay on Clean Power Plan Won’t Stop Energy Revolution

Cool Green Science

Notably, two red states—Kansas and South Dakota—are now getting more than 20% of their annual power generation from wind turbines. Mark Tercek is President and CEO of the Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune. Follow Mark on Twitter: @ MarkTercek. Jimmie Powell is the Nature Conservancy’s Energy Team Lead. The Supreme Court’s decision last week to stay President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan may delay implementation of that particular program.

2016 56

Safer Moose Crossings, IPCC Haiku, the Importance of Extinct Giant Birds & More

Nature Conservancy - Science

but their population plunge in South Dakota indicates deeper trouble. A young bull moose, Alces alces, stops on a dirt road and licks minerals in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Image credit: Dave Spier /Flickr through a Creative Commons license. By Bob Lalasz, Matt Miller and Lisa Feldkamp of the TNC Science Communications team.


Lek’s Watch Greater Sage Grouse

Nature Conservancy - Science

Male greater sage-grouse on a lek in Butte County, South Dakota. Join us to watch one of the greatest wildlife spectacles in North America – the greater sage grouse courtship display. Each spring at dawn a strange thing happens out in the sagebrush. Male greater sage grouse gather in open areas known as leks, as if on a stage, to strut their stuff in a dazzling and unusual performance.

2017 62

150 Plants Retired: Another Major Milestone Hit in Moving Beyond Coal

Sierra Club Compass

The Sierra Club had long been focusing on this plant with a coalition of allies, including the Coalition for Clean Air South Coast, Toxics Action Center, Clean Water Action, and the Conservation Law Foundation. In 2012, Iowa and South Dakota received more than 20 percent of their energy from wind, and nine states produced more than 10 percent of their electricity from wind energy.

2013 86

All Dogs Go to Heaven

The Alien Next Door

Part 2: Louisville, KY.Chambord Liqueur-the Taste of Luxury.Lightning Bugs & Kentucky Lightning.Cooking South Dakota-Storming Wyoming.Car Trouble in Montana.Waves, Spirals and the Face of God.Are you an Empath? The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Monday, January 31, 2011 All Dogs Go to Heaven I’ve given Toulouse LeTrek the COOL Travel Cat lots of blog-time lately. It’s only fair that I give some time to dogs, like Oli.

2011 148

Weekend Reading 8/22/14

Sightline Daily

My top recommendation this week is Lummi elder Jewell James’ article in the Bellingham Herald : In August we make our journey from South Dakota to the Salish Sea and north to Alberta, Canada, stopping with many of the tribal and local communities whose lives unwillingly intersect with the paths of coal exports and tar sands.

2014 40

Climate Change and the Future of Bison

Nature Conservancy - Science

The climate of Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in Oklahoma is 17°F hotter than at Cross Ranch in North Dakota. For example, a 7-year old male bison at Ordway Prairie in South Dakota weighs, on average, 1,900 lbs. To understand how hotter climates are likely to affect bison, researcher Joe Craine recently led a study that synthesized weights of bison from Nature Conservancy herds as well as a number of other federal, state and private herds. Photo: Matt Miller/TNC.