What is the State Bird of South Dakota?

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South Dakota went a different way, designating the Ring-necked Pheasant as the state bird in 1943. In fact, the bird is so popular that it was also chosen for South Dakota’s bicentennial commemorative quarter! Birds Ring-necked Pheasant South Dakota state birdMany states choose their representative bird based on common, native birds spending part or all of the year within the states’ borders.

South Dakota Community Living in Third World Conditions.

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Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Featured Events a global friend AGF Kickstarter pine ridge reservation sage bracelet south dakota Now, they are on a mission to help a struggling community right here in the U.S.—Pine They are living in third-world conditions and are dealing with an over 80% unemployment rate.

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Genital-obsessed Republicans in South Dakota attempt anti-transgender legislation


Creepy lawmakers in South Dakota are mouth-foamingly obsessed with people’s genitals, namely the genitals of children, transgender children, in public schools.

South Dakota Wind Turbine Plant Announces Lay Offs

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A South Dakota wind turbine company located in the town of Howard, has announced plans to lay off one third of the company. Knight & Carver Wind Group Inc., which builds blades for medium sized wind turbines , is laying off 16 of the plant’s 55 workers this week, and the firm might temporarily close the plant in about a month, said Gary Kanaby, the company’s vice president.

Iowa and South Dakota approached 25 percent electricity from wind in 2012

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Defying conventional wisdom about the limits of wind power, in 2012 both Iowa and South Dakota generated close to one quarter of their electricity from wind farms. Renewable Energy Energy Iowa South Dakota USA wind energy

Fill ‘er Up & Throw in a Hug.

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I choked through my tears and said, Adventure Denver Inspiring (Wow) Literary Journal Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today Z ADMIN Entertainment & Culture Featured Today hug kindness south dakota story strangersI was tired, sick, sad, 1,800 miles from home and I was alone. I just sobbed and sobbed.

Field Notes: A Bison Herd Without Raging Bulls?

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Ordway Prairie Preserve in South Dakota. Bison bison bison management Field Notes mammals Nature Conservancy preserves south dakota student research student science

Ogallala Aquifer. ~ Ann Griffin {Poem}

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green Literary Journal Texas Aquifer bread basket corporate farming drinking water environment Lakota Oglala poem poetry south dakota Teach us to walk the soft earth as relatives to all that live.

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Farming, Adapting to Climate Change & the Limits of Imagination

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But it’s still really difficult for people used to the agricultural economy of today to imagine, for instance, wheat fields in the Dakotas switching to another crop because it is warmer. Farm sprinkler irrigation system.

The Green Buzz: Thursday, March 14

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Iowa and South Dakota produced almost 25% of their electricity from wind in 2012. Climate Change Energy Environmental News Environmental Science Food Global Warming Green Living International Land Use Sustainable Livelihoods The Green Buzz dead pigs discovery dunkin donuts electricity food deserts fresh food Grist iowa monarch monarch butterflies monarch migration New York Times npr palm oil shanghai south dakota sustainable palm oil Treehugger Water Conservation wind power

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When Will One Show Up In Queens?

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Its journey originated in South Dakota, 1,500 miles to the west! The Mountain Lion struck and killed by a car in Connecticut in June has been confirmed as a wild animal. The last confirmed sighting of a cougar in Connecticut was in the late 1800s. Asides

Joan Jett Forced to Switch Macy’s Floats Due to PETA Involvement


Longtime vegetarian, advocate for animals, and representative for PETA, Joan Jett doesn''t give a damn about her reputation, but ranchers in South Dakota do. Read More The post Joan Jett Forced to Switch Macy’s Floats Due to PETA Involvement appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News joan jett

Privacy Gone: These States allow video cameras in Dressing Rooms (who knew!?)

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” The good guys: These states don’t allow security cameras in dressing rooms: > South Dakota > New Hampshire > Michigan > Maine > Minnesota > Utah > Kansas > Delaware > Hawaii > Georgia > California > Arkansas > Alabama The […].

My guess is the probability this will change a denier's opinion is 0.00001%*

Environmental Economics

On the other hand, the report found no link between humans and Winter Storm Atlas, which dumped up to 55 inches of snow on South Dakota last October, heavy rain in Colorado that flooded more than a dozen cities in and around the Denver metro area and heavy rain and flooding events in Europe.

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USA TODAY poll: Slight majority backs Keystone pipeline

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More men (60%) than women (53%) support the 1,179-mile pipeline extension, which would carry heavy tar sands from Alberta through Montana and South Dakota to Steele City, Neb.

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Sentencing for Bird Killers

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In a completely unrelated case, a South Dakota man, Randy Albers, pled guilty to charges related to poisoning Canada Geese on his farm and was sentenced to a year of probation. An Indiana man, Wade Bennett, and a minor have pled guilty for their involvement in the shooting and killing of a critically endangered Whooping Crane way back in 2009, and been sentenced to probation and the paying of fines and fees.

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Top 5 States - for Wind Power Generation


South Dakota: 396 MW. North Dakota: 12%. South Dakota: 8%. State Capacity & Generation. Top 5 States, by Total Wind Capacity. Texas: 10,085 MW. Iowa: 3,675 MW. California: 3,177 MW. Minnesota: 2,192 MW. Washington: 2,105 MW.

Bison, Pioneers of the Prairie, Return to Kankakee Sands

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In October of 2016, 23 bison from South Dakota were released on the prairie in Kankakee Sands. Over the past 20 years The Nature Conservancy in Indiana has been converting 6,700 acres of row-crop agriculture at Kankakee Sands into a diverse prairie.

CARTOON: How Communities See Oil Trains

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Two Bulls is an Oglala-Lakota from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Cartoonist Marty G. Two Bulls Sr. nails it with his depiction of the oil-by-rail schemes popping up around the country. Enough said.

Q&A With Cycle Farm

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Their Cycle Farm , in the northern Black Hills of South Dakota, is a small, diversified mixed vegetable farm. Bicycles and growing cycles—everything’s a-spinning to keep this small-scale farm in business. Why reinvent the wheel?

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The Key to Feeding the World? It’s Healthy Soil

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Their experiences, and the results that I saw on their farms in North and South Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Ghana and Costa Rica, offer compelling evidence that the key to sustaining highly productive agriculture lies in rebuilding healthy, fertile soil.

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If Birds Were Beers

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Photos, in order, by Suzie Gilbert; South Dakota DGFP; Jason Quinn; Graeme S. Normally I’m not much of a beer drinker, although I can become one after I’ve spent three hours hiking seven and a half miles up and down a mountain. My friend Ardal, a beer connoisseur, took advantage of this last weekend, which was how I ended up sitting in The Dutchess Biercafe two hours before the Super Bowl. “It’s It’s called a beer flight ?” I said, in astonishment. “In

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US Rejects Keystone XL Canada Oil Sands Pipeline

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” The pipeline would have passed through Alberta, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. The US state department has officially said no to the Keystone pipeline, a controversial 1600-mile long crude oil pipeline that would have run from the Alberta tar sands. The state department denied the permit, saying it had insufficient time to review the plans.

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The Why of Ferrets

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The first resurrection, or more properly resurfacing, of the black-footed ferret happened in 1964, in Mellette County, South Dakota. When the South Dakota ferret numbers began dropping, they captured nine animals in hopes of starting a captive breeding population.

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Keystone XL -Decimating the Heartland


Keystone-XL, a pipeline designed to bring Canadian tar sands (from Alberta) south to the Gulf of Mexico where it will be processed, passes through America’s Heartland. Keystone XL, Decimating the Heartland.

Actress Daryl Hannah Arrested in Oil Protest at White House

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The protest and ensuing arrests involved several people who have been protesting the Keystone XL pipeline, which if approved, will run through Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas to refineries in Houston,Texas. Daryl Hannah was arrested today during a protest in front of the White House. The protesters oppose a planned oil pipeline from Canada to the U.S. Gulf Coast.

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The Importance of Nurturing Young Birders

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I began a program for PBS on a group of young kids in a small town in South Dakota. On Mother’s Day, an F2 Tornado hit the small town of Delmont, South Dakota. But the kids in South Dakota are going to be ok now. Timothy Barksdale is a birder/biologist turned filmmaker , passionately pursuing birds with a television camera for the last 24 years. His work is the foundation of the Macaulay Library video collection.

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The Unique Black-necked Stilt

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I found these beauties at Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, one of the many locations the Black-necked Stilt breeds in the California Central Valley (map courtesy of Terry Sohl at South Dakota Birds ).

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Congress: Renew the Wind Production Tax Credit!

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The renewable energy success stories are countless: 150,000 rooftop solar panels have been installed in California, states like Iowa and South Dakota already have 20 percent of their electricity generated by wind power, and the more than 50 gigawatts of installed wind capacity in the U.S.

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Tundra Swans In The California Central Valley

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Range map courtesy of Terri Sohl of South Dakota Birds and Birding. Now you know why the most numerous and widespread of the two swan species in North America used to be known as the Whistling Swan.

Can Grasslands, The Ecosystem Underdog, Play an Underground Role in Climate Solutions?

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In North and South Dakota, where grasslands have seen losses similar to conversion rates in the Amazon forest (Wright and Wimberly 2013), we quantified the emissions that could be avoided from protecting grassland instead of converting to row crops.

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Deer Advisor: Help for Communities Grappling with Abundant Deer Populations

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Meredith Cornett has directed The Nature Conservancy’s science program in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota since August 2003.

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Wrap-Up of 2012 Big Year Birding

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Lynn Barber was chasing the South Dakota big year record of 332 and managed to smash it with 350 species. It looks like 352 species is the new South Dakota Big Year record but it is unclear to me if more than one person reached that number or even exceeded it. There were quite a few big years that took place in 2012. Here are the final results, so far as I was able to figure them out. Did I miss anyone? Please let me know in the comments.

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Keystone XL Pipeline Hearings Create Questions and Controversy


The $7 billion pipeline would move tar-sands derived crude oil from Alberta, Canada through Kansas, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas. The last week of September marked the start of a series of public hearings in six U.S.

Impact Journalism Day: Global Indigenous youth taking the planet in their hands

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" It was Ms Telford's interest in First Nations people around the world that led her to Joseph White-Eyes of South Dakota, more than 13,500 kilometres from her home of Kingscliff. t was 2009 and a severe storm had battered Kingscliff, her home on the east coast of Australia.

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The Incredible Shrinking Bison, an Unexpected Impact of Climate Change

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Memorial Preserve in South Dakota and the warmer Konza Prairie Biological Station in Kansas. A mature bison in South Dakota averaged 500 pounds larger than one in Kansas. Here’s a climate change impact you probably never considered: bison diets.

The Popular Barn Swallow

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Growing up in South America, I distinctly recall the arrival of “the swallow with a deeply forked tail”. They fly from extreme northern North America to the southern tip of South America and are seldom seen perched during migration. Another cool fact was learning that the Barn Swallows has started to breed in South America since the 80s. Swallows have migrated north to south along the Americas for millennia. Adult and fledglings in Murdo, South Dakota.

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Big Year Birding Update

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Lynn Barber is chasing the South Dakota big year record and has reached 314 species, which leaves her 18 short of the record of 332. Seeing as it is near the midway point of the year I thought it would be nice to check in on how the blogging Big Year birders are doing thus far in 2012. It’s quite a list! Josh Vandermeulen is sitting pretty at 317 species for the year in Ontario, only 21 off the province’s record of 338, set by Glen Coady in 1996.

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What’s For Holiday Dinner?

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And don’t forget to call it “dressing” instead of stuffing if you’re down South. Down South is also where cooks spend the most time fussing over dinner; up to three days in advance. For those in the Corn Belt (Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Iowa, etc.)

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Greater White-fronted Geese at Colusa National Wildlife Refuge

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In North America, the Greater White-fronted Goose breeds in open tundra areas of the low Arctic from Point Barrow, Alaska to northeastern Keewatin, Northwest Territories, and it winters south to Chiapas, Mexico, thus having the broadest latitudinal range of any arctic-nesting goose 1.

Conserving Our National Mammal, One Satellite Herd at a Time

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Fast forward six years and Corissa has gone from recording round ups to facilitating them as the Western South Dakota Conservation Manager. Corissa Busse will never forget her first bison round up. “I I had just started with the Conservancy as a program administrator,” she recalls. “I

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Fight against fracking continues in Louisiana

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Fracking, be it in Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, or Louisiana is a bad news. It''s hard to imagine a more powerful figure to want on your side than retired Army Lt. General Russel Honoré.

Ross’s Goose, the Little Snow Goose

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Map courtesy of Terry Sohl at South Dakota Birds and Birding. Every autumn, tens of thousands of Snow Geese arrive in California’s Sacramento Valley following their long journey from the Canadian Arctic (click on photos for full sized images).

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