Finch Bay named South America’s leading green hotel

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World Travel Awards winners for 2012 include Finch Bay Eco Hotel in the Galapagos Islands as "South America's leading green hotel." Finch Bay named South America’s leading green hotel is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Amazon Argentina Bahia Bolivia Brazil Buenos Aires Caracas Ecuador Galapagos Islands Georgetown Guyana Machu Picchu Madidi Mato Grosso Pernambuco Peru Puerto Moldonado South America Venezuela Yasuni

Challenge in Sao Paulo: Overcoming Water Scarcity in South America’s Largest City

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The largest city in South America and home to 12 million people. Though this emergency step expanded the available water level to around 27% of the capacity of the system, the largest city in South America is still at risk. Sao Paulo. Scott Warren. Last March, one of Brazil’s most important newspapers, O Estado de S. Paulo , published a version of the article below, which summarizes the Conservancy’s efforts to help secure Sao Paulo’s water supply.


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Sea lions and fishers battle at sea

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In one part of South America, specifically Peru and Chile, marine mammals have been protected since the mid-20 th century. Lifestyle fishing seals South AmericaSeals and sea lions at risk from fishers.

Analysis: Water crisis pushes Brazil’s rural producers to switch to solar energy

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Agriculture analysis energy South America Brazil dairy farms deforestation electricity solar power water crisisThe installation of solar panels in Brazil is increasing amidst the water crisis. photo credit: Björn Wylezich / Alamy. By Carlos Guimarães Filho.

Lima, Peru: organic (plus vegan and artisan) in the hip Barranco

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| Awesome Eco Scene | In the past few years, Lima’s renowned food scene has grown to include an ever-increasing array of organic, vegetarian and artisan restaurants, cafés and craftsmen. There’s even a new Lima Bio Mapa (Green Map) that calls out venues for organic fairs and farmers markets, “conscious shopping,” and wellness offerings. But for the […].

Peru 159

World’s 10 best ethical destinations for 2014

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Africa Bahamas Barbados Cape Verde Caribbean Cuba Dominica Egypt Europe Iran Latvia Lithuania Middle East Namibia Oceania Palau South America Uruguay Chile ethical travel Ethical Traveler Green Travel News Mauritius Philippines Reuters

2014 182

World’s 10 best ethical travel destinations for 2015

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Africa Cape Verde Chile Cuba Dominica Ghana Grenada Lithuania Madagascar Malawi Mauritius Palau Samoa South America The Americas Tonga Vanuatu best developing nations to visit ethical travel ethical travel 2015 Ethical Traveler

2015 153

New Year’s resolutions for green travelers

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Africa Alaska Australia Chile Costa Rica Croatia Europe Kenya Masai Mara North America Osa Peninsula Peru South America Sweden United States Croatia truffles Great Ocean Road Green Travel News Kenai Fjords Masai Kuku Group Ranch Reuters River Klaralven Tambopata Torres del Paine PatagoniaTis the season for looking ahead to 2013. Here are eight New Year's resolutions to enrich and broaden the horizons of any green traveler.

7 eco-eateries in São Paulo

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| Greening, Brazilian Style | Here in São Paulo, Brazil—Latin America’s largest megacity (nearly 22 million inhabitants in the greater metro)—the local Paulistanos have an appetite for organic, local and sustainably produced food. On your next visit, be sure to check out these restaurants and cafés! Apfel The clue is in the name: this German-inspired restaurant […] 7 eco-eateries in São Paulo is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

2015 116

TripAdvisor’s Green Leaders now in Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Caribbean

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The program, which ranks hotels and B&Bs on their eco-friendly features, encompasses more than 8,000 properties in 67 countries (including 170 new entrants in Australia and New Zealand)—making it […] TripAdvisor’s Green Leaders now in Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Caribbean is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

Trees face extinction, too. What can we do about it?


Central and South America lead in number of tree species, followed by tropical parts of Southeast Asia and Africa. More temperate areas of Europe, North America and Asia have both less tree diversity and fewer species threatened by extinction. Eco Green a-have-both botanic-gardens common-dreams earth extinction most south-america trees

Traveling Naturalist: Spotting Wild Jaguars

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Sure, they are found widely in Central and South America (and sometimes even show up in Arizona ), but they don’t often show themselves. It’s undoubtedly the best spot in South America to see large wildlife. Traveling Naturalist Brazil ecotourism jaguars mammals natural history Pantanal South America wildlife watching Want to see a wild jaguar? Put the northern Pantanal on your bucket list. Photo: Matt Miller/TNC.

2014 75

Adventurer plans to drive EV from South Pole to North Pole


adventurer Chris Ramsey is planning to cover 17,000 miles from the South Pole to the magnetic North Pole in electric vehicles. Related: Tidal turbines power electric vehicles on Scotland’s Yell Island “Our mission is to show that electric vehicles can tackle the harshest of environments — from the colds of the Poles to the hot and humid jungles of South America,” Ramsey said. Adventurer plans to drive EV from South Pole to North Pole.

2018 28

Geologically Vibrant Continents Produce Higher Biodiversity

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Using a new mechanistic model of evolution on Earth, researchers at ETH Zurich can now better explain why the rainforests of Africa are home to fewer species than the tropical forests of South America and Southeast Asia.

Three Key Lessons from São Paulo’s Water Crisis

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Fresh Water Mark''s Desk South America Water Conservation Brazil drought Editor''s Choice freshwater conservation São Paulo faces a crisis: The Brazilian city is running out of water. Citizens are growing increasingly concerned, even drilling through their basement floors in hopes of finding groundwater. An impending ration mandate could leave residents with access to water only two days a week. Scientific projections suggest the city’s water supplies could run dry by year’s end.

2015 66

For Earth Week: Three Transformative Ideas to Save the Planet

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We now have more than 30 similar funds across Latin America covering 7 million acres of watersheds. This piece originally appeared in the Milken Institute’s “ The Power of Ideas 2015 : A Collection of Insights to Transform the Future.” Milken recently published the anthology — which contains remarks from 18 thought leaders — in advance of next week’s 18th annual Milken Institute Global Conference.

Farm to Closet: Do You Know Where Your Wool Comes From?

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The Patagonia region of South America. Animals Biodiversity Climate Change Featured Post 1 Grasslands Green Living South America Sustainable Livelihoods The Nature Conservancy cotton farm to closet farmers Grassland Regeneration and Sustainability Standard green clothing knitting megan latour merino wool New England New Hampshire overgrazing Ovis XXI Patagonia patagonia inc patagonia sheep ranching sheep sheep shearing sustainable grazing sustainable wool wool wool industry yarn

2013 70

Galapagos cruise earns double green certification

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Website for certified green tourism in Latin America, Caribbean Macao: world’s biggest casino to be certified green Middle East: green hotels spiking upward Green Destination Orlando launches. Cruise Ecuador Galapagos Islands News South America Ecoventura Green Travel News| Green Travel News |.

2011 116

The Green Buzz: Thursday, June 13

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Animals Biodiversity Birds Climate Change Climate Science & Research Conservation Issues Environmental News Global Warming Green Living International Protected Areas Rainforests Science South America The Green Buzz The Nature Conservancy United States agility Amazon amazon rain forest arabica cheap food cheetahs coffee rust coffee threatened distemper domesticated dogs global warming Grist Mongabay National Geographic new bird species new species npr sumatran tigers Wired

The Green Buzz: Wednesday, July 31

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We’ve got unexpected water pollution, animal “fashion victims” and more in today’s green news. New EPA head says fighting climate change will create jobs, is good for the economy. Christian Science Monitor ). Plastic debris collected off the coast of Hawaii could fill a big rig. ( NBC News ). Lawyer who beat Chevron in oil pollution case now has Chevron to fear? ( The New York Times ).

2013 54

Farm to Closet: The Joys of Dyeing Naturally

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Featured Post 1 Food Green Living South America Sustainable Livelihoods The Nature Conservancy blueberry farm farm to closet fruits go green green clothing megan latour natural dyeing organic Patagonia patagonia inc sheep sustainable wool synthetic dye vegetables wool

2013 64

Can Healthy Rivers and Hydropower Co-exist?

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Africa Fish Fresh Water Global Solutions Opinion South America Uncategorized CFE clean energy connected rivers Conservation Atlas Conservation by Design dam development Editor's Choice energy development energy production Federal de Electricidad Gabon global potential governments healthy river hydro hydropower hydropower by design Mexico Ogooué Policy power of rivers river river basin river conservation Tapajos watershed

The Green Buzz: Friday, June 14

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Adaptation Africa Animals Arctic Climate Change Conservation Issues Coral Reefs Ecotourism Fish Global Warming Habitats Indigenous Communities Kids Land Use North America South America Uncategorized Near extinct Philippine Eagle found to be thriving elsewhere in the Philippines – queue the R. Kelly track, “I believe I can fly.” ” National bird of the Philippines found nesting in previously unknown region, leads to conservation effort ( ABS-CBN ).

World’s first "living coffin" made of mycelium is used in a burial


Eco Green a-moving-moment carcasses-have earth environment into-the-ground living-cocoon made-it-popular metro-newspaper numerous-places south-america student-at-nmsu surroundingA “living coffin” has been used in a burial for the first time in the Netherlands. The coffin is made out of mycelium , a complex system of thread-like fibers that form the vegetative part of fungi.

Operation Osprey Banding

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Joined by South Cape May Preserve coordinator Adrianna Zito-Livingston, we donned our hip waders, sprayed on copious amounts of sunscreen and insect repellant, and eagerly made our first-hand foray into raptor territory. This summer’s crop of babies will migrate with their parents to South America in September. Mary Conti is the public relations manager for The Nature Conservancy in New Jersey.

2013 55

How Nature Can Improve China’s Water Quality

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Mark Tercek is President and CEO of the Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune. Follow Mark on Twitter: @ MarkTercek. Air quality is often top of mind in conversations about China’s pollution challenges. But as I met with the Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) volunteer leaders recently in China, water pollution was another big topic of discussion.

2016 42

Farm to Closet: Top 5 Reasons Why Knitting Rules

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Agriculture Animals Biodiversity Climate Science & Research Conservation Issues Featured Post 1 Grasslands International South America Sustainable Livelihoods The Nature Conservancy farm to closet knitting megan latour Nature Conservancy Patagonia patagonia sheep sheep sustainable grazing sustainable ranching sustainable wool wool

2013 53

Farm to Closet: The Art of Spinning

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Featured Post 1 Green Living South America Sustainable Livelihoods The Nature Conservancy Argentina clothes DIY DIY projects farm to closet go green green clothing knitting lamb megan latour merino wool Ovis XXI Patagonia ranchers sheep spinning wool sustainable grazing sustainable wool wool

2013 51

Latin Nations to Receive Climate Change Help

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Climate Change South America As the effects of climate change become ever more prominent, it is also clear that many of the world’s poorer countries will be the ones to suffer the most, despite having contributed the least to CO2 emissions. In February, however, the World Bank and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, an agency of the U.S. Commerce Department, took a step to help solve that imbalance.

Por Favor, Brasil: Keep Debating, and You Can Change the World

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Reuter , The Nature Conservancy’s director of freshwater for North America. Brazil Amazon corporate partnerships Forests Michael Reuter South America by Michael A. Follow him on Twitter @michaelareuter. Water. Energy. All this situated within some of the most beautiful, productive and diverse ecosystems on the planet. Few places have what Brazil has. It’s an abundance that comes with great responsibility.

2014 42

Troubled Waters: How Global Marine Wildlife Protection Can Undermine Fishing Communities

Environmental News Network

New research led by the University of Oxford, published in Conservation Letters, has examined the conflict between small-scale fisheries and marine mammals, using the experience of fisheries on the west coast of South America to highlight a worldwide issue.

World’s Largest Meat Exporter Pledges No Cattle from Deforested Amazon Areas

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Tags: Meat Brazil Deforestation Greenpeace JBS-Friboi South America

2009 46

The world just experienced its warmest month ever

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North America, South America, Africa and Oceania all had a top-10 warmest July. The Dixie wildfire in the US. Photo credit: Photo: Josh Edelson / AFP. By Anders Lorenzen.


Birds are dying mid-air possibly due to climate crisis effects


Many of the birds belonged to a group of long-distance migrants that fly from Alaska and Canada to Central and South America. Green allison-salas carcasses-have into-the-ground martha-desmond numerous-places phenomenon possibility south-america student-at-nmsu texas university wildfiresThe deaths of thousands of birds in the southwestern U.S. have sparked concern from scientists.

Massive 8.1 quake has just Struck Japan

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Tsunami warnings have been issued for Japan and West Coast of North & South America, the quake has struck approximately one hour ago, the earthquake that hit Indonesia was a 9.1 and has killed 213,000 people. Environment

Japan 50

Pope Francis calls for new economic order, criticises capitalism

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In Bolivia during his tour of South America, Pope Francis on Thursday urged the downtrodden to change the world economic order, denouncing a "new colonialism" by agencies that impose austerity programs and calling for the poor to have the "sacred rights" of labour, lodging and land.

"UNC-Wilmington Orders Mandatory Evacuation as Storm Approaches"

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I hope everyone in FL, GA, SC and NC remains safe: The University of North Carolina at Wilmington announced on Tuesday afternoon that all 15,000 of its students would be required to evacuate the coastal campus by midday on Thursday as Hurricane Matthew, one of the most powerful Atlantic storms in years, approaches from the south. At least eight deaths have been attributed to the storm in South America and the Caribbean, and the toll is expected to rise.

2016 122

Biodiversity Hotspots and Their Importance


The biggest South America’s biodiversity hotspot. South America has five biological hotspots. Too, the Andes are the source of the mighty Amazon and Orinoco rivers which provide water for much of South America. North, Central and South America. Saving biodiversity hotpots, those places on Earth with an abundance of life, are at the forefront of conservation efforts today.

Free Webinar on Climate Change Solutions

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They offer a tried and tested Ecovillage Design Education course in many countries in Europe, South America and Africa. Gaia Education are holding a free webinar on climate change solutions. Gaia Education are an international NGO who are helping people to understand how we can design much lower impact communities, in the city and in rural situations. Their next project is to launch a series of free webinars with the first one exploring Climate Change Solutions.

Why manchineel might be Earth's most dangerous tree

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The manchineel tree, which ranges from South Florida to northern South America, is an endangered species. Manchineels are notorious in their native habitats, the sandy soils and mangroves of South Florida, the Caribbean, Central America and northern South America. It''s also a very dangerous species, dubbed ''little apple of death'' by Spanish conquistadors. The manchineel tree may be endangered , but so is anyone who messes with it.

2015 103

I'm not a scientist but Chile might implement a carbon tax

Environmental Economics

South Korea delayed a carbon-based tax on vehicle emissions. South Africa put off a planned carbon tax until 2016. And yet, for environmentalists, a sliver of hope exists in the shape of Chile, one of Latin America’s fastest-growing economies, which last month approved the first carbon tax in South America.

Chile 185

Pope Francis: Destroying The Rainforest Is A Sin

Green (Living) Review

Speaking at the University of Molise on Saturday, July 5, before an audience that included struggling farmers, Francis decried the destruction of South America’s rainforests such as the Amazon, which contains an estimated 390 billion individual trees but had the highest deforestation rate in the world as of 2005. When I look at America, also my own homeland (South America), so many forests, all cut, that have become land … that can longer give life (sic).

2014 103

Migration in Motion: Visualizing Species Movements Due to Climate Change

Nature Conservancy - Science

Check out the map above, and use the navigation tools in the upper-right to investigate migration patterns in both North and South America. As climate change alters ?habitats habitats and disrupts ecosystems, where will? animals move to survive?? And will human development prevent them from getting there? Now you can see those migrations in motion.

2016 67