Tembe Elephant Park, South Africa

10,000 Birds

The history of Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa is a slightly unusual one. It is a good place for South African birders, as several species are found here and nowhere else in South Africa, and it holds a small number of endemics that it shares with the Mozambique lowlands. The park did have a pack of African Wild Dogs, or Painted Wolves, the species I had gone to Africa to see. Birding Lion South Africa

South Africa’s endemic birds

10,000 Birds

My home country of South Africa can only be described as a birding paradise! In this post, I’d like to focus on a small selection of South Africa’s special endemic birds. Cape (or Rufous) Rockjumper is a true South African endemic and restricted to the southwest Cape. The Cape Rockjumper (here a female) is best sought at Rooiels, on the east coast of South Africa, north of Cape Town. South Africa’s national bird is the Blue Crane.


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Week 16: South Africa and Kruger National Park

10,000 Birds

After a very long day of 7 hours of driving, 11 hours flying and then 9 hours more driving, we have arrived at our temporary home here in South Africa. Daily park fees are such that we opted for the annual “Wild Card” that is good not only for Kruger, but nearly every park in South Africa. In the same first day plus a couple of hours, my Africa bird count is at 66 species. Trips Kruger National Park South Africa The Little Big Year

Birding and Safari-ing South Africa with the ABA

10,000 Birds

And so, I went on the American Birding Association Safari to South Africa. It was the right time of year, October–spring in South Africa, the right price, and the right people—president of the American Birding Association Jeff Gordon, energetic emissaries George Armistead and Liz Gordon, and, very importantly, fellow 10,000 Birds beat writer Adam Riley and the staff of Rockjumper, who masterfully organized and guided the ABA Safari. Trips ABA South Africa

Yellow-billed Kites in South Africa

10,000 Birds

It is now treated as its own species, confined to Africa and the tip of Arabia (Black Kites also migrate here from Europe and Asia). Birds kites South Africa Last weekend I finally caved and bought a new laptop to replace the one that swan-dived off my bed last November. My desktop simply can’t cope with the number and size of images that modern digital cameras produce, and this meant that I was finally able to start sorting through my many photos I took on my trip.

Wakkerstroom, South Africa: It’s a Lark

10,000 Birds

I’ve not made spectacular progress writing up my trip to Africa earlier this year, so perhaps I should get on that. So instead let’s talk about South Africa’s best kept birding secret (at least outside of the country) Wakkerstroom. This sleepy little village lies about 4 hours south east of Johannesburg in the upland area on the border with KwaZulu Natal. Birding South Africa

Week 25: A few of my South Africa Favorites

10,000 Birds

With no real chance of any internet connection to report whatever new birds I am able to find, I am scheduling this photo essay featuring a few of my favorite pictures from Kruger National Park, South Africa. I was only able to find two South African owls, the first was the tiny Pearl-spotted Owlet. Trips Kruger National Park Little Big Year South Africa

Vloggers South Africa

Elephant Journal

You probably know about the YouTube giants – PewDiePie, Jenna Marbles, the Vlogbrothers – but what about all of the smaller vloggers who make up a huge amount of the content produced on Social media? smaller YouTube channels don’t earn or pay well so why do video booger’s (vloggers) keep putting in the extra time and effort […].

Rhinos Airlifted to Safety in South Africa (PHOTOS)


No, if you’re in South Africa, it’s probably a rhino. In the continuous effort to save rhinoceros from poachers, conservationists in South Africa are Read More The post Rhinos Airlifted to Safety in South Africa (PHOTOS) appeared first on Ecorazzi. It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

Students Create ‘Ranger Drone’ to Protect Rhinos in South Africa


As poaching rates for rhinos keep growing in South Africa, officials are looking for outside-the-box solutions to save the endangered animals. Read More The post Students Create ‘Ranger Drone’ to Protect Rhinos in South Africa appeared first on Ecorazzi. Surprisingly, one group of students might just have found it. Animals Causes News Science Top News

Pursuing Liberty: Continued Inequality in South Africa.

Elephant Journal

Although gradual improvements are being made, South Africa still has plenty of social and economic hurdles to overcome before greater economic equality will be a reality that allows for the growth of meaningful and fulfilling positive liberties for all its citizens. Enlightened Society Equal Rights Right Livelihood apartheid disadvantaged entrepeneurship equal rights inequality politics race socio-economic South Africa

Rare Elephant Twins Born in South Africa


An extremely rare set of twin elephants were born this week at a game reserve in South Africa. Curve, a 31-year-old elephant, gave birth to the unnamed babies at Pongola Read More The post Rare Elephant Twins Born in South Africa appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals News Top News

Man Saves Dehydrated Baby Rhino in South Africa


A man takes it upon himself to save a badly dehydrated baby rhino in South Africa, after most likely losing her mother to poachers. Read More The post Man Saves Dehydrated Baby Rhino in South Africa appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

Marmot’s Lead Now Tour: South Africa.

Elephant Journal

Marmot’s Lead Now Tour kicked off in South Africa with two major goals. Adventure Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Featured Columnists Inspiring (Wow) Africa Boulder bouldering climb Climbing fundraising NGO non-profit rock climbing South Africa travel world

An Open Letter to the World, from South Africa.

Elephant Journal

Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Equal Rights WAYLON: Today Only education equal rights political activism protests South Africa xenophobiaWe can feel the rusty wheels groaning under the weight of young bodies finally holding a failing government accountable.

South Africa’s Biggest Uprising Since the Fall of Apartheid.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Equal Rights Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) WAYLON: Today Only Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today #feesmustfall #nationalshutdown education fees must fall national shut down South Africa student protests youthIn the last few days this has all become too much for the nation's youth. A student uprising has begun, and it continues.

Rhino Poaching Increased Again in South Africa in 2014


Despite the efforts of conservationists from around the globe, the rate of rhinos poached last year in South Africa was bigger than ever. According to South Africa’s Department of Environmental Read More The post Rhino Poaching Increased Again in South Africa in 2014 appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Faith Leaders Prepare For Upcoming Climate Summit In South Africa

Green Prophet

With forty days left till the latest climate conference held in Durban, South Africa, faith leaders are preparing to fight for the environment. Faith leader will be supported by campaigners in South Africa who will join the ‘We have Faith – Act Now for Climate Justice’ campaign which organisers hope will be a multimillion signature petition which will push worlds leaders to take serious action on climate change.

Sasol Birds of Southern Africa, 5th edition

10,000 Birds

For several years I lived and birded in the south of Africa , and still have my battered second edition (1997) of the Sasol Birds of Southern Africa, the most trusted local field guide. Before that, while you all know what South Africa is, what exactly is Southern Africa?

2020 219

Nissan introduces Leaf EV to South Africa with candid camera stunt

Blue Earth

Nissan introduces Leaf EV to South Africa with candid camera stunt : To introduce the all-electric Leaf to the new South African audience, Nissan decided to use a bit of humor by pranking gas station attendants. Combustion oriented cars now have some real competition around the world. The part I like best? No smell

2014 Was The Worst Year for Rhino Deaths in South Africa


As the year comes to a close, South Africa has set a new record when it comes to rhino slayings by the hands of poachers. What’s even more startling about the Read More The post 2014 Was The Worst Year for Rhino Deaths in South Africa appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

South Africa to Green its Economy in 2013 with Carbon Tax

Green Prophet

South Africa, among the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases worldwide, plans to introduce its own price on carbon next year. The Treasury said this week that South Africa, which is the continent’s biggest polluter, plans to introduce a carbon tax on annual emissions for all the industrial sectors responsible for greenhouse gas emissions, including electricity, petroleum, iron, steel and aluminium, to reduce greenhouse gases.

150,000 Sign Petition to Ban Hunter from Returning to South Africa. ~ Laura Ashworth

Elephant Journal

Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) WAYLON: Today Only animals awareness hunting lions South Africa How could anyone ever kill a face like this? Or, kill anything for that matter?

Birding Mkuze

10,000 Birds

Mkuze Game Reserve is in the Eastern part of South Africa, about 5 hours away from Johannesburg, and one of the best places I have ever been to for bird photography. More birds of South Africa here. Birding Africa Mkuze South Africa

2020 213

A.A. Badenhorst Family Wines ? The Curator White Blend (2016)

10,000 Birds

This week’s wine is a very easy-drinking white blend from the South African winery A.A. Cockatoos aren’t even from Africa, of course, but we’ve got better things to do than ponder the provenance of a caged parrot – like open this bottle.

2020 165

The difference between America now and Apartheid South Africa then will Shock you.

Elephant Journal

America is more unequal (though not racist) than South Africa was under apartheid. His first appearance on the Daily Show–and South African comedian Trevor Noah nails it. Between rampant racial inequality and Ebola outbreaks, South African comedian Trevor Noah admits he hesitated to visit a country as underdeveloped as America.

Birding Cape Town

10,000 Birds

In November 2018, I spent a few days birding in Cape Town, South Africa. The beaches further south of Boulders Beach are productive as well – I saw African Oystercatcher as well as that most typical beach wanderer, the Ostrich. Birding Cape Town South AfricaWhile apparently not the safest of places, it is a great spot to see birds. Here are some of my sightings. An absolute highlight were the African Penguins at Boulders Beach.

2019 138


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Poaching Concerns Likely To Push South Africa, Vietnam And China To Meet

Eco Friendly Daily

But now a thriving ivory network between Africa and Asia is decimating elephants, as well as rhinos, as never before in recent decades. More than ninety percent of the rhinos in Africa are located in South Africa, with numbers around 20,000 individuals. 443 rhinos were killed in South Africa in 2011. According to recent reports, officials from South Africa, Vietnam and China are expected to meet to discuss the growing problem.

The Little Big Year 2018: Best Birds of the Year!

10,000 Birds

Our first Day In South Africa, I spotted the Burchell’s Courcal, as it flew across the road in front of us we entered Kruger National Park. Another South African favorite was the Arrow-marked Babbler. We were able to photograph 6 different hornbills in South Africa, but these regal little Southern Yellow-billed Hornbills quickly became an all time favorite. South Africa was simply indescribable in the way I felt when I was there.

2019 168

Tumultuous Beginning To Climate Summit In South Africa

Eco Friendly Daily

Some nations continue to be hopeful that an agreement will be made within the next few years, however, if the opening of the climate summit in Durban, South Africa is any indication it will not be occurring anytime soon. South African President Jacob Zuma spoke in the opening day of the need to come together globally to avoid dire consequences.

Saudi Arabian Solar Chosen by South Africa

Green Prophet

A Saudi solar project with gigantic storage could deliver solar at night in South Africa. Saudi Arabia might not spring to mind as a nation creating the top CSP companies globally, but South Africa just selected as a “preferred bidder” to develop solar, a consortium led by the Kingdom’s own power and water group ACWA Power International. South African Rands per kilowatt hour.

No two scaups are equal

10,000 Birds

At this point, let us travel in time, back to the last day of the year 2001, and down to the Lowveld National Botanical Garden in Nelspruit, in South Africa’s province of Mpumalanga. Trips Serbia South Africa turacos waterbirdsJanuary is sort of a birding sprint – you start fresh and, all of a sudden, head for them all. In a typical birding year, no other month will bring you that many new species as January.

2017 159

Southern Black Bustards

10,000 Birds

And if you like bustards, you could do a lot worse than the plains, deserts, fynbos and grasslands of Southern Africa, which hold a number of species including several endemics. One such endemic is the Southern Black Bustard (or Southern Black Korhaan, as small bustards in South Africa are known as korhaans) This species has a pretty restricted distribution, confined to the fynbos scrubland around Cape Town in Southern Africa’s Western Cape. I love bustards.

2016 126

Madikwe; Paradise Restored

10,000 Birds

Madikwe , in South Africa, wasn’t a site of importance before it came into existence. And so South Africa’s fifth largest park came to be (it’s worth remembering that its largest park, Kruger, is the size of Israel) on marginal land that no one in particular could do much with. My books weren’t helping much so I had resorted to looking for large green areas on Google Maps on the border of South Africa and Botswana, and I happened on Madikwe.

2016 159

Big-game trophies not welcome aboard, says Delta

Green Traveler Guides

airline with direct flights to South Africa, just put up a big roadblock for American hunters hoping to bring home animal trophies. Africa Green Travel News South Africa Xtras Airlines and big-game trophies Delta Airlines and big-game trophies| Green Travel News | Delta, the only U.S.

2015 158

The Most Inspiring Man I’ve met in a Long time—and I get to meet Inspiring folks every day.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis Waylon Lewis memel post apartheid south africa South Africa starkey hearing Steven AblondiWaylon Lewis talks with Steven Ablondi, founder of Memel.Global.

2017 52

Impala Jousting

10,000 Birds

The Impala is an slim, elegant antelope which is seen over most of sub-Saharan Africa, wherever there are a few Acacia bushes or some grass. Birding Impala South Africa Young males are turned out of the maternal herds once they reach an age at which they begin to compete with the dominant male. They form bachelor herds where they test their strength against their peers, finding their natural place in the hierarchy.

2014 182

Shadows of Africa

10,000 Birds

A dusty-red road leads me through Marico bushveld deeper into the 750 square kilometers large wilderness of the Madikwe Game Reserve – the 4th largest reserve in South Africa, home to 350 bird and 66 mammal species, some 4 hours’ drive from Johannesburg. This game reserve has 900 elephants – the second largest population in South Africa, after the Kruger National Park with 13,000. Trips Mammals South Africa

Africa 194

Cape Sugarbirds in Kirstenbosch

10,000 Birds

Earlier this year, Duncan wrote a charming piece about Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens in Cape Town, South Africa. Birding Cape Sugarbird Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens South AfricaI already buy into the value of such gardens for freshly-arrived birders and know Kirstenbosch to be one of the best. On a damp, cold day in the UK, I took myself back via Duncan’s post and a few old photos.

2015 130

Week 17: Kruger NP, Crocodile Bridge to Lower Sabie

10,000 Birds

This Mocking Cliff Chat was found at a rest stop on the fare south eastern side of the park. Trips Crocodile Bridge Camp Kruger National Park Little Big Year Lower Sabie Camp South AfricaBy the time you see this in the United States, I will have had a full week to explore this amazing area, and the wildlife that calls this home. The schedule is a bit daunting, as we are up before 5 AM to get to the gate for the 6AM opening.

2018 129

The Sunbird and the Parasite

10,000 Birds

Back to the site, and back from 6 weeks in Africa (with four weeks gloriously cut off from any news of an election kind… I highly recommend it). Of course, travelling from Africa back to New Zealand is a big deal and I’m still somewhat fried (especially as real life hit with with a bat when I got back). The species is found in the highlands of Eastern Africa, but in South Africa they live down to sea-level in places like Cape Town. I’m back!

2016 138

Nyala, Southern Africa’s Stunning Antelope

10,000 Birds

I’m a big fan of the antelopes, a group that is most commonly associated with Africa but which also occurs in Asia and, if you stretch the term to be cladistically meaningful, Europe and North America. But it is in Africa that the group reaches its most diverse, from the enormous Eland to the diminutive Suni, and a whole range of body types in between. Mammals antelope South Africa

Africa 175