Climate Change (Officially) Contributed to Somalia Famine

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Up to 100,000 people died in Somalia during the 2011 famine that devastated the Horn of Africa , and British scientists have reported that climate change is partly responsible. Oxfam International was one of many aid organizations on the ground during the drought that gripped Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia in 2011. Travel & Nature Climate Change Drought global warming Horn of Africa refugees Somalia

Bahrain Gives a $4 Million Post-Ramadan Gift to Famine-Struck Somalia

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Avoiding the unspeakable seems human enough, but Bahrain’s Information Affairs Agency (IAA) could not continue to look away from the people in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia who stare down death every day. . Although Ramadan is now officially over, a holy month of spiritual reflection, fasting and mindful eating , and identification with the poor, adherents around the world have been keenly aware that many of their brothers and sisters in Somalia are enduring unbearable suffering.


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Vote 1 Socialist or vote 1 Green for Planet and Humanity

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Unfortunately Australia (through disproportionately huge annual fossil fuel burning and exports) has already used up its share of this terminal GHG pollution budget and is now stealing the entitlement of other countries including acutely global warming-threatened countries such as Somalia and Bangladesh. Business & Politics Australia Bangladesh climate change Climate Genocide election Global Warming Greens Murdoch politics socialism socialists Somalia the Greens

Holy Cow! Omani fishermen catch cattle from sunken ship

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The ship was heading to Somalia when it ran into trouble off Sur in the province of Asharqiyah Local media reports the ship may was probably overloaded, causing it to take on water in heavy seas and strong winds. The vessel was on its way from Somalia to the UAE. A cargo ship bound for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with about 350 cattle on board sank off the south coast of Oman mid-afternoon last Saturday.

2015 78

Monster locust swarm attacks Middle East and Africa

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It’s hitting Ethiopian, Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti and Eritrea – Horn of Africa countries and it’s threatening the Middle East. It’s the worst for Ethiopia and Somalia in 25 years and the worst for Kenya had experienced in over 70 years.

Where Have all the Wild Asses Gone?

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Equus africanus used to be found as far north as Morocco’s Atlas Mountains and as far east as the Arabian peninsular, but now only a few hundred of them are left in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Sudan. It is believed that 10 African wild asses still remain in Somalia and 160 in Ethiopia, where they are commonly hunted for meat and medicine. The donkey’s ancestor, African Wild Asses once lived all over North Africa, but now they are critically endangered.

Leafy Narcotic Khat May be Funding Terror

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Analysts believe that this benign-looking plant popular in the Middle East may be funding the Al Shabaab terrorist organization in southern Somalia. A very popular narcotic in the Middle East , khat maybe be funding the terrorist organization Al Shabaab in Somalia, CNN reports. Meanwhile, a UN report details how the violent group receives funds by taxing khat that is exported to Somalia.

Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan among the world’s hungriest countries (UN report)

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Food security has deteriorated most sharply in Kenya and Somalia. Yemen — Village in the Manakhah District of the Sana’a Governorate in the Haraz Mountains.

2019 57

The Garden as Community

Green (Living) Review

If I am in Somalia, I am going to make a lot of fruit. Many of the residents arrived from Somalia in the early 2000s, after spending years in Kenyan refugee camps. Community is being formed through gardens in Denver, Colorado. People have always grown food in urban spaces — on windowsills or sidewalks, in backyards and neighborhood parks — but today, urban farmers are leading a movement that transforms the national food system.

Drought and starvation at the Horn of African and Kenya

Green (Living) Review

By Michael Smith (Veshengro) It is utterly amazing how the people of Somalia and Kenya are starving while Kenya, for instance, grows French Beans for export to the European Markets; a thirsty crop which the natives do not eat. It is not part of Kenyan cuisine. Those beans are only grown for export to Europe. But there is, apparently, a drought. Aside from that Saudi Arabia has land in several of those countries at the Horn of Africa where wheat is being grown for export to Saudi cities.

Kenya 109

Somali Pirates Will DONATE For HAITI

Green (Living) Review

However, I must say that, if the Somali pirates indeed make good their “threat” to donate a substantial sum to the relief effort on Haiti then they certainly will score one hell of a publicity hit, and not just in Somalia itself. Now this is funny to the point of hillarity by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Saying that the US and Europe “have no moral authority” to control the aid going to Haiti, Somali pirates have said that they plan to donate booty from their hijackings to the relief effort.

Haiti 126

Green Adoption

Green Home Blog

The other international migrants are those driven from their homes and countries by internecine war (Somalia) and killing drought (in parts of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Sudan), to mention just two of the drivers. Green Adoption. It’s not a subject most people think of when they are talking about environment and sustainability, but even adoption can be a highly “green” process.

2012 151

Swarms! Plague of locusts could be breeding near you

Green Prophet

In the Horn of Africa, above-average rains associated with a very strong El Nino are predicted over northern Somalia during this winter and next spring. Heavy rains associated with tropical cyclone Chapala fell in southern coastal and interior areas of Yemen in early November, followed one week later by tropical cyclone Megh that also affected northeastern Somalia.

2015 76

Arab action on shark finning, and body parts trade is too little, too late

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As reported in the Gulf News, delegates from the UAE, Mauritania, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Jordan, Somalia, Syria and Comoros met in Dubai recently to sign a historic agreement and attend a workshop organized by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) in association with the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water.

2014 82

Field Report: Green Education in Ethiopia

Blue Earth

I am now on a flight back from Ethiopia (located near the horn of East Africa, surrounded by Sudan, Somalia, Kenya and Eritrea). I lived for the last three weeks in the northern region of the country, in the high plateaus and mountains of Tigray. Due to elevations of around 7,000 feet, Tigray’s climate is ideal with “13 months of sunshine,” as locals happily tell you. Daytime temperatures are in the low 80’s, with 60’s at night. .

Plight of North Africa’s Wild Ass – The Stripeless Zebra

Green Prophet

Once fairly numerous in parts of North Africa, including Egypt, Sudan and Libya, this creature, which resembles a zebra without most of its stripes (except for a few found on the legs) the Wild Ass is now restricted to a few areas of Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia. Also known as the Somalian Wild Ass, it is often hunted for food as well as for use in “traditional medicine&# in Ethiopia and Somalia. African wild asses in a Basel Switzerland zoo.

Elephant Ivory is Opium for Westgate Mall Terrorists

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Asked whether they were hoping that Kenya will move its forces out of Somalia, Abu Muscab said, “That question is not for us to answer. “In East Africa, we are increasingly seeing that elephants are now in the gun sights of Somalia and localized gangsters. We interviewed Karl Amman about illegal wildlife trafficking at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi about two years ago.

2013 83

Solar Bridge in Pakistan Replaces One Swept Away by Floods

Green Prophet

While Qatar and Libya step in to help lift Egypt out of its pot of woes, and Bahrain gifted money to the formerly famine-stricken Somalia , the United Arab Emirates has invested a great deal of money and time in Pakistan, where it has embarked on a series of environmental and humanitarian development projects. .

Camel Milk For Diabetes

Green Prophet

While vast camel herds roam the deserts of Sudan and Somalia, there are relatively few in the First World. What’s good for baby camels may be great for diabetic humans. Nomads have always considered camel’s milk a medicine, but only recently has science confirmed it. We’re in agreement – see our 6 green reasons for drinking camel milk.

2012 82

Solar Snark

Environmental Economics

like Somalia, are leading to the demise of.people. "We've It's been a while since I let my snark let's see if I've still got it.    From : If you've ever thought, "One day, I'm going to put in a solar energy system," today might be the day. And if the extent of your knowledge of solar energy systems is burning ants on a hot summer day using only a magnifying might be a redneck.

Solar 126

The Horn of Africa Famine: A Cautionary Tale for MENA

Green Prophet

Tens of thousands of people, many of them children, have already died in Somalia – the seat of what is being called the Horn of Africa famine. Today, the United Nations officially upgraded the drought, the second year in a row that the rains have failed in North Eastern Kenya and Southern Somalia, a famine. Aid workers are battling to reach certain drought-affected people in the Horn of Africa, where tens of thousands of people have died.

Watch out for Lumpy Skin Disease as UAE Bans Jordan’s Cows

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LSD next migrated to Kenya, Sudan and Somalia with the disease seemingly restricted to sub-Saharan countries until 1988 when it was clinically recognized in Egypt. The United Arab Emirates has imposed a temporary ban on imports of live cattle , their non-processed skins and all beef derivatives originating from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan following recently reported cases of Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD).

Ban 68

Khat Juice is Pumping Up Israeli Hipsters at a Price

Green Prophet

Everything comes from somewhere and there’s good reason to believe that khat may be funding terror in Somalia. Leafy Narcotic Khat Trade may be Funding Terror in Somalia.

2012 78

Charity begins at home

Green (Living) Review

Libya is not our business and neither is Afghanistan and especially not drought and hunger in Africa, e.g. Somalia or wherever. British overseas aid in an age of austerity By Michael Smith (Veshengro) To most people in Britain the government claim that giving lots of aid to various Third World countries, even while cuts are being made everywhere at home, protects our borders and keeps us save from terrorism at home certainly does not wash, and neither does it with me.

2011 109

Snow shocks Cairo for first time in 100 years

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Another one, also posed on Twitter, said that “Egypt now has the climate of Europe and the economy of Somalia.” A severe Middle East winter snowstorm has blanketed Cairo, Egypt in white for the first time in over 100 years. The freak storm also caused Middle East Mayhem in Jordan and Jerusalem where snowfalls were recorded to be a much as half a meter in many places.

2013 80

Wintertime Droughts Increase Due To Climate Change

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Bahrain Gives A $4 million Post-Ramadan Gift To Famine-Struck Somalia. According to recent research, an increase in wintertime droughts in the Mediterranean is partly down to human-caused climate change. Over the last 20 years, 10 of the driest winters have taken place in the Mediterranean region that stretches from Gibraltar to the Middle East. As the region accumulates most of its precipitation during the wintertime, an increased dryness during this season is particularly worrying.

Giraffe Gaffe

Eco Friendly Daily

Once considered the most numerous subspecies, the reticulated giraffe lives across Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. Up until now, the giraffe has been considered a single species. This meant that overall population numbers were fairly healthy, despite the presence of at least six subspecies and a fragmented habitat. However, new research suggests that the long-necked animals are a lot less related than previously believed.

Egypt’s Pyramid Builders Succumbed to Climate Change

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” Sudan, Djibouti, Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya , Syria , the UK, the US and northeastern Brazil have all faced droughts this year. . Pollen and ash in Nile river delta sediment provides evidence of ancient climactic events including mega-droughts and wildfires which wiped out pyramid-building civilizations, says a study published in the recent July 2012 edition of Geology.They waited seventy days for her to reappear. Finally she came.

Egypt 87

Ali Lamu Upcycles Weathered Dhow Sails into Inspiring Art

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There’s not much else to do in the archipelago south of Somalia, though some tribes do depend on disappearing forests for medicine and food, and given that Lamu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site , tourists are drawn to the ancient Islamic architecture, donkeys, dhow races, mangrove forests and other cultural activities. “This is not a romance story,” Daniella told me during a recent interview.

Conflict-driven hunger worsens; Middle East hit hard

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The situation in Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan and Yemen worsened in the latter part of 2018 largely because of conflict, while Somalia, Syria and the Lake Chad Basin have seen some improvements in line with improved security. A child in Yemen.

2019 55

France’s new ban on plastic throwaways should be extended globally

Green Prophet

China, Bangladesh, South Africa, Uganda, Somalia, Rwanda Botswana, Kenya and Ethiopia have enacted total bans. France has passed a new law that bans cups, cutlery, plates, and takeaway containers made from plastic. It’s The part of the nation’s Energy Transition for Green Growth Act, which will also carry out a ban on plastic bags in grocery shops and markets beginning in July.

2016 76

End Hunger: Food And Vertical Farming In The Middle East

Green Prophet

Let’s hope that they consider improving their own food self-sufficiency through green techniques such as vertical farming and not just buying up tracts of fertile land from drought-stricken and troubled nations in Africa such as Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia. :: Image via kris krug/flickr. Lack of space in urban environments often means that farming opportunities are limited, but a technique of farming indoors and upwards may resolve this problem.

2011 85

British army facing more and more cuts

Green (Living) Review

The “Glencore” Navy is the private naval force that is to combat the piracy crisis in Somalia but I doubt that it will stop there. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Considering that we have officially launched the first private (charter) navy the other day those cuts may be the beginning of looking to also create charter armies in the UK; In other words, mercenary operations.

2013 101

Bono Fixes the World the Jewish Way of Sukkot

Green Prophet

Yet the ongoing famine in the Horn of Africa continues to loom large: over 13 million people, mostly nomadic pastoralists and farmers in south-central Somalia, north-eastern Kenya, and south-eastern Ethiopia, are severely lacking in food and water. Bono’s ONE organization advocates inviting hungry people into your sukkah this holiday time. Bono and Sukkot. Two words that you have probably have never seen in the same sentence, let alone in the same article.

2011 81

Syrian refugee children upcycle Jordan’s litter into kites

Green Prophet

So for this typical Habaybi (caring love) event Gaelle recruited about 50 people from France, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Sudan and Somalia. Syria’s war has killed 150,000 people and forced more than three million from their homes. About a million of these refugees live in Jordan and as many as 200,000 have lived in the Zaatari refugee camp near Jordan’s Syrian border. This Green Prophet went to visit the camp. Consider that another 500 live in the nearby Zaatari village.

Actually, We Can Feed 10 Billion People. Here’s How

Green Prophet

Cattle are getting fat, but the people in Somalia are starving. Even though it seems like the earth couldn’t possibly handle 10 billion people, an article published in Nature shows that it is possible to feed them all. Read on for five handy tips. So, all this worrying about the burgeoning population was all for nought? We don’t need to be concerned that we are rapidly reaching a population of 7 billion and by the end of the century, we are likely to hit the 10 billion mark ?

2011 77

Refugee architecture earns an exhibit in a NYC museum

Green Prophet

Turn to Somalia, Sudan, Eritrea, Iraq, Yemen, and understand the United Nations calculation that 65.8 New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is hosting an exhibition on refugee shelters to kickstart dialogue on the design challenges caused by humanitarian crises. Entitled “Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter”, the show looks at emergency housing in contemporary crisis zones.

2016 80

Environmental Protests of the Middle East Show Eco Awareness in Arab World

Green Prophet

Mass environmental protest movements in the local and national level have been organized all over the region, from Morocco and Mauritania to Iran and from Turkey to Somalia. During the last six years, the words energy security , water security , and food security could be found a lot in the Arab media. Since most of the Arab media is controlled by the Arab regimes, the appearance of these items shows that the environmental awareness of the Arab regimes has been on the rise.

2013 83

Who Made YOUR Pants? (Or, Shall We Say, Undies?)

Eco Chic

The women it employs and works with are primarily refugees, from Afghanistan, Somalia, the Sudan – often places where there have been wars. Victoria’s Secret drove me nuts even before they were accused of their most recent child-labor scandal.

Who Made YOUR Pants? (Or, Shall We Say, Undies?)

Eco Chic

The women it employs and works with are primarily refugees, from Afghanistan, Somalia, the Sudan – often places where there have been wars. Victoria’s Secret drove me nuts even before they were accused of their most recent child-labor scandal.

Weekend Reading 9/20/13

Sightline Daily

Reading a book excerpt, 12 Minutes of Freedom in 460 Days of Captivity , I made a mental note to myself to continue not being kidnapped in Somalia. The National Weather Service actually used the term “biblical” to describe how much rain was falling on Colorado last weekend. The storms over the Rocky Mountains are profoundly disconcerting to me. No individual event can be tied to climate change definitively, but extreme weather like this is what climate change models predict.

US media censor out BBC TV “Frozen Planet” series climate change episode

Green Blog

However it is estimated that Australia, an even worse per capita Greenhouse gas (GHG) polluter than the US, had already used up its “fair share” by mid-2011 and is now stealing the entitlement of wretchedly poor countries such as drought-devastated Somalia and inundation-threatened Bangladesh (see “ Shocking analysis by country of years left to zero emissions “).

Saudi’s Parrot Fish Festival Undermines Red Sea Conservation

Green Prophet

Furthermore legal frameworks such as he Jeddah Convention aim to establish a legally binding agreement which expresses the commitment and political will of parties (Djibouti, Yemen, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Egypt and Jordan) to tackle marine and coastal environmental issues through joint coordinated activities. An archaic Saudia Arabian practice of trapping parrot fish in the Red Sea has to stop.

2012 83