8 Practical Ways to Use Solar Energy

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Solar energy refers to electricity derived from sunlight with the use of photovoltaic panels – this type of energy is effective at powering almost every application that relies on traditional energy. Although solar energy has been around for decades now, its popularity has only started to pick up speed in the residential sense. Using the power of sun to generate power is a cleaner alternative to conventional fossil fuel energy.

Solar Energy: Shining Light on the Color Green

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You’ve seen the large solar panels that appear on roofs; maybe you have even tinkered with a kid’s solar-powered bug toy. However, you probably don’t realize how vast solar energy’s reach has become in our culture. Here are some facts and interesting statistics about solar usage today. The History of Solar Power Image via Flickr by [.]. saving energy saving money solar energy solar panels benefits of solar energy


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New solar energy plant in the desert? Don’t disturb the soil

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Solar power plants in the desert make use of wasted land, right? This is especially important for renewable energy installations being built in the desert, like solar power plants or military installations. The post New solar energy plant in the desert?

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Are Wind and Solar Energy Really Green and Sustainable?

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Green, sustainable energy is much in demand and much talked-about. And when green energy sources are mentioned, most people think about wind or solar energy. alternative energy renewable energy solar energy sustainability wind energy natural gas energyAfter all, wind and sun are free, and free sounds great. But the devil is in the details, and we need to be honest about those details. Converting wind and [.].

Catholics in Virginia finance solar energy for churches and schools

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Doing change is much more important than just talking change: seven Catholic community groups in Virginia support renewables through investing in solar energy. The churches there are building and investing in solar energy to power the communities’ churches and schools, creating 1.6

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Can Solar Energy Ever Replace Fossil Fuels?


Around 80 percent all our energy demand is covered by burning fossil fuels. Maybe it’s time we wake up and start looking up for our energy needs instead of looking down. The Earth receives around 73,000 terawatts of solar radiation (sunlight) every day, which is roughly 10,000 times the daily global energy use. The potential of solar energy to power our future is undeniable. Solar requires bigger investment at the moment. Solar Energy

Solar Energy Pros and Cons – The Ultimate Guide


source of renewable energy on our planet, and it’s no secret that recent technological innovations have made solar power affordable to more and more people [1]. In fact, 2017 was a year of a solar power boom, when a total solar capacity installed globally reached to 400 gigawatts (GW), generating about two percent of the world’s energy [2]. Solar power has even become the fastest growing energy generation source. PROS OF SOLAR ENERGY.

Solar Energy: Benefit the Environment and Save Money

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Solar energy: Benefit the environment and save money Solar Power is becoming increasingly popular in today’s environmentally conscious world, especially with all the stories regarding global warming and climate change. With energy prices increasing, people are now trying to find new cost effective ways to power their homes. In recent years though, solar energy has become a lot more cost effective, efficient, and is well worth the initial investment.

Best Ways to Store Solar Energy


The Sun is a great source of energy. With the latest technology developments , it has become possible to generate electricity from the solar energy with the use of photovoltaic systems (PV), and bring this energy into the residential, commercial and industrial sector. This system consists of a set of solar panels, an inverter (or micro-inverters) and a combiner box that gathers all the wiring of the panels. Quick Navigation for Best Ways to Store Solar Energy.

Storing Solar Energy in Rust, From Israel

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Scientists at Technion, Israel’s institute of technology recently found a new way to store solar energy. This research entitled Resonant light trapping in ultrathin films for water was published in the November 11, 2012 issue of Nature Materials and may help solve the problem of solar energy storage by enabling a more efficient and direct conversion between solar energy and hydrogen.

10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Solar Energy


Without the heat and energy of the Sun, life on Earth would not be possible. Without its gravity, our solar system would not hold together. No wonder some of the greatest minds of our history expressed their beliefs of the tremendous potential of harvesting solar energy. One of them was the highly progressive renaissance painter and inventor Leonardo da Vinci , who designed a plan of an industrial use of concentrated solar power to heat water. Solar Energy

New Technologies in Solar Power Generation: Learn about Advances in Solar Energy


One of the most abundant and free energy. resources in the universe is the solar energy. The Sun emits visible light and infrared energy within a specified range of solar radiation spectrum. This radiation spectrum can be used for energy production [1]. But solar energy has much more to offer than just photovoltaics. Quick Navigation for Advances in Solar Energy. New Breakthroughs in Solar Technology. Solar roofs.

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List Of Solar Energy Government Tax Breaks

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American solar energy incentive programs are increasing every year. California’s Million Solar Roofs initiative is the latest of a number of solar energy tax breaks being legislated in the US. Corporate Exemption: Residential Energy Conservation Subsidy Exclusion (Corporate). Solar and Geothermal Business Energy Tax Credit. Federal Grant Program: Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvements Program.

Solar Energy Women Wanted East!

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Women in the Middle East are being encouraged to take up a career in renewable energy, thanks to a new initiative. The Women in Solar Initiative is aimed at engaging more women into roles within engineering, as significant growth and change takes place within the sector. The aim of the Middle East Solar Power Association initiative, is that women will take up roles within the industry to help provide diversity and varying perspectives. Energy

How Does It Work: Solar Energy

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How Does It Work: Solar Energy. Finding a way to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels is one of the most important environmental challenge we face today, and what better way to green our electricity than with nature’s own energy source: the sun. The sun is a nearly inexhaustible source of power; in fact, there is more energy in the amount of sunlight that hits the earth in a hour than the whole planet uses in a year! How does solar energy work?

SolView’s targeting solar energy rooftop potential on a massive scale

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Solar energy panels are an important investment for planet earth, but also for residential homeowners that want to cash in on attractive feed-in tariffs. Homeowners that invest in solar energy can feed the power they generate back to the energy grid and in time make money after their initial investment in panels is paid off. And not all homes are suited for solar panels. He says there is a booming solar energy market in the US for residential use.

Morocco heats up with 16 new solar energy plants worth 25 gigawatts

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Solar energy companies like Martifer Solar ( www.martifersolar.com ) from Portugal already has business in the United Arab Emirates. This seems to be the only way forward to advance solar energy in the Middle East, always rife with conflict and instability. The recent break up of the solar power consortium Desertec has been a huge disappointment to the renewable energy community. Energy Martifer Solar Morocco Portugal pv Solar Energy

Seattle Seahawks to get largest solar energy roof- 2.5 Acres of it

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Professional sports teams the Seattle Seahawks and Sounders FC have announced they will install the largest solar energy array to date in the state of Washington. The huge solar installation will cover over 2.5 Made from 3,750 individual solar panels , made by Solyndra in the US, the installation will use a thin-film technology that captures both direct and reflected sunlight.

America’s Real Problem with Solar Energy

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Each day, our industry sits down and whittles the unsightly knots off the tree we call solar energy. We, as a group, spend more time than we should pointing to one of a growing number of reasons why solar energy isn’t taking hold in America: that perhaps our government incentives were cut too quickly, that our state’s SREC program is broken, that the net metering requirements aren’t strong enough. We reach out to a media who has no idea what solar energy really is.

Solar Energy Experts Navitron Predict a Return to Solar DIY

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Despite the subsidy cuts for solar energy which were implemented late last year, it seems like interest in solar power continues to grow, as the UK saw a new record in April, with solar power surpassing coal for 24 hours, according to a recent article by The Guardian. According to Jack Knight, Marketing Manager at Navitron, the company has observed a surge in interest for DIY solar solutions.

Luxor’s 160 kW solar energy plants would make sun god Ra proud

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Luxor home to some of Egypt’s greatest temples has something to solute over: the city has started its first 80kW solar energy plant, worth about $530,000 US to power lights at Luxor University and surrounding streets. A second solar power plant, with a capacity of 80kW, will be powering the Luxor government buildings. Another 2MW solar energy plant, cost $3 million USD will power some residential buildings in Luxor. Energy Egypt Solar Energy

IBM’s Water-Cooled Solar Energy Microchips Also Desalinate H20

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IBM has unveiled a water-cooled microchip that produces solar energy at greater efficiencies than most cells and the waste water can be used to power desalination facilities. IBM says that is decent efficiency for a prototype, although according to a Wikipedia entry , “the most efficient solar cell so far is a multi-junction concentrator solar cell with an efficiency of 43.5% produced by Solar Junction in April 2011.”

Japan Is Building Solar Energy Plants On Abandoned Golf Courses


Faced with too many abandoned golf courses, Japan has now turned to transforming them into solar energy plants. So huge that Read More The post Japan Is Building Solar Energy Plants On Abandoned Golf Courses appeared first on Ecorazzi. Back in the 1980s, golf courses were huge in Japan. Environment News Top News

Jordan’s 52.2 MW Shams solar energy PV plant built with First Solar

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Two years after passing its Renewable Energy and Efficiency Law (REEL) Jordan is moving forward with what will be the largest largest solar photovoltaic (PV) installation in the Middle East. Shams is the Arabic word for “sun” US-based First Solar, Inc. First Solar is a leading global provider of comprehensive PV solar systems which use its advanced thin-film modules. Energy PV solar REEL Shams Ma''an Solar Energy utility scale PV solar

Bureaucracy Slows Israel’s Solar Energy Progress

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Israel’s research labs such as National Solar Energy Center, Grand Technion Energy Program (GTEP) and companies such as Zenith Solar and Arava Power Systems are developing advanced solar energy technology which is nearly cost-competitive with fossil fuels. Israel’s solar technology has been used in places as far away as Australia and China. But the tariffs introduce a level of bureaucratic complexity to solar installations.

Bureaucracy Slows Israel’s Solar Energy Progress

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Israel’s research labs such as National Solar Energy Center, Grand Technion Energy Program (GTEP) and companies such as Zenith Solar and Arava Power Systems are developing advanced solar energy technology which is nearly cost-competitive with fossil fuels. Israel’s solar technology has been used in places as far away as Australia and China. But the tariffs introduce a level of bureaucratic complexity to solar installations.

Solar Energy to Light Up Myanmar

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government began to ease sanctions in 2012, ACO Investment Group signed an agreement with the Burmese Ministry of Electric Power to build a $480 million solar power project in the Mandalay region. The proposed solar project will not only help address Myanmar’s growing power demand, it will also create an estimated 500 jobs. Energy Solutions International  Myanmar is on its way to a brighter future. In one of the largest U.S. investments in Myanmar since the U.S.

Akon’s Charity to Bring Solar Energy to Africa


The ‘Smack That’ singer is working to bring solar power to over Read More The post Akon’s Charity to Bring Solar Energy to Africa appeared first on Ecorazzi. Singer Akon is used to the spotlight and thanks to him many people in Africa will be too. Causes Entertainment Environment Music News People Top News akon

Is PSE Overlooking Solar Energy?

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A tremor in the world of electric utilities is shaking these usually steadfast institutions to their foundations: solar power is rapidly dropping in price and utilities across the country are panicked about what it might mean for their future. In fact, the best domestic solar sites like Arizona and California have already reached this holy grail of energy viability. Its recently released integrated resource plan overlooks the potential of solar energy in a troubling way.

Car Bodies and Windows As Solar Energy Panels to Recharge Lithium Batteries?

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What would you call solar panels if attached to this Tesla S2 sports coupe: spoilers ? Solar “spoilers&# , Palestinian style. With solar energy now being a popular energy source for providing electricity to homes, businesses and many other energy users, there has also been the thought to find ways to enable electric cars to have their batteries recharged by solar energy.

DIY Solar – Can I Install Solar Panels Myself?

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As promoters of sustainable living and solar energy , we get this question all the time. Should I go solar? And if you look around solar panels are everywhere today. Go solar, start a farm, make everything? But Can I install the solar panels myself ?

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Germany now has 1.3 million solar energy systems

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million solar energy systems which generated 28 billion kilowatt hours in 2012 by Michael Smith (Veshengro) There are now some 1.3 million solar power systems in Germany with German solar photovoltaic collectors having generated 28 billion kilowatts, in 2012, supplying 5% of Germany's total demand for electricity. According to the German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar), Germany now boasts 1.3 Germany now has 1.3

Masdar sues Spain over solar energy subsidy cuts

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The multi-pronged company funded in part by the government of Abu Dhabi helped build the world’s first 24/7 solar power plant in Spain , a feat made possible in part with subsidies. But Spain has now cut incentives for renewable energy , which eats into Masdar’s investment. billion, Spain has slashed and in some cases completely eliminated the subsidies that first made renewable energy projects competitive against fossil fuels.

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Solar energy improved by sound.


A curious study by scientists at Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College London has found that the music that inspires so many of us may exercise too also makes solar panels work better. The high frequencies and pitch found in pop and rock music cause vibrations that enhanced energy generation in solar cells containing a cluster of ''nanorods'', leading to a 40 per cent increase in efficiency of the solar cells.

‘Queen of Mean’ Leona Helmsley’s Trust to Fund Solar Energy Research in Israel

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And $15 million of that, the trust recently announced, will be used to fund a dynamic joint program between the Weizmann Institute of Science and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology to accelerate renewable energy research. Dubious origins aside, the grant will allow dozens of researchers from the two institutions to reach across a myriad of disciplines to find new ways to generation energy from biofuels , photovoltaics, and to capture light using optics.

Another Hollywood Film Studio Embraces Solar Energy


Yesterday was James Cameron’s moment to shine with news that his “Avatar&# sequels will be solar-powered. In addition to a geothermal energy system, the studio also recently unveiled a new 216 kilowatt photovoltaic array. Today, the spotlight shifts to a new state-of-the-art film lot outside Philadelphia, PA called Sun Center Studios.

Dubai’s MENASOL conference unites solar energy in the Middle East

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Over 400 senior executives will descend on Dubai this week to learn how best to develop and construct photovoltaic (PV) and concentrated solar thermal power (CSP) plants in the region’s top markets including Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Morocco. With over 70 speakers from the leading solar developers such as Abengoa, ACWA Power, SolarReserve, and BrightSource , delegates will receive strategic and technical advice on construction, operations and maintenance.

Video: Community Renewable Energy Act - a path forward for solar energy in DC

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DC City Council votes to move ahead on solar panel initiative from Kristen E on Vimeo.   DC City Council Votes to Move Ahead on Solar Power Initiative. A measure that would allow District residents to have better access to solar energy regardless of where they live or how much money they make was approved by a committee of the District of Columbia city council on Wednesday, July 3.

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Poll Reveals Strong US Bipartisan Support for Solar Energy


to develop and use more solar energy. 85 percent of voters view solar energy favorably (60 percent very favorable). 78 percent of voters say government should support growth of solar energy with incentives. Likely voters in the 2012 election cycle overwhelmingly support solar energy and would like to see the federal government to do more to foster the growing industry, according to a national poll released today.

Solar “helicopter” moves quick and in 3 dimensions to catch the sun

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Alexei Grigoriev and his helicopter-inspired 3D solar panel. An Israeli-Russian electro-mechanical engineer has created a new mechanical solution to optimize efficiencies in solar power plants. Today, most technologies are devoted to large solar power plant builds.

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Solar energy too expensive for most Americans


Sonia Renthlei: There’s been a lot of talk about solar power and renewable energy lately. But solar energy and other similar renewables are still a relatively new concept especially in terms of utilizing the technology for home use. As such, for ordinary folk, solar systems appear to be exorbitantly priced and not quite worth the effort. 97% of Americans Overestimate the Cost of Installing Solar Panels.

Jordanian Villagers Trained to Bring Solar Energy to Rural Areas

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Here’s a heartwarming story published in the Jordan Times yesterday that can distract us for a few moments from the human and environmental catastrophe in Japan: A new grassroots program in Jordan aims to bring solar power to rural areas. Energy Jordan solar power . Three Jordanian villagers returned this week from training at the Barefoot College in India (Petra photo). .

Solar Energy: A Guiding Light To A Brighter Future

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However, the most promising change may just be in how we gather and generate energy. Meet AGL Solar. AGL has been providing and meeting their customers energy needs for the last 175 years and that has required a great deal of flexibility and, you guessed it, change. However, it’s this change that has kept AGL on the cutting edge of the energy industry and allows them to address all your solar energy needs.