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Lifestyle & Culture animal rights environmentalism human rights social networkingMy children, living a world apart in Hoboken and Amman, find the same goofy YouTube clips, only to learn their cousins in California and England already hit those same sites. Today’s instant communication is marvelous to someone who remembers rotary phones and punched card programming.

Social Networking: Past, Present and Future

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) If you ask a teenager today what social networking is the answer will get is Facebook. But, I do not think social networking started with AOL or Yahoo Groups or even with online community called “ The Well ”, which was founded in 1985 and is now part of These are all tools that were used for social networking. Television and radio can also be considered social networking tools.

Bilboket, the first social network of your neighborhood

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You know when your run out of sugar or salt and that you are by yourself at home and the first think you think about is going to your neighbor and ask for a little bit of sugar or salt? Or this one time you had to rush out the door, for any urgency, and you asked your next-door neighbor the typical favor of watering your plants or feed the cat? Of course you did at least once.

A new Green Social Networking website is launched

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by Michael Smith On March 11, 2009, , the new social networking site dedicated to connecting like minded people around the world who care for the environment, fight global warming and other ethical issues, went live. It's pretty easy to find greenies on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter, but if you want a community that is specifically geared towards getting green-minded people together, check out this new website.

Vacation 2.0 – Danger of burglary due to vacation notifications given on Social Networks

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) There is a serious danger of experiencing a burglary in one's home and/or office if, like so many, one announces that one is going on vacation on social networks. Vacation updates on social networks are also a very bad ideas, as indicated, and should be an absolute no, no, and that even if you have not disclosed your location, your address, etc.,

To Facebook or Not to Facebook: What's the Right Social Network.

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The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Monday, February 22, 2010 To Facebook or Not to Facebook: What’s the Right Social Network For You? The millions of social-network users are engaged in the largest experiment in social interaction ever conducted, says David Disalvo of Scientific American Mind (Jan/Feb 2010). Social networks are an amazing way to meet and form meaningful relationships with people of like minds.

Equator Estate Coffees & Teas – 1st food company to launch storefront on Facebook iFanStore provides contextual e/commerce inside social networks

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Social media is rapidly becoming a critically important vehicle for talking with our customers. The iFanStore technology is provided by San Francisco-based startup Milyoni (pronounced “Million Eye”), which develops e-commerce solutions for companies who have sophisticated social marketing and merchandising needs. iFanStores leverage the viral potential of social media, allowing sharing of purchases to a customer’s friends and fans.

Connected Communities: How social networks power and sustain the Big Society

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They often failed to deliver on key social capital improvements such as improving trust between residents or fostering a greater sense of belonging. In this report we argue for a new approach to community regeneration, based on an understanding of the importance of social networks, such an approach has the potential to bring about significant improvements in efforts to combat isolation and to support the development of resilient and empowered communities.

Tracking Change: e-Merging Methods and Markers—EAC Conference 2014

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The importance of the Internet and Social Networking in emerging opportunities of a changing publishing paradigm was evident in the topics covered. Some session titles included: “How to Leverage Linkedin to Showcase Your Editorial Expertise”; “An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization”; “Brave New World: e-Reading, e-Editing, and e-Publishing”; “e-Merging in Social Media to Win Clients”; and “Digital Publishing Opens Up New Opportunities for Pro Editors”.

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Anonymity: The Syndrome of Communicating More Only to Communicate Less

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Facebook letters to the editor iPhone freedom of speech freedom of expression anonymity communication social networks meaningful communication anonymous letters evolution of humanity Recently, I had a great conversation with good friend David Honigsberg as we sat in a Starbucks in Toronto, chugging back some coffee and watching the world go by.

Carpooling Services for Lebanese Students

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Cars & Transportation car pooling cars Egypt Lebanon social networkingVisit to car pool in Lebanon. It is often true that through hardship people naturally become more resourceful. Carpooling first became prominent in the United States as a rationing tactic during World War II. It returned in the mid 1970s due to the 1973 oil crisis and the 1979 energy crisis and it has gradually declined in the US starting from the early 1980’s to 2004.

10 Ways to Change the World through Social Media

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Our children will inherit a world profoundly changed by the combination of technology and humanity that is social media. 10 Ways to Change the World through Social Media. Tags: News and Events activism citizen journalism crowdsourcing friendfeed max gladwell social actions social media social networking social networks Twitter

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World Environment Day (WED) 2020

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For This Event Will Feature Live Feed from Host Country Colombia and UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Stockholm, 5 June 2020–Climate social network leader ‘We Don’t Have Time’ supported UN World Environment Day.

2020 70

Graphic of the Day: Where do you get your news?

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 While useful, I fear most of the public no longer uses primary news sources, and instead relies on social media.  Given social media filtering algorithms, over time the public is pushed to sites that reinforce the views of what they consider to be their own social network.  This isn't a criticism, just a reality of social media.

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Marine Resource Economics Vol. 29, No. 2, June 2014 is now available online

Environmental Economics

    Social Network Analysis of Price Dispersion in Fishing Quota Lease Markets. Introduction.   2013 NAAFE Forum: Special Issue Introduction.   Juan Carlos Seijo, Sherry L. Larkin and Charles M. Adams.   DOI: 10.1086/676824.   Marine Resource Economics June 2014, Vol. 29, No. 2: 85-87.   Articles.   Artisanal Recreational Fisheries: Using a Combined Approach to Fishery Assessment Aimed at Providing Insights for Fishery Managers.

2014 152

Looks like those around me are going to have to put up with me longer than expected

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A possible explanation for this is that alcohol can be a great social lubricant*, and strong social networks are essential for maintaining mental and physical health. All social lubricant jokes will be deleted from the comments because this is a family-friendly blog**. A newly released study shows that regular drinkers are less likely to die prematurely than people who have never indulged in alcohol.

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Aguanomics: Best Climate Practices contest -- vote for my idea!

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If you want to give the most support to your preferred candidates, participate in the BCP online polls and share the competing practices on your social networks. David Zetland: I entered my "all in auctions" idea ( post with link to paper, presentation, etc.) in this contest being run by the International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG). Help us find the best climate practice to address water issues and food security.

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How digitalization can lead to a greener planet

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Social networking apps don’t exactly offer trustworthy information, but they help people stay in touch. Even businesses can improve communication with clients through social media apps.

The Importance of Your Instagram Bio

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What does your social media profile say about you? Social networks are no longer limited to staying in touch with friends. Regardless of whether you are creating a website or a social network profile, keywords will be an integral part of the process.

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10 Steps to creating an e-commerce

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Register Social Networks. Social media is your best weapon of communication and advertising and they can help with search engine positioning. Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Google + are other essential social networks.

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Saving the world without leaving your mother's basement

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"My argument is that this is something that is actually locally known and so why not leverage that in a time in which social networks dominate our lives?" Sometimes, drinking a few beers after class can save the planet. A just-launched online "game" dreamed up during one such beer-drinking session aims to do that by encouraging people around the world to supply much needed data about the world's power plants that burn fossil fuels.

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Right on

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From the Chronicle of Higher Ed, here are a couple of tips for professors using social media. One of the most-discussed questions about social networking on campuses is whether or not professors should "friend" their students on Facebook. Under the "Don't be creepy" heading: Some professors use only one Facebook page but wrestle with how open to make that information.

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Marketing With Your Connections During Covid

Michael Grossman

Greetings fellow two-dimensional creatures: With all of our interactions flattened into a rectangle, you may find yourself, like me, missing the human interaction that accompanies marketing and networking. Buyers are always going to do their due-diligence, socially distanced or not. Social Media Is Supposed To Be.Social. The average adult knows between 20,000 and 30,000 words, but you’d never know it by the blandness of most social media posts.

2020 64 launches Double Takes photography competition

Green (Living) Review

The Art of Upcycling , the social networking and online collaboration platform, has launched a photography competition to find the most original recycling schemes in the world and to celebrate the art of upcycling. Double Takes is open to any photo that shows a fun, innovative or unusual way of re-using or recycling everyday things. Submissions so far include: - A computer monitor converted into an aquarium. - Old skis used to build a (cool) chair. -

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Blogging and Social Media Workshop for Writers

The Alien Next Door

My November 9 th workshop on Blogging & Social Media for Writers was held at the Mississauga Central Library. The workshop navigated writers with differing levels of social media proficiency, exploring anything from the Twitter gospel of using hashtags (#) to why a blogger should also use Facebook. I reviewed: branding, SEO (how to bring and keep traffic coming to your blog), tagging, content, times and schedules, comments and linking to / from other social networks.

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MySpace to save the world?

Eco Friendly Daily

MySpace, yes MySpace the online social networking site, has teamed up with Harper Collins to create a new book geared towards helping people learn what they can do to help save the environment. Both the press that it has gotten and it’s connection with one of the most popular social networking sites out there has already generated more online buzz about the topic.

Kuwaiti Musician Zahed Sultan Launches Eco-Electronica Track “Reuse Me”

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Not only does he enjoy a massive following on regional social networks, but he is also internationally recognized. Sultan uses both Arabic and English lyrics and his style comprises a fusion between alternative and electronica music that have appeal across a variety of social stratums. But here is the most exciting and inspiring about the artist and social entrepreneur: his latest track Reuse Me is designed to draw awareness to environmental issues!

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Evolution, Digital Immortality and "Freenet"

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Her rescuer, a naïve—almost too nice to be true—native, Zen Valda, introduces her to his cave-dwelling culture with no social network support. Considering her unique characteristics and experiences as an omnidroid, I would have enjoyed more insight to her unique outlook and perspective, especially when faced with no social network—perhaps the most frightening experience for an omnidroid: to be disconnected from the hive.

2016 117

Rowse lets consumer thank bees with free flowers

Green (Living) Review

As part of an integrated national campaign which will include the second television advertising campaign in the brand’s history, social media activity via Facebook and Twitter is encouraging consumers to submit their messages of thanks, which Rowse will then have handwritten on plant labels and planted alongside bee-friendly flowers. Consumers are being encouraged to say thanks to bees for their hard work in creating honey by a new campaign from UK honey brand Rowse.

3500 year-old Egyptian Relief Vandalized by Chinese Youth, Restored

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Photographs of the damage quickly spread from Chinese social network sites to major news sites, and it might be indicative of a bigger future diplomacy problem for China. A young tourist from Nanjing, China scrawled his name Ding Jinhao onto a 3500 year-old relief in a Luxor, Egypt temple. Jinhao’s parents have since apologized on his behalf and said he cried all night after learning of the vigilante threats against him.

2013 66

Spain to ban photos and videos of cops

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The dissemination of images and videos over social networks like Facebook will also be punishable under the legislation. We are trying to avoid images of police being uploaded onto social networks with threats to them and their families,” underlined Cosido. Police protection or citizen censorship? Spain to ban photos and videos of cops by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Spain’s government is drafting a law that bans the photographing and filming of members of the police.

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“SLOWCIAL NETWORKING” HAS FAR MORE IMPACT THAN TWEETING, STUDY FINDS – Cards and letters have six times the impact of tweets

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Social networking is a great way of feeling connected but our poll shows that letters and cards are still the unrivalled super-social network. In fact, as our data reveals, a misplaced tweet or status update can in fact be anti-social networking.” by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Research for Clintons finds that a handwritten thank you letter or card has six times the impact of a thank you tweet.

2014 102

Carely Helps you Share Green Living Activities

Green Living Ideas

Many social networks let you share thoughts, pictures, links, videos and places, but the recently released Carely app is focused on green living activities. Green Lifestyle Technology app green living activities social media With Carely you can discover and create new activities, instantly check in to them, suggest them to friends or join your friends’ activities. Carely allows you to connect with friends and like minded people who share your interest in green living.

4Food Launches the Green Chart - to Recognize Earth Month, Raise Funds for Local Green Pro-Social Organizations, and to Further its Mission to De-Junk Fast Food

Green (Living) Review

4Food, Earth’s first socially networked and socially responsible quick serve restaurant company, announced today that it is co-hosting the after-party for this week’s Green Festival, with UrbanGoGreen’s “Greening the Culture” Campaign. The event will be held at 4food’s Flagship Restaurant location at 40th Street and Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan on Saturday April 21st at 7PM.

2012 116

Egyptian vet school exposed for vicious cruelty to animals [graphic videos]

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It reopened after a grainy image (above) appeared on social networks showing a roomful of dead donkeys connected by tubes to a series of mysterious tanks. The Society for the Protection of Animals in Cairo is suing the Veterinary Universities of Egypt for animal brutality, while circulating an online petition at (link here) to pressure the school to cease and desist.

2013 85

GlowBots: Robots That Make Friends

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GlowBots are small robots that interact with a user as well as in groups, forming social networks based on dominance and learning. A small group of cylinder-shaped robots, topped with glowing, circular patterns of light, seems to be what comprises a pet these days. Picking one up and shaking it will give the robot confidence and positive reinforcement, so that when you put it down it will find a neighbour to be its ‘friend,’ and show it how to make more complex patterns.

2012 Ford Focus Electric allows you to take a virtual ride on Facebook


B.Sameer Kumar: It seems like the whole world is now hooked on to social networking. Twitter feeds are getting more annoying and pointless by the day and Facebook posts are getting more and more boring. Maybe it is not the world and just the people we keep company with. But Ford is offering you a chance to have a bit of fun with a Facebook Game that you can play along with four of your friends as you plan a virtual road trip in the all-electric vehicle.

2012 64

How to get the most out of Instagram features

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These passions range from the creative to entertaining and there are numerous examples of eco businesses, comedians, musicians, models, photographers, designers, bloggers, politicians and social activists who have gone on to have their message reach a far wider audience than they could have ever imagined simply by tapping in to the potential of Instagram. There is a massive sea of content floating around on this social network and it can be easy to get lost in it.

2019 43

Start More than a Car with Ford Focus

The Green Samaritan

Winners will also be chosen based on their creativity of the content (as opposed to fancy video work) and social networking to garner the most number of votes. Home About Terms of Use & Privacy Policy Disclosure Contact Product Reviews Monthly Eco-Resolutions Quick Reference Guide Subscribe Start More than a Car with Ford Focus December 14, 2010 What would you do with $10,000 to really make an impact for your favorite charity?

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Evolve electric bikes to be equipped with Saturna green systems


Thirdly, the Saturna or Evolve Cloud, a highly scalable and customizable application of software, which can open unlimited networking possibilities and number of location based services allowing the remote management of evolve scooters using device enabled by web. The technology of Saturna will improve security and safety making urban social networking possible as well as enabling location based services like charging and road assistance.

2012 59

H2.O: Announcing a New Platform for Water Activists

Cool Green Science

is an effort to engage a new audience that is actively online, engaged in social issues, and contributing to philanthropic causes, but largely unaware of our work. Extensive use of social media channels to spread our message through other people’s social networks, enabling visitors to share information about water and the Conservancy without leaving the H2.O through email and your social networks and to create a viral buzz by using the hashtag #LiquidCourage.

2014 64

Reboot your mind, not your device…how to unplug and unwind in a 24/7 world

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) If you are finding yourself at the relentless beck and call of technology; permanently checking-in to emails; taking work calls out of hours, and updating your social media status, chances are you’re experiencing ‘smartphone overload’. According to a survey from autumn 2013 almost half (46%) of women questioned surf the net or check their emails whilst in bed and more than 1 in 4 (26%) check social networks just before bed.

2014 102

PickupPal Takes the Blind-Date Feeling out of Ride Sharing

Green Life Smart Life

Launched in January of 2008 by John Stewart and Eric Dewhirst , PickupPal uses the force of the internet and social networking to connect drivers and passengers globally in a new age type of transportation marketplace. Integrating with popular social networking tools like facebook and twitter , LinkedIn , and Myspace.

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