Taste of Organic & Social Innovation – New Expo Coming to Milwaukee

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Sponsored by local Milwaukee business I am a Force4Good™, Taste of Organic & Social Innovation Expo are two days in September that are destined to change the lives of others. " Taste of Organic & Social Innovation September 28 - 29, 2012 Aloft Milwaukee Downtown 1230 N.

The Enabling City - Social innovation for urban sustainability and participatory governance.

The Green Changemakers

[link] [link] by Chiara Camponeschi The Enabling City 2010 Creative Urbanism: Citizen Innovation and the Power of the Everyday. Today, groups of ordinary citizens, better know as ‘ creative communities ‘, are joining forces to respond to our current ‘triple crisis’ in innovative and inclusive ways, inspiring a global movement of positive change along the way. Socializing can go a long way, too!

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Must-Attend Event at Green Spaces: Building Sustainable Business Models with CBS EcoMedia’s Paul Polizzotto

Eco Chic

As a successful serial social entrepreneur and innovator , Paul knows a thing or two about how to ensure your business model will be sustainable. Ecology CBS CBS EcoMedia EcoMedia entrepreneurship Paul Polizzotto social entrepreneur social innovation sustainable business

Sologic’s solar eTree that keeps on giving

Green Prophet

This concept “tree” solar energy sculpture they developed for social good is a hybrid station for the wayward urban traveller. The company regards the eTree as a social innovation project.

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BADIR Offers Young Jordanians a Shot at Social Change

Green Prophet

Are you a social entrepreneur in Jordan? Green Prophet loves to broadcast the exploits of emerging social and environmental leaders. July marks the beginning of BADIR, a promising new initiative that aims to equip young Jordanian leaders with the skills and know-how to strengthen and scale up their social change ambitions. BADIR is designed to hit a trio of goals: • Increase the reach and impact of youth led social change initiatives.

2012 75

Yoxi Competition: Trim the Waste of Fashion! YOU Can Do it!

Eco Chic

Yoxi is a competition to discover rockstars of social innovation and their newest competition is all about sustainable style: Trim the Waste of Fashion!

2011 57

A Curriculum for Generation Z

The Green Changemakers

I will probably be roasted by academics but I would also put history of economic models from Descartes to Neoliberalism in here; the development of capitalism, and the history of innovation & technology. It’s also vital to understand the role of innovation in change.

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Breaking the Climate Fear Taboo

Sightline Daily

We know about the barriers ranging from how the issue itself is complex and abstract, to the ways in which political ideologies may inform how people perceive the problem from the fields of behavioral and social sciences devoted to climate change communications.

Tools for transformation - Free webinar series

The Green Changemakers

As a contribution to the field of social innovation, we have invited thought leaders and practitioners to share their practical wisdom with us—what works, what’s helpful, what they have learned, and the questions that are moving them forward.

Adital Ela on Making Light From Wind (INTERVIEW)

Green Prophet

” She is also one of the co-founders of the social-environmental design study track at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT). How do you usually begin going about innovating and designing a product?

2011 95

H&M’s Conscious Collection: More Than Just Talk? A Conversation on Fast Fashion and Sustainability

Eco Chic

Panelists in attendance included fashion consultant Julie Gilhart, Loomstate founder Scott Mackinlay Hahn, Ecouterre managing editor Jasmin Malik Chua , Carmen Artigas the dean of ethical fashion at the Center for Social Innovation , and Honest By’s Bruno Pieters.

The Everything Roof

The Green Changemakers

We are seeking to create a 2200 square foot deck on the roof of the Centre for Social Innovation, Annex location at 720 Bathurst St, Toronto. T he Impact This rooftop will have long lasting environmental and social impacts.

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Debate: What Good Are Planetary Boundaries?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Can innovation can stretch any of them? ”) Combining these social and ecological goals into one paradigm might seem daunting — but doing so would often require just small percentage shifts in resources , she argued. Commissariat Point, South Australia, Australia.

Beyond Consumption: Enabling Participation for Livable Cities

The Green Changemakers

In Public Space We Trust Public Design Festival, 2009 I wrote The Enabling City , a toolkit on social innovation for urban sustainability and participatory governance, in the early days of green consumerism's ascendance to popularity. Urban Social Participation[link].

Q&A with Jacqueline Novogratz: Dialogues on the Environment

Conservancy Talk

Our aim is not to seek high returns, but rather to jump-start innovative businesses that improve the ability of the poor to live with dignity. When I was starting Acumen, I was deeply inspired by many of the financial innovations that I had seen in the environmental field.

Some articles from International Future Forum

The Green Changemakers

Date: 24 Jun 2007 Size: 107kB Three Horizons project details Public documents shown below Three horizons of education policy in Scotland The record of a workshop in March 2007 in Scotland using the three horizons framework to structure a conversation about the failings of today's system, a vision of a more desirable future, and the innovations - existing and potential - that might ease the passage from one to the other. Sets out the faith-based approach to social innovation.

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Beyond business as usual: ten principles to promote Nigerian social capitalism

The Green Changemakers

The West rarely looks to Africa for social innovation. And a handful of wealthy Africans are beginning to take leadership roles in addressing their country’s social problems and transforming the destructive economic and political systems that cause them.

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CBS News’ Emmy Award-Winning Journalist Anthony Mason to Interview Serial Social Entrepreneur Paul Polizzotto: Join Them on 12/5 at NYU

Eco Chic

Mason and Polizzotto will discuss social entrepreneurship and advertising, and Polizzotto will share the successes and challenges of growing and scaling a social enterprise within CBS. Can the Power of Advertising Actually Be Harnessed To Realize Social Change?

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Placing Social Sustainability on the Design Agenda

The Green Changemakers

based Young Foundation recently published research highlighting the successes and failures of neighborhood developments around the world by unpacking the under-explored concept of social sustainability. This report aims to ensure that strengthening social infrastructure is part of the agenda.

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Cities and active inclusion: quality of social services and the social economy

The Green Changemakers

Social Economy Social economy refers to the so-called ‘third sector’, meaning that it is between the private/business sector and the public/government sector. Social economy includes organisations such as NGOs, cooperatives, mutual societies and charities. These are also called social enterprises: enterprises that apply market-based strategies to achieve social purposes. For this reason, social economy is often associated to the concept of social innovation.

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Educating for change

The Green Changemakers

A recent survey in The Chronicle of Higher Education found that substantially more professors are interested in transforming their students into "agents of social change" than in teaching the Western classics. has welcomed the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship into its fold.

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World’s 8 Most Inspiring Urban Farms

The Green Changemakers

We have come across several really amazing urban farm designs on the Internet — like our Architectural Designer, Brandon Martella’s “Live Share Grow” design and others on his ePortfolio jammed packed of innovative urban farms. Urban Organic_farming Social Enterprise Agriculture

YES! Earth Charter Curricular Module

The Green Changemakers

Curricular Online Module ~ Structure The Earth Charter's sixteen principles are organized into four major principle categories: (1) Respect and Care for the Community of Life (2) Ecological Integrity (3) Social and Economic Justice (4) Democracy, Nonviolence, and Peace YES!

2009 52

Observations on the Year Behind us & Some Predictions for 2010

The Green Changemakers

lies in the things that the ‘free market’ leaves untouched and unaccounted for: debt, risk, wellbeing, social justice, ecosystem services, energy/food/water supply and so on. 2010 Predictions We expect a growth of social engagement platforms to build participation between brands, business, political leaders and citizens, building movements and driving change. We expect to see newly decentralized markets driven by a greater appreciation of natural and social capital.

2010 43

Whole System Healing

The Green Changemakers

It prepares us to be agents of individual growth, social change, and environmental restoration. It also means considering all aspects of a system, such as mind, body, and spirit in individuals or social justice, environmental health, and economic prosperity in communities.

Knowing History, Serving It: Ashoka's Theory of Change

The Green Changemakers

Ashoka is an association of a large share of the world's leading social entrepreneurs. Ashoka has been deeply engaged in learning from and learning to serve both this historical process and its leading social entrepreneur constituents across the globe throughout the last quarter century. It launches the social entrepreneur into a lifetime of high impact, independent changemaking. Tags: Social Entreprise Economics Ashoka's job is to make Everyone a Changemaker™.

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