Seattle Seahawks

10,000 Birds

The Seattle Seahawks are, of course, a professional (American) football team, known as much for the inability to win it all as for anything else. Seahawks in Seattle! For more information about the namesake of Seattle’s football team check out this post.

Birding Seattle

10,000 Birds

As someone who has a spent a week this August on a family vacation in Seattle I think that I am eminently qualified to write a full blog post on how to bird Seattle. What you can’t help but notice on the streets in Seattle is the trees.

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Back from Seattle

10,000 Birds

We had a blast, the family and I, and experienced some amazing natural places, to say nothing of the fine city of Seattle. The Lucky Diner on First Avenue in Seattle has delicious food. GO TO SEATTLE! Destinations Pacific Northwest Seattle Washington

The Seattle Times’ Four Critiques of Honest Elections Seattle…

Sightline Daily

The Seattle Times recently editorialized against I-122 Honest Elections Seattle. The truth is that Honest Elections Seattle projects and counts on more people giving to local campaigns than ever seen in Seattle or anywhere else in the United States.

Who Funds Seattle’s Political Candidates?

Sightline Daily

Overwhelmingly, rich, white people who live in Seattle’s waterfront and view homes fund Seattle’s political candidates. If enacted by voters in November, Honest Elections Seattle (Initiative 122) could spread the funding of campaigns from elite neighborhoods to the whole city.

Video: Who Funds Seattle’s Political Candidates?

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Ever wondered who funds Seattle’s political candidates? For your convenience and viewing pleasure, we condensed the report into a two minute video that paints a picture of Seattle’s money in politics. Who Funds Seattle’s Political Candidates?

Honest Elections Seattle Is legal

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I’ve explained how Honest Elections Seattle works (for voters , candidates , and election officials ) and that it’s fraud-repellent and cheap. That’s what Honest Elections Seattle does. And that’s the main reason the Honest Elections Seattle Initiative is legal.

Solutions for Stormwater in Seattle

Conservancy Talk

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to visit Seattle — a city that knows rain — and to see some of the innovative thinking around water management that has developed there. In Seattle, we embrace the rain. Can all cities be like Seattle?

I’m A Seattle-Bound Birder

10,000 Birds

Seattle’s Discovery Park, a 534-acre jewel on Puget Sound, is described in A Birder’s Guide to Washington as “Seattle’s best one-stop birding venue&# so, clearly, a visit there is in order. Destinations Pacific Northwest Seattle

Seattle’s Vision Zero Plan

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Seattle became the second major Northwest city this week to promise to end all traffic deaths and serious injuries by embracing Vision Zero , a transportation approach that prioritizes keeping people alive and building streets that work for everyone.

Declining Traffic Through Seattle

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Last week, I wrote about the surprising (and largely unheralded) decline in vehicle traffic on Seattle’s Alaskan Way Viaduct in 2012. A lot of folks still slog through rush hour traffic in Seattle; many have little choice.

Seattle Voters, meet Democracy Vouchers

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Last time , I described the Honest Elections Seattle Initiative ’s tough new rules for preventing corruption and giving ordinary voters a louder voice in local elections. Related Stories Introducing: The Honest Elections Seattle Initiative Voter Suppression is Exorbitantly Expensive.

Seattle Gets Even Greener with New Climate Action Plan


Seattle’s Climate Action Plan has a goal to make the city completely carbon neutral by Read More The post Seattle Gets Even Greener with New Climate Action Plan appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment News Top News climate change seattle

Seattle Seahawks to get largest solar energy roof- 2.5 Acres of it

Environmental Economics

Professional sports teams the Seattle Seahawks and Sounders FC have announced they will install the largest solar energy array to date in the state of Washington.

Interactive Map: Who Funds Seattle’s Political Candidates?

Sightline Daily

Simply click the image below and explore the tabs to see how Seattle’s largest political contributions overlap with the wealthiest and whitest neighborhoods with view homes. What would political contributions look like if Honest Elections Seattle (Initiative 122) is enacted in November?

Seattle Government, Meet Democracy Vouchers

Sightline Daily

Similarly, despite many people’s perception that Honest Elections Seattle’s system of Democracy Vouchers is complicated, it is actually simplicity itself , even if the official text of Initiative 122 approaches 9,000 words. Monopoly by Mark Strozier used under CC BY 2.0

Introducing: The Honest Elections Seattle Initiative

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Honest Elections Seattle closes the revolving door: City elected officials and their top aides may not lobby their former colleagues for three years after leaving office. Honest Elections Seattle tightens the cap on big money, lowering the limits per contributor down to $500.

Seattle’s Green Stormwater Goals

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Roadside rain garden in Seattle, Lisa Stiffler. Source: City of Seattle’s Office of Sustainability (Click on graphic to enlarge.). The sheer amount and nature of CSO work to be done in older Eastern cities versus Seattle necessarily yields an apples-to-oranges comparison.

Event: Lawrence Lessig at Town Hall Seattle

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What : Seattle premier of “Killswitch” and post-screening discussion with Dr. Lawrence Lessig and Marianne Williamson. Where : Town Hall Seattle, 1119 Eighth Avenue, Seattle, WA ( map ). Tickets : $15 pre-sale, $20 at the door, available via Town Hall Seattle.

Seattle Has Plans for Nation’s Largest Community Food Forest


Washington state, a longtime leader in sustainable culture, has plans to add a seven acre urban food forest right in the middle of Seattle. Read More The post Seattle Has Plans for Nation’s Largest Community Food Forest appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Another Look at Declining Seattle Traffic

Sightline Daily

Every year, the Seattle Department of Transportation tracks traffic at 19 select bridges across the city, and presents the resulting traffic count as a rough-and-ready gauge of citywide traffic trends. Comments From this story: “Meanwhile, transit ridership in Seattle.

Sightline on Shell’s Presence in Seattle

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Shell’s Polar Pioneer oil rig, incoming to Seattle Port’s Terminal 5. For those following the controversy of the Port of Seattle hosting Shell’s Arctic drilling rig, I recommend this 45-minute interview I did recently on KBOO , a community radio station in Portland.

Seattle’s $28 Million Hole

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If you said, “Roman Catholicism,” your knowledge of Seattle mayors is exceptional! In 2005, the old Public Safety Building was torn down, and the city sold the vacant 57,000 square foot lot to Seattle-based Triad Development for $25 million. The heart of downtown Seattle.

Seattle Goes Backward on Micro-housing

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Yesterday, to my dismay, the Seattle city council tightened rules on micro-apartments, the neo-rooming houses I lauded last year in Unlocking Home. As I wrote a year ago in the Seattle Times , SEATTLE should stop lying to itself about affordable housing.

Oil Train Derails in Seattle

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Multiple news accounts just now that a loaded oil train derailed under the Magnolia Bridge, about a mile north of downtown Seattle. Comments The Seattle Weekly just happened to post this a day before! by Matt the Engineer Related Stories A Downtown School Just Dropped in Seattle’s Lap A Move to Ban the Most Dangerous Oil Trains Industry To Feds: We Will Keep Using Old Unsafe Tank Cars For Three More Years, or Longer If We Feel Like It.

Seattle to fine residents, businesses for wasting too much food

Green (Living) Review

Seattle wants its residents to compost food scraps so much the city will begin fining homes, apartment buildings and businesses that throw away too much food mixed with their garbage, according to new rules passed by the city council.

Pan Pacific Seattle hotel: model of corporate social responsiblity.

Green Traveler Guides

Organizations benefiting from the Pan Pacific Seattle’s CSR activities include a Seattle senior center, the local Red Cross , an urban farming collective and a shelter for homeless women.

Event: Yoram Bauman at Town Hall Seattle

Sightline Daily

Book Cover, The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change Sightline Institute fellow and stand-up economist Yoram Bauman will introduce his new book, The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change , at a talk at Town Hall Seattle on Monday, June 9.

What Coal Trains Would Cost Seattle

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It must be election season because this morning the Seattle Times managed to contort the publication of a small-scale economic analysis into a Shocking Scandal in the Mayor’s Race !

Seattle to Residents: Compost or Be Fined


Read More The post Seattle to Residents: Compost or Be Fined appeared first on Ecorazzi. The city passed a new ordinance allowing it to fine residents whose trash has a large amount of compostable waste. Causes Environment News Top News bill de blasio

New Fund Will Help More Seattle Residents Build Rain Gardens

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RainWise garden Image by Lisa Stiffler Seattle’s RainWise rain-garden program is spreading green stormwater solutions across the city, but the rebate program has been out of reach for some homeowners with more modest incomes.

F*ck It List 2.0: Seattle. ~ Kathleen Emmets {Adult}

Elephant Journal

I could have crossed that off along with Seattle, Washington. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Health & Wellness WAYLON: Editor''s Picks Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today cancer chemotherapy F** it list Kurt Cobain nirvana Pearl Jam Seattle Washington This is the joy of traveling with a chemotherapy port. It means I get to have a stranger cup the underside of my breasts and slide her hands up and down my thighs.

Seattle Aquarium cancels octopus sex over cannibalism


We know that humans are bizarre and voyeuristic, and this news out of Seattle is a glaring example. The Seattle Aquarium had invited guests to come and watch the octopus (octopi?) mate for Valentine’s Day, because animal sex is a totally romantic date.

Seattle Candidates, meet Democracy Vouchers

Sightline Daily

The Honest Elections Seattle Initiative is a pioneering local initiative that would provide a whole new path to office, a path through dozens of house parties and grassroots outreach, not posh downtown offices and hours of dialing for dollars. If it works in Seattle, it may spread to other places. Seattle has 415,106 registered voters. Seattle City Hall is not yet as bad as the US Congress.

Car-less in Seattle

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There’s an automatic cost calculator at , a manual one at Seattle’s One Less Car Challenge , and a guidebook about car costs –if you want to understand the data—at Todd Litman’s invaluable website for Victoria Transport Policy Institute.).

It’s Accountability Time for Seattle Port Commissioners

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The oil drilling ship Noble Discoverer, seen April 5, 2012 in the Port of Seattle before its trip to Alaska for the summer Arctic drilling season. The irony oozing from the Port of Seattle these days is thicker than crude oil.

Charts: Honest Elections Seattle is an Incredible Bargain

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Honest Elections Seattle , the citizens’ initiative to hold elected officials accountable and give ordinary voters a stronger voice in local elections, is financed by a special property tax levy of $3 million per year. Seattle’s 2015 budget is $4.8

Murray Compromise Lifts Seattle Rideshare Caps

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Companies like Lyft, UberX, Sidecar, and any other competitors would be allowed to operate legally in Seattle, albeit under the scrutiny of city regulators. Here’s what Brooke Steger, general manager for Uber Seattle, had to say: We are very happy that caps were taken off the table.

Seattle Headed Towards ‘Rideshare’ Regs

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It remains to be seen whether companies like Lyft and Uber would be willing operate under the constraints of the proposed pilot program, as it’s currently envisioned, or whether the new ‘ridesharing’ companies will pack up and leave Seattle.

Seattle to See Bigger Presence from Little Cars

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This morning, car2go —the free-floating car-sharing system featuring perky, pay-by-the-minute Smart cars across 60 cities worldwide—announced it would grow its Seattle fleet by a full 50% , increasing from 500 to 750, and that it would expand to cover the entirety of the city limits.

Seattle’s Downtown School Is Back in Play

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The prospects for a downtown Seattle school brightened yesterday, with a unanimous school board vote allowing the district to bid on the empty Federal Reserve Bank building at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Spring Street. A new downtown @seapubschools could serve 660 #Seattle students.

Portland, Seattle, San Francisco.

Eco-Vegan Girl

And also to Seattle for the second time, but it will be my first experience at the VegFest. I've already been to the following places in Seattle: Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe Hillside Sandwich Shop Might O' Donuts - must go back! portland travel SeattleI'm about to head to Portland and San Francisco for the first time! Afterwards I'm taking a roadtrip back to Los Angeles, stopping in San Francisco and a some other places along the way (like the Azna Gluten Free bakery).

Seattle District Loses Bid for Downtown School

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Seattle Public Schools officials confirmed this weekend that the district lost its bid to acquire a surplus federal building and turn it into a downtown elementary school. Seattle’s Downtown School Is Back in Play The Top 14 of 2014.