Smaller Fonts Save Trees – The Minus One Project

Green Prophet

Change your font size by one point and save trees…? . Sagar believes that this is a small step (hoho) towards conserving one of the world’s valuable resources: forests and saving paper. If lowering the font by one size means you can help save an average of 18% on paper, then this seems like a worthy movement. This software enables you to save up to 50% on ink and toner when printing by leaving small holes in the letter. A bit ridiculous?

Save Trees by Renting or Downloading Textbooks

Green Living Ideas

var fbShare = {url: '[link] than a 20 million trees are cut each year to make new books., an online textbook [.] [ Save Trees by Renting or Downloading Textbooks from Green Living Ideas ]. Tags: Reading conservation Deforestation e textbooks IPOD applications trees Imagine what that means for conservation and carbon capture through the planet!


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Saving trees while saving $Green$

Green Life Smart Life

Have you ever gotten one of those supermarket circulars and you get all excited to save some money and then you only find 5 good coupons, you use one and the rest expire in your wallet? Ever wonder how many trees are chopped down so that millions of us can do the same thing? (If The Coupon Sherpa is a new iPhone app that lets you search for coupons, save them, and then when you’re paying at the grocery store they can actually scan the barcode from your phone.

BYO People Towel: Chic Japanese Style Hand Towel Saves Trees

Eco Chic

Guest Post by: Imperfectly Green. It might have started with the cult-like obsession with Anya Hindmarch’s “I’m Not A Plastic Bag” canvas tote spotted on Keira Knightly’s arm, but reusable shopping bags are not the only BYO (bring your own!) garbage-reducer out there.

How to Save Countless Trees in 10 Minutes or Less

Cool Green Science

We Americans love our trees – whether they are in our yards, in nearby parks, or in the wilderness. Unfortunately, many of our iconic trees are threatened by non-native insects and diseases that have been accidentally brought to America. Dozens of tree-killing pests have entered the U.S. The Asian longhorned beetle attacks dozens of species of trees belonging to 15 plant families, most often maples, elms, and willows.

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Green Printing from ECO Etsy Team

Green Earth Journey

But there are tons of other opportunities available to help you reduce your carbon footprint - and save trees doing it. Producing paper (it takes 17 very large trees to make just one ton of paper), and the electricity used for factory operations requires massive amounts of energy - fossil fuels.

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Green (Living) Review

In Partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, Catalog Spree Will Plant One Tree per Download during Earth Month LOS ALTOS, CA, April 2012 : Catalog Spree, the highest-rated catalog shopping app for the iPad®, today announces a new partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation to raise awareness around catalog consumption in the U.S. Approximately 53 million trees are cut down annually to produce the 3.6 People want a catalog app experience that’s fun and easy -- and saves trees.

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6 of the Best Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Eco Friendly Daily

An ebook reader has the potential to save trees, emissions, and money; bath-related gifts smell amazing and feel nice; candles make everyone’s pandemic-isolated winter more cozy; you can’t go wrong with coffee, tea, or chocolate; and alternative power sources are the future.

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Green Bites – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Some of those that many fall victim to is the “using less paper saves trees” mantra. On the other hand this book is a goldmine of valuable information and food for thought and some parts should, most definitely, be required reading for our politicians such as the section on carbon capture where John so correctly points out that Nature has provided us with the perfect answer to capturing and storing carbon emissions, they are called trees and we just need to plant a lot more of them.

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Documenting the value of paper

Green (Living) Review

Far too many people believe and repeat the mantra that going paperless or using less paper saves trees and especially the trees of the Rainforest but that is but a mantra and has little to nothing to do with the truth. When it comes to saving the tropical Rainforests reducing our use of paper will not make one single iota of a difference as tropical hardwoods are not used and cannot be used in the production of pulp for the making of paper.

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Abby’s Blog: Kids Helping the Earth – Using Fallen Trees

Green Life Smart Life

This week a tree fell in our yard. It was a huge oak tree. My mom and dad walked around the tree and were trying to understand what happened and why; they also tried to figure out the clean up. So I suggested maybe we could make something from the tree. We had a local carpenter come look at the tree and he determined that it was an oak tree that was approximately 180 years old. It landed on the playset my parents got for my third birthday.

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E-Book Readers – what gives?

Green (Living) Review

By Michael Smith (Veshengro) It is often claimed by environmentalists that e-book readers save trees. PDFs on the other hand as e-books are very useful and here especially as you can cut and paste in case you want to make use of some information, you can, b y use of the right reader annotate and highlight – the Foxit Reader makes bot possible and it saves the changes – and you can print the entire document for reading and working on without the use of electronic devices.

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Write more by hand

Green (Living) Review

Writing by hand, however, requires pencil or pen and paper and I know that there will be those that will scream that the use of paper is bad for the environment, as it is using “dead trees”, and they will claim that using electronic means saves trees and thus forests. In addition paper does not, necessarily, have any negative impact on forests as the majority of paper is produced from the wood of trees specifically grown for paper production.

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Seattle man relocates unwanted trees to give them a new life


Christina Pinto: Tree huggers willingly do anything for the trees they love. Meet Bernie O’Brien, who is as devoted to trees as any environmentalist. O’Brien cherishes his trees due to his belief that they have character, and has rescued many from being cut down or bulldozed. Seattle man rescues, relocates unwanted trees. He transfers the trees to his private five acre Key Peninsula property under the ownership of himself and his wife.

Kibardin shares creative recycled paper furniture designs


But his vision goes beyond creating art and building usable furniture while saving trees , to inspiring others to do the same. Business Eco Green a-creative-art a-family-art a-man-sitting a-pink-shirt design designer handmade recycled materials totem trees

Corporate Social Responsibility – It’s the Right Thing for Businesses

Eco Friendly Daily

Now, it’s not only about a recycling program or promoting the use electronic documents to save trees, but also an acceptance of broader community based issues. Green is no longer for the environmental mavericks or the placard wielding barrackers. The cause of the green has been taken over by many big shots whose favorite retreat oft has been the bourses rather than the nature reserves. The era of corporate social responsibility dawns. Now, the acronym is out too – CSR.

The myth of paperless

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Time and again misguided and misinformed environmentalists try too tell us that we should all ditch paper for digital and go paperless and they claim that that would save millions of trees and the rainforests. Most wood for paper pulp comes from softwoods, and this also includes, in many places one or two deciduous tree species, such as birch and poplar. If we would all stop using paper what would happen to those trees?

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Does a digital diary and to-do-list make you efficient?

Green (Living) Review

Using digital has been surrounded by so much hype including saving trees but may that not be an invention of those who conceived those digital task managers and such? How often have you lost an entry that you thought was saved and had to go back to do it again? No need to press save to – well – save it. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Does using a digital diary and to-do-list, etc. make you really more efficient as opposed to using a paper-based system?

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Better Restoration Through ‘Shrooms?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Want to Save Trees? The important thing to know about mychorrizal fungi is that about 90 percent of the world’s vascular plants – from trees to orchids to ferns – form these relationships and many can’t live without them. Mychorrizal fungi have little underground root networks – the hyphae — and those grow around the roots of the tree,” explains Powell. “So The trees can have a hard time coming back.

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Is the High Street making a comeback?

Green (Living) Review

And e-books, in my opinion, are not an answer for the great majority and neither will they do anything to save trees and the Planet. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) We are being told by many that the High Street, or Main Street, as our American cousins call it, in its last throws. But is this really the case? Despite behemoths like Starbucks and Amazon, the number of independent bookstores, coffee shops, and other businesses appear to be growing and this is a good thing indeed.

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Green products – marketing or real change in values and attitude?

Green (Living) Review

According to German research consumers in that country in 2011 spent around 36 Billion Euros worth of “sustainable” products, around 14 Billion of that on products in the energy savings and energy efficient living sector. When it comes to energy efficiency and saving of energy and water it would be much better rather than buying and using special devices to reduce consumption and use in the same was as reuse, reduction is better than the other options.

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Green Your Magazine Habit

Eco Friendly Daily

address the issue of cutting trees to provide relatively disposable. If you are caught between a tree and a bookshelf, some. By accessing magazines through Zinio instead of in print form, consumers literally save trees from the chopping block. month, it has been calculated to a savings that equates to 10,000 trees. further sweeten the deal, Zinio has teamed up with Ecounit [link] to plant trees across school and university campuses.

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To tree or not to tree, that is the question?

Green (Living) Review

Now that Christmas is only a few weeks away from us the annual question arises as to which tree is more “green”, the artificial one or the real one. It is the real one that is the most environmentally friendly Christmas tree. I know that there are people that will disagree and come up with the notion that they would save trees, real trees, by buying an artificial Christmas tree. We all love trees and so do I but then I would say that, wouldn't I.

2010 122 to Celebrate Online Grand Opening from Earth Day through Arbor Day

Green (Living) Review, the first tree care site of its kind for DIY tree care enthusiasts, including homeowners, golf course superintendents, caretakers and groundskeepers, announces its official launch and online grand opening event will span both Earth Day and Arbor Day. The company's mission includes saving one million trees, and a portion of its proceeds from the grand opening will be used to support the Arbor Day Foundation. and proven tree care products for sale.

Going Green, Making the Philosophical Choice Work at Work

Green Living Ideas

And, while the resulting esprit de corps is a good thing in and of itself, the business also wins economically, by saving significant money and gaining ‘good guy’ status as a corporate entity that cares about the planet. The expected number for next month should also be clearly cited, as well as directives for meeting the number, and how much meeting the number can save the company. Opt for energy-saving LED lights , where possible. Going Green Means Saving Trees.

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How tree-planting startup Propagate Ventures monetizes land conservation


How tree-planting startup Propagate Ventures monetizes land conservation Heather Clancy Thu, 07/09/2020 – 01:30 Earlier this year, when I was chatting with venture capitalist Nancy Pfund of DBL Partners about which new areas of climate solutions were intriguing to her, she pointed to business models that had the potential to monetize land conservation. ” It’s a different model for saving trees that takes a cue from the end-of-life industry.

‘Say No To Phonebooks’ welcomes Yell’s concession as the Local Government Association joins the anti-phonebooks lobby

Green (Living) Review

If just this 41% were to no longer automatically receive phonebooks it would save 25,420 tonnes of annual waste that currently needs to be managed by local councils. This is almost four times the saving of Yell’s directory resize and therefore would be significantly more beneficial to the environment and the tax payer, without any impact to consumers.

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