Beyond COVID-19, human rights can help save the planet

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Council of Europe statement ahead of World Environment Day (June 5) Strasbourg, 04.06.2020 – The Secretary General of the 47-nation Council of Europe, Marija Pej?inovi? We are convinced that respecting human rights and protecting the environment go hand-in-hand.

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Save the planet: Pick Louisville

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The greenest path through the NCAA men’s basketball tournament may be one that’s painted red — as in University of Louisville Cardinal red. A Virginia-based consulting firm, Booz Allen Hamilton, has calculated energy use from all the different tournament bracket combinations. And the one that takes Louisville to the championship game in Atlanta on April 8 produces the lowest carbon dioxide emissions for March Madness. a job for the carbon tax

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Save The Planet

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Regenerative Agriculture is our only hope for saving the planet

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We need a solution now for earth and the answer is regenerative agriculture. Around the world, ocean dead zones are growing at alarming rates, making entire swaths of underwater habitats uninhabitable by marine life. The Downstream Effect of Chemical Fertilizer .

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Use wood mulch. save the planet?

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What if there was a way to reduce water consumption, boost soil health, deter pests and scare away weeds – and at the same time cut reduce greenhouse gas emissions? You know where I’m going with this, given the spoiler in the title.

Can Robots and Artificial Intelligence Save the Planet?

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Environmental projects are not taking the spotlight from other popular fields, such as financial technology, where new artificial intelligence-based projects are developing at a rapid pace, but they are starting to benefit more and more from the existence of such technology.

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The 5 Easiest Things You Can Do to Save the Planet.

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I woke up this morning and the day was so new that the light filtering in through my window was almost greenish. I pulled back the sheet that was covering my head and peered out at the tree tops.

New report: American consumers want ‘Save the Planet’ over growing economy

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American consumers are more concerned about the planet than steady economic growth, new report. ” The results come amid growing calls to action from movements such as Greta Thunberg’s climate change campaign , and the proposed Green New Deal.

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How we can Save the Planet with Loving-Kindness: an Earth Day Meditation.

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If you're hurting over the state of the planet and don't know where to begin, you can always begin with loving-kindness and this Earth Day-inspired meditation. All you need is a few minutes and perhaps a pen and paper, if you'd like to process the experience when you're done.

APPRENTICE FINAL THESIS: How Urban Naturalists can help Save the Planet.

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It is just a phrase I use to describe how I watch, observe, take notes about, and take photos of the nature around me—in the city. Academy Apprentice/Audit Blogs Editor's Picks Elephant Academy Enlightened Society Green green importance of nature naturalism nature save the environment save the planet urban naturalism urban naturalistUrban naturalism is not yet a movement.

Eat Less Meat and Save The Planet

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All over the US, Europe and even in the Tel Aviv University, people are adopting Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono’s Meat-Free Mondays. But one meatless day a week isn’t enough to undo the environmental damage that industrial farming methods cause.

James Cameron: Eating meat-free to save the planet

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President Barack Obama visited Beijing last November, he and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced a landmark joint agreement to fight the effects of climate change. The accord was widely hailed as a crucial first step toward prompting other nations to make their own greenhouse gas cuts.

Go Vegan for Earth Day and Save the Planet


Well, it’s a great thing Earth Day is on a Tuesday this year then Read More The post Go Vegan for Earth Day and Save the Planet appeared first on Ecorazzi. They say you should never start a new diet on a Monday because you’ll inevitably fail. Causes Eats Environment Featured News Science Vegan

The way to save the planet: shrink the economy

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The oil and gas industry claims that the 11 percent drop in reported U.S. carbon emissions between 2007 and 2013 was due primarily to the growth in fracking ( "When Human Consumption Slows, Planet Earth Can Heal" ). Earth economy Planet

Old-school farming methods could save the planet

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In her new book, The Soil Will Save Us , journalist and writer Kristin Ohlson says there is. The soil has been playing a mighty role in our climate ever since we''ve been a planet,” Ohlson says. Plants take carbon dioxide out of the air,” Ohlson explains.

Study: Eating Less Meat Is the Only Way to Save the Planet


Want to save the planet? According to a climate think tank, switching to a veggie-based diet will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent Read More The post Study: Eating Less Meat Is the Only Way to Save the Planet appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Save Water, Save The Planet

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By taking small steps to conserve water, you can help the planet in big ways. According to the April issue of National Geographic, Americans use about 100 gallons of water at home each day, compared to millions of the world's poorest who subsist on fewer than five gallons of water per day, per person; 46% of people on earth don't have water piped to their homes; women in developing countries walk an average of 3.7 The EPA declares that an estimated 4.8

When we Grow a Community, we Save the Planet.

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In a nutshell, growing a tribe will save the planet and participating in one will heal the heart and collective cultural wounding. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) community compassion engagement marketing vulnerability

How our Yogic Energies can Save the Planet.

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I genuinely felt like I was having a non-local experience and I could somehow tune into other places and scenes; other people’s lives. Meditation Non New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Yoga Z ADMIN Spirituality Featured Today Dali Lama energy meditation universe

Water Condensers: Technology to Save the Planet?

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Condensation is a natural occurrence of water forming due to temperature variations essentially pulling the water out of the atmosphere. The more humid an area is, the more water vapor that is available in the atmosphere to condense.

Barefoot Bloggers Help You Write to Save the Planet

Green Prophet

Four years ago when I started Green Prophet I wanted a space to share the good green news from the Middle East – news that usually gets lost in conflict or context.

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Giving $15 Million To Help Save the Planet


While at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the Oscar nominee pledged to give $15 million to sustainability and conservation projects around the world. The environmentalist made Read More The post Leonardo DiCaprio Is Giving $15 Million To Help Save the Planet appeared first on Ecorazzi. Leo strikes again!

Lily Cole Urges People to Go Veg to Save the Planet


In a recent interview the model, actress, activist and entrepreneur opened up about what drives her to promote change. Read More The post Lily Cole Urges People to Go Veg to Save the Planet appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment News Top News Vegan lily cole

5 Free and Cheap Apps to Save the Planet

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We’ve written a book on how to write to save the planet. Here are 5 Apps I personally tested that can help make your life and the world a greener one and make your handheld engagement one that is for a good cause. CFL Light Bulb Savings Calculator.

Save the Planet with One Cup, Once a Month. Period. {Partner}

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This is where self-care meets giving a care. Featured Events Health & Wellness divacup eco ecofriendly green ideas menstrual cup menstruation period your cycle

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How Living more in Alignment with Ourselves can help Save the Planet.

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The number one factor that we could change to help improve the environment worldwide is to stop animal agriculture. Animal Rights Enlightened Society Family Food Green Health & Wellness animal agriculture animals butchering an animal elephant magazine environment life of animals vegan vegetarian

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Holy Land Leaders: Muslims, Jews, Christians Link to Save the Planet

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Ahead of Rio +20 join the interfaith climate and energy conference in Jerusalem next week. Can mobilizing the world’s faithful save the planet where activists without faith have failed? A shout out from the Dalai Lama.

Saving the Planet through Awareness


I was in Melbourne Australia at the time travelling with one of Australia’s leading investment managers in 2007. We had just completed an investment presentation and took the opportunity to watch the movie, ‘ A

The Solution Is the Soil: How Organic Farming Can Feed the World and Save the Planet

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One man, backed by many, marches on Washington to tell lawmakers and the world that ''there is hope right beneath our feet.''

A car that could save the planet fast

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Silicon Valley’s big brains think they can beat Detroit and Tokyo and save the planet – all while doing 0 to 60 faster than almost anything on the road. The key difference? The Bugatti gets eight miles per gallon. In the Valley, not Detroit.”

New Cookbook Features Celeb Recipes to Help Save the Planet


They say you are what you eat and a new cookbook is saying the Earth is actually what you eat as well. Young environmentalist and high school student Emily Abrams Read More The post New Cookbook Features Celeb Recipes to Help Save the Planet appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Eats Environment Healthy Living News Recipes Top News alice waters emily abrams richard branson robert kennedy robert redford

For Earth Week: Three Transformative Ideas to Save the Planet

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This piece originally appeared in the Milken Institute’s “ The Power of Ideas 2015 : A Collection of Insights to Transform the Future.” Milken recently published the anthology — which contains remarks from 18 thought leaders — in advance of next week’s 18th annual Milken Institute Global Conference. Yet take a step back and it’s clear that we are at risk of winning many battles but losing the war. In the U.S.,

Top 5 Reasons Why Being Nice to Your Neighbors Can Save the Planet & Money

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Sometimes the neighborhood kids might drive you crazy, or the habits of the locals might make you cringe. Instead of dwelling on the downside to living on a busy street, you can take advantage of the good and offset the disadvantages.

WATCH: Don Cheadle and Other Celebs Fight to Save the Planet


That’s the question the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is asking people for World Read More The post WATCH: Don Cheadle and Other Celebs Fight to Save the Planet appeared first on Ecorazzi.


How Altruism Can Save the Planet: Q&A with Buddhist Monk Matthieu Ricard

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This can help us transform the environmental movement and society at large, ultimately making the world a better place. He has spent nearly half a century living in the Himalayas. To be altruistic is to be concerned about the fate of all those around us and to wish them well.

Where to start – with yoga, eating healthy, saving the planet, or anything else we desire.

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We know more than ever before, about everything from how the body and brain works, to how we create and operate complicated machinery, to what our planet needs for the future. In our age of information, with everything just a Google-search away, there is really no excuse for not knowing. Information from different cultures are […].

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Save The Planet – Win a Prize

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TogetherGreen Competition Rewards Volunteer Conservation Action Volunteering to benefit the environment delivers all kinds of rewards, from personal pride to the promise of a healthier future. Participants need to be over the age of 18 and log participation in a variety of conservation categories, called Pursuits. After that, it just comes down to who has the most volunteer hours logged! Only you, all of us, can make the change that we would like to see happening.

Why Bicycle Commuting Saves the Planet- An Inforgraphic!

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Change from four wheels to two! Green Lifestyle bicycling commuting bike

Would You Get Arrested to Save the Planet? Take the poll.

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Is that a safe thing for us in the Middle East? Take the poll. There are a number of camps of thought on how us humans should go about protecting Planet Earth. In some Middle East countries, like Iran, saving a natural resource can get you beaten and then arrested.

Can Cities Save the Planet?

The Green Changemakers

The Dutch are pragmatic. 17, 2008, at 6:58 AM ET According to Timothy Beatley, an urban-planning professor at the University of Virginia and the author of Green Urbanism , the per-capita carbon dioxide emissions of American cities are almost twice as high as those of their European counterparts. The problem is easily stated. In 1950, the global emission of carbon dioxide was 6 billion tons a year. The scientists were hard-nosed and slightly scary.

A car that could save the planet fast

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Silicon Valley’s big brains think they can beat Detroit and Tokyo and save the planet – all while doing 0 to 60 faster than almost anything on the road. The key difference? The Bugatti gets eight miles per gallon. In the Valley, not Detroit.”

Why Totally Sucking at my Mindful Sustainability Challenge is one of the Best Things I’ve done for the Planet in a While.

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I chose the sustainability challenge of not using plastic straws and disposable to-go cups for. This is why I joined Elephant Academy, and also why I decided to participate in their tradition of a mindfulness challenge.

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A few things that are not – necessarily - going to save the Planet

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A few things that, maybe, aren’t going to save the Planet but still will be beneficial for you and the Planet. It's hard to know where to start or what will really make a difference and there are many conflicting pieces of advice that are being banded about all over the place. Always buy organic – NO, not necessarily There is no question that farming without pesticides is good for the Planet, but you can make a bigger difference with other food choices.