Saving Energy, Cutting Pollution

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The University of Utah’s Intermountain Industrial Assessment Center (IIAC) is expanding its scope of helping local businesses save energy. . Saving Energy, Cutting Pollution

Tips for Saving Energy With Your Mobile Phone

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We spend hours a day texting, The post Tips for Saving Energy With Your Mobile Phone appeared first on Earth911. Earth Watch EcoTech energy efficiency phone-energy-savingMany of us are addicted to our mobile phones.

Saving energy when cooking

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Many appliances we use in cooking are real energy suckers. Pick up some tips on saving juice (electricity and gas that is) to help reduce environmental impact when cooking your food

Saving energy with blackout curtains

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Whether it's summer or winter, blackout curtains can help you save cash on cooling and heating bills - and every bit of energy you save is a little less strain on the environment

How Does Recycling Save Energy?


Everyone knows that by recycling, we are helping to save landfill space and conserve natural resources, but did you know that by recycling you are also saving a lot of energy? The more we recycle; the less energy is needed, costs are lower and we also alleviate the harmful impacts of the processing and extraction of virgin resources on the environment. Quick Navigation for How Does Recycling Save Energy. ENERGY RECYCLING SAVES.

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Italy's Exogram Houses save energy and reduce carbon emissions


These unique homes contain sustainable elements such as solar panels and low-impact materials

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Save the world by saving energy in your home

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Tagged: carbon , green energy , lighting , Save energy , solar. Energy Efficiency Green Energy REUSABLE SUSTAINABLY SOURCED WATER ENERGY EFFICIENT carbon green energy lighting Save energy solar


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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The average home can save £37 every year by turning off appliances rather than leaving them on standby. Electricity monitors enable people to understand the cost of electricity and B&Q is making it easier to see how small changes can make a big difference to a home’s energy consumption with the OWL energy monitor. The OWL shows the impact that can be made by the simple flick of a switch, which could lead to substantial savings each year.

Americans need new incentives to save energy at home as are Expiring

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A recent national poll was released, showing that incentives will be needed to persuade Americans to make energy-efficient improvements to their homes. Back in 2011, tax incentives that once rewarded Americans for energy-efficient improvements were slashed.

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Stay Cool, Save Energy, Cut Spending

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Stay Cool, Save Energy, Cut Spending. There are a number of ways to save energy and cut spending this coming summer, so I thought I would get a jump on them and give readers time to budget the more costly ones. Some of these energy-curbing methods are short-term. And don’t forget the new and highly energy-efficient programmable thermostats, which can keep your temperatures electronically controlled to the nth degree.

10 Easy things To Do To Save Energy In Y

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10 Easy things To Do To Save Energy In Your Veterinary Practice. link] Filed under: Blog and Green Library. Blog and Green Library

Tips for Saving Energy With Your Mobile Phone


We spend hours a day texting,… The post Tips for Saving Energy With Your Mobile Phone appeared first on Earth911. The rest is here: Tips for Saving Energy With Your Mobile Phone. Eco a-day-texting are-addicted day-texting earth watch earth911 energy efficiency mobile our-mobile savingMany of us are addicted to our mobile phones.

Save Energy: Home Energy Efficiency Checklist


The cost of electricity is forecast to rise in 2020, … The post Save Energy: Home Energy Efficiency Checklist appeared first on View original post here: Save Energy: Home Energy Efficiency Checklist. Eco appeared-first checklist diy earth911-com- energy energy efficiency first-on-earth911 home & garden save-energy-home

How to Save Energy When Living in an Apartment

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Whether you’re moving into a new apartment or you’re just inspired to go green, there are many ways to save energy and money. Small, practical steps can help you cut your bills down substantially while also saving the environment. You can save up to 70% on electric costs and save more money because you’ll replace the bulbs far less frequently. When you live in a dry climate, air-drying your clothes is a simple, logical, money-saving step. Energy

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Save Energy this Holiday Season

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The holiday season is upon us but so too is our struggle to save energy. Herewith, some super simple energy savings tips for the merriest of seasons. Making the switch will save you money on your holiday utility bills, and reduce your impact on the environment. Buy gifts that don’t waste energy. Pledge to buy energy-free gifts. Look for the Energy Star Label. Talk to energy savings experts. Dazzling and delightful lights.

Does a screen saver save energy?

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By Michael Smith (Veshengro) But you can turn the monitor off, that saves energy (if you use a desktop). Your computer has energy saving functions; use them. Screen savers, on the other hand, do not save energy at all, whatever you may think, or have been led to believe. In fact they use a great deal of energy as the computer, in fact, is processing buy running the screen savers. Use your computer's energy saving functions.

8 High Energy-Consuming Appliances: Learn How to Save Energy

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Usage of high energy rating appliances can save your bill, if it’s not possible to change the appliances then it’s time to find out which appliances are shooting your electricity bills. Seeing your electricity bills you may wonder why you are getting higher bills, although you would have taken a few steps in consuming less energy. Residential energy consumption is the third largest user of energy wherein nearly 65% of energy is used and 35% of energy is wasted.

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10 Ways to Save Energy in the Kitchen

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With these 10 little tips and tricks you will save heaps of energy in the kitchen AND you will save you lots of money on your electric bills throughout the year. Here are 10 easy tips to help you save energy in the kitchen: 1. Any more or any less and you could be wasting energy and wasting food. A thick layer of frost makes your freezer work super hard and is a huge energy suck! can actually waste energy.

Cooking with a crock pot saves energy

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By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Slow cooking in a crock pot saves energy (and time) and that all year round. The nice thing about using a crock pot, aside from the fact that you can put your dinner on the night before and when you come hone the next day from work you can sit down to dinner without having to do any further work bar laying the table and dishing up the food, is that it takes so little energy. slow cooker energy saving crock pot

Saving energy is not an option but a duty

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Saving energy is not simply an option, it is a duty. The global mega-trend of “energy use and climate change” has meanwhile also arrived in the daily routine of business. On top of that comes the price development of primary energy driven by increasing scarcity of fossil raw materials such as oil and gas and the increase in global demand. This means that saving energy is high on the agenda for businesses everywhere, as it should be.

Saving Energy by Saving Ink

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These small holes reduce the amount of ink needed to make the lettering, thereby saving energy from the printer and saving you money because you won’t have to buy any more ink. There are literally thousands of ways that we can help the environment by using various cost and energy saving techniques. When you save energy with your printing, you are also saving ink and that saves you money.

Italy’s Exogram Houses save energy and reduce carbon emissions


Designed both for low environmental impact and energy savings, this home uses eco-friendly materials to increase the lifecycle assessment of the entire structure. Renewable energy — in the form of a strip of solar panels integrated into the roof — further boosts the sustainability credentials of the project. Italy’s Exogram Houses save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

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FilterWatch: Save Energy for Heating and Cooling

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FilterWatch is a revolutionary way to ensure that your heating and cooling systems are running their best, keeping your air clean and being the most energy efficient. As founder Pollack says, “an HVAC system is the primary method for filtering the air that we breathe AND it is the #1 source of energy usage in our homes. Eco Home Living energy-efficiency filters HVAC

Tricks to Save Energy (and Water) in the Bathroom


Did you know you can cut your environmental impact with … The post Tricks to Save Energy (and Water) in the Bathroom appeared first on Earth 911. See the rest here: Tricks to Save Energy (and Water) in the Bathroom. Eco appeared-first bathroom earth energy environmental first-on-earth home & garden impact-with

8 Ways Your Family Can Be More Eco-Friendly

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As headlines about extreme weather and climate change continue to dominate the news, many of us are taking a closer look at our family’s daily habits.

Save energy, stress and greenhouse gas by backing up

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Save yourself heartache and back-up your files now. Time is money, money is energy, energy is greenhouse gases that could be better saved relaxing on a beach somewhere. Save the planet: back up your files! You know you should have done it. The DropBox folder is there, the extra hard drive is on the shelf. Hey, your partner even set up a wifi link to help you back up your files from any room in the house, without cords.

6 ways to save energy while sheltering in place


Now that millions of Americans are isolated in their homes, everyone is using more energy during off-peak hours. Inhabitat has rounded up some tips and tricks to help readers save energy (and money) at home during this time. 6 ways to save energy while sheltering in place.

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle: 7 Modern Solutions for Home Improvement

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Sustainable living and eco-friendly solutions have become buzzwords in the modern world. More and more people are starting to care about our planet and its future. Everybody does what they can — whether that means switching to reusable coffee cups, waste sorting, or driving green cars.

Comparing Solar Panels with Solar Shingles

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Homeowners are decreasing their reliance on conventional power sources and reducing their utility costs with clean energy systems. An increase in residential eco-consciousness significantly enhanced solar sales last year.

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How Home Automation Saves Energy and Money

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Automation of one’s property involves multiple levels of safety and energy conservation, from security to green power, monitors and detectors, solar panels, even small appliance control and remote accessibility. The idea behind home automation is meant to save your family, as well as possessions, trusting your belongings and financial stability to equipment anyone can install. The world of Home Automation doesn’t just include items like security systems.

7 Ways To Finance Your Home’s Solar Panel Installation

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Solar energy is drawing the attention of homeowners these days because of its numerous benefits. If you’re one of the many interested, mere reading won’t do. The quotes on your study table are proof of your homework and your desire for them.

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5 Ways to Go Greener at Home

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Conservation Eco Friendly Products energy efficiency Environment going green green home green living LED Lighting pollution recycling sustainability drive less eco-friendly LED light bulbs save energyWe need to be eco-wise and be mindful of our environment.

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Green Hannukah and Save Energy on Lights

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Wouldn’t a similar, energy-saving miracle be amazing? Assuming that goes against your instinct to switch lights off when leaving a room, consider some other ways to save on energy, suggested in our slideshow. Energy Religion alternative energy Hannukah JudaismThe Festival of Lights gives spiritual and historical messages. This year, add a green message to the lights. Hannukah falls on December 20th this year.

5 Eco-Friendly Ideas For Your Home

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There is an increasing trend for you to be more conscious of your carbon footprint on the world in recent years as we see an increase in habitat destruction and global warming. Due to this, many people are wanting to… Read More 5 Eco-Friendly Ideas For Your Home.

3 Top Benefits of Solar Power

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Green Energy green guru guides green home green living Green Roofs renewable energies renewable energies for your home save energy costs solar power Solar Power For Your Home sustainability solar

When Should You Replace Your Kitchen Faucet?

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green living Eco Friendly Products energy efficiency green home Green Jobs green living news green products save energy costsFrom washing dishes to cleaning veggies & fruits, kitchen faucets wear out like all other fixtures in your home.

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Save Energy: Let Nature Dry Your Clothes

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Electric dryers are one of the top energy consumers in your home, using them less often decreases [.] Save Energy: Let Nature Dry Your Clothes. Tags: Home Energy Usage clothes clothesline green home home energy use It’s even easier than it sounds and its the way cultures all over the world have dried clothes for centuries. Air drying your clothes is also a a great way to lower you carbon footprint.

DOE Shows The South How To Save Energy

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Tennessee has the second highest energy consumption in the nation due to its lack of energy efficiency in state building codes. The DOE and Oak Ridge National Laboratory are building a demonstration with the TVA at the Campbell Creek subdivision near Knoxville, Tennessee to show the cost advantages of [.] [ DOE Shows The South How To Save Energy from Green Living Ideas ].

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Green-roofed Casa 23s porous facade opens and closes to save energy


On the outskirts of the town Villeta in Colombia, Bogotá-based architecture firm Arquitectura en Estudio (aRE) has completed Casa 23, a holiday home that relies on passive strategies to save energy and stay naturally cool without air conditioning. Here is the original post: Green-roofed Casa 23s porous facade opens and closes to save energy.

Do Solar Panels Extend the Life of Your Roof?

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clean energy Eco Friendly Products Environment going green green home green living save energy costs solar power sustainability eco-friendly roof solar installation solar panels sustainable living zero emissions

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Infographic: How a Passive House Saves Energy


An energy efficiency building standard, Passive House design reduces a … The post Infographic: How a Passive House Saves Energy appeared first on More here: Infographic: How a Passive House Saves Energy.

InnoSave Greens Big Electric Motors to Save Energy Costs

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Large public escalator systems, like this one, can operate “greener&# by using InnoSave’s energy saving systems. Also saving electric current? The technology uses two systems known as InnoSafe Motor Drive (ISD) and Energy Saving Motor Drive (ESMD). Both systems are intended to enable the motors to run on less speeds and with less engine torques, thereby using less energy.

Save energy and money with these eco-friendly tips for winter


Here are some tips to saving energy, water and money while staying toasty and warm all winter long. Heat and electricity bills Not only will the bills add up as you bump up the heat, but so does energy consumption. Bundling up can save you a bundle in heating costs. Water Many people focus on water savings during the summer, but few emphasize it during the winter when we’re not watering lawns. Save energy and money with these eco-friendly tips for winter.

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