UC San Diego Study: E-cigarettes Don’t Help Smokers Stay Off Cigarettes

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UC San Diego Study: E-cigarettes Don’t Help Smokers Stay Off Cigarettes

Most of UC San Diego’s COVID-19 Cases Detected Early by Wastewater Screening

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Most of UC San Diego’s COVID-19 Cases Detected Early by Wastewater ScreeningPart of the university’s Return to Learn program, wastewater screening helped prevent outbreaks by detecting 85 percent of cases early, allowing for timely testing, contact tracing and isolation.


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Designing sustainable habitats at the San Diego Zoo


They’re both impressive, and now visitors to the San Diego Zoo can experience both hummingbirds and Komodo dragons in brand new habitats just steps away from each other What’s more amazing, a tiny nectar-drinking bird that weighs less than a nickel and can fly backward, or a giant carnivorous lizard that can smell a dying animal up to six miles away?

Designing sustainable habitats at the San Diego Zoo


They’re both impressive, and now visitors to the San Diego Zoo can experience both hummingbirds and Komodo dragons in brand new habitats just steps away from each other. Inhabitat talked to San Diego Zoo architect Vanessa Nevers to find out.

San Diego Zoo successfully clones an endangered Przewalskis horse


The endangered Przewalski’s horse colt was created from stallion cells that had been frozen at the San Diego Zoo in 1980. In 1980, cells from a 5-year-old stallion were collected and stored at the San Diego Frozen Zoo facility.

NEA Expo in the San Diego Convention Centre

The Alien Next Door

The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Tuesday, July 7, 2009 NEA Expo in the San Diego Convention Centre Toulouse and I recently attended the NEA Expo in San Diego, California, where my book, The Fiction Writer , was being showcased. Rings of curving barrel-vaulted glass and Teflon-coated fiberglass “sails” reflect San Diego’s maritime history. San Diego is home to a diversity of engaging attractions for the sightseer.

Finding friendly and clean self-storage solutions in San Diego, CA

Eco Chic

Are you considering a move to sunny San Diego, CA? Finding quality storage units in San Diego is a good step for saving you time, energy and money. A service like Self Storage Finders is perfect for finding clean and efficient storage units in San Diego with a large database of options. With proper research and a bit of planning, your search for storage units in San Diego will transform a difficult move into the next great chapter of your life.

Veg Options in San Diego For Comic Con

Eco-Vegan Girl

This post was inspired by a tweet from Wilfred star Fiona Gubelmann , who was looking for vegetarian options around the Gas Lamp area of San Diego while there for Comic Con. I've only been to San Diego once years ago so I reached out to the EvG social media community and they had these great suggestions: 1. View Veg Options Near Comic Con (Gas Lamp area of San Diego) in a larger map.

The best eco tourism spots in San Diego


With 70 miles of coastline and average high temperatures ranging from 66 degrees in January to 77 in August, San Diego is a city where people like to spend time outside. Its history combines native Kumeyaay people, Mexicans and European explorers, who first landed in San Diego Bay in 1542. San Diego outdoors San Diego’s mild temperatures and beautiful topography make it ideal for biking, hiking and, of course, water sports.

2 gorillas at the San Diego Zoo test positive for COVID-19


The gorillas showed symptoms, including coughing, at the San Diego Zoo last week. The news of the San Diego Zoo gorillas contracting the virus is already causing concerns among conservationists. More: 2 gorillas at the San Diego Zoo test positive for COVID-19. Two gorillas have tested positive for COVID-19 for the first time since the pandemic started. The staff took tests, which came back positive early this week.

San Diego Tropical Fish Societys Annual Show celebrates natural, eco-minded aquascaping


Founded in 1948, the San Diego Tropical Fish Society (SDTFS) is one of the oldest continuously running fish clubs in the United States. To this day, the San Diego Tropical Fish Society opens its membership to individuals as well as families.

San Diego Marine Corp Base Installs Solar Power On Major Facilities

Green (Living) Review

Camp Pendleton enhances the Military’s efforts to produce clean energy San Diego, CA, April 2012 : San Diego’s largest military training facility has enlisted one of the county’s fastest growing privately-held solar energy companies, Sullivan Solar Power, to install a 345,9000kW solar power system on two of the base’s shared dining facilities. Sullivan Solar Power is headquartered in San Diego, CA and owned and operated by Daniel Sullivan.

San Diego: Star of India Restaurant

Eco-Vegan Girl

On a business trip to San Diego the documentary crew and I were looking for some good food nearby the hotel. 3860 Valley Centre Dr. San Diego, CA 92130 (858) 792-1111. A quick search on my iPhone lead us to Star of India - knowing everyone with their own eating preferences could eat there. I checked their menu and they had a great vegetarian section. Everyone agreed that the food was delicious (although I'm still partial of Basu's of course).

Health-conscious travelers near half of U.S. market

Green Traveler Guides

Big Island of Hawaii Coeur d''Alene Colorado Colorado Springs Florida Green Travel News Idaho North America Palm Beach San Diego The Americas United States Virginia Warrenton Airlie Breakers Palm Beach Broadmoor Coeur d''Alene Resort Global Wellness Tourism Congress Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel del Coronado Institute for Healthy Destination Accreditation Mauna Kea Resort wellness travel

Top 10 Wellness Travel Trends for 2013

Green Traveler Guides

Airlines Big Sur California Europe Germany Hotels Las Vegas Monterey Munich Nevada New York New York City News North America Philadelphia San Diego Spas/Healing Arts United States Yoga Yucatan Green Travel News green travel trends Reuters wellness tourismHealthier air travel and hotels lead the year's travel trends spotted by Wellness Tourism Worldwise, an international organization focused on well-being and travel.

2013 185

America’s top 10 sweatiest cities

Green Traveler Guides

California Charlotte Dallas District of Columbia Florida Houston Los Angeles Miami North America North Carolina Orlando Raleigh San Diego Tampa Texas The Americas United States 10 sweatiest cities in U.S. | Green Travel News | Making summer travel plans? No sweat, or should we say lots of it. A team of environmental scientists has ranked major American metropolitan areas on their “sweatiness.”

New Study: How Cities Can Finally Get Smart About Water

Nature Conservancy - Science

That’s the conclusion from a new study in the journal W ater Policy , whose authors compared the water supply histories of 4 cities — San Diego, Phoenix, San Antonio and Adelaide, Australia. Q: You cite San Antonio as a leader in integrating water conservation into its planning. What’s San Antonio getting right that other cities aren’t? . Richter: Few cities in the world have pushed urban water conservation as far as San Antonio.

How hobbyists are saving endangered killifish from extinction


Related: San Diego Tropical Fish Society’s Annual Show celebrates natural, eco-minded aquascaping The BBC and Smithsonian Magazine rank killifish among Earth’s “most extreme” fish. So in the late ‘70s, I made Monty’s acquaintance, and he tried to get our group going in San Diego.

Fighting Fire with Data Science

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The University of California San Diego has announced a joint appointment with Los Alamos National Laboratory with the appointment of Senior Scientist Rodman Linn to a three-year position with the Hal?c?o?lu

The Power of the Mind and the Phantom Hand

The Alien Next Door

Ramachandran and Diane Rogers-Ramachandran at the Center for Brain and Cognition at the University of California in San Diego conducted an incredibly illuminating experiment on mind and perception (reported in the Premiere issue of Scientific American Mind, Feb 2005). The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Friday, September 10, 2010 The Power of the Mind and the Phantom Hand Such stuff as dreams are made on —William Shakespeare Vilayanur S.

2010 124

Artificial Intelligence Could Be New Blueprint for Precision Drug Discovery

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Writing in the July 12, 2021 online issue of Nature Communications, researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine describe a new approach that uses machine learning to hunt for disease targets and then predicts whether a drug is likely to receive FDA approval.

Grab your bag of Cheetos and enjoy the irony

Environmental Economics

Medical marijuana smokers in San Diego say the city has forced their pot shops to locate in remote areas and that means the drives to and from will increase air pollution  and ultimately, harm their lungs. The Union of Medical Marijuana Patients has filed a lawsuit, saying the city is violating the California Environmental Quality Act, United Press International reported. via www.washingtontimes.com.

2014 143

Envision goes Patent Pending for Floods with Solar EV Charging Station

Green Living Guy

EV Charging and Emergency Power That Can Survive Flooding to Over Nine Feet SAN DIEGO – June 16th, 2020 – Envision Solar International, Inc., Nasdaq: EVSI, EVSIW) (“Envision Solar,” or the “Company”), the leading producer of unique and sustainable infrastructure products.

2020 83

Yucks and grins

Environmental Economics

From the Stand-up Economist email :  Details on upcoming shows:  See my  web calendar  for all the details, but FYI the  San Diego  show in January is the 12th Annual American Economic Association Humor Session at the  ASSA conference , where I'll also be a discussant on a (serious) paper at an  environmental economics session  on Friday afternoon.

2019 100

PhD programs in US economics departments with fields in environmental economics

Environmental Economics

University of California San Diego. I was recently advising an economics student about PhD programs in US economics departments (straight econ, not agricultural or other departments) with fields in environmental economics. I excluded ag econ because of the more limited teaching opportunities at the non-RI university (other than East Carolina University and Appalachian State University, who would hire an aggie in an economics department?):

2015 173

I think this significantly enhances our bid for the Olympics*

Environmental Economics

The top four locations were San Antonio, Las Vegas, San Diego and Tucson. SmartAsset, a personal-finance technology company, has named Columbus the fifth best city in the country for conferences. The group’s report looked at nine metrics, including hotels and their cost, the violent-crime rate and the distance from the airport to the city’s center. It noted that Columbus has an average hotel room rate of $123, and that the average cost of a restaurant meal is low, at $22.

2015 158

While Appstate is in the mountainous western part of the state of NC.

Environmental Economics

I don't think this is what we are looking for: With this merger looking like it won't happen, there are immediate consequences for the Mountain West, which needs to add schools with the impending departure of TCU, Boise State and San Diego State in 2013.

2012 126

School District Solar Panel Agreement A Model For Others

Eco Friendly Daily

They recently came to an agreement with the San Diego Unified School District Board of Education to install solar panels throughout the district. The agreement between Amsolar and the San Diego school district involves Amsolar being able to use the roofs of the school buildings in exchange for selling the school district low-cost solar-generated electricity. School districts in the United States are one sector that has consistently struggled with monetary issues.

A water conservation article with no mention of price or pricing

Environmental Economics

Finding more water is possible — San Diego is already building a desalination plant on the Pacific shore — but there are too few sources to make a serious dent in a shortage. Apparently, the Colorado River is drying up: There may be ways to live with a permanently drier Colorado, but none of them are easy. That leaves conservation, a tack the lower-basin states already are pursuing.

The AERE Summer Conference begins today!

Environmental Economics

Grant Hotel located in the lively and historic Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego, California. And I'm not there (sigh): The fourth annual AERE Summer Conference will be held Wednesday, June 3, to Friday, June 5, at the U.S. An all-day pre-conference workshop, led by Meredith Fowlie (University of California, Berkeley) and Mushfiq Mobarak (Yale University), will be held on Wednesday, June 3. 

2015 164

Sip and sleep green at Temecula’s Ponte Family Estate and Ponte Vineyard Inn

Green Traveler Guides

| Green Wine Country in SoCal | Take a lazy drive along Rancho California Road, lined with vineyards, olive trees, and cypress, and you might, for a moment, imagine yourself in Tuscany rather than SoCal’s Temecula, an easy hour-or-so trip from San Diego, Orange County and Palm Springs.

BMW Electric ActiveE Available in Fall 2011

Eco Auto Ninja

San Diego, Sacramento and select areas in Connecticut. The BMW ActiveE rolled onto the show floor at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. This member of the BMW electrified 1-Series will make its first North American appearance at New York Auto Show this spring. One thousand ActiveEs will be built for field testing in New York, Boston, L.A.,

2011 116

Endangered black-footed ferret is successfully cloned


Samples of the wild ferret were preserved at the San Diego Zoo Global’s Frozen Zoo from 1988. Related: San Diego Zoo successfully clones an endangered Przewalski’s horse To improve the species’ resilience to diseases, several organizations have come together.

Saturday sports post

Environmental Economics

This is especially true for cities like San Diego, which live in the shadows of bigger cities like Los Angeles. Joe Nocera in the NY Times : “The basic story is that all professional leagues try to have fewer teams than the number of locations that would like to have them,” says Roger Noll, a sports economist at Stanford University. That is what monopolists do — contrive scarcity to drive up the price.”

2015 157

Don't skimp on your reference list

Environmental Economics

The paper , “Incentives for creativity,” was published by Experimental Economics  only a few months ago — in May — by two researchers from the University of California San Diego and the University of Amsterdam. Retraction Watch : The authors of a paper that examined the best way to inspire creativity in the workplace have issued an erratum after they “failed to cite some very relevant recent papers in experimental economics.”.

2015 138

Viejas Outlets and Computers 2 SD Kids Host eWaste Drop Off Event

Green (Living) Review

Help East County Families in Need and Receive a Free Voucher to Harvest Buffet at Viejas Casino SAN DIEGO, CA, August 2011: Viejas Outlets and Computers 2 SD Kids are hosting an eWaste recycling drop off event today, Saturday, August 27. Computers 2 SD Kids is a growing local not-for-profit that has refurbished more than 12,000 computers and provided them to needy families all across San Diego County.

Sip and sleep green at Temecula’s Ponte Family Estate and Ponte Vineyard Inn

Green Traveler Guides

| Green Wine Country in SoCal | Take a lazy drive along Rancho California Road, lined with vineyards, olive trees, and cypress, and you might, for a moment, imagine yourself in Tuscany rather than SoCal’s Temecula, an easy hour-or-so trip from San Diego, Orange County and Palm Springs.

How the UAE can push eco-friendly energy solutions forward

Green Prophet

The industry needs only to look at the work that Aggreko have done in San Diego. The Gaslamp Quarter Association requested for the energy suppliers to use alternative fuel for this year’s Mardi Gras celebrations in San Diego as part of their mission to make the event green. The pressure for environmentally friendly energy solutions on the globe is now more than ever.

2015 83

After we won, I announced my decision to go pro

Environmental Economics

Its director will also get an all-expense paid trip to San Diego to attend the 2013 Enviance User Conference and be a part of a discussion panel in April. While the Ohio State men’s basketball team was competing in the NCAA Tournament, other members of the university community were working toward a different championship title.

2013 122

Affordable solar power is coming to low-income minority neighborhoods

Green (Living) Review

Lower electric bills are the big attraction for financially stressed families In the predominantly African-American neighborhood of Broadway Heights in San Diego, nearly half of the 192 homes have rooftop solar panels. Neighbor after neighbor talks about what they could now afford. They were paying $200 and $300 a month in electric bills. Now they’re paying zero to $50. Now I can get my air conditioner!” said Thresia Route, 62, an information technology administrator.

2017 101

Why the California Water Crisis is a Foretaste of Water Crises to Come

Nature Conservancy - Science

Water for the agricultural sector is even cheaper: farmers in the Imperial Valley pay $20 per acre-foot of water to grow alfalfa, while nearby in San Diego the cost of a desalination plant to supply water to residents is almost a hundred times greater. My favorite example: More than a decade ago, San Diego expanded its water rights. San Diego, rapidly expanding, needed more water. The farmers got more money, and San Diego got more water.

2015 66

Crowley to build the US’s first fully-electric tugboat


eWolf’s home base will be at the Port of San Diego’s Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal. In fact, in addition to Crowley, the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District, the California Air Resources Board, the Port of San Diego, the U.S. After more than a century in business, tugboat pioneers at Crowley Maritime Corporation have revealed their design for the world’s first all-electric harbor tugboat, due to hit the water in 2023.

AERE Workshops: 1985-2009

Environmental Economics

2000, Effectiveness of Resource and Environmental Regulation -- San Diego, California. Before this list vanishes from the internets due to link rot, here is the full list of workshops compiled from the old  and new websites :  1985, Recreation Demand Modeling -- Boulder, Colorado. 1986, Marine Pollution and Environmental Damage Assessment -- Narragansett, Rhode Island. 1987, Environmental Monitoring and Enforcement: Theory and Practice -- Newark, Delaware.

2013 135