Himalayan salt lamps

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Himalayan salt lamps are not made with salt from the Himalayas for starters. Claims that salt lamps release any appreciable amount of negative ions have been shown to be untrue, and from a scientific point of view, not possible. You simply cannot alter the chemistry of salt using a light bulb or candle flame. What goes for the lamps also goes for the so-called Himalayan salt that is claimed to have such great health benefits.

Salt Lamps

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My friend was telling us how she just purchased these salt lamps for her family. After having the lamps in her house for a week she is feeling a tiny bit better in some ways. By golly a salt lamp, salt is natural and so are the negative ions it produces. That sounds very green so let’s research this lamp thing and blog about it. First to understand these lamps we need to understand ions. In this case I better order a case of these lamps.


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4 Unique Ways to Light Up Your Home

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When it comes to lighting, there are typical choices like traditional table lamps, recessed lighting, pendant lighting and lights that are part of ceiling fans. There are a number of unique and attractive ways to help light up your house — check out the following four ideas: Himalayan salt lamp. A Himalayan salt lamp is a great way to help purify the air and your home while providing a soft, gentle source of light.

Increase Indoor Air Quality and Eliminate Odors

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When warmed, the negative ions in salt lamps are charged which inspires the purification of the air Activated Charcoal: First used in wars long gone, due to its ability to remove heavy metals and toxins in the body, activated charcoal was taken internally by soldiers who were exposed to poisonous gases.

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Naturally Increase Indoor Air Quality and Eliminate Odors

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Natural Salt Lamps: The many positive effects of natural Salt Lamps have been harvested for hundreds of years. When warmed, the negative ions in salt lamps are charged which inspires the purification of the air. The rapidly growing air freshener industry is constantly offering us some fancy new odor eliminator with advanced technology that is supposed rid our indoor air of foul smelling odors.

10 Natural Ways to Support your Thyroid Gland

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Quit smoking if you do, and clean your indoor air with houseplants and salt lamps. The thyroid is the body’s greatest prove that big things comes in small packages. It is the job of this butterfly shaped gland to continually produce the hormones responsible for regulating the metabolism and aiding the cells and organs throughout the body. Without the assistance of a healthy thyroid, internal- hysteria is bound to ensue.

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Antioxidants Versus Free Radicals

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Ditch the chemical cleaners, quite smoking if you do and improve the quality of your air with house plants and salt lamps. Hell-bent on causing internal disorder, free radicals stalk the internals in search of healthy cell to mutate. They ambush these unsuspecting cells and turn them into radicals themselves. With their army plentiful, the radicals vandalize the body by damaging the tissues and inviting disease and premature aging to grow.

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Medicinal Scams

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Himalayan Salt we know has health benefits, if you have not read this post by my guest blogger Lucy , you should. Here are the facts though, salt lamps are expensive at shops and even more if you buy them online, because of the cost of shipping. Salt lamps are quite heavy and you will pay almost the same price to ship it to your house as the cost of the actual lamp. I anxiously waited for my lamp to arrive and when it did I plugged it right in!

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