Saint Lucia’s Day Blessed Me with Light

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Faith gives you sight —Amos Ferguson Saint Lucia Do you believe in miracles? My son was born on Saint Lucia’s Day, named after St. Lucy of Syracuse—the saint of light. A day celebrated as a National Day on the tiny island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean, named after its patron saint, St. While I was laboring all night in a Vancouver hospital, the island of Saint Lucia gleamed in the brilliance of the National Festival of Lights and Renewal.

Arab loan offers $105 million USD to fund renewables globally

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In Saint Lucia , the 10 MW Troumassee solar power station, battery storage and setting up solar energy systems in the country, will receive an ADFD loan of US$15 million. Cuba will receive an Arab fund loan to develop solar power.

2020 83

Education for Rural People

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[link] This ERP Tool kit provides education and training materials for rural teachers, technicians, instructors, trainers, parents, researchers, extensionists and others involved in formal and non formal education for rural people. It could also provide tools for self studies. The Tool Kit draws on the experience, knowledge and skills of a wide range of experts involved in fields relevant to Education for Rural People and these technical inputs have been acknowledged.

Analysis by country of fossil fuel burning-based Carbon Debt and Carbon Credit

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Monaco (2.1), San Marino (1.9), Gibraltar (1.7), Saint Barthélemy (0.5), Saint Pierre et Miquelon (0.4), Falklands Islands (0.2), Vatican City (0.05). Fossil fuel burning yielding the greenhouse gas (GHG) carbon dioxide (CO2) is a major component of man-made global warming.