The EU Wants to Block Romania's 51% Local Food Shift. Who Cares?

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Just within Romania? And what about products made in Romania but with ingredients sourced from elsewhere? Amid all the mayhem and turmoil of recent weeks, here's a news story you may have missed.

Hilary Swank Fights for Stray Dogs in Romania


Hilary Swank encourages Romania to neuter stray dogs and promotes interaction between the stray animals and disadvantaged people. Read More. Animals Causes News Top News hilary swank

Mickey Rourke Working to Build Animal Shelter in Romania


After learning about the large stray dog population in the country, Rourke decided to help raise funds to build a much needed shelter. Read More. Animals Causes News Top News mickey rourke

An Interview with Lucia Gorea Author of “The Impaler”

The Alien Next Door

Originally from Transylvania, Romania, Gorea graduated from the University of Bucharest with degrees in English, French and Linguistics then earned her PhD in English and Education from Atlantic International University. Who was the real Count Dracula? A bloodthirsty vampire?

No Witch Tax


But even California’s Shakespearean machinations for gleaning shekels from the pockets of the people can’t compare to what just happened in Romania. Cranky Rants Shamanic Arts consciousness curse fortune-tellers humor news Pagan politics Romania spells taxes witchesElections having just ended here, the outcomes that both please and distress us are naturally on our minds.

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The Journal Writer by Nina Munteanu Now Out

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I attended the launch of The Fiction Writer in Bucharest in November 2011 and drank copious amounts of Romania’s national drink Tuica (plum liquor that packs a punch!) Their main branch offices in Romania include Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca. Normal. false. false. false. EN-US. X-NONE.

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The Great Bustard Search is On (1)

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The Pastures of Great Bustard occupy 6770 ha of extensive steppe, bordered by meadows, pasture, arable fields and seasonally inundated depressions in the north of the country, towards the triple border with Romania and Hungary.

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Costi Gurgu Interview and the Auroras

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Can you tell me a little about your journey from Romania to England and finally to Toronto, Canada. Costi: Well, three years later saw us going back to Romania; our families expected us to go back to the Bar Association and behave responsibly. ??. full cover art for Outer Diverse. ??

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The Enemy

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Workers, your enemy is not the worker from Poland, from Lithuania or Romania; your enemy is global and national capitalism.

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Founders of Israel’s Arava to Solarize Developing Countries

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With President and co-founder Yosef Abramowitz at the helm, Energiya plans to spend $20 billion by 2020 on building 10,000MW of solar capacity in countries as far afield as Rwanda and Romania. “We

Those magnificent places down the Danube

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Once upon a time, this narrow forest track was the main international road to Romania, but, back then, Romania was a country behind the curtain and perhaps there wasn’t that much traffic? Cover photo: Black-headed Bunting by Mark S. Jobling / Wikimedia Commons.

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Repairing Damaged Soil for Sustainable Farming


And this is not an isolated pattern: Nicaragua, Bolivia and Romania all saw rainfall and flooding reach levels of severity the likes of which had not been known for almost 100 years. It’s undeniable that there’s a worrying trend of more.

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Green Future for Polluted Town?


escu, in 1989, opened Romania''s borders to international media. a Mic? was virtually unheard of in its own country until the fall of communist dictator, Nicolae Ceau?escu,

Sp?n by Barn the Spoon – Book Review

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As a Romani-Gypsy by birth I very much enjoyed and appreciated the fact that the “Roma Spoon”, as Barn calls it, the traditional one of the Roma of Romania, in included.

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Three Impressions

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Cover photo: Ortolan Bunting in the Danube Delta, Romania, by Andrej Chudy – Wikimedia Commons. Two more sparrows on the macadam ahead of me… In my early birding days, I would simply assume that they are sparrows, possibly not even taking another look at them, but now I am too old to be so naive.

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We are Just Money Grubbers

10,000 Birds

They do breed in the Balkans, in Montenegro and Greece where I observed them, as well as in Bulgaria and Romania. Out of just under 200 bird species I observed this year in SE Europe, there are 6 threatened species.

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The Way of Water (La natura dell’acqua)

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Virtually Yours” was first published in Issue #4 of Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine (Canada); it was reprinted in several languages in other countries including USA, Poland, Romania, Greece, and now Italy. She imagines its coolness gliding down her throat.

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The Way of Water (La natura dell’acqua)

The Alien Next Door

Virtually Yours” was first published in Issue #4 of Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine (Canada); it was reprinted in several languages in other countries including USA, Poland, Romania, Greece, and now Italy. She imagines its coolness gliding down her throat.

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Influenza is slowly progressing in Europe

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Two countries reported regional spread (Italy and Sweden), three countries (Netherlands, Norway and Spain) reported local spread, while sporadic activity was reported by thirteen countries (Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania and Slovenia) and the UK (England and Northern Ireland).

Is the EU about to ship all Gypsies in member states to Russia?

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It is an enormous land” Apparently European governments have concluded that is “neither technically nor economically” feasible “to deport all the Roma to Romania or Bulgaria as was done in the past: the sizes of these countries do not allow that and local nationalists are protesting ever more loudly against” that idea.

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The slaughter tourism trade in Serbia

10,000 Birds

In all European Union countries to the north and east of Serbia (except Romania), Turtle Doves are strictly protected. Twenty years ago, flocks consisting of a thousand European Turtle Doves were a common sight in Serbia in spring. Ten years ago, those flocks were reduced to a few hundred birds. Nowadays, the flocks are even smaller, merely a few dozen birds. As we speak, in Serbia these birds are still hunted in August and September.

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15 Strategies to Reduce Deforestation


For example, Romania has launched an app called “Inspectorul Padurii.” Forests are one of the most important. ecosystems on Earth. 80 percent of all terrestrial plants, insects, and animals call forests home.

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Nicolas Sarkozy to target Muslim prayers

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Is the man actually still sane? Don't answer that; it was a rhetorical question.

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Author’s Night: Three Authors…Three Stories…

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Costi is himself a celebrated award-winning author from Romania. Nina beams beside Vali Gurgu and Costi Gurgu with Trilogy It was a dark and stormy night… and no one cared because inside we were having a marvellous time, drinking, eating, and discussing matters literary and epic.

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UKIP's right wing tendency

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A political party that openly has members with right-wing links and whose candidates make statements where they claim that the Jews brought the Holocaust onto themselves deserves to be banned, in the same way as the BNP and others of its ilk do.

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Confronting the fascist threat in Europe and abroad

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All over the European Union the Romani People are being,, basically, ethnically cleansed from many areas by proxy, whether in Romania or Bulgaria or in Italy and France, with the European Commission and the European Parliament paying but lip-service to inclusion and protection of ethnic minorities.

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Why coppice?

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In some parts of Europe the use of wood for everyday objects continued much longer and in some cases continues to this day and the coppice worker''s products are still in demand, such as in some areas of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria. By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Were it not for the question mark this could be mistaken for the name of a woodland but while it is not about woodlands and their management it is.

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Lightning 'Round the World | Wend Blog

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Get the FREE Wend Digital Edition! Magazine Blog iWend Greenery Digital Edition Wend Your Way Subscribe Wend Blog Share this: Tweet Share Lightning ‘Round the World Sarah Esterman February 26th, 2011 Follow me on Twitter @sarahesterman There are few things in nature more sublime than lightning.

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Growing & Greening the Economy

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The fact is that once “cheap” oil is beginning to go and going then the developed countries will be reverting very much to the same way of doing things that are currently in use in other, not so developed countries, from Poland and Romania all the way to the poorer regions of South America and elsewhere.

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Lasers Have Potential To Increase Efficiency Of Conventional Engines

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A team of scientists from Romania and Japan have devised lasers made from compressed ceramic powders. Scientists have been working to make conventional combustion engines more efficient for years, a feat that would reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency.

Speak With Sarah Silverman When You Support Galapagos Solar Campaign

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By 2020, Energiya plans to spend $20 billion on 10,000 MW of solar capacity in countries as far afield as Rwanda and Romania.

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Users Hammered by Fake Antivirus Resurgence, warns GFI Labs

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The company has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Austria, Australia, Malta, Hong Kong, Philippines and Romania, which together support hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide.

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Welcome to the Blue Heart of Europe

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It is no small coincidence that when the directors of the film version of Chronicles of Narnia were searching for a location to film a dream-like river, they settled on a river in the Balkans.

Where to Watch Birds in the Iron Gates

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The national park ranges some 100 km in length along the right bank of the Danube (the left bank is in Romania), where the river varies in width from 5 km / 3 mi to only 150 m / 500 ft and the mountains rise up to 800 m / 2600 ft a.s.l. Beside birds, in this park you stand a chance of spotting the Eurasian Lynx , Brown Bear and Gray Wolf ! Well, do you really?

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Ukranian Coal Plant “Facelift” Actually Means More Pollution

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Burshtyn was disconnected from the national grid in 2002 to form the Burshtyn Energy Island , a separate grid that exists to export power to the EU nations of Hungary, Slovakia and Romania. Burstyn Thermal Power Plant, photo courtesy NECU. The U.S.

New England Patriots Head to Nicaragua

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Through a partnership between the NFL and World Vision, however, the incorrectly titled, losing team’s licensed Reebok apparel is recycled by being sent to children in Nicaragua, Romania, and several other countries.

Plastic from Methane, Toxic Toads & Robo-Crocodiles

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Rewilding Romania : the return of the European Bison. The Asian common toad — newly arrived in Madagascar — is toxic to many native species of predators. Though the newcomers are not yet widespread, researchers urge quick action to prevent an ecological crisis.

Butterflies or business - Europe can have both!

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The European Environment Agency (EEA) on November 30, 2010 released its fourth Environment State and Outlook report — SOER 2010 — a comprehensive assessment of how and why Europe’s environment is changing, and what we are doing about it.

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Turkey Tells Egypt to Bypass Israel and Cyprus With Long Pipeline to Europe

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Turkish PM Erdogan on recent visit to Egypt; more energy influence at Israel’s expense. AP photo by Maggie Michael and Lee Keeth.

Avian Flu Rears Ugly Head Again in Israel and the Palestinian Territories

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Recently affected areas are to be found in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Bulgaria, Romania, Nepal and Mongolia. Recently affected areas avian flu areas appear to be in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.