Clean Reusable Totes, Or Risk Going Green

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Your reusable totes may be full of bacteria and can turn you seriously “green” Time to practice good bag hygiene. . Same tips apply to our other household reusables. And never, ever put them in your marketing tote or fruit bowl.


Green Earth Journey

I recently had the pleasure to review a reusable tote from The plastic bag dispenser is for those of us that have family members that keep "forgetting" to bring their reusable totes and come home with those nasty plastic bags.

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Paper or Plastic?

Green Earth Journey

Using a tote bag can save thousands and thousands of plastic bags at the landfill. I do.LOL and she cant see anything I bring home when I am using my tote bags! Please Right Click and "Open Link in New Tab" on the picture to purchase a tote!

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Eco Chick Giveaway! DisneyNature’s “Chimpanzee” Teams Up with Jane Goodall

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Want to win a DisneyNature Chimpanzee plush, tote and book? Giveaway Includes: • One Oscar Plush • One Disneynature Chimpanzee The Making of the Film Book • One Reusable Tote Bag.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Reusable Tote Bags. We all can agree wrapping paper looks beautiful under your brightly lite (with energy saving LED lights) Christmas Tree (sustainably harvested or homemade recycled Christmas tree ) but you can also find some very beautiful, or holiday themed, creative, or just plain witty recycled tote bags which are always a great replacement for wrapping paper. Tis the season of waste!

Trade paper and plastic for Cloth

Green Earth Journey

Most of us now know all about reusable totes, and how it can be beneficial to take our own reusable bags to the grocery store. I have 8 reusable bags that I keep in a kitchen drawer and tucked in my purse. The struggle is, of course, to remember to put them in your trunk, car, or purse. Then to remember to take them out when at the store to actually make use of them. If you are one who has that down pretty well, I propose the next step.

Eco Chick Giveaway: Target Earth Day Giftbag

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Recycling Bag Cords

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) I do not know what things are like where you live but here at trade- and other shows people nowadays, if they do not give out reusable totes from cotton or non-woven polypropylene, they hand out string paper bags with cotton or nylon cords as handles.

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Green tips from Crossroads Trading Co.

Eco-Vegan Girl

reusable los angeles electric car shopping tips clothing water ecoThese days I buy most of my clothes from consignment shops. This is eco-friendly (reusing clothes others don't want) and inexpensive. One of my favorite places in L.A. is Crossroads Trading Co.

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7 Eco Issues to Address in 2013

Green Prophet

Ditch the plastic, carry reusable totes and reusable water bottles, recycle, and compost food waste.

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Audubon Woman In Conservation: Four Honorees to Inspire Us All

The Green Samaritan

Footnote: I coupled this trip with a visit to a longtime friend, brought my water bottle and reusable tote, walked when I could and only had to buy one to-go meal so tried to do the best I could.)

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Sustainability is made up of little changes to our lifestyle

Green (Living) Review

Make your own reusable totes from waste fabrics or other materials and take them with you to the stores whenever you go shopping. Sustainability is made up of the little changes to our lifestyle that don't cost us anything but which can, maybe, save the Planet By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Many people think that they can have no impact and that there is no chance that their little steps can make a difference.

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Hollywood Sets New Trend: Recycle Your Home Theater (LA Style)

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Lines at the local Farmers Market on Sunday are three deep with every hip Angelino wearing their 7 For Mankind jeans and quirky yet cool Oliver Peoples glasses while anxiously waiting to load their reusable tote bags with organic and local veggies. The guys over at recenly posted this article about programs that people living in LA can recycle their old technology.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts Green Too

Eco Friendly Daily

Reusable totes are good for many things. Don’t think you have to spend a lot of money on totes either. Many totes are overpriced, but if you know where to look you will be surprised at how inexpensive they can come. Fun and unique totes can be found at resale shops.

10 Tips for a Zero-Waste Household

The Green Changemakers

I started by adopting reusable water bottles and shopping totes, but slowly took it further by replacing disposables with reusables (toilet paper excluded), shopping in bulk with cloth bags, bringing glass containers to the store for wet items (meat, deli, fish, cheese, oil.),

Students Challenged to Rethink Materialism

The Green Changemakers

Reusable water bottles from Camelbak given away at OWU Green Week Tuesday was Mind Your Area Business Day, a big dinner celebration with local food, wine, and beer to create relationships between students and local business owners and encourage local consumption.