Plastic wrap vs. reusable containers

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What is more environmentally friendly - using plastic wrap or reusable plastic containers? Like so many aspects of going green, the answer depends on a number of factors

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A Day in the Life of … the Paper Bag

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One of the biggest and potentially most eco-friendly choices we can make is when the sales clerk asks us whether we want paper or plastic. Even those who don’t really believe in global warming acknowledge the environmental damage created by plastic bags: million of trapped and dying marine birds, mammals like dolphins, amphibians like frogs and toads, and even reptiles like turtles. What many don’t know is that the carbon footprint of paper bags isn’t that much better than plastic.

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New Year’s Resolution #3 – Boycott Plastic Water Bottles

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Plastics are a nearly unavoidable part of our lives. From alarm clocks to toothbrushes to soda bottles to cell phones, we all use and throw away plastic products everyday. One of the most common types of plastic waste is disposable water bottles: we use them at home, carry them to the gym, or grab one when we’re on the go. In fact, every year Americans throw away 29 billion disposable plastic water bottles, only around 23% of which are recycled.

Recycling #5 Plastics

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We've heard from several of you asking how to recycle number 5 plastics, like yogurt and cottage cheese containers and other stackable plastics. We recently featured a Cortland company called Green Tek Industries that now takes that #5 plastic and makes it into new, reusable plastic tableware and other products. The company is looking for the #5 plastic. A reader sent in a link to this article from our local news channel.

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Great ways to reduce plastic use in your home: Part 1 – what and why

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Are you struggling to reduce plastic use in your home? In this first instalment from, we learn why we should be aiming to reduce our plastic use, why recycling isn’t enough and how to get stated reducing food-related plastic waste.

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Bioplastics and biodegradable packaging

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Plastic packaging is all over the media at the moment and that in an incredibly negative light. Consumers have growing concerns about how plastic packaging is managed at end of life, and are worried about leakage into the ocean. This has brought in a focus on what can be done about plastic waste. Oil is not going away anytime soon, and while we are still refining huge quantities for fuel, should we not make use of the plastic that can be produced from its by-products?

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The Environmental Impact of Dentistry

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General office waste—not just confined to the dental industry, the negative impact of the environment can be reduced by minimizing plastic use and transitioning to environmentally-friendly office supplies that have minimal packaging and reusable plastic.

Reusing plastic utensils in the garden

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Reusing plastic utensils (flatware) in the garden (and elsewhere) by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Don't toss those plastic knives, forks and spoons. These days people are looking to be more environmentally conscious, which means using reusable utensils instead of plastic ones. However, if you have to use plastic utensils there are ways that you can reuse them instead of just tossing them out after eating one meal. Plastic utensils can work wonders for your garden.

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When green jobs are negative

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Paper bags and more robust, reusable plastic bags will be available for 10 cents, with the goal of forcing shoppers to remember their canvas bags. The case against plastic shopping bags is simple and, with more than 150 communities across the country embracing some kind of anti-bag laws, increasingly familiar. Plastic bags are used once or twice but can last up to a millennium. The new mayor, Bill de Blasio, has expressed support for a ban on plastic bags.

France aims to ban plastic cups, plates and cutlery

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But the proposed ban is not without controversy by Michael Smith (Veshengro) France's latest efforts to reduce pollution, especially in the form of plastic waste, will also affect picnickers in parks and countryside. Under this controversial new ban, they won't be able to use, nay even buy, plastic goblets from which to drink their wine, or plastic knives with which to make sandwiches. It follows a ban on plastic bags, in place since July.

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Happy Birthday KeepCup

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The company’s mission is to reduce the enormous amounts of discarded take-away disposable coffee cups and replace them with an eco-friendly version that still allows for a delicious coffee and allows the barisata to simply fill the reusable cup without having to use something else into which to put the coffee first and the decant it into the customer's take away cup, as is often the case with other reusable cups and mugs.

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Responsible Medical Supplies on the Rise

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Hospitals have a reputation for using tremendous amounts plastic, mostly for sanitation reason in IV bags and tubing during transfusions, surgeries, and treatments. Many claim that disposable plastics are a prime necessity in the sterilization and health of medical facilities, and it is not unfounded. The chemicals, such as DEHP present in older bags as a plastic softener, has been known to leech into IV chemicals and cause harm, especially to neo-natal infants.

Introducing Ohyo – the collapsabottle with a spout

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Designed and made in Britain, the collapsible Aquatina bottle was created using toxin free plastic 1 and was put forward as a reusable and safer alternative to disposable plastic bottles, which have attracted criticism for their potentially harmful effects and poor environmental record. Made of safe, reusable plastic, Ohyo is another step towards reducing this reliance. Ohyo bottles are made from plastic which is PET and BPA free.

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Inspiring rammed earth hospital brings affordable care to rural Nepal


This mixture was then formed into blocks with reusable plastic formwork and set atop foundations constructed from local stone, which was also used for pathways and retaining walls. An inspiring beacon of humanitarian architecture has arrived to one of the poorest and most remote regions of Nepal — the new Bayalpata Hospital in Accham.

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Serious Effects of Plastic Pollution on Human Health


the mantra of “plastic is fantastic” shaped our environment to the extent that today plastic really is all around us. Materials that do not readily look like plastic include plastic polymers or resins like Styrofoam and food can liners. Other not so obvious plastics are in cosmetics, toothpastes, adhesives, lubricants, detergents and internal medical devices. In short, we are constantly exposed to plastics. Plastic toxicity for human body.

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Recycled Polyester: Textile Test Series Investigates An Imperfect Ecofashion Hero

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Your favorite sneakers, t-shirts, and underwear might just be made of recycled plastic bottles. Recycled polyester is a revolutionary approach to wrangling with the waste of discarded plastic bottles. A serious environmental issue, plastic can be hard to reconcile with for both individuals and large environmental organizations. Plastic components even make up parts of the the computer or phone from which you read this article.

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