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Disposable plastic shopping bags are becoming a thing of the past in some countries, but they need to be replaced with something. In this article, I take a look at different types of reusable bags

See Why This Woman Gave Away Over 27,000 Reusable Bags.

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Green Bag Lady is a wonderful, local example of small organizations making a big difference. If you''d like to enter to win a bag, visit their website by Tuesday, July 15th at 9pm. They are currently giving away elephant-themed bags! Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Ecofashion Green Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) community project eco friendly bags green bag lady green bags reusable bags scrap fabric sustainable teresa vanhatten-granath


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Bag Again Does Reusable Bags Right! [A Product Review]

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Bag Again reusable produce bags are easy to use, help reduce our dependance on single use plastic, and help prolong the life of your produce! The post Bag Again Does Reusable Bags Right! [A Green Lifestyle $1 Million in EPA Grants Available For Environmental Justice reusable bags waste streamA Product Review] appeared first on Green Living Ideas.

Israeli Designer Fashions Couture Gown out of Envirosax Reusable Bags

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Colorful, feminine, and elegant, Amit Ayalon’s couture dress upcycles reusable Envirosax bags. Fun, flirty, and stylish, if you looked at the gown above from a distance you may not even know that it was crafted from repurposed reusable Envirosax bags. Normally, upcycled dresses are made out of existing clothing, as in the case of Lebanese designer Ziad Ghanem , or the “New Dress a Day&# blogger.

Kristen Bell ‘Lectured’ Joel McHale About Reusable Bags


McHale told Bell's fiance, Dax Shepard, that Bell chided him for using plastic bags — and rejected his offer of roasted chicken. Read More. Entertainment Environment Film/TV News Top News dax shepherd joel mchale kristen bell

World’s Largest Canvas Turned Into 5,000 Reusable Bags

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“Moving from records to a practical phase,&# the joint initiative has turned the giant canvas into 5,000 re-usable bags that will be distributed for free throughout the country. Environmental and human rights go hand in hand in Lebanon. Winning recognition from the Guinness Book of Records last October for the world’s largest hand painted cloth, 12,000 Lebanese joined hands for environmental and social peace.

Design student creates couture Envirosax dress out of reusable bags - unveiled at Sundance Film Festival

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Envirosax , the original designer reusable bag, has selected Amit Ayalon, a recent design graduate to create a dress out of beautiful Envirosax designs and colors. I’ve always wanted to make a couture dress out of Envirosax bags because it’s a way to showcase the beauty of our designs in a creative and innovative way,” said CEO and founder Belinda David-Tooze. “It Visit our USA or Canadian web sites to buy your own fun and fashionable reusable bag!

Green & Health Resolution for March: Reuse and Refine

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Continuing on with a monthly green and healthy resolution to implement, in March the goal is to begin and/or increase the practice of using reusable items such as bags and bottles. Reusable bags Reusable water bottlesLet’s start. See the full post and more at

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For the Love of Plastic: Why I still use Plastic Bags, Proudly.

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Blaming plastic bags because they are not biodegradable overlooks the advantages of. Ecofashion Enlightened Society Green ecofriendly Environmentalism green plastic plastic bags recycling reusable bags shopping bag totes toxins zero waste

A Stark Look at why we need to Kick our Bag Habits.

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OR* 500 billion plastic bags per year. Try to visualize it: Conscious Consumerism Enlightened Society Green cloth bags eco green plastic plastic bags pollution reusable bags shopping world environment day world oceans dayIntro: I feel sick to my stomach—this is the legacy I'm handing over to my children. *OR* Say it again.

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10 Easy Ways to Green Your Halloween

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Candy collection – Encourage kids to use pillow cases, purses, or hand-sewn bags instead of plastic buckets or bags to collect treats. Think multi-purpose with reusable bags. Tagged: beeswax candles , composting , green holiday tips , green ideas , Halloween , LED lighting , reusable bags. Going Green Halloween green ideas green holiday tips composting reusable bags beeswax candles LED lighting10 Easy Ways to Green Your Halloween.

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Moving from Disposable to Reusable: 5 Ways to Reuse and Refine

The Green Samaritan

With a little planning and re-programming, it is possible to begin and/or increase the practice of using reusable. Reusable bags Reusable water bottles In our disposable and fast-paced society, it sometimes seems hard to work around. See the full post and more at

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10 Easy Ways to Green Your Halloween

Green Home Blog

Candy collection – Encourage kids to use pillow cases, purses, or hand-sewn bags instead of plastic buckets or bags to collect treats. Think multi-purpose with reusable bags. Tagged: beeswax candles , composting , green holiday tips , green ideas , Halloween , LED lighting , reusable bags. Going Green beeswax candles composting green holiday tips green ideas Halloween LED lighting reusable bags10 Easy Ways to Green Your Halloween.

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California Bans Plastic Bags! WooHoo!!!

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But seriously, this evening, governor Jerry Brown announced a plastic bag ban for the ENTIRE state —and check your maps, California is HUGE! Maybe this will help shrink the Pacific Garbage Gyre, just a bit, and it will definitely mean less pollution on beaches (I always find plenty of plastic bags to pick up! We’re the first to ban these bags, and we won’t be the last.”. Whimsical art made from plastic bags. 5 Easy ways to remember your reusable bag.

How we can Lean into Plastic’s Painful Legacy & Make a Difference.

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Z ADMIN Green Featured Today Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today animals awareness bags change company compassion danger eco family green happiness healing Ice Rivers Springs landfills life mindfulness plastic plastic bags plastic problem reusable reusable bags rubbish solutions to-go cup trash water bottlesAnimals are suffering—some maimed for life, others suffocated to death. It makes me nauseous. This feels so bad.

Reducing Our Impact on The Planet: 9 Simple Ways to Tread a Little Lighter. ~ Susan McKellep

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green Z ADMIN Green Featured Today carbon footprint cold water green laundry mother earth reusable bags "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." ~ Lao-tzu.

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We’re Loving:

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You know the story: Disposable shopping bags are evil for many reasons. Of course, we never fail to leave home without ours, and we’ve become fond of, a serious source for reusable shopping bags. From grocery and lunch bags, to all sorts of wine totes and woven bags, each is made from 100 percent recyclable materials and can be imprinted to suit you or your organization’s needs. Sponsored Post eco Reusable Bags Shopping

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Clean Reusable Totes, Or Risk Going Green

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Your reusable totes may be full of bacteria and can turn you seriously “green” Time to practice good bag hygiene. . Researchers at the University of Arizona tested 84 reusable shopping totes and found over half were contaminated with harmful bacteria, including the dangerous E.coli. Contamination occurs when fluids such as fruit juices and meat blood leak from their packaging and deposit miniscule droplets onto the bag material.

Earth Day Ideas: Paper or Plastic Should Not Be an Option

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Tags: Eco Home Living capitalism consumerism Earth Day paper or plastic plastic bags retail reusable bags San Francisco shopping

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Tips for Reducing our Reliance on Plastic

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Green Diva correspondent Julie Hancher, publisher of the Green Philly Blog had some updates on her initiative to get her city to reduce plastic bag usage. Green Diva Correspondent: Julie Hancher on Philly’s quest to reduce one-time plastic bag use. She wants to implement a fee for one-time plastic bag use to help consumers become more aware of their plastic use, while also educating them that they have a choice by making reusable bags widely available.

flip and tumble eco-chic reuseable bags

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imagine my delight when a friend forwarded me the Daily Candy Weekend Guide (Everywhere) today and I saw resusable bags that are practical and eco-chic. you know that pang of guilt every time you end up at the grocery store and you’ve forgotten your own bags, again. with flip and tumble’s reusable [.]. Tags: eco-chic reusable bags

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Bag It Up + Reuse

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As part of our Bag It Up + Reuse! project, we’re giving away free reusable bags across north London. How it works After the government introduced the 5p plastic bag charge for large shops and supermarkets, we wanted find a way to help customers of smaller shops reuse their bags. So for a third time, we’ve teamed up with 21 north London shops and provided them with around 100 reusable bags each, to offer to their customers for free.

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How Not to Be an Eco-Hypocrite at Work.

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We might recycle and use reusable bags or cycle to work instead of drive. Enlightened Society Green Right Livelihood biking eco-conscious Environmentalism professionalism recycle reduce waste reusable cups save the planet single-use plastic turn off the lightsMany of us who are aware of the environmental crisis we now face would say that we care about the environment.

How to Make Your Lifestyle Greener

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Reusable Bags. One of the easiest ways to lead a greener lifestyle is simply to start using reusable bags. Forest bathing greens everything, inside and out. Are you looking to live a greener lifestyle and become more environmentally-conscious?

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Preemptive strike

Environmental Economics

Gernot Wagner: From today’s NPR’s Leonard Lopate Show: Gernot Wagner, economist at the Environmental Defense Fund explains why the things individuals do—buying local produce, eating less meat, bringing reusable bags to the grocery store—won’t end up making much of a difference in halting global warming.

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Chic Reusable Cotton Bags Make Eco-Friendly Shopping Cool

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These designed cotton bags are way cooler than plastic. Plastic bags are undoubtedly bad for the environment , but sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to carry reusable bags with you for those spur-of-the-moment trips to the store. The bags come in three sizes – extra small bags, little bags, and shoulder bags – and are made out of 100% unprocessed, natural cotton.

Product Review - BuyGreen

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BuyGreen recently sent me the reusable bag above. It is large, sturdy and very durable. Packaging was great! BuyGreen offers green choices for your home and family as well as your business all on one site! You can buy for your pets and you can buy building materials. BuyGreen is a great resource to have in your bookmarks and the prices are very reasonable. NEXT POST Labels: Product Reviews, ECO online shopping

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Product Review - Flip and Tumble

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Flip and Tumble 24/7 is my husband's absolute favorite reusable bag and I will tell you why. I am making a crochet rug for my front door out of plastic bags. Crazy I know and not that easy, but I figured it would help remind my husband not to bring home any more damn plastic bags. Every time he steps on that mat it would remind him that I hate plastic bags! This is exactly where Flip and Tumble 24/7 reusable bags come in.

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ICEGREEN Introduces Reusable Shopping Bags as the New ‘Green’ Way to Shop

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Going green is top of mind for today’s consumer and reusable shopping bags are the answer they’ve been looking for. Toronto, Ontario, Canada : Toronto City Council has recently announced the ban of plastic shopping bags. As of January 1, 2013, plastic shopping bags will be out and reusable shopping bags will be the new carrier of choice for consumers and retailers. Looking for the best in lead free and machine washable reusable bags?

From The Recycle Bin: Stores that Pay You to Bring Your Bags!

The Green Samaritan

Home About Terms of Use & Privacy Policy Disclosure Contact Product Reviews Monthly Eco-Resolutions Quick Reference Guide Subscribe From The Recycle Bin: Stores that Pay You to Bring Your Bags! So beyond those repeated environmental reasons to bring your bags to the grocery store or anywhere you shop, many retailers are now giving a small, but encouraging incentive for bringing your own bags. Each time a shopper reuses a grocery bag, the company donates $.05

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ECO Keenuo: One Awesome Eco-friendly Superstore

Hug a Tree with Me

You can find natural multivitamins biodegradable cleaning clothes, aluminum free deodorant, natural body lotions, biodegradable toothbrushes, preservative free candies natural dog treats, reusable bags and tons more all at EcoKeenuo. Choosing to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle is a rewarding commitment that involves changing pretty much every part of your life; it encompasses making your everyday decisions with the health of the environment in mind.

Plastic Bag Study Bashes Resuable Bags

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percent of the bags were contaminated with some sort of bacteria. vegetables, fruits and other foods that go into the bags, as well as. from wherever the bags are being stored, including under the sink. just need to wash their bags and it is not the bags themselves creating. It is not as if people are sharing reusable bags at the store and. Putting your reusable bags in. Reusable bags decay much faster than plastic bags, which stay.

Eco-bags Products, ECOBAGS Brand, Honored as 'Best for the Environment' by B Corporation

Green (Living) Review

Eco-Bags recognized as the "Best of the Best", along with Method Products, New Belgium Brewing Company, Patagonia and Seventh Generation, in the top 10% of all B Corporations, as business leaders in environmental sustainability. Ossining, NY : Eco-Bags, ECOBAGS Brand , a small business, along with larger companies such as Method, Patagonia and Seventh Generation, is being recognized by B Corporation for “Best for the Environment."

Biodegradable vs Compostable Plastic Bags: What’s the difference?


Plastic bags are a major driving force in this problem, with over 5 trillion plastic bags being used yearly and almost all of those being discarded after a single use. Reducing plastic bag usage has been at the forefront of the agenda for many environmental groups and government organizations. These groups and private companies have been looking for alternatives and so far two alternative forms of plastic bags have been designed and produced. BIODEGRADABLE BAGS.

Sustainable Alternatives to Petroleum Based Products

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glass, aluminum, cellulose, sustainable fabric , wood, bamboo, cork, reusable bags. reusable plates and cutlery, vegetable oil disposables. While we may never know who to blame for the discovery of petroleum, history states that the stuff has been running our lives for over 5000 years now. Although mostly evil, petroleum is actually a natural substance – it is the product of long dead plant and oceanic life that has been fossilized under layers of sediment.

Earth Day Giveaway at Calypso Studios

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The totes are a fashionable way to S tart H elping O ur P lanet by using reusable bags. The spacious bags are 17” x 19” when opened and easily roll up into a 2” x 3” size. Three bags are conveniently stored in an 8” x 6” wristlet carrying case. Totes were also chosen as one of the celebrity giveaway swag bags at the Academy Awards in February. Celebrate Earth Day carrying the bag the celebrities use! In my Inbox this morning.

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10 Super Eay Ways to Be Green

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Use Tote Bags/Reusable Bags for all of your shopping. Here is my list. I know I can think of more and eventually I will put up some more lists. I first posted this list on Extraordinary Mother's Blog on May 2. Hyla 1. Do all of your shopping in one day, preferably at only one or two stores. Look for the green alternative to every product you purchase and try it out. Turn of the lights when you leave the room.

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How buying in bulk actually wastes food

Green (Living) Review

But in the rare times we do remember our reusable bags, Americans tend not to think much about what we actually put inside them, according to a new survey. If you’re like me, you writhe in guilt-ridden anguish each time you forget to bring your canvas tote to the grocery store. The takeaway: We waste a lot of extra food (and money) simply because we don’t shop often enough. As big of a problem as it is, food waste rarely makes the news.

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Product Review

Green Earth Journey

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing some reusable bags from Breezy Bags. There are five ultra thin bags that come with their own carrying pouch. They took up little to no room in my purse and when it was time to bag my groceries I had 5 bags right there to use! Breezy Bags are each about the size of a standard plastic grocery bag but much stronger, you will not have to worry about your milk ending up splashed all over the parking lot.

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Do you suffer from BAGNESIA?

Green (Living) Review

It is a a person’s forgetfulness to grab their reusable bags. The symptoms of this disease are that you often find yourself standing at the register regretting that you left your reusable bags in the car or worse yet, at home. If you're frequently stricken by bouts of reusable-bag amnesia before you hit the checkout line at the supermarket, you're not alone. That way you are never without a bag.

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How To Make Your Travels More Environmentally Friendly

Green Prophet

Reusable Bags. One of the worst things that any traveller can do that can severely impact the environment is to use plastic bags and containers. This is why bringing a reusable bag is always paramount. By the nature of the activity, traveling inherently causes problems for the environment. You are moving from one place to another, taking up space, using up resources, and displacing what was originally there.

Microplastics in our lungs linked to Covid-19 surge?

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They come from plastic bags and packaging that your baby cucumbers come in at the supermarket. Say no to plastic bags at checkout, and say yes only to cool canvas bags or backpacks –– easier to carry by bike or electric moped.

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5 Key Strategies for a Plastic-Free Life

Green (Living) Review

We''ve reduced, reused, and fretted over Ziploc bags for an entire month, and now it''s time to turn all those lessons learned during Plastic-Free February into words we can live by. Ban those bags. If you forget your reusable bags at the grocery store, carry your items out by hand. After doing that a few times, you’ll probably NEVER forget your bags again! A plastic bag just to hold the greeting card you bought?