Decoy: How Fake Birds Aid Real Research

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So many of the amazing things we learn about birds require getting those birds into a researcher’s hand. With a bird in hand, a researcher can take measurements and samples, attach identifying markers, or mount migration tracking devices.

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Israeli Researchers Make Oil from Greenhouse Gas

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Ben-Gurion University of the Negev researchers in Israel have invented a process to make a green feed alternative for crude oil out of two of the most common substances on Earth – water and carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. .

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Grizzly Bear Research & Cultural Identity in the Great Bear Rainforest

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Since 2006, the Coastwatch Heiltsuk Monitoring Initiative has undertaken a grizzly bear genetic research program on behalf of the Heiltsuk Nation. Grizzly bear. Photo: © Chris Darimont. By William Housty, Coastwatch Director, Qqs Projects Society.

NatureNet Science Research Update: Nanotechnology

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"New Research Initiative to Update and Improve the Social Cost of Carbon"

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From the inbox; Resources for the Future (RFF) is launching a multi-year, multidisciplinary research initiative to improve the methodology used to calculate the social cost of carbon—an economic tool used to quantify both the benefits to society of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere and the harm to society from emitting more carbon dioxide.

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Poland Bans GE Corn, Monsanto Buys Bee Research Firm


Monsanto's genetically engineered corn has been officially banned from use in Poland after beekeepers showcased a link leading from Monsanto's seeds to the deaths of honeybees. Read More. Animals Causes News Top News

Nature as Normal: Our Lead Scientist’s Research Agenda

Nature Conservancy - Science

That’s why I’m spending this year as lead scientist for The Nature Conservancy focusing my research on uncovering the hidden connections between people and nature (and fleshing out some of the intriguing connections we need to know more about).

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Israel To Research from the Moon?

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As we learned recently from Rola’s post on Virgin’s galactic space travel for tourism , green research fields can be opened by space research.

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Sunscreen isn’t enough against skin cancer – new research

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New research in suggests that sunscreen cannot be relied upon alone to prevent malignant melanoma, the deadly form of skin cancer. The research supports public health campaigns that ask people to both use sunscreen and cover up their skin with clothing.

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Good News for children living with ADHD: New Research confirms Micronutrients Significantly Improve Symptoms. {Partner}

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He had been expelled from six preschools and several other schools because of the symptoms of his severe attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Now 13, Isaiah can. Conscious Consumerism Family Featured Events Food Health & Wellness

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LED Lights A Health Hazard: New Research from Israel

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In teddy bears, iPhones and baby sleep monitors: turn off those LED lights at night before they affect your sleep cycles and health!

New Research Makes A Strong Case for Fish Passage

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An Alabama shad. Photo: © Steve Herrington. By Justine E. Hausheer, science writer at the Nature Conservancy. How do you figure out where a fish was born? You shoot a laser beam at its ear bone.

Staycations up by a quarter this summer, research suggests

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The number of British people opting to take domestic holidays this summer is up by as much as quarter over last year, research reveals.

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Research: Can Restoring Oyster Reefs Combat Nitrogen Pollution?

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This question is being answered by research conducted at the Conservancy’s Virginia Coast Reserve. The area directly offshore from Oyster provides an ideal setting for that research. Could restoring oyster reefs combat nitrogen pollution?

Egyptian Researchers Aim to Clear Landmines Using Bacteria and Plants

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Egyptians researchers believe that sugar beets like those pictured above can help to clear the country’s stockpile of land mines. So ASRT researchers sought a method of clearing the land mines that wouldn’t cause danger to humans.

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Of “Pizzlies” and Goose Dinners: The Latest Research on Polar Bears

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Be that as it may, polar bears continue to draw the attention of reporters, non-profits and researchers. But in the past year, there’s been even more media attention, debate and intrigue around polar bear research. Researching the Future.

Silence of the Rattlesnake Researchers: Snakes, Culture and Conservation

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Here’s what you quickly learn about rattlesnake researchers : They’re fearless, but pay obsessive attention to safety. In fact, when I joined snake researchers in the field in Vermont , I was practically sworn to secrecy. Snake researchers are silent. Snake researchers know this.

New Research on the Remarkable Binge-Eating Bull Trout

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New research just published in the Journal of Animal Ecology reveals the remarkable eating habits of bull trout at Chilko Lake, British Columbia. Research showed that juvenile salmon experienced high mortality early in the migration. “We

Expect Worst Climate Change Scenario, Researchers Warn

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But Fasullo and Trenberth, who work for the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), wrote that projections showing a greater rise in global temperature are probably more accurate.

A Dedicated Green Roof Research Center Opens in Israel

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Green roofs have become a widespread phenomenon over the last few years but very little research has been focused on perfecting the practice in the Middle East, where high temperatures and dwindling water resources have prevented widespread uptake.

Why Talk Therapy Doesn’t Heal Rape Trauma: Research-Based Profile. ~ Christine Cissy White

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With yoga, Zabie found a portable tool she could use at will. “I I regained a feeling of control, and groundedness.”. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Health & Wellness awareness healing rape recovery PTSD trauma Yoga

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Research On Stray Cats Hopes to Curtail Feral Cat Overpopulation


A research project by an ecologist from the University of Guelph has put radio collars on a number of feral cats as part of an effort to find ways to help Read More The post Research On Stray Cats Hopes to Curtail Feral Cat Overpopulation appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Sunscreen Protection: New Options, New Research.

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According to a report released by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), there is surprisingly little proof that sunscreens prevent most skin cancers! Green Health & Wellness Health and Wellness health wellness john douillard lifespa sunscreen

Black-necked Stilts at Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve

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For day 2 of the conference, we headed out to the Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve to look at some in-progress projects. Birding Estuarine Research Reserve FloridaI was in Jacksonville, Florida for a conference on Living Shorelines, a restoration technique for coastal areas throughout the Southeast. Luckily for me, there was time afterwards for a little birding.

Sea Turtle Tasks: A Night in the Life of a Researcher

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For sea turtle researchers, it also means a lot of work. I recently joined the Conservancy’s Kemit-Amon Lewis and his team of volunteer researchers at their sea turtle project on St. Here’s what you could expect as a sea turtle researcher.

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JournalMap: Where in the World is that Research?

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Siri, where is the nearest research plot?”. Ecological research, for example. I conduct a lot of research in the Owyhees, a remote 5-million-acre expanse of high desert canyons and sagebrush habitat in southwestern Idaho. The remote Owyhee Canyonlands of southwestern Idaho.

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Yale Researcher: “Desalination Should Be A Last Resort”

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When is energy-intensive desalination a last resort? One of humankind’s worst tragedies is currently unfolding in the Horn of Africa , and it is caused by the absence of water.

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Cannabis made the effects of trauma reminders “disappear” – new Israeli research on PTSD

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People like Bryan know that Israeli researchers have been researching cannabis since the mid-60s – when Prof. While researching marijuana is effectively banned in America, there are ten strong research teams in Israel conducting scientific research on the cannabis plant.

Camel domestication research challenges Bible’s origins

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In addition to challenging the Bible’s historicity, this anachronism is proof that the text was compiled after the events it describes, according to researchers. .

WATCH: Beagles Rescued From Research Lab Freed for the First Time


A total of 72 beagles were removed from a research laboratory in Spain, and 32 of them were adopted in Europe. If this story and video doesn’t bring you smiles and happy tears, I just don’t know what will. For this group of dogs, life didn’t start out that way, though. The future for the [.]. Animals Causes shannon keith

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Researchers Say Eat Less Meat to Slow Climate Change


Although significant reforms Read More The post Researchers Say Eat Less Meat to Slow Climate Change appeared first on Ecorazzi. According to a recent Swedish study, the entire world may need to cut back on meat and dairy consumption in order to keep climate change in check.

New Campaign Aims to Show Reality of Research Animals


Tens of thousands of animals are used in research labs in the United States every year and a new campaign aims to expose what they go through on a daily Read More The post New Campaign Aims to Show Reality of Research Animals appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Shell Ends Algae Biofuel Research

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Now it seems that Shell has dropped that direction of research stating that “In keeping with Shell’s portfolio approach to the research, development and commercialization of advanced biofuels, this decision will allow Shell to focus on other options that have shown a better fit with Shell’s biofuel portfolio and strategy.”. Algae biofuels have been one of several beacons of hope for those looking to reduce or end our dependence on oil.

Ricky Gervais Wants Beagles Spared from Research


Ricky Gervais shared a link on Facebook for a petition to stop the breeding of beagles for research purposes. Read More The post Ricky Gervais Wants Beagles Spared from Research appeared first on Ecorazzi.

I've been slow to adapt but my new research field is "ecosystem services valuation" #chump

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environmental economists should have a lot to say about the last item under the first bullet point (a later slide mentioned "ecosystem services valuation" under "research agenda"

Researchers Discover New Species of Humpback Dolphin


A team of researchers has identified a new species of humpback dolphin off the coast of northern Australia. Read More The post Researchers Discover New Species of Humpback Dolphin appeared first on Ecorazzi.

American Airlines Stops Flying Primates for Research Labs


American Airlines reports that they will no longer fly primates being sent to research labs! The shipment of monkeys for research is a subject that raises strong public concern,&# said Michelle Thew, Chief Executive of BUAV.

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Jane Goodall ‘Sickened’ by ‘Shocking’ Primate Research


Famed primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall is speaking out against the horrific primate research being conducted at at German research institute. Read More The post Jane Goodall ‘Sickened’ by ‘Shocking’ Primate Research appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News jane goodall

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Research Shows Dolphins Call Each Other By Unique Names


Researchers found that dolphins, known to have sophisticated communication systems, each appear to have their own names. Read More The post Research Shows Dolphins Call Each Other By Unique Names appeared first on Ecorazzi.