Krugman on renewables

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I'm not sure I'm as optimistic as Krugman but the attempt to reduce the use of from renewable energy is likely a huge mistake (in terms of dynamic efficiency): Not that long ago, calls for a move to wind and solar power were widely perceived as impractical if not hippie-dippy silly.

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International renewable org bolsters renewables in Africa

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Renewables are perfect for Africa where more than half of all people don’t have access to clean power. Microgrids powered by renewables are the future. The deployment of renewables is therefore a foresighted strategy to ensure a resilient future, in which no one is left behind.”.

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Arab Nations De-Vesting in Oil to Invest in Renewables

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Countries with fossil fuel-dependent economies are making a marked shift towards renewable energy. See Arab loan to fund renewables. Despite the recent move to renewable energy, the Arab nations currently invest very little in comparison to the rest of the world.

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Renewables hands-down cheaper than coal, new report

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Renewable power is increasingly cheaper than any new electricity capacity based on fossil fuels, a new report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) published today finds. The post Renewables hands-down cheaper than coal, new report appeared first on Green Prophet.

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Israel approves 30% renewables goal for 2030: Revolution or low bar?

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The Israeli cabinet has approved the proposal to increase Israel’s 2030 renewable energy target from 17% to 30%. Solar PV is expected to account for the significant share of the renewable energy, and would replace the remaining coal in the electricity mix (see Figure 1).

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Who's Killing Renewable Energy?

Green (Living) Review

Gordon recognized that dependence on Middle East oil was unsustainable, scientists and environmental activists were just starting to sound the alarm about climate change, and states were beginning to outline standards for renewable energy projects. Although the region lacks space on land for renewable energy production, it has one easily accessible, top-notch natural resource: a windy and relatively shallow ocean.

What we can learn about renewable energy from Australia

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If we look to successful countries in the world we see the hopeful ambitions of countries like Israel which is blessed with an enormous amount of sun and yet its renewable energy output remains low at about 5%, mostly all of it provided by solar panels.

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Oxford data study: 90% of electricity companies are blocking investment in renewables

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We all want renewables, but the companies controlling our power, many of them government-owned are in fact maintaining and investing in polluting energy like coal. Want to switch over to solar energy and renewables, like Australia and Germany ?

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Renewable energy investment matchmaking platform launched

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Renewable energy installations can provide round the clock energy in continents like Africa, where more than half of the people are without power. They are like the United Nations for Renewable Energy and are based in Abu Dhabi. Technology renewable energy Solar Energy wind energy

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Mining is for renewable energy!

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The Energy and Mines World Congress that took place in Toronto provided great insights into the recent developments of onsite renewable energy applications at remote mines. Now the industry is understanding that renewable energy makes sense and cents.

“Sin City” Wants to be Good and Use Renewable Energy

Green Prophet

If you want to make forward-looking decisions, save money in the long run, and make an active contribution to climate and environmental protection, you can’t avoid renewable or green energy. Every day more and more households are trying to use renewable energy.

Creating 100% Renewable Transport Systems

Green (Living) Review

Guy Dauncey explores how to make transport systems 100% renewable - getting rid of fossil fuels and creating sustainable cities. Last week I started to explore the possibility that British Columbia could become a 100% renewable energy region, as 140 regions in Germany are planning to become. green living renewable transport sustainable transport

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Renewable energy rebates

Green Living Tips

Cost is a major factor preventing many from installing solar panels and wind turbines; but some governments are now offering generous rebates and incentives to help take the financial sting of renewable energy systems. Find out where to locate information on rebates in this article

10 Examples of Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources


What is the difference between renewable and non-renewable resources? A key distinction in terms of the resources that are at our disposal is whether they are renewable or non-renewable. Renewable resources are resources that are replenished naturally in the course of time. In contrast, non-renewable resources are those that are available to us in limited quantities, or those that are renewed so slowly that the rate at which they are consumed is too fast.

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Arab loan offers $105 million USD to fund renewables globally

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The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development ( likened to USAID and the UK and German’s foreign aid ) announced last week that it will provide renewable energy loans to 8 projects around the world. The 8 renewable projects in solar, wind and biogas.

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“Sin City” Casinos Want to Use Renewable Energy 

Green Prophet

If you want to make forward-looking decisions, save money in the long run, and make an active contribution to climate and environmental protection, you can’t avoid renewable or green energy. Every day more and more households are trying to use renewable energy.

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Renewable energy source #1

Environmental Economics

Main | Chewbacca sighting » March 15, 2011 Renewable energy source #1 If you’re looking for the next big alternative energy craze, look no further than your toilet.

Why the renewable industry needs to invest in graphite, and turn to local sources

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Before a diamond, you need graphite –– and the renewable energy industry is rushing to mine it, as it’s a key material in solar panels and electric car batteries. Graphite, exposed on outcrops of the Canadian Shield, is a key resource for renewable and clean energy generation and batteries.

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The Trouble with Renewable Energy

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Renewable energy cannot fill all our energy needs and thus we must cut down on our energy consumption first and foremost. All too often the advocates and proponents of renewable energy, of solar, wind, wave and hydro (as in mini hydro) by trying to convince people claim that those can meet all our current and future energy needs. This is disingenuous at the very least and they do not do themselves nor renewables any favors with such claims.

Aspen is third U.S. city to reach 100% renewable energy

Green (Living) Review

cities to run on 100 percent renewable energy, according to members of the city’s environmental and project departments. Aspen’s transition to 100 percent renewable occurred Thursday after the city signed a contract with wholesale electric energy provider Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska, in order “to achieve this final leg of our goal,” Hornbacher said. Aspen renewable energy USAAspen is one of three U.S.

Vintage Renewal

Green Earth Journey

Name: Jeanne Connolly Shop Name: Vintage Renewal Shop Link: Location: Denver, CO Ships To: Free Shipping Anywhere in the U.S. I begin my etsy shop just shortly after I started my business Vintage Renewal. Spending my days doing this type of work has really had an inspiring effect on my design process for Vintage Renewal and my own furniture. The winner will receive long strips of vintage upholstery weight fabrics from Vintage Renewal.

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UN: Renewable Energy Ambition in NDCs must Double by 2030

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The report will show that renewable energy ambition within NDCs would have to more than double by 2030 to put the world in line with the Paris Agreement goals, cost-effectively reaching 7.7 Today’s renewable energy pledges under the NDCs are falling short of this, targeting only 3.2

UK Government Introduces New Policy for Renewable Energy Producers

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It is to replace FIT, which is designed to encourage uptake of a range of small-scale renewable and low-carbon electricity generation technologies. The new scheme has its critics who say that the UK government should encourage citizens to use renewable energy instead of withdrawing support from it, but others argue that the new policy is to support the UK’s economy. Homeowners are only paid for the energy they export back to the grid, not simply for producing renewable energy.

Poor Countries Tap Renewables at Twice the Pace of Rich

Green (Living) Review

Emerging markets are installing renewable energy projects at almost twice the rate of developed nations, a report concluded. The 143 percent growth in renewables in those markets compares with an 84 percent rate in wealthier nations, which installed 213 megawatts, according to a report released today by Climatescope. The boom in renewables is often made for economic reasons, Ethan Zindler, a Washington-based Bloomberg New Energy Finance analyst, said in an interview.

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Renewable Energy Options for an Eco-Friendly House


Using renewable energy sources for home living is simpler and less expensive than you might think. Maybe you are considering purchasing a renewable energy system to generate electricity at your home. Renewables allow us to develop locally sourced power for our own communities.

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Jordan Gets REEL About Renewables

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The time is now for Jordan’s renewable proponents to demonstrate the viability of alternative energy. Last April, Jordan’s Parliament adopted the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Law (REEL). National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) is required to purchase all electricity generation from utility-scale renewable energy projects. NEPCO will also be required to cover costs of connecting renewable energy projects to the national electricity grid.

Energy UN group: we need 31% more renewables by 2020

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If you don’t want to read the whole article, here is the sum up: We need 31% more renewable energy to play it climate safe by 2030. It’s called IRENA, or the International Renewable Energy Agency. We need $750 billion in investment please for renewables, for the planet.

2020 63

Renewables Not Enough: World Needs Democratic, Decentralized Energy, says Report

Green (Living) Review

In order to build an adequate low-carbon 21st century energy system that scientists have said is necessary to stave off the worst impacts of climate change, a new report argues that the world must look beyond large-scale, centralized renewable projects—such as industrial solar and wind farms—and take up efforts to build more democratically-controlled and decentralized power grids. energy green living renewables

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Renewable energy will not support economic growth

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Renewable energy will not and cannot support perpetual economic growth, the way we have been doing it for so long, for too long, in fact. But unless we plan for the post-growth renewable future, and do this now, existing economic institutions may tend to shatter rather than adapt smoothly. But this does not, actually, have to be a bad thing at all.

Burlington, Vermont is Now 100% Powered by Renewable Energy

Green (Living) Review

Just recently, the city finalized its transition to relying 100% on renewable resources for its energy. Burlington had expressed a desire to commit to 100% renewable energy for more than a decade, but it became a real possibility when analysts discovered that it was not only a smart environmental choice, but financially viable, too. Vermont on the whole, however, intends to follow Burlington’s lead in adopting more renewable energy. green living renewable energy

100% Renewable Energy as Centerpiece of a Climate Action Plan

Green (Living) Review

The rising economic, health-related, and environmental costs of burning fossil fuels, combined with the accelerating impacts of climate change repeatedly emphasize the urgency for transitioning to 100% Renewable Energy (RE). Those ready to lead the fossil fuel and nuclear phase-out and a 100 % renewable energy transition must speak up in New York and inspire the world. climate change green living renewable energy Climate Change is back on the political agenda.

Is Nuclear Power a Renewable or Non-Renewable Source of Energy?


They are the top nuclear power producers in the world and they lead the efforts to convince everyone that this technology is clean and renewable [1]. This would enable them to access some of the benefits (like governmental subsidies) allocated to the expansion of renewable energy. But there is one major problem with this concept – we should not assess renewability of resources based on the amount of emissions they release but on their capacity to naturally renew.

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Germany invests in the DRC, but renewables could save all of Africa

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Bigger steps are needed from the top down: Investing in renewables is the answer. Time to invest in renewables in Africa? Maybe some Arab loan incentives to get renewable energy into the mining industry? Financing renewable energy projects is not charity.

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Private electricity grids fueled by renewable energy the future for communities

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In “The Lead south Australia” Andrew Spence wrote: CONNECTING new housing estates to their own private electricity grids fuelled by renewable energy is the cornerstone of ZEN Energy's plan to put power back in the hands of consumers. The company has launched ZEN Communities – an “end to end” service from power generation through to networks and retailing to deliver low cost renewable energy direct to entire communities.

Renewables better investment than oil and gas, says Gulf body

Green Prophet

News that Saudi Arabia wouldn’t like to hear: Renewable energy is the most competitive form of power generation in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, according to a new report published today by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). IRENA’s GCC analysis provides further evidence of the strong socio-economic case for renewable energy deployment, from job creation to emission reductions.

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Benefit-cost analysis of the renewable fuel standard

Environmental Economics

The final renewable fuel standard (RFS) unveiled by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is more stringent than an earlier version of the rule proposed in May but falls short of the threshold set forth in a 2007 law. I was a discussant for a paper, "Retrospective Benefit-Cost Analysis of EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard" (by Sofie E.

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Renewable portfolio standards don't raise prices?

Environmental Economics

 The Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requires that a state's utilities purchase a given percentage of their power from low carbon sources such as wind, solar and hydro.  As of 2009, 12% of California's power comes from renewables. For the CAP to be correct, it must be the case that the cost of generating renewable power is falling sharply over time. It is also the case that renewable power takes a fair bit of land.

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Why Do We Still Use Fossil Fuels & Can Non-Renewable Sources of Energy Be Replaced?


But the reality is that the majority of our energy needs are met by forms of non-renewable energy , in particular fossil fuels. This is because it is unlikely that a fully renewable energy future will rely on the same centralized distribution of energy like we have right now.

2020 75

IRENA Produces Free Global Renewable Energy Atlas

Green Prophet

Thanks to the 2013 Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (we were invited to), some new development partnerships between United Arab Emirates renewables company, Masdar, and both the Jordanian and French governments were formed; Greenpeace released Jordan’s Energy Future , their first report specific to the Arab world; and now Green Prophet’s learned that the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) based in Abu Dhabi just launched a Global Renewable Energy Atlas.

France Says “Oui” to Masdar Renewables Deal

Green Prophet

In also underscores existing cooperation on the Global Atlas of Renewable Energy. France plans to produce 23% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020, a strategy also intended to boost the national economy. “The two countries are making bold investments in large-scale renewable energy projects and developing carbon reduction strategies.” “Long a leader in conventional energy, the UAE’s ambitious turn to renewable energy is significant.

Masdar Launches Plan to Desalinate Water Renewably

Green Prophet

Masdar held a packed press conference late last week to announce its launch of three renewably-powered desalination pilot projects. Connecting desalination technologies to renewable energy enables us to capitalize on our abundant resources, such as solar, as a solution to improve water security. Cleantech, Science & Technology desalination Masdar renewable energy water scarcity

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Ever Thought About a Career in the Renewable Energy Industry?

Sustainability Ninja

Now more than ever, the need for renewable energy is paramount for the sustainability of the future. With the continuing flow of oil leaks, accidents and damage being done to the environment, more and more people are turning to renewable energy as a primary source for powering and heating their homes. In 2011 alone, the demand for renewable energy outstripped the need for any single fossil fuel. & Industry Renewable Energy renewable energy jobs solar

Germany Breaks Own Renewable Energy Record


Germany has just broken its own record for the amount of energy generated by renewable sources in a day. On July 25th, the country generated 78 percent of its total Read More The post Germany Breaks Own Renewable Energy Record appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment News Science Top News